Who do you watch anime with?


I enjoy solitude immensely. I find it hard to do my writing and research with people around. When it comes to watching anime however, I prefer watching them with others. When I watch by myself I often get bored. I find myself dragging the proress bar forward, even though the scene may be important and not even that boring. I take frequent pauses and find excuses to distract myself. It doesn’t make sense, really. Anime is my hobby and distraction. But when I’m by myself and anime, I lose focus and wanting to do other things instead.

When I’m with others however, I’m always having an AWESOME time. Even when the anime isn’t that good (or just not to my liking),even when it’s a show I’ve seen lots of times, I’m enjoying myself. I ended up watching Project A-Ko twice in as many days, I saw the first 4 episodes of Monster again, I re-watched Gundam MS Igloo 2 as well as the 1st 2 episodes of the 8th MS Team, and I re-watched the 1st 3 glorious episodes of Tenggen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I was among friends, though only Mechafetish and I (hmm, nope, LGA below is otacore) can be considered otaku – there’s a healthy apetite for good anime here.

Allow me to introduce my anime viewing group:

  • Mechafetish: Epic Universal Century Gundam fag who will tirelessly re-watch anime just to share the experience with others. I wouldn’t be the otaku that I am without him making me watch so many shows (Monster, all the Gundam  I ever watched, Macross Frontier, Gunbuster 1 & 2, Tenggen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Code Geass… there’s more, and those are just shows I ended up liking). Works in finance and business development for the national casino.
  • Princess of Tennis: we met her on the city courts and she has a good one-handed backhand to go with an MA Psychology. I don’t know what her Ph.D. studies are but she’ll be getting one in Gundam along the way. Teaches at University.
  • Legendary Girl A: She is much like how that sounds. Shoujo fan with an omniverous apetite for awesomeness. If you’re watching something funny, it gets a red paint job and gets 3x more funny just because she’s there with you enjoying herself like no one else can. Works in banking and finance, friend of the Waifu from way back in Uni.
  • The Waifu: Short-haired loliish dojikko tsundere shoujo fan that can tolerate some mecha anime in dere-dere mode. I watch most anime with her. Helps build my Gunpla. Has a great collection of Lelouch figurines. Corporate attorney for the national casino, as well as for the Judge Advocate General in the Armed Forces. Yes, The Waifu is a Misa-Class ojou-sama with the rank of Captain (and she’s older than I am, lol). Shes’ the single effective justification for the Bishonenization of mecha anime: I won’t be able to watch any if there are no Bishies to keep her interested. Do I win at life?

Including me, there are five of us (2 gentle/m/en, 3 meganneko ladies) who more or less who can regularly watch shows together (though never all of us at the same time, at least not yet). AVERAGE AGE of group: 30.2 (with Mechafetish being the shouta).

I think that there are some anime that I’ll never be able to complete if watching by myself. Mechafetish and I started watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes last Saturday and I’m hooked. But I realize I need to get The Waifu on board because being such a long series I can’t count on always having M-fet around to watch it with. Since The Waifu actually likes Tytania, I think I have a chance.


Anime for me is a social activity. It really is best enjoyed when watching with other fans. I end up watching a lot of the first few episodes of the great titles because we keep on introducing them to our friends. And the wonderful thing is how much I enjoy them differently depending on who I’m watching them with.

We all go out to eat and have awesome conversations about the shows, which leads to finding about new shows or shows I may have overlooked. Now I realize that I want these conversations to continue, and that my friends won’t always be available. So I reach out through blogging. So now I want to know about other people. Who do you watch anime with? How does watching with them impact your experience of the show?

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  1. It’s a boring answer, but I’ve never watched anime with someone else.

    I imagine besides the obvious benefits (people to discuss the anime with) there’s a pleasure in serendipity when you’re watching with others: you never quite know what you might wind up watching next.

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    I used to watch anime with roommates/hallmates in college, but now that I live more than 45 seconds from the next closest person who watches anime, it’s not worth the trouble to schedule my anime viewing around anyone’s life but my own.

  3. Pontifus says:

    I’ll watch anime with anyone willing to watch it with me. I do have a few semi-regular co-watchers, I suppose, the most recently prominent of whom is my younger brother. Like your Mechafetish, I like to watch shows I’ve seen before with people for the sake of administrating the experience (which may not be the best way to put it, but eh) for those who haven’t seen the show in question.

