GGGo for it! Sailor Fuku! Anime moments of 2008

This post is part of a 12-day series fondly remembering some of the best moments in anime this year. Participants include: lolikitsune, lelangir, Owen S, FuyuMaiden, IKnight, Zeroblade, Nazarielle, TheBigN, ETERNAL, Mike, A Day Without Me, digitalboy, Josh, otou-san, Culchann and Pontifus, IcyStorm, Cokematic, koneko-chan, and miz, and you’re welcome to join too!).

I remember being told to have lost all credibility because I actually happened to like Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. The context being that no self-respecting anime fan, or at least mecha anime fan should like the mentioned shows. Well, I happened to have enjoyed these shows a tremendous deal and have gotten a high degree of value from them. So I won’t apologize for having an ability to enjoy shows that some people can’t.

I actually first learned about Lucky Star from this post, followed by this one, both by Owen. I was intrigued, like I’ve ever been intrigued by an anime.

So what did I find? I followed a group of animated constructs of high school females, seemingly put together for the sole purpose of making me want to watch more of them. Nothing really happens. Every now and then I find myself guffawing but most of the time I just sat there transfixed.

Completely Necessary Macross Reference

Completely Necessary Macross Reference

Was I being played? Was I reduced to be a collection of reactions? Who was I in the face of Tsukasa struggling with her mobile phone? My mind academically wanted to participate in the discussions of the aforementioned posts, wanting to break down the structures of the show, write an entry to the logs of the taxonomy of anime.

I was more than confused, I felt lost. I felt enormous pressure to understand not what I saw, but what I felt about what I was seeing. Because, in a moment of clarity I knew: I was enjoying every minute of the show, and my thinking was getting in the way. So what did I do? I felt humiliated, at not being able to articulate my feelings. I thought of Kierkergaard, who made his leap of faith by invoking one of Ignatius Loyola’s vows: to sacrifice the intellect.

Absolutely Superfluous Macross Reference

Absolutely Superfluous Macross Reference

And I did, and whoosh, freedom.

When I freed myself to simply enjoy what was there before me, I started creating the experience for myself. I was Konata geeking out over anime and video games. I was the boy who never had sisters but had 2 younger brothers, a voyeur to the dynamics of the Hiiragi household. I was Misao, discontent with having to share my best friend with another. And so on.

And among the many moments that gave me much satisfaction to observe and fashion an experience from, I choose the OP. I felt tricked, trolled for every episode until the last. The OP promised something I had and still have no idea how to articulate, only that I wanted it, and expected it.

And I was free to be awed by it. Awesomeness begets awesomeness. The OP has inspired the expressive behaviors among otaku that I find as much as impressive as their source material. Here’s one:

Here’s a guy who with the talent that he has just runs away with slap bass to the OP. The shared context the OP provides allows for my immersion into his playing. Did I love it? Absolutely. Another example, the fan(boy) favorite band JAM Project tries their hand at the OP:

And it brings me back to myself: a GAR-loving, giant mecha fanboy who found another way to get into this cultural product. Why would I want to get into it, being so foreign to my tastes? It exists, is new, and can be claimed into the realm of what I love.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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19 Responses to GGGo for it! Sailor Fuku! Anime moments of 2008

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:


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  3. omisyth says:

    You actually tried to think while watching Lucky Star :P?

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ omisyth

    I really did, asking myself if I were stupid for liking it. Also, cleansing myself of the need to justify the value I get from it to others who don’t get anything at all.

  5. Owen S says:

    Yeah, I was totally not expecting replies like omisyth’s in this post. In before more of the same “OMGGGG U TRIED 2 TINK IN AN ANIMES DAT i DIDNT HAF TEH BRAINZ 4??? HOW DAER U MAEK ME LOOK STOOPID!!! ” Replies like these never fail to amuse me in the same way a trained animal’s performance does.

  6. Owen S says:

    To clarify on my previous comment a little bit, the illogic behind anime polemics that are constructed on the hilarious fallacy “I cannot imagine X, therefore you cannot imagine X” is stupidity at its finest. It’s fortunate that fans like those are a very small, albeit loud minority, and the way in which it strives to be the anti-discussion (along with memetic red herrings like “TL;DR” and “serious business”) certainly grates on the nerves like a baby’s incessant wailing.

  7. lolikitsune says:

    @omisyth: did you watch Lucky Star without thinking?! There are a lot of things to consider as we plunge into one of the most… er… [MAGNITUDE = LARGE] shows (I’m not going to assign a direction to the show’s vector at this time because I don’t want to pollute ghostlightning’s comments with lies or fanboying).

