OH! My Goddess: Evildandy

I didn’t see her coming. Then she dropped the dimension eater on Galia-IV and disintegrated a whole unit of poor Zentraedi still in the afterglow of Ranka’s impromptu concert.

Who is Grace O’Connor? I first saw her running the Sheryl Nome celebrity machine. I can totally imagine her coming up with the ‘Galactic Fairy’ tag. There were hints of her sinister turn, but I guess I was too distracted by the Vajra to consider her as the final boss of this story.

Did I just see her do...wut? She just did.

Come to think about it, we need human enemies. Human enemies with human motivations still work best as antagonists because we, being humans, understand them. Grace, being a cyborg as well as a ‘trinity’of sentience not unlike the Judeo-Christian God concept, is inhuman enough to be easily vilified.


In anime like Gunbuster where the enemy are aliens like the STMC (Space Terrible Monster Crowd), the conflict is not as riveting. The conflict, instead of being focused against the alien threat is mostly internal. Noriko needs to defeat the mental and psychological obstacles to her awesomeness. Macross Frontier needed a human devil, and Grace is it.


I think about these things and light up a smoke. Stale cigarettes are awful, and I don’t know how long these Lucky Strikes have been sitting on the counter. Goddess me, what does a man have to do to get a good smoke right now?

The smoke from the fag somehow forms a feminine shape, and I feel like it’s talking to me!

“Who are you?” I hear a female voice in my head. She sounds like Hakufu’s mother from Ikki Tousen.

Huh, who’s that?

“Hm, it would seem that I survived. Where am I?”

Earth. 2008.

“How interesting, the SDF-1 has yet to launch and the Zentraedi have yet to arrive. Sara and Mao should be very young.”

I wonder what exactly I’ve been smoking, but I really think I’m talking to Grace O’Connor, or at least the female voice in her multiple consciousnesses.

“I’m intrigued to be conversing with your overstimulated but underutilized brain. Will you be useful?”

I’m no Leon Mishima, lady. But I’m a huge Macross fan and I do have some questions for you:

Wouldn’t it have been better if you had just synthesized either Sheryl or Ranka’s voice to interface with the Vajra? I mean, you’d have total control over the music wouldn’t you?_


“To be honest with you I don’t have a high opinion of music. It’s just another programming language that can manipulate behavior. Sharon Apple was an inspiration. I am everything what Sharon Apple wanted to be, but couldn’t”

Hmmm, I seem to remember she wanted to make Isamu happy. Do you have anything like that in your life?

“I have something better. Humans talk about empathizing with others, sympathizing with others, having compassion for others. These are inferior virtues. I am a collective entity. I have a connectedness to others that humans cannot even pretend to look up to. What I do, is for the good of the collective. It is beyond even your primitive religious mysteries. There is no more need to pretend to do good for others. I am many, anything I do is already beyond the primitive human values.”


But aren’t you a selfish collective instead? Look at what you did: You made and broke Sheryl with Ranshe’s precious bugs and used Ranshe’s kids like pawns. You used Brera as Ranka’s prince charming. When is this ever appropriate? How can this be good?

“Laws of motion that lead to immortality. The collective race is more important than most of its individuals.”

I’m impressed by your Emperor Donkirk reference. You are not a collective race unto yourself. And what about culture? Elmo said music is culture, and culture is love. I’m surprised you didn’t learn anything from Minmei, or from the Nomes for that matter.

“I learned plenty. And stop mentioning Elmo. I was able to use music to manipulate so many. It has been my access throughout the colonies. Look at how I used Ranka.”

Yes, but you seemed genuinely surprised how her song undid your hold on the Vajra network. You certainly must have underestimated her music somehow.


“Way too much is being made out of this so called power of love and friendship, and culture. I still don’t know how to account for how the NUNS and SMS pilots defeated the VF-27s, much less the Ghost V-9s in that battle. It wasn’t like there were many pilots of the likes of Guld Bowman with the NUNS. In any case, it’s still a mystery to me how Ranka could’ve undone all that work.”

It’s a mystery to you because Ranka wrote her own music.

“Sheryl wrote her own songs as well. It’s Ranka’s Vajra connection, really. But don’t think for a moment that I’m dead, or just another ghost in your head. I’m not done. Among the many concepts of Godhood, mine is the one that actually works.”


So with the control of the Vajra network, you’d have evolved into a greater deity.

“Yes. But even as I am now, I’m still formidable.”

It doesn’t seem you can do very much though.

“Try me.”

Okay, stay with me forever.


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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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13 Responses to OH! My Goddess: Evildandy

  1. omo says:

    >> I wonder what exactly I’ve been smoking, but I really think I’m talking to Grace O’Connor, or at least the female voice in her multiple consciousnesses.

    Well played.

  2. 21stcenturydigitalboy says:

    I can’t believe this post title and images are all a voice actor joke that is never even explained. I thought this would be a post I wouldn’t understand for never sing OMG, and instead it’s one I don’t get for never seeing MacF.

  3. ojisan says:

    Now what this post needs is a jpeg of Belldandy in that jaw-dropping, heart- stopping devil outfit from Fighting Wings. I nearly died.

    You have my love. You are cool and even have Fuu in your banner –

  4. @ omo

    Thanks! I try.

    @ digiboy

    Sorry, I didn’t want to explain the schtick in the post. Inoue-san is revered for her yamato nadeshiko roles, so her triumph as Grace is notable. The end of the post is a reference to the premise of Ah! My Goddess.

    @ ojisan

    I can’t find any of those! T_T I really tried. At best I got those caps from the episode.

  5. otou-san says:

    Loved the end. What a premise. I think living with Grace would fix your motorcycle wagon pretty fast, but at least you could watch her grope herself excessively.

  6. @ otou-san

    Gee, thanks a lot for busting out my wagon motorbike. I don’t think Grace and my wife will get along much, but I don’t mind sitting ringside for that fight. Wait, what’s wrong with me?

  7. Sakura says:

    @ ghostlightning, what you meant was waifu and Grace fighting with Minmei refereeing XD

    Ahh Grace such a wonderful villain, Leon could only ever dream to be as devious and cunning as she was.

  8. @ Sakura

    Right! Right! It is a wonder that Minmei is still alive though, given how much sybilant has so little patience for what she calls gooey-headed girls/twits.

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  10. I’ll have to agree with your quote that music does manipulate many, many people.

    That’s why some people try to stray away from mainstream stuff, but still get lost amongst all the clutterous songs available today.

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