    I do, however, find it more difficult to really get into a show when I’m not watching alone.

  4. Roland says:

    I only watch Anime by myself. What a sad life it is to watch it alone… 😦

  5. Roland says:

    oh yeha, its kinda cool that Waifu works in the JAGO.


  6. ghostlightning says:

    @ Roland

    I realize I have it easy. I’m the eldest of 3 boys so I’ve always had people to do awesome stuff with, including anime viewing.

    @ Animanachronism

    Indeed. My mind gets blown wide open watching shows with others, and there’s always someone to point out that my brains fell out. Also, people’s reactions can get very honest – which makes me pause before I agree to a review I read on a blog.

    @ Baka-Raptor

    I agree that there’s a losing scenario when you end up watching contingent to a dayto with friends and whatnot. In my case I end up with many re-watching sessions. Good thing I don’t consider it a waste of time. I do think watching a show with you and seeing how your humor works in real time will be interesting for many.

    @ Pontifus

    There are times when other people can be distracting! Also, I sometimes get bothered when the people I’m ‘administering the experience to’ aren’t enjoying themselves as much as I want them to. That’s when watching with others become troublesome to me.

    I sometimes imagine what it’d be like to watch anime with the people who comment on the blog. I imagine what’d it be like to watch LOGH with iKnight , or Aria with you. I think collective experience provides layers of discourse that take signification into new and interesting frontiers.

  7. ix says:

    I watch anime alone. I rarely interact with people. I meet a friend once every week or so, but he doesn’t like watching anime with me. We have seen anime together, and I think it’s quite enjoyable.

    I don’t mind rewatching anime, but I am picky about the shows I rewatch. However, I do like just about any anime I watch.

    I obsessively check blogs to read what others think about a show/episode. I have a difficult time expressing myself. If I were asked how an anime affects me, I simply wouldn’t be able to search for the words to describe it.

  8. I watch it occasionally with certain friends but often I’m killing time when I’m sitting around at home (living alone is usually a good thing, y’know, for 99% of the time, but not always). I don’t know many people who are into it, let alone people whose tastes overlap with my own so it’s often just me on my own.

    More often than not a group viewing is a cinema screening and considering how rarely anime appears on the big screen it turns into a bit of a social event that ends up being a lot of fun.

    And yes, you win at life for being married already, to a woman who shares your interests no less. You lucky devil, you. ^_^

  9. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I watch anime alone. Cause Im the only one who watches anime around..

    • Brookie says:

      there are, probably, just look. there is an Anime club at my school, and i admit, I was surprised that there were so many people, so just look. I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

  10. usagijen says:

    Aww, must be nice to have a group of RL friends/fellow otakus who can watch shows with you! In my case, it’s either with my brother/s, or with my good friend/co-blogger Seleria. With the former, I can either be all the more hyped up and excited for the series if they’re into it as well, or dampen the fun by throwing insults at what I’m watching (which makes me end up watching the show by myself -___-). With Seleria, well, we usually end up having a silly fun time haha. I guess that no longer needs any explanation.

    Would be great to have a sweetheart to share the anime viewing experience with, haha, I wish! And yeah, I second Martin, lucky you! Or lucky waifu XD

  11. ghostlightning says:

    @ ix

    I guess Mechafetish may be better equipped to respond to your comment, but here I go anyway. Him and me are evangelists of the shows we like. I’ve no shame in recommending anime to people who aren’t exposed to it. We’re willing to re-watch shows we’ve seen to death if it means that the person we’re watching it with catches some of the magic we enjoy. So by all means make new friends!

    @ concretevajra (~_^)

    Anime almost never gets theatrical releases here. As for conventions, I’d be the only shameless ‘tard in the group to get into it, and still, the crowd is so young for oldfags like us.

    I tolerate The Waifu’s dalliances with Lockon, Lelouch, and Lukawa, and she stays quiet for the most part when I’m with Lafiel. That’s a lot of L’s and just way too much alliteration LOL.

    @ Kairu

    Share your anime. Watch out for our ‘turning someone into an otaku’ project over at Euphoric Field!

