Finding your ‘Gateway’ Gundam: If you’ve been interested in the franchise but don’t know where to start

Let’s say you’ve been an anime fan, but not necessarily a mecha anime fan. But something happened, like coming across a series like Macross Frontier, Tenngen Toppa Gurren Lagann, or Code Geass and you ended up liking it. Those shows somehow made mecha anime interesting to you, and you’re sort of on your way to being a fan of the genre. However, even if you watch more shows like Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or more obscure but good shows like VOTOMS or Patlabor (after watching these shows you’re probably a mecha fan already, unless these shows only represent a small fraction of your anime consumption) there’s still this elephant in the room: the Gundam franchise.

Elephant? It’s more like a brontosaurus. That’s just the thing about the Gundam franchise: it’s huge. It’s significance is remarkable. It’s fans are legion.

A quick glance at the Wikipedia article tells us:

In the 2008 ranking of average sales figures for anime copies sold in Japan (1970-2008 total sales figures averaged by episode), Gundam series were in 4 of the top 5 places: Mobile Suit Gundam ranked second, with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny third, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED fourth, and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam fifth. Also, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing ranked 18th and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ ranked 20th.

As of 21 January 2008, the Gundam franchise is a 50 billion yen trademark. Gunpla’s (Gundam Plastic model) income is 90% of the Japan character plastic model market’s income.

Academic fields in Japan also view the series as a good inspiration in research fields. The Gundam academy, or officially International Gundam Society is the first academic institution based on a cartoon.

If we’re curious about it even just a little, we’d like to know what the fuss is all about right? One of the more common threads on /m/ (the mecha imageboard on 4chan) is about an Anon asking the gentle/m/en, “I want to start watching Gundam, where do I start?”

R-E-A-L Robot

R-E-A-L Robot

To illustrate the complexity of this problem, here is an enumeration of Gundam anime (again c/o Wikipedia):

Furthermore, there are considerations pertaining to the narrative continuities within the franchise. There is the originating narrative called the Universal Century, and there’s the rest (6 others). Fans of the UC would insist that you watch UC first and from the beginning, but this does not mean you will enjoy Gundam if you do. Sure, you may enjoy it as an academic exercise, but we watch anime to be entertained, and what we value in entertainment is quite subjective.


This is why We Remember Love prepared this guide, a way to find the Gundam show that will give you the best value and hopefully turn you into a fan of the franchise. Dear old ghostlightning floundered about a lot with much whining, calling himself tsundere for Gundam and such nonsense before calming down and acknowledging his newfound love for the franchise.

The methodology:

With the intent of finding a Gundam show that will be enjoyable for a variety of viewers with different considerations, I subjectively ruled out shows that I believe do not make for the best ‘gateway’ shows. So not all shows in the canon is part of the final selection.

The subjective part is the selection of possible ‘gateway’ shows. This selection represents what I believe to be shows that will appeal to the broadest tastes possible. But to Gundam fans, I reassure you, this is no cheap and lazy sell-out. After I narrowed down the list I compiled a list of commonalities and distilled them into the considerations you’ll see in the guide.

Ready? Proceed to the La Vie en Rose to begin selecting your Gateway Gundam.


Assuming you are interested in watching a Gundam show, what did you pick?

P.S. To you who are already Gundam fans, your input and suggestions to improve the tool are much welcome!

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67 Responses to Finding your ‘Gateway’ Gundam: If you’ve been interested in the franchise but don’t know where to start

  1. Kiri says:

    The little test thing gave me back Turn A Gundam, which I’ve never seen. That said, I think Gundam SEED is an ideal gateway series for this generation of fans. Its story has much in common with the classics, but its designs and animation are slick and new. The characters also feel more relevant to this century and easy to relate to, etc. Then again, it’s my personal favorite, and I’m biased. :>

  2. otou-san says:

    This was awesome. Like the made out of pure awesome kind of awesome.

    It gave me the original movie trilogy which sounds like a fine idea. I actually started watching the original series again to give it a shot recently, but I still can’t finish Macross 7 so it seems loooong to me. I will heed your advice and report back!

    • 이런 ....... says:

      이봐 자네이것가지고 많이 안다고 하는겐가??? 수박 겉핥기 식으로 알지 말고 우주세기 퍼스트 건담 부터 보는게 어떻겠는가??그리고 KIRI이봐 자네 시드는 본 후에 안티로 변하는 대표 쓰레기 애니중 하나라네….
      그러지 말고 자네도 퍼스트 부터 우주세기를 마스터 하고 그런소리를 하게나….

