Toradora! Summers and the Power of Friendship: Moments in Anime 2008

This post is part of a 12-day series fondly remembering some of the best moments in anime this year. Participants include: lolikitsune, lelangir, Owen S, FuyuMaiden, IKnight, Zeroblade, Nazarielle, TheBigN, ETERNAL, Mike, A Day Without Me, digitalboy, Josh, otou-san, Culchann and Pontifus, IcyStorm, Cokematic, koneko-chan, and miz, and you’re welcome to join too!).

Hi, I’m Sybilant. ghostlightning is my husband. I agreed to post something here, to help him keep up with the moments in anime 2008 project, and to stop him from spamming the list with moments from Macross Frontier.

I like Toradora. I like it because it’s funny. It’s really dumb, but a kind of dumb that doesn’t make you feel stupid for liking it.

The cast of characters are lovable oddballs. Taiga is the school bully. School bullies are usually big, strong, and stupid. While Taiga won’t win any academic awards, I her sarcasm as a mark of cleverness. And she’s tiny and so vulnerable, making her quite endearing when I would otherwise find her behavior annoying.

I find Ryuji’s predicament amusing. He has a look of a delinquent that gets into fights a lot, but all his battles are against dust and germs.

Minorin makes other genki girls look like layabouts. At first I found her as shallow, comic-relief material. But I started admiring her boundless energy and commitment. Like Ryuji, I want her to believe in ghostlightning, I mean in ghosts, which between him and Minorin is a metaphor for love.

My husband already wrote about Yuusaku and Ami for me here. He’s useful that way. Anyway, to go to my favorite moment:

Taiga and Ryuji go to the train station to meet with the rest, on their way to Ami’s summer villa. Ryuji was wondering where Minorin and Yuusuke were, when they were greeted with this:

That really weird dance would’ve been golden enough, as moments go. But when Ami arrived, she was greeted with this:


It captured the spirit and the power of friendship, that was there in every summer vacation I had and I wish I had with my college friends (for those unmoved by the screencaps, it happens at about the 3:00 mark of this video). We were weirdos and geeks and otaku (most still are, just older: now teachers, doctors, bankers, and programmers), and every moment had the possibility that something like this could happen.


I’m the geeky girl with the glasses (I think clean up okay – see photo below), most of the time the only girl in the group. Toradora made me remember love.


About Alecon

An administrator and regulator in the gaming industry; a doctor of jurisprudence with a masters in business; a Captain in the Philippine Army Reserve Corps. Judge Advocate General's Office; a mother and wife... just winging it through life.
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19 Responses to Toradora! Summers and the Power of Friendship: Moments in Anime 2008

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  2. So, who do I direct this comment at? Sybilant?

    the fact that you have posted here just set off a switch inside me that has me squealing in the most high-pitched fanboy squeal imaginable. I am a HUGE fan of your husband (and I’m pretty sure he reciprocates) and now, I am officially a HUGE fan of you as well. You are my favorite couple in the universe. If I didn’t love my parents, I’d force you to adopt me (and yes, I am young enough to be your child!)

    Toradora is my favorite show of the season, and if you’ve seen ghosty reading my blog I’m sure you’ve seen there’s always a Toradora picture there. How much does he tell you about me, anyway? I’d say I brag about how awesome ‘this dude online named ghostlightning’ us at least weekly so I expect ghosty to be doing the same.

    Anyway, I hope very much this happens again. This post is filled with love, memories, burning youth, and a great scene. Very moving. I REMEMBERED LOVE.

  3. Sybilant says:


    Awww… That’s so sweet. I’ll put you on our adoption waiting list although I think I’ll look like your daughter given your height. ^_~

    Yes, ghost talks about you quite a bit. I’ve watched your video blog for Thanksgiving. I’m a huge fan as well. Looking forward to your posts. ^_^

  4. lolikitsune says:

    Holy fuck. I talk about animebloggers to my IRL friends, too… never thought anyone else did it.

    But I guess I’m nothing to write home about so the point is moot.


  5. ghostlightning says:

    @ lolikit

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned you because I won’t shut up about the blog to the people I play tennis with, 2 of which are in cahoots with me re WRL anyway.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    Oh why is my avatar my waifu’s? WordPress wtf?

  7. Sybilant says:

    There, there Doc Lolikit. ghost does talk about you too.

    And I’ve read your previous post to me. (^_^)/

  8. LBrevis says:

    I love this post and I love that ghostlightning finally stopped talking about his wife (only good things, I promise) long enough to get her to post on his blog. Sybilant, how about making it a feature?

    Anyway, I loved this moment in Toradora too. It was the sort of strange, spontaneous thing that can only happen when you’re hanging out with good friends. The kind of thing that would become an inside joke later.

  9. Sybilant says:

    Surely. I finally got a competent secretary juuust for the project. *_*

  10. rollchan says:

    “Hi, I’m Sybilant. ghostlightning is my husband.”

    oh, nice.

    Now ze Waifu of GL is now talkin here.


  11. schneider says:

    Yes, that dance scene was golden. The best part for me was Ami’s reaction. I’d do the same, too. 😛

    Damn, looking at the posts and the comments, this blog just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside~

  12. picchar says:

    I haven’t watched Toradora yet, but will do soon. Even if I haven’t though, I can relate based on the screenshots you posted ^^ For me though, it was high school. My friends and I were probably the wackiest people in school. And we didn’t care what other people said.

  13. Sybilant says:


    Always a good sign. Although until the girlfriends came in, the guys kept forgetting I was a girl. At least that was err, educational.

  14. Sakura says:

    Hi Sybilant!

    You and your hubby look so cute together 🙂

    I have to say a big reason why I’m enjoying Toradora is because of the friendship element.

    Ryuji has a hard time because of his scary visage but that hasn’t kept his true friends away and the same goes for Taiga and her scary personality.

    Your true friends will love you no matter what you look like, or how ugly you behave sometimes.

    So those two may not have a crap load of friends at school, but its a case of quality over quantity, the ones they do have are the best friends in the world 🙂

  15. sybilant says:


    Heheh. We’re often mistaken for siblings. I can relate to Taiga and Ryuji because the locals shy away from the savant foreigner vibe I seem to exude.

    Hence my friends are mostly guy geeks who don’t care about things like that. It’s tough to keep in touch these days but the net is a great help.

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