    @ usagijen

    So you troll your brother? Haha that’s always fun. Sometimes I watch with Mechafetish and his brother and together we troll dear old M-fet. I do feel lucky to find such a fun group of otakus and borderline cases at our age. Legendary Girl A has you to thank for Skip Beat. I’m the lucky one. I am Fortune’s freaking Favorite!

  12. Pontifus says:


    Yeah, I think about what it’d be like to sit around with a bunch of bloggers and watch anime sometimes. I’m also interested in collective experience and the workings thereof. Maybe it’s worth noting, though, that, while I manage to compose myself in writing (force of habit), I’m much more emphatic and disorganized in person. Not that I yell at the screen or anything, but “Aria and Ulysses share a common idea of perception” is the end result of a process that begins with “OMFG ARIA YESSSS!”

  13. ghostlightning says:

    @ Pontifus

    Yes, I know what you mean. I am the loudest person in the room, even if Legendary Girl A is with us. And unlike you, I yell at the screen. Sometimes I derail conversations about real and serious things and impose an anime context on them. After much rolling of eyes they ignore the troll and I just plot my revenge in furrows of bitterness. But trust me, I’m actually fun to be around I swear!

  14. IcyStorm says:

    I watch it alone mostly. I’ve watched a bit of Aria with a friend, and I watch a few shows with another friend (we watched R2 eps 20-25 when they aired =P).

  15. usagijen says:

    …More like my brother trolls me T__T; But through the years I have learned how to fight back (or ignore him when he’s being his pessimistic curmudgeon self)! XD

  16. biankita says:

    i watch anime alone. *sad* but my friends and i would pimp it a show to one another whenever we have out get-togethers.

  17. ghostlightning says:

    @ Icystorm

    I find slice of life shows not to be the best anime to watch in groups. The kind of anime that works best usually have high drama (Code Geass), epic lulz (Detroit Metal City), or great action. Gurren Lagann has never failed to entertain.

    @ usagijen

    Trolling face-to-face I find preferable to internet trolling (which I used to do around 2003 in the Philippine Mechwarrior forums). By all means troll your bros, life’s too short to not do it.

    @ biankita

    It used to be like that with us, but at some point we eventually found time to watch with each other. Usually it’s just me and the waifu (for ongoing series), but the marathons I get to do with Mechafetish and whoever else is there.

    I realize it works because I host it at our house. We don’t have a big place that has a fancy entertainment system. We just watch on whichever laptop is available. But our place is comfortable I guess, and we try to make our friends feel at home.

  18. schneider says:

    I watch most of my anime alone, but the ADD-friendly shows I watch with my little brother. I’d always threaten him to let me have my way lest I tie him down to the chair and force-feed him girly shows like H&C and Kimikiss.

    Back in school I had friends who’d watch shows with me, but that’s no longer possible (I just started being a salaryman today).

    I do recommend shows to a lot of people and it pleases me that they do watch my recommendations and like it. Doing that is a kind of fulfillment for me.

  19. morhven says:

    I so envy you… It must be a great experience to watch a show with friends… unfortunately it’s impossible for me because virtually none of my friends watch anime. Most of them don’t even know what anime is, and even those who have heard sth about it don’t have a high opinion. In Poland anime isn’t very popular and you can only see one or two shows for children in TV, so usual way of thinking goes like this: anime=Pokemon=stupid,violent cartoon for children….
    And so my friends think I’m a weirdo for watching stupid shows 🙂

  20. omisyth says:

    Alas, being young and in a school where the primary objectives of life are getting as drunk as possible every couple of days, I have no comrades to watch anime with. However, there was an anime club recently started up at my school, so I’ll probably check it out. ‘Tis a lonely hobby that would seem much better with company.

  21. otou-san says:

    I haven’t watched in groups since college, when we would sit around cheering for the gore in VHSes like Wicked City and Ninja Scroll, some of us drunk.

    These days, I live in a new town so I mostly watch when I’m bored by myself except with the occasional series that my wife likes to watch.

    At the moment, that’s mostly Soul Eater and sometimes Casshern Sins (she introduced me to the live-action Casshern movie). We discovered a lot of my favorite anime together, including Eva, and we used to watch Adult Swim on TV religiously too when there was something worth seeing (like Trigun or Bebop).

