Gunpla! 1/60 Scale Model GN-001 Exia

In these very turbulent financial times, I really really should exercise tighter financial controls over personal spending. Attempt is FAIL.

An Impulse Buy

An Impulse Buy

Taleweaver alerted me of a Gunpla sale over at Wasabi. Since I’m normally impervious to such news and I don’t shop online anyway. I comfortably ignored it. However I was Toys R’ Us Manila last night where mai waifu was in the market for a doll when I found this:

1/60 Scale Model GN-001 Gundam Exia

1/60 Scale Model GN-001 Gundam Exia

It was on sale for about USD $58.00 from the SRP of USD $106.30 at current exchange rates. Even if Gundam 00 was the first Gundam show that I got into (I had only seen a few episodes W Gundam, the 1st episode of 0083, a few episodes of ZZ, the first 2 episodes of V, and the 1st 9 episodes of Turn A prior to my discovery of 00 last year).

Now I admit the Exia is one sexy mecha, but my favorite Gundam is the Mk 2. It was available in Master Grade for USD $51.00, but is roughly just half the size of the Exia. Tough. Since I enjoyed 00 I have seen the movies of 0079 (bleargh), 0080 War in the Pocket (Oh wow, now we’re talking!), 0083 Stardust Memory (most enjoyable battles and music in the UC), the Zeta movies (did not move me the way I expected it to), and Char’s Counterattack (again, I was disappointed). Right now I’m 3 episodes through in the enjoyable 08th MS Team. I guess you can say I’m tsundere for Gundam.

This purchase is also quite jarring because I own no Macross toys whatsoever. Zero. Nothing. It pains me. I probably won’t go for the big transformable VFs (sob, but I’ve nowhere to display them anyway) but at least I want to complete the Revoltech line. Every time I’m about to get a Macross toy, I procrastinate and tell myself “when the new shelves are built,” or “I need that 2nd tennis racquet (my other very serious hobby)” among other excuses. And now this…

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?

Facepalm is deserved. I’ve no idea where to put this. I certainly don’t want the newly renovated pad to be littered with toys. They’re already competing for prime shelf space with our books.

Here are some photos from our bedroom. My wife is also into dolls and figurines, as you’ll see a bunch of Lulus, as well as characters from 00, Haruhi, Lucky Star, and Prince of Tennis. There’s no place to put this Gundam, I don’t wan’t the box to gather dust unopened though. I’ll try to sort these issues out during the weekend.

UPDATE: October 26, 2008

Built the damn thing. The waifu was a BIG help. When your wife helps you build Gunpla, YOU’VE ALREADY WON AT LIFE.

I'm not a painter, so the thing is stock only. WANT anyway.

I don't paint, so it's just stock. WANT anyway.

1/60 side by side with First Grade 1/144

1/60 side by side with First Grade 1/144

You’ll just have to put up with the image quality since I just used a phone camera and I didn’t optimize the settings. I had just gotten home and wanted to take some shots and post them here. Also I’m at my wits end managing uploaded photos on this post. WordPress is great, but there should be an intuitive way of posting an image in the body without it repeating itself in the gallery.

Haven’t seen any Gundam at all? Don’t know where to start? Find your Gateway Gundam!

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6 Responses to Gunpla! 1/60 Scale Model GN-001 Exia

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:


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  3. picchar says:

    Hmm… I have a Macross one somewhere back in the Phils. I think it was Macross 7.

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  5. Jamaipanese says:

    omg omg omg omg

    i so want that 1/60 exia!

  6. Toh says:

    You obviously missed the character development by watching the 0079 and zeta movies. They are way too abridged and doesnt show the day to day interactions of the characters. Char counterattack is the conclusion of the amuro char story arc.

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