Is Gundam 00 ‘Gundam’ enough?

Does liking this make one less of a Gundam fan?

Does liking this make one less of a Gundam fan?

In this post, a rather engaging discussion on /m/. In watching Macross Frontier I’ve been confronted by the issue regarding where does the homage end and the real show begin? I never did have an answer for that, though I do feel that Macross Frontier stands on its own even though this is a view I cannot defend. But what of Gundam 00? I ‘ve made my wishes clear on the direction I want the story to go, my own aspirations for the series. This post is not about that.

What I find almost as fascinating as the franchise itself, are its fans. It’s been mentioned before, that there are Anime fans, and there are Gundam fans. Within the fandom you have UC fans, and then everyone else. I think the Universal Century is one of the most romantic sagas in all of anime despite my complaints. And the fans of the UC can be an elitist bunch, right Mechafetish? However, given that the UC is only represented by the MS Igloo shows in recent years, even the most ardent UC fan cannot resist a Gundam show. What does happen is a lot of whining, A WHOLE LOT OF IT.

And where’s the best place to observe this fan behavior? On /m/ of course! Enjoy the show!

This is no Gundam boy! This is no Gundam!

This is no Gundam boy! This is no Gundam!

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23 KB Moral Ambiguity karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/05/08(Wed)23:39 No.2221207

You know what I miss from Gundam?

legitimate moral ambiguity. 00 has every opportunity to introduce it, but the closest they get leaves us with Saji acting like an irrational moron. It’s nothing but vendettas between slaves of tyrannies and big laser fights.

CB are terrorists but they’re making literally everyone else worse. It’s like Titans vs AEUG instead of Zeon vs Feddies (everyone’s evil) or Moonrace vs Ameria (everyone’s good)

>> Dash !!BH11O8o8T2m 11/05/08(Wed)23:42 No.2221213

*sigh* Five episodes in, remember how the first season panned out, Mizushima, etc.

Otherwise, you’re not even trying, are you?

>> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)23:46 No.2221227

Shitty troll, also tripfaggot that I haven’t seen before
1/10 for creating a trip specific for trolling

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/05/08(Wed)23:47 No.2221233

no, I see where it’s going.
Saji, who COULD have made legitimate points about fuck you, force is unjustified and you’re fighting is just making everything worse, instead has reached and epiphany that no, force is justified because his attempt at non-force got people killed.

So he’s either going to join them in fighting, be useless, and die so we feel bad, or join them in fighting, be HAX, and make everyone who was a likable character join him because he’s starting A NEW WAY OF FIGHTING FOR PEACE INSTEAD. and then he’ll be just like Jesus Yamato.

the Elevens no longer have a capacity for subtlety or nuance. that ended when Tomino and Anno both respectively got over their soul-crushing depressions, around 1999-2000.

>> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)23:48 No.2221237
File :1225946932.jpg-(26 KB, 585×329, g0013rb9.jpg)
26 KB

I don’t really agree with the OP, but I just generally don’t think 00 is much of a character driven show.

To me it’s more about the whole world they present, the issues, factions, etc. I was never a big fan of most of the characters in season 1, so far I don’t see that changing…

Regardless it’s still good in many other ways. I think the OP and maybe others just need to accept the fact that it’s just simply the way 00 is. You won’t be getting incredibly complex and deep characters here.

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/05/08(Wed)23:48 No.2221238

I’ve only posted here with a code a few times before, but pretty intermittent. longterm fag from /co/.

but I failed to turn it off before starting this thread, so I’m committed.

not trolling, either. I want more 0080 type stuff. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable.

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/06/08(Thu)00:12 No.2221306

honestly, I’m alright with that lack of depth, but I want SOMETHING with that depth.

and that something should have “Gundam” in the title.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)00:45 No.2221366


I laugh at how “Freedom Fighters” are fighting for their right to wat? Have access to someone elses energy production plant because they cant afford to build one themselves? FUCK OFF MIDDLE EAST. Die in your own self induced poverty.

Man, these fuckers lawded it over everyone when Oil was a potent sauce. Now the fuckers are crying foul. Shit. Fucking anime sand monkies.

>> Dash !!BH11O8o8T2m 11/06/08(Thu)00:47 No.2221371


Dude. If you’re serious about that post, then:

>Zeon vs Feddies (everyone’s evil) or Moonrace vs Ameria (everyone’s good)

…in that case, I have a feeling it’s going to end up more like Destiny-era EA vs Neo-Zeon vs Zanscare Empire (as in, everyone’s crazy).

