Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

Here we take a look around the sphere and talk about my favorite blogposts. This is not an objective “best-of” list because I obviously do not read all the blogs. Also some posts, even if written by my favorite bloggers, may be about anime or episodes I haven’t seen, or subjects I don’t understand. This is why some posts won’t be listed, outside of plain ignorance on my part. Without further ado and in no particular order…

Tytania Episode 06 (How Ariabart Got His Groove Back)Kaioshin Sama, When Anime Past Meets Present

The whole post was written like a sports cast, with a play-by-play for the Battle of Syracuse System, as well as color commentary. Very entertaining. Perhaps what I enjoyed best is the detailed battle analysis, which is paramount for an anime like this.

On the other side you have wastes of life like the Vardhana nobles and Tyrandian rebels who never once seemed to have seen their own defeat coming as they rushed to war based on the belief that because Tytania lost at the Battle of Cerberus that they somehow were guaranteed a victory.  I don’t even think I need to point out how foolish this notion was and they deserved everything that happened to them.

I enjoyed this passage because it’s uncompromisingly harsh to the characters, something I personally am not capable of being (so far). I had commented to Kaio’s previous post that I found these villains ‘cartoony’, but calling them ‘wastes of life’ sounds good.

Gundam 00 S2-07: A Day that will Live in InfamyCrusader & Calawain, THAT Anime Blog

I thoroughly enjoyed their complete and utter skewering of an episode they uninanimously hated. Their schtick is a good cop/bad cop combo, with Calawain as the Gundam fan. It gives the reviews a sense of balance, and the fact that they both HATED this episode says something. Now while I may not completely agree with their points, the post is a very good read. A torrent of comments also follows, so it’s quite awesome really.

We remember Kurdistan! In the first few days of the long war. We remember Moralia. We have been newly reminded of your habits by the hideous massacre of Louise’s Family. We know too well the bestial assaults you’re making upon Soma, to whom our hearts go out in her valiant struggle! We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will! You do your worst! – and we will do our best! Perhaps it may be our turn soon. Perhaps it may be our turn now.” – Prince Ali ‘s first address to the Federation on the new membership of the Government in Exile of Kurdistan

– Crusader

It’s fanfic touches like this that endear me to Crusader’s review method. I’ve been a fan since his epic coverage of Macross Frontier. Much to be enjoyed.

This week’s section has been retiled “Calawain’s RAGE” for copious amounts of anger and swearing at the atrocity committed in episode 7. It went beyond just the pathetic opening fight that was very short and high on stupidity. The entire core of the episode was a huge pool of fail.

– Calawain

When Calawain rages like this about Gundam, it’s hard for me not to give credence to how bad it is. it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the episode though. It was difficult not to enjoy it because the Waifu is eating up the Allelujah x Marie ship, despite the epic NARM. I was prepared to RAEG, but when I looked at her I was like, “AWWW”. I really think there’s something about watching anime with others that significantly influence my experience of the shows I watch.

Episodic VS Editorial AKA The “Conflict” That’s Kind Of Already Resolved But I’m Going To Point Out And Try To Explain Anyway. – Omisyth, Anime Chatter

I’ve been lurking around the anime blogosphere (I don’t think I like that word) for only about 7 months, and I’ve only been blogging for less than 6 weeks. There are many many things that I still don’t know about the community and the environment. This post educated me quite well. In it the two main types of blogs are discussed.

There is also the fact that they’re everywhere. You need only throw a Taiga 5 feet in front of you and you’ll most likely hit an episodic blog. Not many people can tolerate essentialy reading the same thing over and over again; however, each person being different from the next, you won’t come across the same approach to the episode either, and the beauty of episodic blogging lies in the variation that can be applied towards something that’s seemingly completely stock.

I’m sure there’s some guideline on having too many commas and semicolons somewhere, but that 3-sentence paragraph is quite readable to me. And it’s funny too. There are other meta/blogosphere-related posts that are amazing reads this week, but first girl wins in this case.

Public Enemy #2lolkitsune, Miao on My Mind

While I very much prefer bloggers patting each other’s back (note that 2 of the above favorites mention me in some way), I really enjoyed reading this post. The subject is noteworthy, the criticism is harsh, and the exchanges fiery. Even without knowing the somewhat extensive background of the subject and the previous controversies, I found myself engrossed in the discourse all the way through the comments section. I didn’t comment because I had and still don’t have anything valueable to contribute to it.

I’m not saying it’s bad to challenge your dislikes. I recently managed to make myself enjoy avocados and mushrooms, and I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t forced myself. But my attitude approaching mushrooms wasn’t “fuck, I hate mushrooms… I really fucking hate mushrooms… fuck, I really fucking hate mushrooms… maybe there’s some chance I’ll like this mushroom more than the last, but it’s extremely unlikely… FUCK I fucking hate mushrooms.” It was more like, “hmm, I hate mushrooms—but I want to change that. Other people like this shit. Other people enjoy this shit. Why do I hate it?”

