When /m/ delivers

/m/ is often a cesspool of hate and self-loathing. But sometimes, like today, it is glorious. Here’s the link to the original thread: http://zip.4chan.org/m/res/2222184.html. You’ll have to go there if you want to download the images. My dear anons, I salute you!

In this post, a glorious, glorious thread from /m/

In this post, a glorious, glorious thread from /m/

File :1225971144.jpg-(118 KB, 800×500, VF-1S.jpg)
118 KB Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)06:32 No.2222184

Night time Macross thread.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)06:32 No.2222186
File :1225971172.jpg-(75 KB, 800×509, VF-0D.jpg)
75 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)06:35 No.2222190
File :1225971319.jpg-(353 KB, 2459×3347, p085_i105.jpg)
353 KB


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)06:36 No.2222192
File :1225971374.jpg-(534 KB, 2268×3345, p086_i106.jpg)
534 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)06:37 No.2222193
File :1225971442.jpg-(781 KB, 2462×3350, p087_i107.jpg)
781 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:10 No.2222342
File :1225977038.jpg-(199 KB, 600×450, 008547774.jpg)
199 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:10 No.2222343
File :1225977059.jpg-(256 KB, 920×600, 009195302.jpg)
256 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:11 No.2222344
File :1225977075.jpg-(115 KB, 1280×1024, 1.jpg)
115 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:11 No.2222347
File :1225977111.jpg-(663 KB, 1143×2000, 10.jpg)
663 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:12 No.2222348
File :1225977147.jpg-(996 KB, 1519×2000, 11.jpg)
996 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:12 No.2222349
File :1225977163.jpg-(43 KB, 563×407, 1198727394996.jpg)
43 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:13 No.2222350
File :1225977189.jpg-(48 KB, 584×407, 1198727520607.jpg)
48 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:13 No.2222351
File :1225977221.jpg-(739 KB, 903×1695, 1198813453081.jpg)
739 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:13 No.2222352
File :1225977239.jpg-(211 KB, 860×1536, 1199343589309.jpg)
211 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:14 No.2222355
File :1225977267.jpg-(925 KB, 1224×2000, 12.jpg)
925 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:14 No.2222356
File :1225977287.jpg-(218 KB, 603×345, 1200049246409.jpg)
218 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:15 No.2222357
File :1225977303.jpg-(133 KB, 1024×768, 1206858675089.jpg)
133 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:15 No.2222359
File :1225977318.jpg-(184 KB, 868×1500, 1206858719332.jpg)
184 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:15 No.2222361
File :1225977344.jpg-(90 KB, 720×554, 1210042895673.jpg)
90 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:16 No.2222363
File :1225977360.jpg-(86 KB, 800×600, 1210048787301.jpg)
86 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:16 No.2222364
File :1225977378.jpg-(199 KB, 618×497, 1210068378537.jpg)
199 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:16 No.2222366
File :1225977417.jpg-(818 KB, 1894×2622, 1210071602601.jpg)
818 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:17 No.2222369
File :1225977435.png-(155 KB, 640×480, 1210374968793.png)
155 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:17 No.2222370
File :1225977450.png-(158 KB, 640×480, 1210374993733.png)
158 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:17 No.2222372
File :1225977475.png-(295 KB, 640×480, 1210375025409.png)
295 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:18 No.2222375
File :1225977499.png-(259 KB, 640×480, 1210375043859.png)
259 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:18 No.2222376
File :1225977516.png-(245 KB, 640×480, 1210375108159.png)
245 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:19 No.2222377


When I look at this picture, I can’t help but see a Valkyrie being launched out of one of ZAFT’s magnetic catapults sideways.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:19 No.2222379
File :1225977567.png-(236 KB, 640×480, 1210375161546.png)
236 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:19 No.2222380
File :1225977583.jpg-(128 KB, 429×412, 1210540253062.jpg)
128 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:20 No.2222381
File :1225977606.jpg-(235 KB, 723×427, 1210540975975.jpg)
235 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:20 No.2222382
File :1225977625.jpg-(237 KB, 604×436, 1210542157358.jpg)
237 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:20 No.2222384
File :1225977649.jpg-(472 KB, 1200×1200, 1210550653200.jpg)
472 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:21 No.2222385
File :1225977671.jpg-(204 KB, 1499×987, 1211836015853.jpg)
204 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:21 No.2222386
File :1225977686.jpg-(111 KB, 1024×768, 1211837970792.jpg)
111 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:21 No.2222387
File :1225977705.jpg-(183 KB, 1200×900, 1211838022234.jpg)
183 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:21 No.2222389

Oh god, I’m at the last stage of VF-X2 now ;_;


The game is pretty much a spiritual continuation of Macross Plus.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:22 No.2222391
File :1225977721.jpg-(99 KB, 663×650, 1213573625008.jpg)
99 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:22 No.2222393
File :1225977741.jpg-(72 KB, 640×480, 1199226115374.jpg)
72 KB