  22. coburn says:

    Most of my ‘career’ I’ve conformed to the one man and his laptop position and the unique pleasures this offers. A bit like reading a good book and getting quietly impressed and my own leisure.

    Just this autumn I joined my new uni’s society – and have been trying that out. There are (just a few) too many members for it to be a party, but enough to get a bit of a sense of community. Mostly it’s been good to meet other fans in the flesh for the first time. It’s neat, but I think it suits some series better than others. So far I’ve found it works better with big plottish things where you all get to know the cast together, rather than episodic or throwaway shows.

  23. I was going to say something but you got 22 comments in less than 1 day. I feel the need to weep heavily before I open my mouth.

  24. TheBigN says:

    College was that fun time for me. I was a member and heavily involved in my college anime club, where a group from 60-100+ people would watch a schedule of anime every Saturday. And it had less to do about the anime (since I’d sit down and watch it anyway), but to do with the people watching it, as a community developed with anime as the starting point. It was also a good place for me to learn of shows that I’d never heard of before, and at the same time, for me to get people to check out series that they haven’t heard of before as well. The club showed a wide range of titles, and I also liked it for that purpose, because it could expand the horizons in terms of what anime had to offer to people.

    Course, there was also watching in a small group in the room, where it’s more friendly and informal, as well as getting honest opinions, silly opinions, and the like.

    It also helps that my siblings like anime as well, but considering that all of us are in different colleges at this time around, there are few opportunities to watch shows together, which does suck.

    Currently, I watch anime by myself, since while there are people at my med school that watch anime, everyone keeps to themselves with that. So in terms of community, I use the Internet with things such as blogging (like yourself), forums, and IRC. It’s great to have other opinions bounce off yours. 😛

  25. choujin1 says:

    There are some parts within your post where I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about… but, I usually watch my anime in solitude. I have a friend who watches the occasional series with me (we’re watching Fighting Spirit and Death Note these days), but she doesn’t like mecha, so that limits what we watch somewhat.

    If it were anyone else, I’d probably wish I was watching it alone. I’m all about my solitude.

  26. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    How young is that brother of yours? My own brothers aren’t otaku so it sometimes feels like a lot of work to get them to watch stuff. Now that I don’t live with them they don’t watch anything at all.

    Congratulations on your new job. I’ve been a salaryman for different firms for over a decade now – and it will crush your soul. You’ll need a plan, and I didn’t come up with one until 2 years ago: the plan keeps me alive.

    People enjoying the shows you recommend is always good. It’s like an influence high.

    @ morhven

    While you can never force people to watch with you (my best friend, while sympathetic, is impossible to ‘convert’). Nonetheless ’tis good to be evangelical about your hobby, so that when you meet people who share it, they feel good about themselves.

    I will tell you that I’ve met a lot of people whose tastes are very different, and wouldn’t quite enjoy watching shows with us. Luck is always a factor and I just happen to be very, very lucky.

    @ omisyth

    Anime clubs were unheard of in my day (OMFG I used that phrase again T_T oldfag is sad), any social group no matter how forced has a potential friendship yield. Good luck with it!

    @ otou-san

    Now that college experience of yours I missed out on. Back in college my friend who is now a toy geek who just enjoys the occasional fighting anime was as wholesome as milk. We watched Ninja Scroll and Macross Plus together so those were really good times.

    Your wife led you to the live action Casshern Sins? You win! My waifu has this EXTREME prejudice against any show that is sad, or ends on a sad note. This has ruled out nearly all of the films I’m interested in (I enjoy tragedy), and a lot of anime as well (I’ll never get to watch Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop with her, and that’s why I STILL haven’t seen Grave of the Fireflies). Even so, we’re both very lucky. Omedatto!

    @ coburn

    I know what you mean. I get that ‘quietly impressed and my own leisure’ bit when I read books. I usually read a lot, though my consumption has slowed somewhat due to other hobbies (I used to read at a respectable pace of 1 book a week, now it takes about 2-3 weeks for me to finish a book).

    Yes, there are some anime that doesn’t translate well into a group experience. I can’t imagine Aria to bring a packed theater down, but Bebop or Champloo would have no problem I think.

