Balsamic Vinegar: Having fun with my new mobile phone

I think Tsukasa’s misadventures with her mobile phone mildly annoyed (okay maybe thoroughly annoyed) some viewers, but for some it was one the things that makes Lucky Star special.

My mobile carrier has a loyalty program that gives me a new handset every 18 months and I got my new unit last Friday. This was really timely because that week my Nokia E61 (my favorite phone ever) fell into a sink while I was washing my hands and I still haven’t had it checked if to see if it’ll work again. Part of me is afraid to find out.

I had my own Tsukasa moment with my (old) mobile: FAIL is FAIL

From the models that were available for my plan, I picked the Nokia N82. I was hoping to get an E71, the next best Nokia smartphone after the N90 Communicator and the next generation model after my wonderful E61. However, my carrier wasn’t offering any of the E series phones. And although the Sony Ericsson P1i was there for the taking, mai waifu has the W960i and while powerful like a Quebeley Zeonic mobile suit, it must have built for Newtypes because it’s quite user-unfriendly.

I don't want to have to be a powerful Newtype just to use a damn mobile phone

I don't want to have to be a powerful Newtype just to be able to use a damn mobile XsuitX phone

Here in the Philippines, where even beggars carry a mobile phone (not because people here are wealthy, but because mobile phones are really easy to come by and services are really cheap) Nokia has enjoyed dominance due to its perceived (merited IMO) user-friendliness. My first handset was an Alcatel, but since I switched to Nokia I’ve never looked back. If the Sony Ericsson /W960i is a Quebeley, then the Nokia N82 is Gurren, the lovable Ganmen from Tenggen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Why? Its user-friendliness allowed me to operate most of its features, including going online and posting comments on blogs straight out of the box. It’s completely intuitive (note my bias for Nokia and my familiarity with its interface). Gurren, and perhaps Ganmen in general, are so intuitive and easy to operate even a complete idiot like Kamina can instantly do awesome feats with it as soon as he sits in the cockpit.

Idiot-proof super robot, just like my Nokia N82

Idiot-proof super robot, just like my Nokia N82

So it’s been 2 days and I’ve been putting it to its paces, sending MMS (good), transferring files through Bluetooth (good), playing media (the music player will play AAC and mp3 files, but you’ll have to transfer/convert your files through the Nokia Music Manager for the phone to create a library: THIS SUCKS HARD, because the Nokia Music Manager is SLOW to transfer/convert music files and takes up ALL MY COMPUTER’S PROCESSING POWER TO DO SO so I figured I’d just copy and paste my mp3 files directly into the phone memory card’s music folder), installing 3rd-party software, spamming my friends with SMS (BALSAMIC VINEGAR), browsing the web (can’t log in to WordPress, WHAT GIVES?), composing blog entries, etc. So far so good. The waifu has had the W960i for over a month now and we’ve barely started using its formidable array of features.

So what’s awesome about this phone? I can’t comment yet on the GPS and maps applications and services because I’m not good at using it yet… but at least I’m pretty sure they all work. And then there’s the camera, a 5-megapixel baby with a really good flash, and some touted Carl Zeiss optics. Here are some photos I just shot (I’m no photographer and I don’t really mess around with the settings) to show you how sweet the photos turned out.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a post where I used the Sony Ericsson W960i (3.2 megapixel camera – I didn’t touch the settings at all and didn’t use flash). It has photos of the same Exia in the gallery above. Now this post isn’t really intended to be a proper review. You’re reading an anime blog after all. This is really just me sharing how much fun I’m having with my new phone. And, before I forget, if you face your screen in front of a mirror, the post will rearrange itself to read the only thing I’ve been saying in this post: BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

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2 Responses to Balsamic Vinegar: Having fun with my new mobile phone

  1. keiko777 says:

    I won’t say I’m posting this just for the sake of giving it a comment, but…yeah.

    >And, before I forget, if you face your screen in front of a mirror, the post will rearrange itself to read the only thing I’ve been saying in this post: BALSAMIC VINEGAR


    • Hahahaha you found it! Thank you.

      Balsamic Vinegar is that word that Tsukasa from Lucky Star kept typing up when she got her new mobile phone. It took her such a long time to type it out that her twin sister got driven up the wall LOL.

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