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)00:52 No.2221378


moar fail, 0/10 for trolling, despite what tripfag claims

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)00:52 No.2221380

0080, and Gundam in general, is about how WAR SUCKS. Let’s not forget that aspect.

00 by no means is a philosophical Gundam show, but you’re really just looking for something to bitch about. 00’s general message, if nothing else, is that war and conflict seems to be necessary component of human progress, and very obviously destroys the idea of PEACE NAO as a successful one.
Saji’s behavior? Pretty damn understandable if you were in his position, without the lofty, omnipotent perspective of an audience member. Besides, S1 featured protagonists with very few villains, whereas S2 is approximately 5 episodes in? Sure, let’s go assume where they’re going because of that since /m/ did such a good job calling out all the Gundam tropes.
But hey, don’t let logic get in the way of your hyperbole.

>> NightRaven !fn2S5wtfUA 11/06/08(Thu)00:55 No.2221384

Man…. sure there’s a lot of tripfag accusing today, wtf

just ignore the trolls, they’ll go away

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/06/08(Thu)01:13 No.2221434

not really looking for something to bitch about. It’s a particular component I’ve felt was the thing that makes a Gundam series gundam instead of some other mecha series

Basically, they’re having Saji act like a whining douche instead of someone whose hatred of CB is completely justified.

except aren’t you actually trolling?

>> NightRaven !fn2S5wtfUA 11/06/08(Thu)01:15 No.2221438

why would my post be trolling? Just stating a fact.

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/06/08(Thu)01:16 No.2221440

I mean the stuff you’ve been posting tonight.

>> Dash !!BH11O8o8T2m 11/06/08(Thu)01:19 No.2221450


Jesus. Like the other posters are saying –


It’s WAY too early to call anything yet.

>> NightRaven !fn2S5wtfUA 11/06/08(Thu)01:22 No.2221454


WHAT?! I’ve been sharing soundtracks and discussing Macross 7 mostly, have been very respectful and helpful to others. I even got trolled tthree times and reacted well enough.

You best be joking mister, PERIOD. I wasn’t expecting this…

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:22 No.2221455


I swear to good, when it comes to Gundam, you people are like battered housewives thinking the husband (Bandai) will make it up to you)

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:24 No.2221459


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:32 No.2221479

so Katz end for Saji?

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:37 No.2221489

Remember the kid in Ace Combat 4? The one who hung around Yellow Squadron all the time? Well when Setsuna bites it, Saji’s gonna write the letter explaining his point of view to the guy who shoots Setsuna down.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:38 No.2221499

I think it’s a legitimate complaint. It’s not like we’re five episodes in, we’re thirty episodes in.

>> Dash !!BH11O8o8T2m 11/06/08(Thu)01:39 No.2221500


And then Ali rolls it up and tosses it into the garbage.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:46 No.2221516

okay, that’s pretty funny.

>> Dash !!BH11O8o8T2m 11/06/08(Thu)01:49 No.2221521


Different plot from the first season, but I can understand your grievances. It is looking kinda Zeta 2.0 at the moment, but there’s still 20 eps to go – and plenty of tropes left to twist. Give it time, and have faith.

Besides, it’s not like our bitching’s going to change anything. The story’s already done, let’s just watch events unfold and judge them afterwards, shall we?

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)01:53 No.2221528

His hatred of CB -is- completely justified. Everything bad in his life is either a direct or indirect result of CB’s actions.

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/06/08(Thu)01:56 No.2221532

exactly. and the script makes him sound like a whiny tittybaby who hasn’t put any thought into why he thinks violence is bad.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)02:00 No.2221539


constant and stupid hyperbole is not making you look smart or clever. it just makes you look like a whiny low level troll.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)02:00 No.2221540

By all means. I’m actually fairly optimistic about S2, despite being largely disillusioned with the series by S1’s end.

>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 11/06/08(Thu)02:16 No.2221583

what hyperbole? are you claiming that Saji is actually presented as voicing his hatred of CB and their warmongering in a rational and persuasive way? He’s a strawman.

furthermore, are you claiming there actually IS moral ambiguity in 00? that the viewer might be persuaded into seeing things from the Global Union/A-Laws perspective instead of just waiting for CB to tear them apart?

Do you even know what hyperbole means, or did you see someone use that word once and think it refers to “any argument I dislike.”