    I watch anime with the Waifu late at night, and sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of the show. This is when I need to watch anime alone. She finished Darker than Black without me out of frustration, so I’ve lost the will to complete it because I’ve no one to watch it with.

    @ digitalboy

    I’m really pleased because I’m getting comments from so many new awesome people. I thank Anime Nano, but I also think I’ve been building up for this like Simon and his drill.

    @ TheBigN

    Your experience is what I imagine to be the ideal. The fact that you watch anime alone recently is temporary IMO. When I didn’t have people to watch shows with, I ended up watching so little anime. It wasn’t until Mechafetish started spamming me with shows around ’05 that I got current, and enjoyed lots of anime again. M-Fet was introduced to me by the Waifu, as they work in the same company.

    My current group isn’t necessarily a “JUST AS PLANNED” result. It’s mostly happenstance and coincidence. Obviously all of us were geeks of varying degrees back in uni (me and Princess of Tennis are from DLSU and the others are from ADMU: RIVAL SCHOOLS lol), so when we met later in life our collective experiences individually somewhat affirmed our life choices.

    @ choujin1

    I certainly am not imposing my values re social activity upon anyone; it’s just a natural behavior – as with this blogging hobby of mine. If you do indeed get a fuller experience of anime/life in solitude, then great. But I do think you have it in you to enjoy watching with us. We’re old, but we’re fun!

  27. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    He’s 16 and won’t watch anything with more than a bit of sappy (see Macross Frontier) unless I really force him to. He likes Gundam, Getter, Casshern and other fightan animu.

    As for the recommendation thing, I once turned a female friend into a total Darker Than Black fangirl. Wut

  28. Anyway, this is pretty case by case with me. If I start an anime by myself, I usually want to finish it by myself because I feel awkward having others join in to what has become my personal time with the show. However, rewatches are fine to have more people. There are certain shows that I feel more comfortable watching by myself (not just porn) namely ones that appeal to me for complex reasons that I’d really rather keep to myself. Once again, though, I don’t mind so much on the rewatch.

    Usually when I watch with other people it’s either because I know I’ll never finish the anime without a buddy or because it’s a show that just works better with a crowd (Gurren Lagann anyone?) I have found that watching with someone else only works well for marathons because no one will ever find time to continue with you on a show you watch sporadically.

    I’d say Gurren Lagann, Baccano!, and Lucky Star were the three shows I’ve seen most enhanced by having other people around.

  29. Great topic, as it’s something I’ve only just recently come to my own conclusion on. Truth be told, I prefer to watch anime by myself. I have only a select few friends who watch anime. Most don’t watch it at anywhere near the speed that I like to. Nothing sucks more than dying to see the next episode, having said episode available to watch, but not being able to because whoever I’m watching it with is done for the day.

    Of course, this issue could be mitigated by only watching anime that is currently airing with friends. That way, if they only want to watch one episode, well… that’s all there is for the week. Nobody becomes tied down by anyone else. I have tried rewatching shows with other people. Since I’ve already seen the series, I’m not so desperate to see what happens next. The problem there is I become less focused on the show and more focused on their reactions (“he looks disinterested! why!”, etc).

    In the end, I found that I enjoy anime enough to watch it alone. I can focus better and more easily get lost in the show. I can watch it at my own pace, whenever I feel like it. The key then is to find people afterwards that have seen whatever series, and then do all that social anime stuff after the fact.

  30. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    Who knows with women? We first bonded with our friend the Princess of Tennis over Gundam 00. My waifu likes Darker than Black more than I do.

    @ digital boy

    That’s a very interesting concept, ‘personal time’ with a show. I suppose I have moments like that as well (The Real Folk Blues Part 1 & 2, Macross Frontier ep 25). What are examples of yours?

    @ Michael/Low on Hit Points

    Your method is good, IMO. I watch ongoing series with the Waifu because our schedules match. With others it’s mostly marathon sessions where one of us has watched at least part of the anime.

  31. Depends on the situation actually:

    Usually when a friend is over or we’re all gathered at this one friend of mines place in the next city over (A group of around 15 or so people who are variably there or in Toronto) we’ll pop on an episode of whatever mecha series is currently airing since it’s hard for that sort of thing not to go over with the crowd.

