Toradorably Together: Anime Love Brings Us… well, Together

An awesome, lingering image of an anime on its way to be representative of friendship as theme

An awesome, lingering image of an anime on its way to be representative of friendship as theme

I’ve participated in ‘national’ activities a number of times, but I can’t say I’ve been as fond of the experience as I am of this modest get together of local anime bloggers over overpriced coffee.

We weren’t anyone important. We make no grand contribution to culture. We don’t even influence the production of the subject we write about. Nonetheless, I felt so cool to be there!

A decade ago I nurtured dreams of a literary life. I cultivated the company of others who I felt had similar aspirations, and even maintained correspondence (letters LOL) with some of them. When I sold out and became a salaryman I thought I’d lost my shot at a literary life. But a decade later I’ve found blogging about anime.  I found a subject to write about, an engaged readership, and a vibrant community with members from all over the world. You see back in 1996
(in my 3rd year at uni), it wasn’t conceivable that I’d have an international readership. The internet had just arrived and was a luxury for most students.

Even more gratifying is that I have a local community I can interact with face-to-face. And last Sunday’s little soiree was revelatory: I am now living my literary life.

Everyone there is a writer. As self-serving as it may seem, I make no value judgment-laden distinction between blogging and literary writing. Writing is writing, and I found myself among people who were carrying notebooks! They had notebooks where they jotted down post ideas and such. I was floored.

Perhaps it’s easy to dismiss this as the ecstatic rambling of a lit major who let his dreams pass him by. But doing so would be a mistake, I believe. I’m dead serious about what I do. I write for anime blogs. I deliberately  gave up anonymity very early on, because this activity, this writing, needs to be acknowledged. Not as something great in itself, but only as a legitimate vehicle of contemporary thought and creative production over this particular culture niche.

Besides, even as I’ve dreamt of winning writing fellowships, I didn’t for a moment it would give me moments like this:

Don't ask... just don't.

Don't ask... just don't.

In this photo: biankita, bluemist, ghostlightning, hazy_undercover, mechafetish, sybilant, usagijen, & Zeroblade. What happened to schneider?

He was first to set out for the meeting place, but somehow forgot to ask for anyone's contact data, still... he could've gone to the venue and found us anyway. I can only imagine this happened.

He was first to set out for the meeting place, but somehow forgot to ask for anyone's contact data, still... he could've gone to the venue and found us anyway. I can only imagine this happened.

That group isn’t really meant to politically represent aniblogging in the Philippines, it just so happens that we’re all on twitter. So as I approach turning 32 (sooner than I’d like), and my 4th month in blogging anime I can say I’m very thankful. Writing is awesome, for whatever reason. I’ve stated before that anime for me is an expressive pursuit and a social activity. I do want more get togethers like this, and maybe next time something creative can be done collectively.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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39 Responses to Toradorably Together: Anime Love Brings Us… well, Together

  1. Flak says:

    “something creative can be done collectively”

    table-top? D&D? have at ye!

  2. awesome picture is awesome, and I find it hilarious that you’re the dumbass who stuck his head out XDDDD

  3. In need of a motivational poster with the following caption: ANIME, its wonders are limitless.

  4. darkchimera says:

    i’ve always thought that anime makes man single and asocial but i think you broke my theory there..

  5. Ryan A says:

    looks like a party to me!:!:!:!

  6. bluemist says:

    It’s nice that you are our sort-of “ringleader” always suggesting something creative, from some random Q&A topic to rather ambitious ideas like a podcast, fandub, or a lol-inducing semi-educational comi-documentary. I hope some of our ideas would come into fruition someday.

    I enjoyed our little get-together and got tons of laughs.

  7. ghostlightning says:

    @ Flak

    I’d love to play a table-top game that combines elements of a VN, with a view to pair bloggers for GATTAI posts (like lelangir’s idea).

    @ digiboy

    Yeah! I’m that kind of dumbass.

    @ The Sojourner

    Will make one!

    @ darkchimera

    See this post.^_^

    @ Ryan A

    Oh it was! Like any party, it had (informal) hosts, engaging conversation, and lots and lots of (aniblogger) gossip.

    @ bluemist

    I’m not the ringleader, it’s biankita ~_^ I’m just loud and high on anime blogging. I do want us to come up with all sorts of awesomeness, so stay tuned!

  8. blissmo says:

    The only people I know face-to-face who blog are … nope, all my friends think it’s lame (I think). I mean, they’re full-on MSN-ing, MySpace-ing these days >____>

    It looked like you had lots of fun though … My friends would laugh if I ever brought along notebooks to write in, but I think if someone’s stolen something from you and ran off in a car, you could easily write down their number plate and report them to the cops later.

  9. darkchimera says:

    i think the thing is not blogging but aniblogging. there are limitless number of blogs but aniblog is something more specific.

  10. usagijen says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes, in more ways than one, that’s how Toradorably Awesome it is.

    Unlike Zeroblade, I didn’t bring out my ‘blogging ideas/drafts notebook’ out during the whole meeting, but I found myself jotting down notes on my way home lol.

    Here’s to hoping our ambitious plans/ideas will be realized! Looking forward to more epic get-togethers 😀

    I think one of my anime fanatic officemates is willing to lend a hand, specifically on *that* ambitious plan you had.

  11. ghostlightning says:

    @ blissmo

    Well, if you’re ever in Manila, you’re welcome to hang with us! You can bring a notebook if you want to ^_~

    @ darkchimera

    Yes, aniblogging has quite the interesting community. The group that met here is but a micro/sub-community of the whole, and is quite noisy on twitter.

    @ usagijen

    Well, you’re a big part of this, and do bring everyone who’s interested. We can do potluck at our house too, where I get to show off my toys lol, and sybilant’s dolls and figurines. Let’s plan something for February.