00 has all the moral ambiguity of Marvel’s Civil War. Tons of potential for seeing both sides, but the writing shoehorns you quickly into a single side.

And you took my relatively minor complaint and seem to think I’m talking about it making 00 THE WORST THING EVAR when it’s really just a complaint about the writing I have and an expression of a wish for the direction for the story to take.

That’s it. That’s all it is. I never said it sucks, or that I’m not going to watch it. “I want moral ambiguity” is a comparable complaint to “I wish they’d give Desu-bitch less screentime,” or “I hope we get more information about Teiria’s background in a way that makes sense.”

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)02:42 No.2221652


>moral ambiguity


>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)16:16 No.2224321

I agree. 00 is ripping off Metal Gear Solid 4. Don’t think so? Go check the release of the trailers and when the game came out and compare it in linear fashion to 00’s first season.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)16:36 No.2224353

Actually, many people still take different sides during the entirety of S1.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)16:56 No.2224408

If you put aside the whining tone that Saji takes (which is entirely justified), he does make some rational arguments. The fact that Celestial Being is responsible for the deaths of thousands is irrefutable. The fact that Celestial Being will cause even more chaos and upheaval over a moral crusade/revenge is irrefutable. Which brings me to my next point.

Do you seriously believe that Celestial Being is presented in a heroic light in either S1 or S2? Even the characters have said on multiple occasions that they are fanatics who will face judgement once their mission is completed.

Conversely, the antagonists aren’t all a pack of cartoon Nazis like the Titans – Sergei, Soma and Katie are presented in a much more sympathetically human way than any of the CB cast. Furthermore, the Earth (barring the middle east) has been shown to be peaceful, so while they’ve committed massacres, its not as though it was simply for lulz.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)17:02 No.2224432

Their right not to be fucked by A-laws when they screw up with their economy.

Like spreading Red particles everywhere.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)17:12 No.2224454

well, to be honest karpad, there’s plenty of opportunity to explore these issues, both in the coming episodes and in side stories. Obviously we have to balance the entertainment value with the message value. As the main series, as you can imagine, there’s quite a bit of pressure on 00 to deliver on entertainment. There’s plenty to flesh out, but we have to wait to see how Saji resolves his issues, don’t we?

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)17:13 No.2224456

because he HASNT put any thought into why he thinks “violence is bad”.
All he does is blame CB for everything. Thats childish whining at the same level of “USA IS EVIL”.

Is not like he is a pacifist or is against violence itself, he has been witness of A-laws actions and he doesnt say shit about that.

>> Anonymous 11/06/08(Thu)17:30 No.2224498

It all comes down to personal taste. I like Gundam 00, it has a healthy balance of paying hommage to the Gundam lore and being a trope destroyer at the same time. People tend to forget that you can basically dissect everything if you want to. I can name a shitload of things that were absurd in Gundam 0080 WITP but why would I, I still enjoyed it. When a show tips to the point where you’re getting annoyed by it rather than enjoying it you simply stop watching. So far that hasn’t happened. It’s entertainment after all, nothing more. Gundam 00 is a very addictive show for me, the characters aren’t clearly defined and neither is the plot. In order to like or understand them you have to put some effort in it. Maybe it’s because Gundam 00 is currently the only anime I’m following, so I’m perhaps willing to invest and think about it more than others. I agree, it’s not to everyone’s taste and I understand that. I’m one of the few that actually LIKES the main characters. When you look for the details in their persona you can indeed find depth in them though.

A fair bunch of trolls in there, but I think the discussion was rather entertaining in a non-LULZ way. It’s really fascinating to me how much these people care. Not that I don’t since I obviously blog about Gundam and post comments all over the place whenever there’s a post on Gundam. I really liked how some of them distinguished that Gundam 00 is not 5 (6) episodes in, but rather 30 (31). I agree. S1 was the set up, and S2 is the realization of the narratives, the full extent of the thematic explorations.

Now Gundam is about the problems of war, and I do find 00 to be heavy-handed in the sending of its message. However, as a Gundam fan in my own fashion, the message about war never did anything for me. Gundam’s draw for me is what (a number of sensible) people complain about a lot: since the merger between Sunrise and Bandai Gundam has become an extended advertisement of new toy lines. I really like watching the robots in action: The episode when CB rescued Al and Marina? Loved it. The episode in S1 when CB had to be rescued by the Throne Gundams? Loved it even more. Nothing to do with ‘realism’ here. Gundam to me, has rarely been a real robot show as its fans would like to think it is. It’s mecha fantasy with interesting battles and duels. I don’t mind seeing a whole lot of these. The character moments are seldom handled well, and I sort of survive them because I really want to like them despite myself.