I come away from reading the post as if warned, that I really need to think through my posts/projects, and be careful of coming across as some kind of expert. I’m not averse to being told I’m wrong, though I will flinch should I be flamed. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this post perhaps more in terms of schadenfreude than I care to admit.

On Being a Fan – Paying Attention to Creators… or NotIbrevis, East Anyhow

It raises a very interesting question:

If being a hardcore fan is not about knowing as much about anime as possible then what is it about? The number of 2D girls or guys you love? The amount of GBs on your hard drive? I really don’t have an answer

I think I want to respond by writing my own post. In the mean time I want the ideas to simmer a little before I put them out. I’m discovering a lot of things about this anime hobby the more I lurk around anime blogs. I’ve also visited a local anime convention. It’s strange to feel like a complete outsider in an event which supposedly champtions a lifestyle that I’m hardcore about. What is definitive otaku behavior anyway?

What did I miss? Refer me to the blog posts to rid me of my ignorance.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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20 Responses to Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

  1. I am not on this list and tehrefor immediately don’t care : p but seriously, it’s nice to see people giving shout outs.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    @ digitalboy

    I was concerned that this post wouldn’t be anything more than filler, but I do maintain that a great deal of the ideas and material I come up with are influenced by my consumption of the posts I read and my interactions with other bloggers like yourself. So talking about what I like about these posts is also me sharing about my discursive method.

    People may not care much about my ‘discursive method’ and an exposition of my biases, but if by writing about them I connect some readers to these posts then I feel like I got away with something 😛

  3. Crusader says:

    Indeed Churchill is easily adapted for Prince Ali, if only they were real…

  4. rei says:

    This is a very interesting and unique post. I hope you make this a weekly thing. As much time I spend reading through countless of blogs everyday, there still seem to be a lot of noteworthy posts that I miss. I don’t normally read an entry for an episode that I haven’t watched yet but seeing you in a way recommend such kind of post makes me want to bookmark it for future reading ^^

  5. ghostlightning says:

    @ Crusader

    Haha, keep ’em coming comrade.

    @ rei

    That’s my intent, rei. I do want to do this every week. Blogs for me have become as involving as anime itself, and the ability to interact with them (being an organized set of ideas) is very engaging. I’m an anime fan twice over because of blogs.

  6. biankita says:

    i’m not the list and that makes me sad ;_; i only read 2 on the list and one made me laugh so hard and the other reminded me how spoiled so many kids are nowadays with today’s anime.

  7. i made my essential anime post over at yukan blog so go read it and watch all the shows that you haven’t.

  8. Wait, Calawain is supposed to be the Good Cop? Hmmm…I’m reminded of this one comedy routine where the good cop and bad cop keep getting mixed up and switching places until the detainee get’s confused and confesses. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh *Taps nose* I get it now….very clever indeed.

    I’m frightened though, to not only get on this list but to be at the top of it too?! O_o I don’t know if I can take the pressure to deliver now with my next Tytania episode review. This was supposed to be the quite laid back winter season for me *cries*. Excuse me while I go off into a corner and tweak a little. Bwaaaah!

    But seriously, thank you for your compliments. Always appreciated. 😀

  9. ghostlightning says:

    @ Everyone

    Don’t get carried away with these lists. I have no real criteria outside of “I really like it, and I may or may not have gotten something special out of it.” Also, I will favor posts on mecha anime, or shows that I follow like Tytania. Why, because I’m a freaking fan and my little heart goes “Kya! Kyaaa!” when I end up agreeing with a blog post about the shows I like.

    Here’s an equation I follow: Fanboying =/= authority.

    We Remember Love loves anime blogs but is not an expert on them.

    @ biankita

    I’m adding hikikomori-chan to my feed reader so I don’t miss out on your posts… pasensya na po, bago lang po sa blogosphere (~_^)

    @ digitalboy

    I apologize if I spewed a wall of text on your comments section. I took so long to comment because I really took your post seriously. I may have overdone it, so I apologize.

    @ Kaioshin

    Don’t worry, it’s not in any order. If anything, your post came out the earliest and I was building this post throughout the week.

    I’m going to do an end-of-year version of this and you do have a post already in the running: the one also on Tytania and you used the business index gimmick. I *heart* that one.

  10. omisyth says:

    Hell, yeah, post mention get. Funny thing to note, double gender confusion in this and lelangir’s post. Me be hardcore male otaku, though I think that you just wanted to use an apt analogy in this case.

  11. ghostlightning says:

    @ omisyth

    It’s the trope, yes. I apologize for causing any misunderstanding.

    @ Everyone

    Omisyth is a GAR macho otaku-MAN. Are we clear? He can rape 11 women in 1 second. When Negishi saw him for the first time, Krauser grew a penis. Yes, he’s that manly.

