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What does this mean to you?


Have a closer look:


I got it Saturday, December 20. Is it Christmas yet? It is, especially after what I found and failed at not buying:


It’s nothing else but a 1/72 scale model kit of the VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom. It’s Alto’s bird in Macross Frontier (I think he crashed at least 3 of these). It cost me an arm and a leg, but I fail at resisting impulse buying. I actually came from a toy convention earlier in the day where a pedobear cosplay was subliminally telling me to buy the Gurren Lagann model kit I saw at a very good price. Good thing I didn’t heed the pedobear’s mindh4xx because I wouldn’t have had the cash to buy this beauty (it actually transforms from fighter mode into GERWALK, and BATTROID).

I really will work on building this tomorrow, and I’ll update this post with photos of the finished model. I wouldn’t want to add more to my gunpla pile of shame, even if many others have them.


Nope, I haven’t started working on the above kits. I’m already interested in seeking professional model-building (including painting) assistance. If you’re based in Manila, Philippines just post a comment and I’ll contact you. But I don’t mind if I don’t do a stellar job on my Messiah, I already came harder than omo.


UPDATE: 22122008

I don’t think I ever want to build kits again. It was too much trouble, even with a lot of help from Sybilant.



At this point, it wasn't too difficult yet for the likes of us.

At this point, it wasn't too difficult yet for the likes of us.

Before I knew it, I had over 3 hours sunk into this project and I only had this to show for it.

Before I knew it, I had over 3 hours sunk into this project and I only had this to show for it.

Wouldn't know how to paint, and the stickers suck hard, but I was very happy with my Messiah (at 1/72 it's almost up to scale with my 1/60 GN-001 Exia).

Wouldn't know how to paint, and the stickers suck hard, but I was very happy with my Messiah (at 1/72 it's almost up to scale with my 1/60 GN-001 Exia).

Doing a flyby around Mazinger Z and my 1/144 Gundam 00 kits.

Doing a flyby around Mazinger Z and my 1/144 Gundam 00 kits.


Took us 7 hours to build, but she's a beauty. I don't have the energy to attempt to transform her into GERWALK and BATTROID yet, but I'll post photos when I do.

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18 Responses to Fanboy Fuel

  1. lolikitsune says:

    Memes flying around faster than omo comes. Also, you’re celebrating early, earlier than Usain Bolt, earlier than omo comes.

  2. rollchan says:

    wow! WD My Book! nice grab! what capacity? and its green powered! woo~hoo.

  3. rollchan says:

    must be my eyes, didn’t see that, so its 1TB! holy cow!

  4. schneider says:

    What’s with omo and coming? I don’t know where that came from…

    Also, shouldn’t you have waited for the VF-25 Super Pack instead? It’s the main reason why many people are aversive to buying the VF-25s right now.

    And I want modeling assistance too. I don’t have a gunpla pile of shame (seeing I only have one kit which I’ll build on January to coincide with finishing my training at work), but it’d be a great thing to l2paint.

  5. usagijen says:

    model-building and painting assistance you say? Give Kaeboo a holler, she might just be the person you’re looking for 😉

  6. ghostlightning says:

    @ lolikit

    I’m forcing the meme harder than how omo cums.

    @ rollchan

    I’ve been planning this for a while, waiting for prices to drop.

    @ usagijen

    Thanks for the referral, I posted a comment on her(?) site, where I also read how Lelangir wants to see you nekkid. LOL.

  7. Crusader says:

    Lucky Git, still haven’t found one of those yet locally… Damn this weak dollar.

    I hate you and your luck. 😛

  8. picchar says:

    Wah! 1TB. It’s really expensive so I settled for half of that ^^

  9. ghostlightning says:

    @ Crusader

    I happen to be Fortune’s freaking Favorite! The VF-25F is awful expensive though.

    @ picchar

    It dropped to PHP 6,780.00, more than half since the beginning of the year. It was worth the wait ^_^

  10. usagijen says:

    zomg, I just went WTF at that comment and ignored it, but now I feel like hitting Lelangir with a large trout or something.

  11. choujin1 says:

    I have one Gundam model that I put together and it reminded me why I don’t bother with models. I don’t have the patience. :p

  12. Funeral says:

    The Western Digital 1 TB Hard-Drive is probably the greatest thing you could have gotten next to the Messiah model kit. I have one myself and haven’t stopped putting a fuckton of anime series on it since.

  13. Sakura says:

    Hmm 7 hours eh?

    Not sure when I’ll get started on mine.

    YES! That’s right, Hubby-sama cemented his position as greatest Hubby in the world by getting me that very same model kit.

    He also got me OZMA’S!!!!!!!! <— Although hubby points out this was a bit of a selfish gift because he kinda wants it but doesn’t have the patience to build it.

    So I have two Valkyries to build.

    I also am the proud owner of a Macross Frontier calendar.

    He went with a theme this year for my presents, have to say I’m pleased with what he picked.

  14. @ Sakura

    Good lord he got you Ozma’s as well! Macross Merch and Gunpla-purchasing is a Rare Zentraedi Trait in spouses if you know what I mean.

    The same models will arrive with Super Packs soon. I don’t think I have it in me to put those together.

    If you have the skills in painting and drawing panel lines then I suggest you put them to good use.

    Congratulations on your new toys and Merry Christmas!

  15. Sakura says:

    @ ghostlightning, lol yes I know what you mean. I don’t even want to know how much he spent.

    Oooooooh super packs!

    Although I think if he gets me another one it will probably be Michael’s VF-25G since he knows how much I love that fighter.

    Yea even though I haven’t built them yet I’m already thinking ahead to the finishing up.

    If I plan to transform them a lot Hubby was saying the Gundam markers might be a good idea for detail, since they’ll hold up better than the stickers.

    Although I guess I could just use the decals, but I hate messing with the water and stuff and they are so flimsy if you screw it up it sucks!

    Still I guess I’ll worry about that when I’ve built them.

    Thank you, Merry Christmas to you and your waifu 🙂

  16. kaeboo says:

    and i thought i was safe from hearing about plamo while i’m here, basking in my free time, being lazy in Iloilo City!!!

    A friend of mine showed me his ozma valk just before i left metro manila for the holidays.

    i am currently working on a vf-1j by arii. started dry fitting the kit already. work just got in the way that my hobby area is left cluttered until now.


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