The question I want to ask is: “Being completely honest with yourself, how much are you really enjoying Gundam 00?”

Haven’t seen any Gundam at all? Don’t know where to start? Find your Gateway Gundam!

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24 Responses to Is Gundam 00 ‘Gundam’ enough?

  1. schneider says:

    I’m enjoying 00 as much as I can. So far it’s quickly becoming my favorite AU Gundam series (aside from Turn-A, which is in another level of its own) for the fun factor alone. Alterna-rock songs! Sexy grunt mechs! Cool rival pilots! Kenji Kawai music! SERGEI SMIRNOV! It’s Gundam for the 21st century, more than SEED was.

    As for the story, I like the way how 00 deviates from older shows in the form of showing the birth of a Federation government and the trials it faces in its infancy. Looking through one perspective, CB is a destabilizing force against world unity, but we’re made clear that this so-called unity is just an exclusive club for well-off nations so that they could oppress the poorer ones. Lol humanity. The Innovators are sort of your Rau Le Creuset, but less psychotic and more manipulative (not to mention 100% more gay?). I’m interested on how they’ll handle the A-LAWS-CB conflict in the future.

    I also believe it’s unfair to compare 00 to Wing. Wing just had terrible writing I couldn’t stand. I can’t even remember what the hell happened in that show nowadays, with people switching sides and mobile suits so many times.

  2. morhven says:

    This is actually my first Gundam series so I’m not sure if I’m legitimated to comment 😉 but I genuinely enjoy watching it, although I ‘m not a mecha shows fan. This probably has a lot to do with a bishies pilots but still show itself is a great entertainment :).

  3. To pick up on the question in your title, I’d suggest that the essence of what ‘Gundam’ is is altered slightly by the arrival of each new series. After G, Wing, SEED and (to some extent) X and Turn-A, my gut feeling is that 00 is ‘Gundam enough’, though I couldn’t tell you where the line of ‘enough’ lies. Eh, the question’s probably more of a word-game than something substantial, I suppose. Don’t ask me ‘Is it UC enough?’

    Also, as gentle/m/en are prone to saying, ‘lol, “real robot”‘.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    I’m right there with you, though 00 is my first Gundam (that I stuck with) and my first AU. As for the birth of a federation government, it’s there but it’s kind of hijacked by the ascendancy of A-Laws. It’s interesting to me, the way they used the storyline prepared by 0083 Stardust Memory for Zeta. I think it actually works.

    @ morhven

    You’re representative of the fan that the show tries to appeal to. Exactly how my wife is, who graciously watches the show with me. I cannot stress how important this is to me personally. WITHOUT THE BISHIES, I PROBABLY WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND TIME TO WATCH GUNDAM BECAUSE MAI WAIFU WON’T BE INTERESTED TO WATCH WITH ME.

    @ animanachronism

    Fair comment sir! I think I shall pick up from where you left off, I could say ‘lol, se/m/antics’! May I ask, what was the first Gundam show you saw? Was it UC? If not, then what was the first UC show you saw?

    My first Gundam is 00, and my first UC Gundam is 0083 Stardust Memory.

  5. mechafetish says:

    I think the problem with 00 is less on how much they are using the ‘core’ Gundam concepts than on the execution. Yes 00 is Gundam enough (this coming from a UCtard).

    As pointed out in the post above, the problem may lie in the failure of the writers to effectively present a form of moral ambiguity in the shows factions, or alternatively, present the ‘Villain’ (I assume these are the A-laws) as truly good, and the Heroes as truly evil.

    CB in season 1 had a very important qualifier in the plan of Aeolia because the audience was able to assume that they were going to create a better world. In season 2, they are acting chaotic stupid by siding with terrorists who have presented no credible reason for their activities. Further, the A-laws, as villains have presented no credible reason why they should be called such.

    However, this is not moral ambiguity in that the show clearly wants the audience to take sides in the conflict as evidenced by the characters going emo about all the (unconvincing) atrocities the A-laws are committing.

    Although I love this show, the writing is going to have to be much tighter and in line with the objectives of the writers for 00 to become a candidate for greatness. UC writing was incredibly tight and realistic for the time when it was released and while 00 is a definite improvement, but not enough considering the sophistication of the fans today.