    Sometimes when my younger wide-eyed cousins who idolize me and follow along with whatever I’m doing at the moment are over we might pop on something more general audience friendly and I’ll watch it with them.

    On occassion I’ll also sneak back over to my old University club as well to partake of anime and pizza watching with the crowd.

  32. ghostlightning says:

    Hi Kaio,

    It seems like you have an ideal set-up. 15 people watching mecha? God, that’s like a dream. My group is mostly girls, and while I’m not complaining I would like to watch mecha anime with men who are thinking the same thing:

    “I should be the one piloting that!”


  33. Generally, if I think I’m going to fantasize about the characters later on, I’d like to keep it between me and them.

    But really if I had more otaku friends I’d group watch everything. Mail me one of your friends, dammit.

  34. kanzeon says:

    This is a very very interesting article. I found your blog very nice ^_^.

    I prefer watching anime all by myself, actually, my friends really don’t know that I’m so into anime that much and they aren’t really otaku so it think it would be very embarrassing to invite them to watch XD. I did invite them some time but I don’t think that they aren’t really interested at all T.T… I’m a sad closet otaku… Good thing I befriended an otaku person just recently 🙂

    My sister and my mom likes anime like me too ^_^. Too bad I don’t watch it with them most of the time because they are always at work. But to sum it all up, I seem to enjoy watching anime alone ^_^.

  35. ghostlightning says:

    @ digitalboy

    I’ll gladly mail you mechafetish, but I need someone to play tennis with.

    @ kanzeon

    Thank you Kanzeon! I like Metanorn as well ^_^

    Befriending otaku gives you freedom! and a co-blogger into the bargain as well. May your friend post on your blog more often than mine!

    Peace McFetish! Xp

  36. choujin1 says:

    @ ghostlightning

    If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, I certainly wouldn’t pass on an anime marathon.

  37. Sakura says:

    If my buddy is over we’ll watch shows together, although its hard to get her to watch anything that isn’t yaoi. And since I set her up with a boyfriend I don’t exist anymore… sniff.

    Mostly Hubby-sama and I watch anime together although he’s been losing interest lately and been getting back into his comic books.

    Having said that if something about a show strikes him as he walks past the t.v or computer he’ll get sucked in and watch with me.

    Most recently he happened to walk by whilst Macross Frontier was on and he’s a huge fan of Macross, so it seems to have re-ignited the anime flame within him.

    Enough that he went out and re-bought Robotech Battlecry 🙂

    I suppose it works that we have similar tastes in shows. We like a good laugh and we love a good mecha design.

    I’m probably more into horror than he is, but we can’t have everything now can we 🙂

  38. I watch anime with my friend, preferably. Heh, My friend got me into anime waaay back when Pokemon was the coolest thing. She was way more hard-core otaku than me. Then she went to college and I didn’t see her at all during High school. Suddenly one day she came to my house unexpected and asked to use my computer. I had Gurren Lagann on, and well, that show would hook anybody. She doesn’t have internet (omg i cant imagine) so she depends on me. Our tastes are the exact same except for the yaoi (DO.NOT.WANT.) I don’t make plans for Saturday cuz I know shes gonna show up with some DVD or flash drive full of something I’ve not seen yet.

  39. ghostlightning says:

    @ choujin1

    Definitely! What I’ve never done is get drunk while watching. That should be fun!

    @ Sakura

    Wow, a genuine otaku waifu! It’s such a delight to meet you. Mai own waifu only tolerates the robots, and only while in dere-dere mode. Lucky husband, your guy!

    @ mechamarshmellow

    Yes! Anime viewing partners are just win aren’t they? TTGL just about wins over anyone. Mai Waifu tolerated it for the most part, but at this point I’m just glad she stuck with it/me ^_^

  40. Emperor J says:

    Freshman year of college I watched with a couple other people, never at the same time thank god. One was way out there, like he was on some sort of mission to become the personification of every stereotype of a fan. He seemed to become upset every time I pointed out some plot hole or deficiency in anything we were watching. The other person probably watched more for irony than anything else, it was a much more enjoyable experience. The six years to the present have pretty much been solo viewing.

