Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

Here we take a look around the sphere and talk about my favorite blog posts. This is not an objective “best-of” list because I obviously do not read all the blogs. Also some posts, even if written by my favorite bloggers, may be about anime or episodes I haven’t seen, or subjects I don’t understand. This is why some posts won’t be listed, outside of plain ignorance on my part.

My ignorance is diminished somewhat, thanks to the effort of bloggers like Owen, usagijen, TheBigN, and most notably Lelangir who I’ve been relying on to send interesting posts in my direction via Twitter, Google Reader, and ani-tations. Here they are, in no specified order:

Yelling, Courage, and PEW PEW (Or: How I Became a /m/an) Part 1posted by Schneider December 22, 2008, Continuing World

What is interesting here, beyond the obvious love for mecha anime, is the identification with a specific class of netizen, that is a /m/an. Lelangir Somebody should write about this phenomenon, as for the most part it is anonymous in nature, and distinct from other4chan nexistence classes such as /b/tards. Is there one for /a/? In any case, what I really enjoyed and love about this post is the love for giant robots:

Then SaiGAR came. Thus started the /m/ versus /a/ war. Before the whole fiasco happened, /a/ and /m/ coexisted peacefully. There was no conflict of interest, and thus no invading happened. However, SaiGAR changed all of that. /m/ decided that we should field OUR OWN share of characters for the popularity contest, and pretty soon 40% of the participants was /m/-related to some degree. Tensions rose.

To be fair, it made for some epic matches. There was Death Note’s Light versus Master Asia, and when Master Asia won, /a/ ridiculed the win and swore that they would defeat the Undefeated of the East in the upcoming Alucard versus Master Asia fight. But Touhoufuhai won. HE WON.

Awesome history lesson is awesome, and it continues with Part 2posted by Schneider December 26, 2008, Continuing World

Part 2 is more a personal history as opposed to the history of /m/ in the previous post. There’s an elegiac spirit to the writing, a call for the /m/ of innocence. It’s gone now, but Schneider’s love for robots remain. It’s good for him to remember that love.

Beyond the Blogging Crossroad: Part 1 and Part 2 – By usagijen December 27, 2008, The Scrumptious Anime Blog

Strong week by Filipino bloggers in my own biased scoreboard. Here usagijen grows older, and gives us an account of her changing outlook towards her anime and manga hobby. Like many of us, her amassing and expressing otaku behaviors are intertwined, especially in this most public of media. What does strike me is the amount of reflection she’s done – referencing a large number of introspective articles and leveraging on the experience of these bloggers to build her own identity.

It’s egotistic, it’s personal, but it’s also social. As my taste in anime changes through time, so does my ability to relate with people whose views differ or coincide with mine. The more I get to understand what makes me like or dislike certain animes, the more I become equipped to share the whole experience with other people. I mean, when someone asks you, “Why do you like [insert anime/manga here], you can’t just say, “I don’t know, I just do” right? Again, this is not for the sake of proving myself superior than others (though of course I can’t deny the inherent elitism in it ), but for the sake of showing where I stand as far as judging animes are concerned — so other people can either relate with it, scrutinize it, reassure me if I’m right, or prove me otherwise if I’m wrong. Either way, it’ll be a WIN-WIN situation, since I’ll still learn in the process, and be humbled. And just the thought of the collective experience in watching/loving a series is enough to make for a warm and fuzzy feeling.

While I think it’s near impossible to be wrong about one’s own reasons for liking something, I read the strong desire to share and to participate in discourse. This can only benefit all of us I think.

The 2008 BFA Awards Ceremonyby The Sojourner December 27, 2008…3:50 am, The Blue Fox Alley

I’ve read a bunch of award posts, a number of them quite excellent. However, this is my favorite because of 1) It’s wholehearted appreciation for Macross Frontier (which is gold, here in WRL), and 2) its appreciation of one of my blogging heroes: Kaioshin Sama.

I belong to neither the “Kaoishin is nothing but a Sunrise fanboy” faction nor the “WTF IS WITH THE GUNDAM HATE! WE NEED CHANGE ON THE INTERNETS” faction, but the magnitude of the controversy that this one brave man has stirred is worthy of remembering as we are close to the end of this year. Nevertheless, this lovely piece of epic drama has shown the tendency for people to stir up reactions of extreme polarities when it comes to interacting on the Internet. But I believe just like how we view Code Geass, we are all tsundere for Kaoishin-sama. We love you!

I don’t always agree with Kaioshin, and I found it quite challenging having to justify myself to him (he may not intend it to be so, but it sure comes across as judgmental), especially in my views regarding Gundam shows. But he is indeed influential to my own writing and appreciation of the things I blog about whether he intends to or not. And lastly this:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.

hate kaioshin sama sunrise fanboy

It’s definitely the weirdest way to find We Remember Love. And this blog is definitely lonelier without his colorful commentary. Kaio made it clear in writing that he’s not a Sunrise fanboy, not that I see anything wrong with fanboying. I’m a Macross fanboy to the core.

And that’s it. There were many very good posts in the past 7 days, and these only happen to be the ones that became my favorites. What did I miss?

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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9 Responses to Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

  1. lelangir says:

    I should start doing these…at THAT or something.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    @ lelangir

    It would be good, if you had a filter for “remarkableness” that assists you in choosing the posts. This series here on WRL, as well as the shared items in GR, and that of anitations are arbitrary to our own preferences and curiosities.

    If you were to do it at THAT, the process should be less subjective IMO.

  3. lelangir says:

    just realized, your fav series are interesting in and of themselves in a meta-sense…jump a bunch of rambling thoughts…anitations’ entry/exit ratio is shit, people aren’t clicking what they’re supposed to, proxy value is decreasing, need to expand, exit the jerk circle.

  4. ETERNAL says:

    Thanks for referring me to usagijen’s post, it was a lot more enlightening than I expected it to be. It’s a funny thing where you find another person describing how you feel with such precision, even when it’s purely coincidental.

  5. I got his name wrong. lol

  6. Owen S says:

    lelangir: You’re forgetting that people read blogs through feeds, I know I do. How is it going to detect clicks through Google Reader?

    And Kaioshin is much love, I guess. I mean, for me it’s a rather detached love that’s more like fondness and Kaioshin the scruffy but generally pleasant hobo, but eh. You get the idea.

  7. Kaioshin Sama has only ever trolled me so I’ve only had opportunities to violently hate him.

  8. schneider says:

    Kaioshin is a funny man, intentionally and unintentionally.

    And what do you know, usagijien’s book excerpt hit me hard, too.

    And thanks for the trackback. 😀

    (I also read blogs through feeds, but I *do* go to the page itself to comment/view pics. It’s more like a system that notifies me of blog updates.)

  9. usagijen says:

    Thank you for the mention!! I can’t believe the time will come when someone else other than myself will actually pimp our posts *sniff* ok too much drama lol. Thank you for your insightful comment as well, it really made me.. remember love :3

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