  12. rollchan says:

    ahhh… now I see (referring to the pix) the famous peeps in the Filipino Anime blogging community. I shall dub y’all, the FAB (Filipino Anime Blogger’s) Group.

    keep it up. n___n

  13. Caitlin says:

    That’s really cool that you all could do that. In one of my former communities, we tried to organize a meet but only managed to cover a small portion of the US East coast. 😦 I’d love to meet up with people some day though, especially in the blogging community, but I only know of 2 other bloggers who live remotely close to me.

  14. biankita says:

    awesome! zeroblade does glow! hahaha ^^ and i’m just notebook whore. you should have seen zeroblade and me in the bookstore spending a significant amount of time weighing the quality and merits of the notebooks there. XD
    and how the heck did i become the ringleader? all i did was send out the email! since you’re birthday’s coming up and you brought out the suggestion, i’m looking forward to more of our soirees.

  15. ghostlightning says:

    @ rollchan

    Thanks. We’re not famous. But thanks.

    @ Caitlin

    I think it’s worth a shot. I think you’ll find it easy to get along with people who share the same interests. Even if you don’t watch the same shows, you’ll discover new ones to like.

    @ biankita

    That’s usagijen’s magic. Lol at the notebook shopping. You’re our leader, that’s it, no negotiations. And you just gave me a good idea.

  16. rollchan says:


    ok. I take that back. I’ll say “infamous” na lang. n___n

  17. omisyth says:

    Fear the tantric powers of the Filanibloggers!

  18. hazy says:

    It was one of the most enthusiastic and insightful group conversations I’ve ever had. I had a lot of fun! Looking forward to hanging out with all of you again. ^_^

  19. ghostlightning says:


    I think the Philippines is completely ignorant of us, and would be indifferent if they were otherwise. <_<


    Nothing to fear, only the term Filanibloggers is even a more awkward hat to wear.


    Why? Too Chris Angel for you?


    Check your email girl! You’re invited ^_^

  20. gloval says:

    ghosty, it’s thanks to you that i discovered who are the filipinos among anime bloggers 🙂 and i’m tempted to join your ranks ninuninuninu…

  21. ghostlightning says:


    Get on twitter. Let’s talk.

  22. Zeroblade says:

    @ghostlightning No, no, I’m still not used to seeing my face on the internet >_>

  23. ETERNAL says:

    It’s great to see you guys get together like that; it really is a different experience getting to talk to fellow fans IRL, although I’m not one to doubt the internet. I’ve discovered for myself recently just how intriguing blogging can be, in terms of far more than ad money and hits, and I plan on majoring English in uni so I suppose this can count as a head start 😛

  24. schneider says:

    Don’t give up on your dreams! That’s all I can say. I actually envy your degree, because mine isn’t terribly helpful in the field of creative writing.

    That fail pic is so terribly accurate that I don’t know if I should laugh or mope more. I’ll settle with QQ

    I’ll bring the board next time to make up. Looks like I have time to work on my writing chops until the next meet.

  25. Cuchlann says:

    Haha. The glow around Zeroblade makes the picture. It’s like you’re about to form Voltron.

    And well…. Shit. I’ve been debating whether or not to open up my blogging identity and just go public with who I am. Not that I ever tried very hard to hide it — my MAL tracks back to my blog, and there’s a picture of me there as my avatar, and I’ve been introducing myself by name in the podcast, but still. You make a convincing — or at least emotionally- and idealistically-weighty — argument.

  26. ghostlightning says:


    LOL. Get used to it. Ever since friendster (2003) I’ve been used to seeing my mug all over internet social networks.


    ‘What could you do with a BA in English?’

    Watch the musical Avenue Q, before you push through with it. My own career(s) can be both an inspiration or a cautionary tale depending on what you want out of life. But I regret nothing. I like my Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, and I love my Eco and Kundera.

    Majoring in English may not train you to write well, but it will give you the skills to love culture long time.

    @ schneider

    Indeed. POWER TO THE DREAM, as Fire Bomber would rock. Destroy me in chess next time so you’ll feel better. Enjoy your fail pic! It was chosen with love.

    @ Cuchlann

    It started with me not trying to hide it. And that’s a start. Next time we chat I’ll bore you with long-tail economics, I gave Pontifus the business already (lol). It’s forms a cerebral and mercenarily weighty argument for not only blogging, but for the narrowness of our niches within niches.

  27. gloval says:

    too bad i don’t have a twitter account (ur temptation has phailed, mwahahaha!) don’t worry, i’ll just be lurking somewhere near.

  28. ghostlightning says:


    Ohohoho. ALMOST everyone is there! You’ll be able to follow discussions IN THE RAW. Twitter holds the intestines of the aniblogosphere.

  29. gloval says:

    i see…

    anyway, since you’ve been praising toradora to high heavens, i watched ep 1-14 and i must agree that toradora is love.

  30. That’s somewhere in Makati, amirite? Lol, what happened to schneider?

  31. ghostlightning says:

    @ gloval

    Yes, ep 13 elevated it. Ep 14 confirms it.

    @ Badeyes McBlind

    Somewhere in Makati indeed, we may have crossed paths if you know this place.

    re: Schneider, he was taken by Cima and her forces while they took control of the colonies for their part in Operation: Stardust. Poor Feddie never stood a chance.

  32. lol twitter, I don’t even remember my password anymore. Plurk, anyone?

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  34. Rakuen says:

    You guys are weird in so many weird ways.


  35. foomafoo says:

    Too sad, I don’t know how to go anywhere except my university! lol. Welcome to Disassociation XD. I’m not an outdoor guy. Even so, I’d love to go out with you guys~. Maybe I’ll bring a map next time V^^.

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  38. yeah, thats true, anime lover bring us together
    like in convention

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