  6. mechafetish says:

    “present the ‘Villain’ (I assume these are the A-laws) as truly good, and the Heroes as truly evil”

    Sorry. Slip of the tongue. It should be:

    “present the ‘Villain’ (I assume these are the A-laws) as truly evil, and the Heroes as truly good”

  7. ghostlightning says:

    @ Mechafetish

    They did it this way: A-Laws is an amoral organization dedicated to combat terrorism (a moral cause). Within the organization you have moral soldiers, or at least those who aspire to be good. Then there are the caricature villains who just want to kill, and the outright weirdos (Mister BushiLOL).

    Organizations are people, they are more than just their charter and certainly more than just their leader(s). This is where the ambiguity comes from.

    Similarly, you can have a chaotic wild-card even within CB. Who that proves to be remains to be seen. But Allelujah played that role too last season (he had an out by having an evil schizo person inside him).

    Here’s your ambiguity, Gundam fans!

  8. mechafetish says:

    Like I said, this is fine, however the problem is that the directors clearly want to villify the A-laws as evidenced by all the emoness, crying and teeth-clenching that was going on at their atrocities. Its not working and its getting old.

  9. ghostlightning says:

    Can’t argue with you there. Instead of seeing all that I’d rather have mobile suits ripping each other apart. If they want to vilify A-Laws, they should have done what Ali has done: raze a whole nation to the ground. Impersonal gunning down of humans by use of automated mecha is no more evil, perhaps even less than sending guided missiles to blast all of them away. It’s just a flick of the switch and all those lives go away. That could have been a more sinister portrayal, but provides less BAAWWWW moments, less nightmare fuel (at least in how the creators view their own characters).

    And it bothers me that much of this is for Saji’s development. Why? Why keep making these side characters too important? It tells me that the meisters are not interesting enough to carry the series, or at least a lack of faith in their ability to.

  10. mechafetish says:

    Yes. I agree. I think the meisters have more potential to be compelling characters this season than in the last, but so far, too much attention has been focused on the side characters. This is fine for some, but Saji has come off as a poorly written rehash of every other emo mecha anime character ever written. Kind of like a gayish, emo Kaifun.

  11. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    You’re lucky to have 00 as your first AU show. It’s the most credible AU so far.

    On the subject of automatons, it’s still slaughter. The fact that the soldiers themselves sit back in their mobile suits and watch as their evil Tachikomas mow down people is dehumanizing. Same with using G-3 nerve gas on colonies. And we all know that Gundam franchise hates guided missiles. 😛

    @ mechafetish

    I’m enjoying where S2 is headed. S1 had the whole “change the world” premise and while it did work out in the end, it was an imperfect change (oppressive Federation). S2 is all about righting that change, because the Meisters have found something in themselves that urge them to keep on fighting. They could’ve just wither away after the world got “united”, but they see that the change they’ve incited did not turn out as well as they hoped for. Instead of letting the Federation right itself, they decide to take responsibility.

    A-LAWS isn’t as evil as the Titans are, but we can see that its leaders are maligned (we have Lindt, the Katagiris, and Captain Fatass). They treat their authority as if it were a license to slaughter people. Given their military might, it would be easy to force Kataron troops to surrender, but they just slaughter them on more than one occasion.

  12. jayers says:

    It has 4 giant gundams; it’s definitely gundam enough. I wouldn’t read any of that /m/ stuff. It’s like a bunch of dumb teenagers with no sense of morality trying to act like they know how the world works. Philosophy is not for 4chan.

  13. schneider says:

    >It has 4 giant gundams; it’s definitely gundam enough.

    But G Gundam had even more Gundams, but was a very un-Gundam-y show!

  14. @ schneider

    Well met! It’s always good for me to read such impassioned apologetics for a Gundam show. I like how you framed the themes in terms of CB objectives.

    @ Jayers

    As far as AU shows, I’m having a great time with G Gundam. It may be the least Gundam of all the shows in the franchise, not that it’ll bother me.

  15. mechafetish says:

    @ schneider

    “I’m enjoying where S2 is headed.”

    Same here!

    “A-LAWS isn’t as evil as the Titans are, but we can see that its leaders are maligned (we have Lindt, the Katagiris, and Captain Fatass). They treat their authority as if it were a license to slaughter people. Given their military might, it would be easy to force Kataron troops to surrender, but they just slaughter them on more than one occasion.”