  3. jpmeyer says:

    Wow, it told me that mine was Gundam 0083, which I really wasn’t much of a fan of.

    (My favorite is Zeta, although if it were a choice, my favorite would be the first half of GSD combined with the second half of 00 S1.)

  4. choujin1 says:

    Excellent guide! You should turn this into a “page” so it appears in the menu at the top.

    I was told Zeta is my gateway Gundam, which works out well, since I already purchased both Anime Legends collections. 🙂 This’ll be a good thing to start once I finish Fighting Spirit.

  5. kadian1364 says:

    That’s pretty neat. I enjoy reading the little snippets about each series at the end of each path. How about adding “You may also like this non-Gundam series” for comparison’s sake?

    I have a small complaint about the “Directorial and Writing Style” section. “Contemporary writing/directorial conventions” seems like a needlessly complicated phrase that has no apparent meaning to me. Depending on the path, it lead me to Char’s Counterattack or 8th MS Team. I liked them both, but I’m still not sure what the distinction was.

  6. kadian1364 says:

    Oh yeah, Char’s Counterattack seems wasted as a “Gateway” Gundam. There’s way too much history and character backstory that makes it really great.

  7. animekritik says:

    I’ve never watched Gundam so that was pretty interesting. It chose Zeta Gundam for me. Maybe I’ll watch it next year..

  8. That was fucking incredible. I’m amazed. I got the movies, which I am ‘in the middle’ of watching. My gateway was actually more or less Turn A though.

  9. Baka-Raptor says:

    Brontosaurus? Why didn’t you say so earlier!

    I actually needed this guide since I haven’t seen any of the Gundams (or Macross for that matter). I got:

    Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

    Sure, why not.

  10. Well there’s no such thing as a gateway Gundam for me at this point, but I will add that I like to recommend either Turn A Gundam or Zeta Gundam as gateway series for interested folk. For one to truly appreciate the series as a whole I think it’s important to start people off with Zeta which arguably has the most elements in common with any other Gundam series and can lead to them watching the rest, but for those that think an abundance of mecha action is the devil and who will only bite if they think something is slice of life oriented and has at least the auspicion of being slow and thoughtful on the surface (very key here versus below the surface, which is the case for the majority of the franchise) then Turn A Gundam is the ticket.

  11. TheBigN says:

    It gave me Turn A, which makes sense, since out of all the series, it’s the one that I wanted to see the most.

    But overall, a great project. :3

  12. Crusader says:

    Not sure how jpmeyer broke it, but it got mine dead on 8th MS Team, fuck yeah!

    I started out on Gundam 8th MS Team, 0080, Gundam Movies, and 0083, suffice to say it sort of skewed things in hindsight on how I judge a Gundam series.

  13. schneider says:

    I’ll have to be frank here, guys. I think the design of your Gateway Gundam site needs improvement.

    1. The headers are way different from each other. Normally, a header should be uniform throughout the site, and variations should still look similar (i.e. display random mobile suit in the same art style with the same color motif). Some of your headers look too large and others are too 4chan that it’s kind of detrimental already in achieving a serious look. And the changing color schemes don’t help, either.

    2. I’ve had problems navigating the site. Oftentimes I kept going back and forth pages that seemed to arbitrarily link to each other. Now I understand why you guys wanted to flowchart badly. I think you could’ve simply made an ASCII flowchart and just host it here as one of your pages. It would’ve been cute and cool at the same time.

    3. I find the branching off-putting. Some branches just seem arbitrary and I often find myself unable to pick between the two choices listed, so I click on the left/right arrows below. The criteria are spot-on but going back to #2, navigating is more of a chore. Well it’s just me, other people are going to use the site to get what they need and that’s that, but I’d love to see further refinements made. I’m all in this project too!

  14. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    The design elements are all my fault. Mechafetish wrote this in flowchart form and I insisted on an interactive experience.

    /m/ is a big inspiration for this post as far as I’m concerned. As much as I think the place is full of hate, there’s love too! We Remember Love is informed by /m/ and is part of its deculture.

    Yes, this post is pretty serious business, but it’s fun and whimsical too, just like G Gundam.

