Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

Here we take a look around the sphere and talk about my favorite blog posts. This is not an objective “best-of” list because I obviously do not read all the blogs. Also some posts, even if written by my favorite bloggers, may be about anime or episodes I haven’t seen, or subjects I don’t understand. This is why some posts won’t be listed, outside of plain ignorance on my part.

My ignorance is diminished somewhat, thanks to the effort of bloggers like Owen, usagijen, TheBigN, cuchlann, and most notably Lelangir who I’ve been relying on to send interesting posts in my direction via Twitter, Google Reader, and ani-tations. Here they are, in no specified order:

lelangir and digiboy discuss GAR

posted by lelangir, January 7, 2009, calamitous intents

Always a fascinating subject to me, discussed quite well by lelangir and digiboy. Digiboy provides some good stuff,

21stcenturydigitalboy: Yes, but once you mimic it, is it still GAR? I’d like to think I’ve reached Kamina’s level, but I still find him inspirational. It’s less a goal and more a journey. Like, I’m not trying to reach Kamina, I’m trying to reach where he’s trying to reach. GAR characters haven’t mad it to the top, they are trying to get there. I too am on that journey

The journey being referred to here is documented in this series of posts. Also note very interesting post responses by coburn (The Failure of Gar), which in turn elicited lelangir’s systematizing of GAR as a subjective point of interest. In another way, the post is notable due to the format – not necessarily original, but in terms of how wide-spread it is being carried out by lelangir, and myself. Here are other posts using similar templates: Preemptive ABA 2 Nominations, Maria-sama ga Miteru S4: Drama in Your in Drama, and A Christmas Dialogue. Round-robin blogging is happening elsewhere, but these are the posts I’m familiar with. Is this a mere fad, or will it have legs? For it to persist it’s really up to others and not lelangir.

Shotokan is Boss

– posted by Lbrevis, January 6, 2009, Oi, Hayaku!

Lbrevis and I have been independently probing the nature of otaku and its associated behaviors, with her posts On Paying Attention to Creators and Creating an Anime Fan; and my posts Who do you watch anime with?, How Otakore are you?, and Weeaboo vs. Japanese. Here she takes on an otaku-as-celebrity:

So the next day I went to her panel and although I am not easily impressed by celebrities I was nonetheless completely won over because of three things:

1) She did a kickass Bruce Lee impersonation (I love Bruce Lee).

2) She was entertaining and incredibly energetic. Nobody was expecting it to be more than just a Q & A but she even got up and sang “Sorairo Days” for us. Pointing to the heavens included.

3) She’s one of us – an otaku. This is the most important point, let me explain why.

Most singers and voice actors in the anime industry may like anime to some degree but they aren’t obsessed with it. Or if they are, they don’t let it show[…]

[…]Why is this important? It’s just nice to see a celebrity like her be so open with her hobby. It’s nice to know that it’s not an act and that even though she’s made it big, she still understands fans because she is a fan.

There’s a host of awesome videos at the post, including Shotokan’s ‘Sorairo Days’ vid. I’m now a fanboy of a fangirl. It’s not the first time this kind of thing happen.

United States vs. Whorley – Hentai and the First Amendment

– posted by Calawain, January 7, 2009, THAT Animeblog

This post explores the question if American otaku should start worrying about their loli hentai collections. I’m rather sympathetic to this very guilty pleasure to be quite honest, so I find this post very interesting. An important disclaimer,

this post can only be considered the ramblings of a law student on this particular case and First Amendment jurisprudence. Don’t be an idiot and take it for actual legal advice.

That said, here is the gist:

Overly Simplified Post-Whorley Table for the Lazy/TL;DR Types

Actual Child? Obscene? Protected?
Actual Children Obscene Not Protected
Actual Children Not Obscene Not Protected
Not Actual Children Obscene Not Protected
Not Actual Children Not Obscene Protected

From this table, punishing otaku for their loli hentai collections is arbitrary and stupid given what is left legal. Read the full post when you have the time.

And there you have it. There were many very good posts in the past 7 days, and these only happen to be the ones that became my favorites. What did I miss?

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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5 Responses to Favorites of the week: Blog Posts

  1. lelangir says:

    I also enjoyed these articles.

    Interesting thought: Do these weekly favorites in a team editorial style?

  2. ghostlightning says:

    @ lelangir

    I think it’s a great idea, but a week may be too short a span. Also, given that the editors can be quite prolific themselves, either a) the editors keep patting each other in the back, or b) they purposely overlook deserving posts by the editorial team to put up appearances of modesty.

    But I’m very open to it. We’ll talk.

  3. I find it funny that you keep bringing up my epic journey. It is in every way a quest for gar, but it is NOT what I was referring to XD. I was more talking about life in general and my steady rise to the top of the world. But that thing works too : D

    I’m mad you didn’t read my lagalization of crunchyroll post since it’s like the most effort I’ve ever put into a non-research post.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ digiboy

    I don’t know anything about Crunchyroll as it doesn’t even load properly on my browser. I’ll check out your post so stop getting mad.

  5. Kiri says:

    Those were also some of my favorite posts of the week. Yay.

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