    What I love about this show is that it really takes its cues from current geopolitics in that wherein CB + Kataron = Al-Qaeda, Federation = US, Azadistan = Iraq, A-laws = US Military in Iraq (i.e. Abu Ghraib), Automatons = Predator Drones. Starting to see a pattern here?

    The huge disparity between the US Military and these terrorists is even more enormous (CB and Kataron have mecha at least. Al-Qaeda doesn’t even have last years tanks and planes). And yet, the US cant get them to surrender! In the same way that the US is starting to use unmanned drones to kill terrorist fighters, the A-laws use of their automatons is efficient and justified. It saves the lives of their soldiers. Do you think it would have been wise to ask Kataron to surrender given the uncertainty on their military might and whether the Gundams were present? The slaughter could easily have been the other way around.

    Also, Abu-Ghraib shows us that there are bad people in every army. Its a given and thus, the A-laws are quite realistically portrayed. What ghostlightning and I are saying is that all we have to go on with regard to the A-laws being evil is word of God. Clearly, in this sense the director/writers have failed to provide justification for CB joining up with Kataron and opposing the A-laws. The A-laws are behaving no less like a legitimate military organization and have not shown themselves to be credibly evil as of yet.

  16. Since you ask, my first contact with the franchise as a whole was SEED and my first contact with the UC was The 08th . . . after which I decided to start with MSG and work my way through.

  17. What none of those posters from /m/ realize is that the essence of Gundam is in it’s flexibility. From day one. Originally it wasn’t even going to be called Gundam, it was going to be Freedom Fighter Gunboy and it would have been a much more cliche good versus evil series then anything anybody is imagining Gundam 00 is (which is most certainly is not by the way), but Tomino changed that. He merged his own vision with Gunboy to create Gundam and while it did sell at first because it bended all the rules of what a robot series should be….well you know the rest.

    So anytime somebody tries to tell you that a certain Gundam series lacks the essence of Gundam, just turn around at hit them with that. Gundam’s essence is in it’s flexibility. It can be real, it can be super, it can be hyrbid, it can be comedic, it can be dramatic, it can be anything the director wants it to be.

  18. ghostlightning says:

    @ animanachronism

    Thanks, while I don’t assign too much causality in first impressions/contacts it’s always interesting to me. I really should start watching 08th again. The only reason I haven’t continued is I can’t make the wife watch it with me.

    @ kaioshin

    A Gundam series is anything we want it to be… That would be a dream situation for Sunrise. And after watching enough of it, I agree. From G Gundam to MS Igloo 2 there’s so much variety, and as animanachronism believes, there’s still the opportunity for transcendence.

    I think I’m coming around these days.

  19. schneider says:

    I think Gundam is pretty clear on one point, though, and that is being anti-war. Gundam can never be pro-war, because of the culture that spawns it. The anti-war sentiment has been portrayed in varying degrees since the first series, ranging from “war is bad, stop killing plz” and “OMG WAR IS HORRIBLE”.

  20. Roland says:

    I just hope, in the next Gundam franchise, its a different one. No focus on single unibody world government they’re fighting against. I mean, like, shesshhh… its just the same with different characters with their own stories to tell…

    Look at G Gundam, ain’t it not so realistic at both ends? LOL! 😀

  21. tflops says:

    Nice find, I really do really look for random fanmade moe pics from gundam 00 on 4chan.

  22. ghostlightning says:

    @ tflops

    I sometimes feel that the appreciation of previously non-Gundam elements such as moe by Gundam fans is divisive within the fandom.

    While I think you don’t fancy Gundam much, but find the moe stuff based on Gundam interesting can be considered a problem by many of the less mature/more puritanical fandom.

    Like Kaioshin, who’s a big a Gundam fan as anyone I think that Gundam can be anything to anyone. Good luck with your treasure hunt. Danbooru may have more.

  23. omo says:

    I think my first Gundam was 0083.

    I think I’ve watched more AU Gundam than UC Gundam by a ratio of 4:1. Or something like that.

    I thought 00 was fine. The comment about entertainment versus being heavy handed struck me as one of the main consideration behind 00’s … purposefully choosing to be kind of meh. But it really isn’t that bad either compared to your typical AU show.

    But hey, people enjoy Gundam for a wide variety of reasons and it isn’t like there’s a lot of choice here. There’s still only 1 Gundam anime on the air right now.

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