    Beyond being what it was (gentle slice of life at times, face-palm-worthy comedy at others), Lucky Star accomplished something with its over-the-top insistence on referential jokes: it jammed more units of culture down the viewer’s throat than most shows do in a similar number of episodes.

    Surely, as we watch Lucky Star, the “memes” it feeds us are competing with each other and with all the knowledge in our brains.

    That’s interesting already on the meta level…

  8. schneider says:

    @ 2nd pic

    I wish Konata and Tsukasa cosplayed their respective characters (the operators) in Frontier instead. 😀

  9. lelangir says:

    There’s quite a bit to derive out of Lucky Star. It’s usually the most “trite” of anime that are the most salient of indirect social commentary.

    anyway, I loved LS. I’ll always have it saved on my HD for random viewings. And that slap bass was pimp.

  10. ghostlightning says:

    @ Owen_S

    I read you. The memes you mentioned, are often used as discussion-stoppers. They are dismissive memes, that prevent further thinking and exchange. Certainly, I am completely opposed to suppressive communication.

    @ lolikit

    >>it jammed more units of culture down the viewer’s throat than most shows do in a similar number of episodes.

    Surely, as we watch Lucky Star, the “memes” it feeds us are competing with each other and with all the knowledge in our brains.

    That’s interesting already on the meta level…

    You articulated here something that I struggled with when I was writing this post. Bravo. You just nailed it. Socks were rocked, they were mine.

    @ schneider

    I feel you. I think that’d wouldn’t necessarily be in Satelite/Kawamori’s best interests. They were instead consistently cosplaying the entire Macross body of work, which is just fiiiiine by me.

    @ lelangir

    Very interesting. What other “trite” anime are these salient indirect social commentators. I lust for them.

  11. lelangir says:

    afro samurai (lol….)
    FSN, religion
    kannagi, religion/idolatry
    (marimite/samurai champloo/strawberry panic for that matter)
    hidamari sketch, cake
    G00, “orientalism” (which is weird ’cause it’s japan)

    I don’t see how anime can’t be anything besides a form of commentary. It’s not that the creators actively said “ok, we’re gonna do such ‘n such which will be a metaphor for this and that” – it’s how anime is a potent product of culture when it doesn’t strive to do anything (or sometimes, strives to do too much). But I don’t remember if you corrected me in that post so yeah…i dunno.

  12. lolikitsune says:

    What are you talking about. I didn’t read your post, silly ghostlightning.

  13. ghostlightning says:

    @ lelangir

    I’m currently watching Kannagi and G00, so I’ll look into those for the commentary.

    @ lolikitsune

    So you’re reading my mind now? Doesn’t even matter. You said the things I wanted my post to say, but didn’t, couldn’t. I’m just glad it’s posted here in these comments.

  14. Pontifus says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Lucky Star, but the OP will never leave my mental song rotation. That damn song…I can actually half-play it on bass, too, though I’m not as good as the guy in the video.

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  16. gloval says:

    ahh, lucky star. good times. i could write entries with that anime, so i’ll just limit it to something immediately relevant…

    speaking of macross references in-anime, as far as i know, lucky star has one in episode 22 (barely noticeable, especially because you’ll be teary-eyed if not baaawing at that point) and one in the OVA (“miyuki is now the songstress of the galaxy.” expected, but i was expecting moar). in other words, too few references.

    and 2nd pic, i’d prefer konata as klan and kagami as alto. along with tsukasa as ranka and miyuki as sheryl, it just fits right for me that way.

    oh and lastly, why are purple-haired twins awesome? guess who are the purple-haired twins in macross.

  17. ghostlightning says:

    @ gloval

    Hmmm, I must have missed that one on ep 22! Do say more.

    Regarding the cosplaying, Kona-chan fits Alto because of the hair, but Alto’s tsun-tsunness makes Kagamin a better fit. Klan has blue hair anyway, but her twintails were probably the primary consideration of the illustrator.

  18. gloval says:

    I myself didn’t spot it, I was just fortunate to read a comment in YouTube. It’s in the flashback scene with Kanata and Soujiro (sp?). Konata’s old man was drooling at the figurines of anime girls in the hobby store. Beside the figurines was a scale model of a VF-4. Makes sense because the flashback must’ve been in the 1980s.

    Also, have you figured out who are the purple-haired twins in Macross? Another clue, like the Hiiragis, they also come from an all-girl family 😀

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