Code Geass delivers: Anime Moments of 2008

This post is part of a 12-day series fondly remembering some of the best moments in anime this year. Participants include: lolikitsune, lelangir, Owen S, FuyuMaiden, IKnight, Zeroblade, Nazarielle, TheBigN, ETERNAL, Mike, A Day Without Me, digitalboy, Josh, otou-san, Culchann and Pontifus, IcyStorm, Cokematic, koneko-chan, and miz, and you’re welcome to join too!).

This show has many moments, but here is one that just outright gratified so many of its fans, even those who whined about the show episode after episode after episode after episode… well, they whined. But at the end of this moment there was no whining, silence perhaps. For a few seconds, the show was perfect.

Thank you, Kouzuki Kallen.

Do you have favorite Code Geass moments? What are they? Why so?

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16 Responses to Code Geass delivers: Anime Moments of 2008

  1. lelangir says:

    I think you’ve seen my two favorite already =p

  2. omisyth says:

    Damn right. Kallen makes Suzaku her bitch :). Best moment in the series IMO.

  3. schneider says:

    My personal favorites:

    R1 – RADIATION FINGER on Orange. The scene that solidified the notion that Kallen is truly Domon’s adopted daughter.

    R2 – Guren Seiten’s first sortie. All that RAGE we had against Suzaku was duly expedited by Kallen HAX.

    I seem to like Kallen too much for my own good, hohoho. ❤ crunchy toast at the very end. 😀

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider


  5. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    It’s a running /m/ joke, you see. /m/ found it fit to construct a “family tree” for Domon, with members like Aoi, Kallen, Shinn (disowned), even X and Zero. I don’t have the pic with me, sadly.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    Oh, I’m saying that Kallen isn’t adopted. She doesn’t have a fake drug-addict mom. Her real mom is Rain and her dad is Domon. Adopted my ass.

  7. Camario says:

    To keep this short and sweet (?)…on the R2 Kallen-related side of things, the debut of the Guren Flight Type (or whatever the proper translation was) still stands up pretty well as far as I’m concerned.

    Best moment of the series overall has to be either the first use of Geass or Lelouch’s end.

  8. ghostlightning says:

    @ Camario

    Can’t complain about your choices, the Gurren was jury-rigged and upgraded while airborne and plummeting to its doom.

  9. ETERNAL says:

    Awesome XD

    I still prefer the WTF-moments of 21 though. I don’t think my jaw dropped that low since I finished Ever 17 0_o

  10. gaguri says:

    I’m somewhat a fan of C.C. so I was naturally disappointed with how Code Geass R2 turned out. My favourite Geass moment had to be episode 11 from season one. The epic battle, Cornelia’s bravery, Kallen kicking ass with Gurren, hilarious Orange, beautifully mindfuck scene between Suzaku, Lelouch and C.C. – but most impressive was the touching moment between Lelouch and C.C. inside the cave.

  11. otou-san says:

    two words: table humping.

  12. taleweaver says:

    Orange-kun ending up in an orange farm was by far the most hilarious!

  13. DonKangolJones says:

    Code Geass as a whole came down to 4 moments for me. And they weren’t the usual “WTF MEME inducing things that were so popular.

    R1 ep. 1 – the end of that episode when you see Lelouch’s face after using Geass for the first time. Yeah, I knew this was the anime I had been waiting for for so long.

    R1 ep. 22 – Lelouch’s boneheaded remark that sent Euphie into psychotic, murderous rampage. I never liked her character, but that episode truly mad me sad and feel sorry for her.

    R2 Turn 17 – Lelouch actually having to beg Suzaku for help. That was a wow moment for me.

    R2 Turn 25 – Zero “meeting” Lelouch.

    Oh & seeing Jeremiah in a damn orchard just proved to me that Taniguchi reads the forums.

  14. ghostlightning says:

    LOL. I think I like your list, but also consider The Battle of Narita [->]! It’s definitely a major high-point for me.

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