  41. Sakura says:

    @ ghostlightning, why thank you. Hubby-sama says there is a drawback to a waifu who likes anime, sci fi, comics and video games. Yes sadly I’m a well-rounded geek 🙂

    Namely the anime and anime related items are a drain on his wallet. Although that isn’t always my fault, I didn’t make him buy me that model of Hikaru’s fighter, he just got it for me.

    Neither did I make him buy Skull Leader, he decided it looked sweet enough that he wanted it.

    I did however have to talk him into the Wing Gundam that is sitting on my computer at work XD

    His other thing about why it isn’t always so cool, is that he has to share the gaming systems with me!

    The Xbox Live update is due today, I can’t wait to start streaming some of our netflix queue, hopefully they have some of the anime titles up there for streaming view.

    I am so excited for the new Streetfighter next year.

    Now if Nintendo would just get started on the next Zelda installment I’d be a happy lady.

  42. ghostlightning says:

    @ Emperor J

    Your former viewing partner does seem to be a nightmare. I have not really explored why some people actually fail hard at being a geek.

    @ Sakura

    Finding out you have the VF1-A and TEH SKULL LEADER depresses me. Waifu is supportive – she gave me a Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z for my last birthday, but of course I need to buy most of my stuff for myself. I buy her Licca and Jenny dolls as well.

    I’m saving up to get all the Macross units in the Revoltech line. I figured that I’m out of space to store new toys I might as well get smaller units. Revoltech’s posability also makes them awesome, making up for their inability to transform.

    I did fail at not buying this, however.

  43. choujin1 says:

    @ ghostlightning
    That should be easy enough. I heard there’s an Agent Aika drinking game…

  44. Sakura says:

    Go Waifu! Thats a cool present!

    I think all the figures I have, Hubby-sama bought for me. He also tends to commission artists to draw me the coolest fanarts.

    Hmm I should totally stump him next time he asks me and tell him I want a Macross F piccie, with Valkyrie in the shot.

    I have to agree with you on those Revoltech’s. Skull Leader is just sexy!

    And ooooooooooh look at the sexy Gundam, I am totally jealous!

  45. Cuchlann says:

    Sigh. When I’m at home I sometimes make the drive and watch stuff with OGT, but when I’m at school I can only ever watch by myself. I convinced my friends to watch some Haruhi last month, and after two episodes one just walked out.

  46. ghostlightning says:

    @ choujin1

    Anime drinking games? I’m trying to write a post that I want to be quite in-depth. I want anecdotes of extreme otaku behavior. Email me or PM on MAL if you have any resources. I find this very interesting.

    @ Sakura

    This weekend has been FAIL at not spending money. I bought new Gunpla as well as really sweet Macross figurines.

    @ Cuchlann

    Who or what is OGT? I think Haruhi is not a ‘gateway’ anime though. It’s a (eek) postmodern pastiche qualities (that somewhat define it) that require a familiarity with the elements it mashes up and puts its spin on. It’s funny when I think about it:

    Shows like Haruhi and Lucky star are too deep for n00bs, while not necessarily being deep in terms of meaning production/intellectual exhaustiveness/ability to generate intense experience (relatively of course).

  47. Cuchlann says:

    Remember, I hang out with creative writing majors — postmodernism applied to sci-fi is often a way to get someone’s interest.

    OGT: http://animegeijitsu.wordpress.com/ He’s the person who got me into ani-blogging.

  48. ghostlightning says:

    @ Cuchlann

    Christ. Part of me wants to be you right now.

  49. Cuchlann says:

    What, because of the association with creative writing majors? Well, like any other kind of association, it carries its own risks. Sure, we hang around and talk about how things are put together for fun, but then again there are the workshop classes full of students (never mind the teacher) who believe sci-fi isn’t good enough for college classes. 😀

  50. ghostlightning says:

    @ Cuchlann

    That’s a kind of adversity I’m experienced with. There wasn’t many people to talk to back at uni re SF. I had one teacher who’s scope is broad, but no one who can really go deep. As for writing workshops capable of teachin SF, forgetaboutit.

    Feel free to share about your literary life. We’re on twitter so that’s a place to start at least. Or email.

  51. picchar says:

    I generally watch anime on my own. Mostly because I like watching whenever I want and also, I’m alone most of the time. When I’m not, I watch with the bf ^_^

    Back in high school, I would watch with a friend who happened to be my source of anime then. Now it’s the internet.

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