    The changing colors in the pages are blog-theme generated c/o WordPress. Don’t use the arrows/A-LAWS (I’d remove them if I knew how). Just follow the links.

    That said, thanks for all the feedback!

  15. mechafetish says:

    @ Kiri

    Indeed, despite my personal opinions, I do believe that Gundam SEED makes for an excellent gateway Gundam, especially for the current generation of fans. As such, you will find that it is included in the selections.

    @ otou-san

    Thanks very much! I enjoyed the movies immensely myself, but my own gateway Gundam was 0083. Do let us know if you enjoyed them or not so we can make further improvements to the site.

    @ jpmeyer

    The list is not meant to pick what will become your favorite Gundam, but merely ease barriers to entry for people who have biases, preconceptions, or expectations concerning the franchise. Ex. my gatway was also 0083 but my favorites are V, Zeta and all the other Tomino stuff by a mile.

    @ choujin1

    Hope you enjoy Zeta as much as I did!. Also, thanks for the feedback. We will be making improvements and updates to the site based on such.

    @ kadian1364

    Re your suggestion: “You may also like this non-Gundam series” for comparison’s sake?

    This is very good, but I would like to extend the site to a massive mecha anime beginners guide if we are to do this. This would be a very ambitious but difficult undertaking. Nonetheless, we will look into this as one of our refinements to the site. Thanks for the input!

    Re your comment: “I have a small complaint about the ‘Directorial and Writing Style’ section. ‘Contemporary writing/directorial conventions’ seems like a needlessly complicated phrase that has no apparent meaning to me.”

    I love Tomino’s directing, but I have met quite a few people (ex. ghostlightning) who simply cannot seem to enjoy his work. As such, a paraphrased version of this choice would be:

    Tomino is a good director, but he can be very weird (ex. Katz, Quess, Hathaway):

    a. I am ready to accept Tomino’s wierdness


    b. I think I want a more ‘ordinary’ (read: contemporary/modern) director.

    Hope this clarifies this for you! thanks for the input!

    Re your follow up comment:

    A lot of this list is based on my experiences and the experiences of other people I know who have gotten into the franchise. I do agree with you that first time viewers will miss a lot if they see CCA as their gateway Gundam, but I find that it has enough elements (good story, animation, mecha designs, action) to present an enjoyable introduction to the series even without the back-story. A lot of my friends simply returned to CCA and enjoyed it even more after getting into the back story through other series. This rediscovery can be a great experience in itself.

    @ animekritik

    Good luck with Zeta! Do let us know how you find it.

    @ 21stcenturydigitalboy

    I’m glad you liked it. Hope you enjoy the movies! The 3rd one is especially brilliant!

    @ Baka-Raptor

    Glad we were able to help. Please let us know how you find Zeta!

    @ Kaioshin Sama

    I do agree with your choices (Turn-A and Zeta are among my favorites as well). However, as I stated above, there are simply some people who are ill equipped to enjoy Tomino-sama’s directorial idiosyncrasies (you would not believe how many arguments I have gotten into with ghostlightning where I had to defend both Turn-A and Zeta).

    That said, from one Gundam fan to another, my evil plan is to get these people to watch anything in the franchise first. Gundam is like a drug. They will want more…

    @ TheBigN

    Thanks! Let us know how you find Turn-A.

    @ Crusader

    Great! I started on 0083 , 0080 and 8th MS Team myself, but they did help start my appreciation for the franchise as a whole.

    @ schneider

    Thank you so much for your input! Ghostlightning has put a heroic amount of effort into the site for which I cannot thank him enough, but we have agreed that it is a work in progress so we will definitely be looking into your suggestions to improve it.

  16. drmchsr0 says:

    To be honest, I don’t remember when I took Gundam seriously. I remmeber my first exposure to Gundam was Wing, which turned me off the franchise. (Though to be honest, I WAS SOMETHING LIKE 12 AT THAT TIME.)

    Don’t remember watching much of SEED, either. EArliest memory of actually watching an actual Gundam series was The 08th MS Team. So uh…

    For me, I generally steer clear of the main series (Wing, SEED, First) and tend to go for the sidestories (08tth MS Team, G GUNDAM, 0083 WotP).


  17. ideon says:

    started out with 8th MS team, followed by 0083 and 0080.
    it really made me love the series, and i quickly watched all the other series in a chronological order afterwards.