>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:22 No.2222394
File :1225977748.jpg-(91 KB, 637×825, 1214491091146.jpg)
91 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:23 No.2222395
File :1225977780.jpg-(343 KB, 1584×800, 1214494201379.jpg)
343 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:23 No.2222396
File :1225977811.jpg-(289 KB, 1114×345, 1214494607133.jpg)
289 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:23 No.2222398
File :1225977828.gif-(365 KB, 800×1075, 1220757740645.gif)
365 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:24 No.2222399
File :1225977859.jpg-(671 KB, 1319×2000, 13.jpg)
671 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:24 No.2222401
File :1225977877.jpg-(101 KB, 424×600, 1352598_m.jpg)
101 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:25 No.2222403
File :1225977918.jpg-(869 KB, 2000×1324, 14.jpg)
869 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:25 No.2222406
File :1225977949.jpg-(791 KB, 2000×1332, 15.jpg)
791 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:26 No.2222408
File :1225977975.jpg-(471 KB, 2000×1118, 16.jpg)
471 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:26 No.2222409


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:26 No.2222412
File :1225977999.jpg-(658 KB, 2000×1557, 17.jpg)
658 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:27 No.2222415
File :1225978034.jpg-(682 KB, 2000×1313, 18.jpg)
682 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:27 No.2222417
File :1225978057.jpg-(523 KB, 2000×1199, 19.jpg)
523 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:27 No.2222418


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:28 No.2222419
File :1225978091.jpg-(823 KB, 2000×1230, 2.jpg)
823 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:28 No.2222421
File :1225978123.jpg-(678 KB, 2000×1191, 20.jpg)
678 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:29 No.2222423
File :1225978163.jpg-(960 KB, 1556×2000, 22.jpg)
960 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:30 No.2222424
File :1225978210.jpg-(804 KB, 2000×1426, 221.jpg)
804 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:31 No.2222428
File :1225978285.jpg-(833 KB, 1441×2000, 23.jpg)
833 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:31 No.2222430
File :1225978318.jpg-(1 MB, 1961×2000, 24.jpg)
1 MB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:32 No.2222433
File :1225978346.jpg-(585 KB, 2000×1329, 3.jpg)
585 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:32 No.2222434

Savan like the motherfucking fist of north star

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:32 No.2222435
File :1225978374.jpg-(658 KB, 2000×1227, 4.jpg)
658 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:33 No.2222437
File :1225978417.jpg-(1.15 MB, 1440×2000, 5.jpg)
1.15 MB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:34 No.2222438
File :1225978443.jpg-(665 KB, 2000×1338, 6.jpg)
665 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:34 No.2222440
File :1225978473.jpg-(656 KB, 2000×1194, 7.jpg)
656 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:35 No.2222442
File :1225978517.jpg-(795 KB, 2000×1491, 8.jpg)
795 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:35 No.2222443
File :1225978533.jpg-(266 KB, 600×439, 811423_m.jpg)
266 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:35 No.2222445
File :1225978553.png-(176 KB, 350×350, 842992_m.png)
176 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:36 No.2222446
File :1225978572.jpg-(144 KB, 600×539, 883287_m.jpg)
144 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:36 No.2222449
File :1225978616.jpg-(948 KB, 1369×2000, 9.jpg)
948 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:37 No.2222450
File :1225978642.gif-(53 KB, 314×440, AZ130soldier.gif)
53 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:37 No.2222451
File :1225978665.gif-(53 KB, 400×527, destroid1.gif)
53 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:38 No.2222453
File :1225978689.gif-(25 KB, 400×305, destroid4.gif)
25 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:38 No.2222454
File :1225978716.gif-(46 KB, 324×443, FBZ99soldier1.gif)
46 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:39 No.2222457
File :1225978743.gif-(62 KB, 324×440, FZ109fsoldier.gif)
62 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:39 No.2222458
File :1225978769.gif-(58 KB, 300×450, FZ150battloid.gif)
58 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:39 No.2222459
File :1225978793.jpg-(20 KB, 400×310, hwr-00-mk2.jpg)
20 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:40 No.2222461
File :1225978817.jpg-(24 KB, 230×400, macross-attack.jpg)
24 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:40 No.2222462
File :1225978844.jpg-(26 KB, 291×400, mbr-04-mk6.jpg)
26 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:41 No.2222463
File :1225978873.jpg-(153 KB, 600×363, 1009353_m.jpg)
153 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:41 No.2222466


