Gunpla on the cheap! Only in the Philippines!


Self-restraint? FAIL!

I am not a Gunpla hobbyist. I don’t make a point of collecting model kits. My goodness, I don’t even consider myself that big a Gundam fan (compared to Mechafetish, but then again his faggotry fanhood for Gundam is EPIC). But again I find myself in a toy sale, again by Toys “R” Us Philippines (Robinsons Ermita branch),  and fiscal discipline left me faster than you can say MS-06S Zaku II Char Custom.

For PHP 3,500.00 (USD 72.00), I was able to amass FIVE Master Grade UC Gundam model kits!


It’s Christmas Season in the Philippines (which starts in September, don’t ask me why) which means one thing: BIG-ASS TOY SALE!


It’s not even funny. As soon as I saw the sale I dove in the crowd, waifu in tow and made a beeline to the Gunpla pile.

I HAET CROWDS. But this crowd won't keep me from my Gunpla.

I HAET CROWDS. But this crowd won't keep me from my Gunpla!

I’m really not into malls, and I don’t like crowds at all. But I found awesome deals, and Christmas came early for ghostlightning.


Like I was saying...

The purchases: All units are MG (Master Grade: 1/100 scale)

  • Gundam RX-78-2 20th Anniversary (Coating Version): PHP 1,000.00 (USD 20.00) It has an Amuro Ray figure!
  • RGM-79C GM Type C: PHP 800.00 (USD 16.00)
  • MS-05B Zaku I Mobile Suit: PHP 500.00 (USD 10.00) It has a Guyya figure (WhoTF?).
  • MS-05B Zaku I Ramba Ral Custom: PHP 500.00 (USD 10.00) It has a Ramba Ral figure (YAY AWESOME)!
  • MS-06S Zaku II Char Custom (Coating Version): PHP 700.00 (USD 14.00) It has a CHAR AZANBLE figure (ZOMG)!

Total: PHP 3,500.00 (USD 70.00) The coating versions mean the units have a metallic sheen on the plastic, which should be awesome. Total SRP (non-sale standard retail price): PHP 10,798.75 (USD 216.00); Total savings: PHP 7,298.75 (USD 146.00).

ghostlightning x waifu 4EVA!!!

ghostlightning x waifu 4EVA!!!

I don’t know if we’ll even have time to build the Gunpla. My only chance is for the Waifu to help.

We Remember Love

We Remember Love

You be wondering who’s holding the camera. Why Mechafetish of course! There’s something to be said how him being OVER 9000 times more a Gundam fan than I am, he didn’t buy any toys. Not a damn thing. I suck. I suck hard.

ghostlightning x mechafetish FTL!

ghostlightning x mechafetish FTL!

RANT: How come Macross toys NEVER EVER EVER EVER go on sale???!!! Macross toys never leave the shelves of the specialty toy shops who almost always sell at inflated prices. That’s why I don’t have any. NOT A ONE.


Well, I certainly couldn’t build any kits yet so I just made my GN-001 Gundam Exias pose on top of their new old friends. It’s late and even with the Waifu to help it’ll take too long to build one and I gotta get up 4:00AM because the Dai Gurren Dan Tennis Team is in a training from hell arc and my backhand isn’t worth spit right now. So I just asked the Waifu to indulge my camwhorage:

ghostlightning + gunpla = happy times

ghostlightning + gunpla = happy times

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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14 Responses to Gunpla on the cheap! Only in the Philippines!

  1. schneider says:

    My heart leapt out after reading your post. I need to get paid! I’ve had some gunpla experience but that was like in 1998 and I never even got to panel lining. I’ll probably start with the HG00 line (I’m looking at you, Seravee).

    Also, do you paint your kits?

  2. otou-san says:

    shopping this time of year in the Philippines looks a little like doing it here. Meaning, why oh why would you do it!

    and I like the idea of making your tennis team into a super-powered anime, I hope that helps you get out of bed at 4am.

  3. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    I didn’t see a lot of HG00 stuff there, I think most of the goodies were snatched before I arrived. I just feel lucky I got Amuro’s and Char’s rides. Sweet sweetness. I don’t do panel lining, I’m just lucky to put them together. But I may want to commission someone to pimp them out. Let me know if you know anybody.

    @ otou-san

    I hate shopping. Wife loves it. What’s new? But these toy sales are death traps for me. Toys are never necessary and remain utter liabilities for me. I never want to sell them and I don’t own anything that appreciates anyway. I’m just a total sucker.

    As for our tennis team, JUST AS PLANNED. We have sweet gear and we’re designing our threads too. My racquet is Roger Federer’s [K]-Factor Tour 90, otherwise known as Arc-Gurren Lagann. Mechafetish has 2 of the same racquets but are of the Asian edition which is 20g lighter (Gurren, and Lagann respectively).

    Getting up early is never a problem with me. I beat the alarm clock by at least 5 minutes almost always. Trouble is I got swiped by a taxicab on the way back from the tennis courts. It’s become quite an awful day and I’ve still so much to get done.

  4. Man you can get Gunpla from Toy R’ Us in the Phillipines?! Over here just about the only place that sells them are hobby shops. My experience with Gunpla (I don’t really build them since I actually have a condition that makes it so I can’t hold my hands steady enough to do something that requires precision properly) comes from a friend who bought a Perfect Grade Zaku and RX-78-2 Gundam as well as a High Grade Gundam Virtue during a trip to Anime North. It set him back about $500.

  5. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I guess building gunpla is fine whatever way you do it, as long as you do it with mechalove. I don’t plan on painting kits myself because my folks will only fret (garage is packed, and indoors is just no-no). I hope I can stumble upon discounted gunpla myself.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    @ Kaioshin

    Gunpla here is quite plentiful, available at most department store toy sections. Most of the time the units carried are from SEED and SEED Destiny, and some 00 as can be expected. The Perfect Grade stuff can only be found in the specialty toy sections – I know of a PG Denobrium Orchis/Stamen at USD 320.00 retail, so if your friend bought all 3 for USD 500.00 it seems just about right for specialty store prices. In any case, those boys are waaay beyond my budget. My biggest Gunpla reaches the 1/60 scale, the Exia you see above.

    Too bad about your shaky hands problem. But I understand! Actually, I admit that if my wife doesn’t help me put these things together I’ll get bored/frustrated and I’ll leave the project an abject waste.

    @ schneider

    There’s an abundance of mechalove here! I know of a great deal for a MG Zeong (PHP 1,500.00), but since I have a Char Custom Zaku II I may want that baby for myself so I wont be telling you where it is : p

    After I get it I’ll give you where the store is, and you can help yourself to the MG Z’Gokk left. Wait, didn’t Char pilot that too? Well, I may be after that as well. Sorry XP

  7. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I don’t plan on tackling an MG anytime soon since I need to work up on confidence on gunpla building. So you can take all the Char kits you want. 😛

    Anyways, my Dai-Guard post is up, as I’ve informed you a few days ago. Link:

  8. Phäzys says:

    wait wait wait–where is Toys R Us? Is this in Mall of Asia?

  9. ghostlightning says:

    @ Phazys

    Toys R’ Us… this was in Robinsons Ermita. You can find them in Robinsons malls, as well as Trinoma. There’s a 1/60 Exia (the one I have) going at PHP2,600.00 at BestToys Vmall (Greenhills). I saw it last weekend.

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  11. Robsta says:


    Its not worth getting anything under MG (not including SD)

  12. Very lucky! I hope there’s one this year! Was this banda on december dude?

  13. Jonnel says:

    Ill just ask if untill now its sale?

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