    SEED and SEED destiny seems like the best gateway drug though, as all my friends who have started wathing gundam were drawn in by seed.

    personaly i find turn A, 0080 and 8th ms team to be the best of the series.

    oh, and fans of 8th ms team should really check out Ginga Hyōryū Vifam, also by Takeyuki Kanda.
    it really is one of the best mech anime ever made, and the similarities to 8th ms team really shine through.
    in my opinion an even better series than the original macross/votoms/gundam

  18. This is a great tool, According to this I should have started with the original compilation movies. I actually started with a game of said series so it’s pretty accurate.

  19. Reactive says:

    haha, I got Gundam 00, which is my first 😀

  20. gloval says:

    though macross is the best anime for me, i’m not exactly a mecha fan. but i find it in my best interest as an anime fan to explore gundam. i got the msg movie compilation btw. sort of an agreeable choice since i prefer starting at the beginning. (though the very beginning would be the series.)

  21. Funeral says:

    That was amazing. I got Zeta Gundam which is ironic because I’m about to start watching it.

  22. Riex says:


    I know nothing of Gundam out side of G-Unit Gundam and Gundam with Wings.

    WTF is Turn-A-Gundam, and how does it stand out from all the other (as I see them) political strife-ridden plots of every other Gundam? (minus G-Unit Gundam – to the best of my knowledge)

  23. This is the sort of thing I’ve vaguely considered in the past, but I always thought it was too big and complex a task to tackle – and I didn’t think of such an inventive way of presenting it, either. So bravo!

    Given the scale and complexity of the project it’s more a case of whether or not it’s helpful rather than whether or not the paths you’ve created are ‘right’. It looks helpful to me.

    I guess if I had to make a criticism I’d pick up on kadian1364’s point – some of the statements that the ‘player’ has to pick are quite stilted and complex, and not the sort of thing one says to oneself when choosing anime to watch. This is partly just because the ideas themselves are complex (how do you explain LOLTOMINO to someone who’s never watched a series directed by the man) though, and it’s not a big issue.

    Incidentally it suggested Zeta to me, which is reasonable. When I answered the questions in the mindset I had before I ever watched any Gundam, it gave me 00, which is also reasonable – though I’m not sure 00 would have interested my pre-Gundam self as much as my real gateway Gundam, SEED did.

  24. ghostlightning says:

    @ Riex

    Re: Turn-A Gundam, Kaioshin and IKnight can best tell you about it. I’m re-watching it myself because when I first tried to see it I was expecting major action ands sexy robots. What you’ll find there is a subtle and nuanced story (relative to the franchise) that may just be the successes of certain themes that is less successfully executed in other Gundam shows.

    It’s compared to Ghibli films, fairly or unfairly, indicating the regard for it by people who also watched Ghibli.

    @ The Animanachronism

    Thank you! On behalf of Mechafetish, I’ll respond to your comments.

    You hit the nail on the head on the problem of complexity in the statements to pick. We really had LOLTOMINO in mind when we considered that point.

    00 was my gateway Gundam, perhaps only because I haven’t seen SEED. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I’ve actually tried to watch at least 4 Gundam shows before 00 got to me.

  25. mechafetish says:

    @ The Animanachronism

    Yes. LOLTOMINO was indeed difficult to articulate, but was something that I felt was such an important consideration, given my extreme frustration in introducing his works to my friends (I’m looking at you ghostlightning).

    Re: SEED versus 00, as someone with a massive bias against most Alternate Universe Gundams, I really struggled with the inclusion of one or the other in the list (there are also a few other candidates that I felt could have made it, such as Gundam X, Gundam Wing, IGLOO, etc.).

    Initially, I almost dropped SEED from the list as I felt 00 did almost everything it did, but better. I could not however, discount SEED’s massive ability to create new fans for the franchise. I felt that perhaps there may have been some aspect of its accessibility that I had failed to grasp and, by extension, failed to articulate in the list.

    Given this, please feel free to provide any input you might have on this problem so that we can further improve this list.

    Primary concerns are as follows:

    1. Improvements in site design as per comments on this post;
    2. Inclusion of other Gundam Series; and
    3. Improvement of considerations/selections (SEED vs. 00 falls under here. Also I am considering reversing animation considerations and LOLTOMINO making him the 1st gateway consideration to the rest of the list.).