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:41 No.2222467
File :1225978889.jpg-(172 KB, 600×434, 1096952_m.jpg)
172 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:41 No.2222468
File :1225978907.jpg-(128 KB, 600×525, 1102599_m.jpg)
128 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:42 No.2222469
File :1225978922.jpg-(61 KB, 450×450, 1182618_m.jpg)
61 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:43 No.2222471
File :1225978980.jpg-(30 KB, 637×302, 1203917.jpg)
30 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:43 No.2222472
File :1225978995.jpg-(109 KB, 1280×720, 1210541952440.jpg)
109 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:43 No.2222473
File :1225979014.jpg-(375 KB, 1000×1367, 1210554570407.jpg)
375 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:43 No.2222475
File :1225979030.jpg-(192 KB, 900×950, 1213572607081.jpg)
192 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:44 No.2222480
File :1225979066.jpg-(782 KB, 1920×1080, 1214675429175.jpg)
782 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:44 No.2222481
File :1225979084.jpg-(210 KB, 1134×822, 1214677121750.jpg)
210 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:45 No.2222482

LOL, watch more DYRL

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:45 No.2222484
File :1225979128.jpg-(1.47 MB, 5000×3149, 1215628745719.jpg)
1.47 MB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:46 No.2222485


Any highres of OP’s picture? somewhere around 1440×900

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:46 No.2222486
File :1225979191.jpg-(1.62 MB, 5000×3179, 1215628824389.jpg)
1.62 MB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:46 No.2222489
File :1225979213.jpg-(79 KB, 1024×768, 121721078338.jpg)
79 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:47 No.2222490

Sorry, no sir ;_;

That’s the best I got.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:47 No.2222492
File :1225979232.jpg-(294 KB, 850×1200, 1219985280371.jpg)
294 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:47 No.2222494
File :1225979247.jpg-(73 KB, 800×600, 1220870284495.jpg)
73 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:47 No.2222496
File :1225979264.jpg-(268 KB, 800×1122, 1221146108669.jpg)
268 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:48 No.2222498
File :1225979301.jpg-(122 KB, 998×1500, 001e.jpg)
122 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:48 No.2222499
File :1225979332.jpg-(2.36 MB, 4981×3541, 1225044454278.jpg)
2.36 MB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:49 No.2222501
File :1225979354.jpg-(36 KB, 363×600, 1227758_m.jpg)
36 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:49 No.2222502
File :1225979370.jpg-(253 KB, 600×519, 1362003_m.jpg)
253 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:50 No.2222504
File :1225979403.jpg-(188 KB, 778×1047, 1557450.jpg)
188 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:50 No.2222505
File :1225979431.jpg-(146 KB, 467×600, 1693547_m.jpg)
146 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:50 No.2222506
File :1225979434.jpg-(91 KB, 640×480, 1212973504010.jpg)
91 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:50 No.2222508
File :1225979449.jpg-(173 KB, 515×728, 1876016.jpg)
173 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:51 No.2222509
File :1225979468.jpg-(293 KB, 1144×800, 55531bdb286efc7962390486318b4a(…).jpg)
293 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:51 No.2222510
File :1225979494.jpg-(61 KB, 550×400, 594005_m.jpg)
61 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:51 No.2222512
File :1225979510.jpg-(232 KB, 457×600, 727976_m.jpg)
232 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:52 No.2222513
File :1225979525.jpg-(113 KB, 594×600, 729777_m.jpg)
113 KB

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:55 No.2222517

Successful thread is successful ! congrats Macross fags ! ❤

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)08:57 No.2222522

Thread is fucking win!!!!!

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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11 Responses to When /m/ delivers

  1. ghostlightning says:

    I tried the link, it seems to be a dead thread and got nothing.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    Whoa, I saw the same post on /m/ no one has found an answer so far even though people have been bumping the post up.

    At first I thought it would be Giant Robo, but the bit about the robot guardian finding older versions of himself and getting parts to update himself is different. Actually, I’m quite interested…

  3. yeah I am the one who posted it on m and got the answer in that thread as you may have noticed/

  4. /m/? Sorry, I spend all my time on /e/. 🙂

  5. Bazookaman says:

    /m/ wasn’t always ‘a cesspool of hate and self-loathing’, those qualities were taken from the /a/ infection during the SaiGar faggotry.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    I would like to know the definitive history of /m/

  7. Bazookaman says:

    Ask Schneider, I’m more of a /co/mrade.

  8. schneider says:

    I don’t know the details, but…

    pre-translated SRW: /m/ is strictly for mecha, pilot/show discussions are relegated to /a/.

    appearance of SRW OG in English: /m/ is filled with SRW discussion, pilot/show discussions become acceptable. The start of RP.

    the warhammer rebellion: W40k seeps in, /m/ becomes east vs west mecha. 40k crowd migrates to /tg/ after it is spawned.

    SaiGAR Mk I: /a/-/m/ war begins. /m/ rallies for its favorite characters (notably Master Asia, Bright and Char) and scores massive victories against the /a/ front. However, /a/ infiltration in /m/ is successful and massive influx of trolls happen.

    present: /m/ is now full of trolls, but good threads still abound. Thank you, SaiGAR.

  9. ghostlightning says:

    wow. Yes good threads still exist, as is the case with the one put in my recent Gundam post. Trolling is too much fun for too many people, so I don’t think they’ll be leaving /m/ soon. Thanks for the history lesson!

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