  12. biankita says:

    @ghostlightning & omisyth: 11 women in 1 second O_O that is just too sad. there are doctors that can help you for that now.

  13. lolikitsune says:

    Well, I am known to some as the aniblogging messiah, so…


    Thanks for the mention, ghostlightning. Kind of surprised that such a down-to-earth drama-evading blogger would even read my blog, but there you have it.

  14. TheBigN says:

    Interesting how I read all of those posts beforehand save for the Gundam00 one, and that’s only because I don’t watch the show. 😛

    It would be nice if you were able to keep this up for weeks from here, since I’ve seen people do this sort of thing before, but they haven’t really been able to keep that pace up. Good luck with this. :3

  15. ghostlightning says:

    @ biankita

    The gross lack of political correctness is in-character from the Detroit Metal City OVA. When you think that show couldn’t get any more awesome, it rapes you with awesome.

    @ lolkitsune

    A good read is a good read. I’ve been a troll and an asshat many times in my relatively advanced age. We Remember Love is a fresh start for me. It doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy successful and funny verbal abuse. It’s just harder to bear if I’m on the receiving end 😉

    That said, I’ve explored Miao on My Mind a bit and the persona, the verbal tricks, and the whole schtick to me is an impressively polished and well-developed product.

    Personally I’m aping your “X to my Y” phrases (Suzakus to my Lelouch). I tried not to, but it’s too good.

    @ TheBigN

    You’ve read all this beforehand because you have awesome taste.

    You’ve not watched Gundam 00 because you have awesome taste.

    Kidding aside, S2 of Gundam 00 is making me conflicted about the series more than Code Geass R2 ever did. If you find a good read, alert me on twitter if it pleases you. I start short-listing posts on Mondays.

    @ Everyone

    Don’t be shy and under-promote your own posts. I don’t mind. You don’t do me favors if I miss out on good stuff. The blogs on my blogroll (need to add new blogs here) are already on my feed reader, but I can still miss out. As TheBigN said, many have tried to sustain something like this before, but could not keep up with the pace. I don’t particularly enjoy failing, so any assistance is appreciated.

  16. lolikitsune says:

    Okay, now that you’ve done it twice, I just have to ask. Do you have some fear of typing the letters “loli?” Or are you trying to send subliminal messages to people who might not be total converts yet (he’s funny! he’s funny! love him for it!)?

  17. ghostlightning says:

    @ lolikitsune


  18. @Ghostlightning: I don’t see what reason there is to be so apprehensive about Gundam 00 right now, but then again I never fully understood the apprehension people had against Code Geass R2 either other then it’s by Sunrise and that apparently made it automatically the worst show ever.

    The only thing Gundam 00 really has working against it right now IMO is the continued pressure and mentality the blogosphere seems to instill on authors to take up a negative stance against it based solely on the name of the production company behind it. Then again in the blogosphere’s case it’s hardly even about the show itself anymore so I’m not sure how much it really matters.

    And though it’s not quite to the point of absurdity as it was with Code Geass R2 or even the first Gundam 00 season (at least not yet and 16 episodes is a long way to go) I will continue to stand by that viewpoint until something happens to prove it wrong. Perhaps just one whole season without all of the trolling that usually accompanies the main Sunrise series (or god forbid the show should ACTUALLY turn out horribly, that would do it too, but then I would cry) currently airing will do it since that would make it all seem oh so much less deliberate and like a bloggers vendetta against the studio and more like a standard reaction to the actual show itself.

    @Lolikitsune: Welcome to my world. People always leave the “i” out of my handle as well. I think there’s some mental block on the recognition of an “i” if it’s the fourth letter in your username.

  19. ghostlightning says:

    @ Kaioshin

    While I won’t claim to be insulated from the negative reviews of Gundam 00, I am surrounded by friends who watch it (I watch it together with my wife, and the 2 others watch independently and are fans of the franchise). To me this is a more reliable touchstone of reactions to the show because more or less I get the feedback in real-time in some cases and before I read any reviews. Except for my waifu who enjoys the recent Al x Marie ship development, my friends are not as happy with S2 as they were with S1 (that’s putting it mildly for Mechafetish).

    Speaking for myself, I’m rather annoyed by the drama and the emo. I think there’s too much of it, at the expense of more battles. I take responsibility for my own expectations: I want and expect more tactical mobile suit encounters this season, to compensate for the step back in mecha design and animation quality overall. Code Geass R2 had a lot of enjoyable set piece battles and duels, and so did 00 s1. I need a lot more of this 00 s2 and less of the emo. I firmly believe that s1 was hardly as emo as some people make it out to be. I haven’t seen episode 08 and I stay away from Random C, but I really hope things pick up.

    Being the only mecha show this season, perhaps I’m just asking too much from it.

  20. @Ghostlightning: You know that is true, they said they were scaling down the mobile suit designs in order to have better animated battles, but then where are the battles. Hmmm….

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