    Hopefully, once we have enough input, we can come up with a version 2 early next year.

    Thanks for reading!

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  27. Sakura says:

    Hmm it gave my Gateway as the movie trilogy.

    Although my actual Gateway Gundam show was Mobile Fighter G Gundam. XD

    By Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz I was hooked on the shiny, shiny mecha.

    I enjoyed the first Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny mostly disgusted me.

    It just seemed like they destroyed a lot of the character development in regards to Athrun and Cagalli.

    I was particularly disappointed with how they wussified Cagalli, she was such a spitfire in the first one and then they reduced her to this lost little girl who couldn’t do anything.

    In fact I would recommend to anyone wanting to check out Destiny to just check out the compilation specials instead.

    So far I’ve really been enjoying Gundam 00. I didn’t watch it as released and having been catching up with it through the dub on the sci fi channel.

  28. @ Sakura

    G-Gundam was your actual gateway? Good lord you are awesome.

  29. taleweaver says:


    00 better than Seed?

    I am biased on the side of the Seed myself. I don’t think Double 00 was better than Seed.

    I always felt the story was rushed in the 25 episodes that it was shown. Some of the character development was also glossed over in 00 (I think because they knew they had Season 2 in the works already). The whole Marina-setsuna love story was also rushed.

    Seed on the other hand had a well defined plot that did not feel rushed in anyway. Maybe this was a product of not having to think about season 2 but for me the writing and plot progression of seed was just so much better than 00.

    And of course Kira Yamato can kick Setsuna’s butt any day…

    Someday I’ll find time to writed about this in a better way.

  30. schneider says:

    @ taleweaver

    Marina-Setsuna relationship is basically Setsuna projecting his mother into Marina. Heck they have the same seiyuu.

    00 was planned for 50 eps right at the very start, and they would’ve aired it straight if not for Geass.

    Seed? Well-defined? For the 1st half, because they had something to copypasta from. 2nd half was wut and mediocre and was only salvaged by Freedom’s amazing intro. Given that, Seed was more consistent with its writing. 00 is… spiky.

    Kira vs Setsuna would end in no contest. Jesus, Seed mode, etc.

  31. Sakura says:

    @ ghostlightning, yep G Gundam was my actual gateway XD

    In fact the first Japanese model kit I put together was one of Burning Gundam 🙂

    Sadly he appears to have disappeared when we moved homes 😦

    I remember I worked on it obsessively, I started and didn’t stop until I had him all put together.

    Although the figure I have of Shining in Hyper mode is still around.

    But thats an actual figure and not a model kit.

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  39. deck says:

    I loVE GUNDAM,,,
    IT’s so cool..funstastic..
    I wish that iCan drive It..
    actually strike freedom gundam…

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  45. ScrambledEggs says:

    How much time did you put INTO this? I am totally impressed.

    By the way… it gave me Char’s Counterattack.

    • Mechafetish designed the flowchart and made the write-ups which took about a week. I put in maybe another week and a half to fail at making an online interactive slideshow, then install a separate WordPress account, then put up all the links.

      It was HELL.

      I think you’ll like CCA, if you’re just looking for some casual sampling. If you do enjoy it, and want more Gundam, get back to me and I’ll give you the best route through the Universal Century continuity. (if you’re that interested you can just start at the original movie trilogy)

  46. Jack says:

    My first Gundam was actually Gundam 00, perhaps just because it was on at the time.

    Using your well thought out charts I arrived as “Gundam 08th MS Team”. This is exactly the right choice, because it’s the show I had decided to watch after 00, and I had already really enjoyed it.

    So yeah, it worked perfectly for me!

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  55. masterofmagicians says:

    Hmm… I think Gundam 00 is a great way to start off with the Gundam Franchise. I had watched Gundam Seed when I was younger, on television [and probably ZZ and Wing but they didn’t stand out enough] but I extremely disliked it. Probably because at the time I wasn’t allowed to watch kiss scenes or nude scenes -___-;;

    But Gundam 00 deals with what our current world may be heading too…. leaving aside the fighting robots. 00 provides an interesting viewpoints of how humanity still fight despite having a renewable energy source. It made me really think highly of the purpose of Gundam. [And also Setsuna’s obsession with ‘Becoming a Gundam’ in season 1].

