Sheryl Nome Live! on We Remember Love!


Saw this here first. Gunota.Info is the shit! But shoutout aside, these videos are great scoops for that blog that is dominated by awesome Gunpla posts – but they belong, BELONG here at We Remember Love. What videos am I talking about? SHERYL NOME!

My irrational fanwankery for Ranka may give people the impression that I’m anti-Sheryl. This is wrong. I have nothing against Sheryl who I think is one of the best characters in the whole Macross franchise. Furthermore, she’s sung some of the most epic songs, which is a real big deal in Macross.

These videos are from the AFA event in Singapore. It’s the one I wanted to go to but couldn’t, because I couldn’t get off work and it’d cost too much money. A lot of people say a lot of mean things about May’n, but I think she’s awesome. She performs at a high energy level as you’ll see in the following videos.

Infinity seems a little lost in the shuffle of the many great tracks in Macross Frontier. It’s one of my many favorites though, and I can’t wait for the duet version in the upcoming Nyan Tama album.

Northern Cross has become my favorite Sheryl track. I love the whole dance routine by May’n and her crew, and especially how Sheryl herself did some of the moves during the finale episode (Galactic Mahou Shoujou Yousei Sheryl!).

Ahh, don’t be late! When I first heard this track last year while watching the Deculture Edition of episode 1 I immediately had goosebumps. Why? It’s because there was nothing like it before! It was a pop idol song that had a powerful driving energy. I had listened to Mylene’s songs in the many (many many) Fire Bomber albums and this is remarkably more powerful. I immediately realized that Sheryl was going to be awesome in ways that even Minmei isn’t.

True enough, Ranka served us the Minmei nostalgia, while Sheryl reminded us more of Basara, and the mind-control charms of Sharon Apple (without trying and without the psychosis).

I swear there are times that she exceeds Minmei in awesome (though she can’t compete in terms of results and fan devotion). Like Ranka who’s Sheryl’s biggest fan, I count myself as one of the Galactic Fairy’s ‘lovely boys and girls’.


Is May’n “Sheryl” enough for you? If not, who would you rather have as Sheryl’s live singing voice?

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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2 Responses to Sheryl Nome Live! on We Remember Love!

  1. mechafetish says:

    Ha! First! As befits a true Sheryl FAG!

  2. Sakura says:

    I love Northern Cross and May’n is awesome as Sheryl. ^-^

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