    After Gundam 00 I became more interested in Gundams in general, but I still don’t think I could handle Seed.

    But truly, it was only after Code Geass that I gained appreciation for giant fighting robots. Otherwise I would still be avoiding mecha anime.

    By the way. I really appreciate your articles! I like your viewpoints and analysis! It’s very interesting!

    • Thank you very much. Feel free to check back into the archives when you’ve seen more Gundam. I had a terrible time with SEED, but the kind of Gundam fan I am by now, nothing is ever wasted.

  56. My ‘Gateway’ turned out to be ‘Char’s Counterattack’. Great great movie, I have the DVD of it. And – what a coincedence – it was even signed by Tomino himself, yeah, I met him personally. Here in Istanbul too, completely unbelievable, I know, but I guess I am THAT lucky. 🙂

    But my all-time fav Gundam show is 08th MS Team. Nothing comes close to real-life conditions and guerrilla warfare depicted in this one. Shiny new suits flying around in space does not cut it anymore. I watch them of course, but I always return to 08th MS Team.

    • OMG

      I like 08th MS Team a lot, but Gundams were never truly meant for the jungle, the plains, the Earth. Mobile Suits were beyond terrestiality. Thus, space conditions are important, which is why I prefer Stardust Memory over everything as far as combat goes, and at the end of it all, I think Gundam Unicorn will be the best, even if Gundam the Origin gets done, because Unicorn will also have the pinnacle of UC technology deployed.

  57. Tuning3434 says:

    My gateway to gundam was Gundam Wing (aired on TV), which I thought was great. Surfing around the net (a decade ago!), I’ve came across some look-a-like figure, white-blue, red shield with a yellow cross on it and quite bulky… I thought it looked hideous (as the stupid f*$k I used be).

    Later on, surfing around forums, I’ve decided to watch the UC series, starting with the Zeta Gundam series. At first I was skeptical, tried to compare the story with Wing, found it somewhat confusing and didn’t understood the whole newtype, amuro – char stuff. To get more into the series, I’ve watched the original Gundam series… and than it hit me. The hideous bulky toy-like robot kicked off one of the most interesting background universes ever.

    The original UC series where no kids stuff, and in order to understand their universe, its is required to view the other series. Each series you watch, increases the detail of the universe, and the background of the different factions, which makes especially the UC series so addictive.

    I think the biggest strength of this series concerns the realistic relation between antagonists and protagonists. There is a fine line between the factions which can easily be crossed by characters. After watching Zeta and CCA, I think that any nice, kind and self-conscious citizen only needs to experience one bad day in order to join the Char’s Neo-Zeon’s quest for liberation of space (the seed of the entire Feddie – Zeon fan discussions).

    • Tuning3434 says:

      Oh yeah.. I think 0080 War in the Pocket was my fave (slightly more than Zeta), because this series really depicts the fine line between the factions.

    • Thanks for sharing. You’ll find a lot of material here in the archives discussing the rich world of Gundam. If you want to get started just look for the latest posts on Gundam Unicorn. You’ll find a lot of interesting discussion there I think.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Gundam AGE brings a new generation of little kids into the franchise.

      • Tuning3434 says:

        I did found such posts… I hope you where able to finish the TV Zeta series, because I think the movies only improve Zeta by adding new animation, but where quite destructive on the story… The most weird part about the movies is that they hardly incorporated the Rosamia story arc, but they do show her ‘precense’ during Camille’s final charge into Sciroco.

        I would also recommend you to endure the first 15 episodes of ZZ, until you hit the latter part, where the producers decided to stop the silly-kid-kind-of-story and start to perform colony drops and kill of regulars (even those that where around in all the previous series). I do dare to pose the statement that this part of ZZ contains the best (pre-CCA) battle animations.
        Furthermore, when Judau start getting serious, you’l find him to be one of the more like-able and sympathetic pilots. You also can’t afford to miss the uber-newtype cameo of Camille in episode 34 and 35 and Haman Karn troubling lament (contained in Char’s Deleted Affiar (manga), Zeta and ZZ)… she used to be (and somewhere still is) a child, robbed out of here youth and puberty by circumstances. Again, just experienced a bad day to much, or else she would have grown up as a nice person.

        ZZ is also directly connected to Unicorn, because it shows the origin of the Nahal Argema and Marida’s troubling past as a Peru clone.

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