Ranka Lee’s Seikan Hikou Philippine Fandub is Awesome

I’m not a fan of dubs. It’s very rare that I come across an english dub that sounds as good as the Japanese cast. While there’s something that doesn’t quite sit well with me preferring to watch/listen to non-japanese characters speaking atrocious engrish, or speaking with zero accents (i.e. Monster, set almost entirely in Europe after 40 episodes, or lol Legend of the Galactic Heroes set entirely in space with no Japanese ethnicities depicted after 76 episodes I’ve seen), I find that the performance of most American voice actors lacking.

I enjoyed Spirited Away’s, and Princess Mononoke’s dubs (mainly because these used good professional actors), and Cowboy Bebop’s. The fact that Cowboy Bebop’s dub is awesome is very satisfying, given that hardly anyone in the anime is Japanese.

In the Philippines, dubs are mostly bad in my opinion – to be enjoyed for the lulz for the most part, but this video may just change my opinion somewhat.

In the Philippines most anime viewers watch dubs in the vernacular. When I was a kid and watching shows starting around 1980 we had local english dubs (Choudenji Machine Voltes V, Tossho Daimos, and yes Super Dimension Fortress Macross), the grammar was good and the Filipino accents were unobtrusive. Today the dubs in the vernacular account for the massive popularity (I think) of anime in the Philippines, with some channels showing titles at primetime, as well as having a dedicated channel in basic cable.

Like other countries, the dubs are plagued with having the same 12 people giving voice to OVER 9000 different characters in various anime. It’s off-putting to say the least. When Hagu of Honey and Clover sounds almost exactly like Nina Fortner from Monster and Katie from MIRMO!, I don’t think I can bear to listen long to any of the characters. Now Seiyuu like Jun Fukuyama and Kikuko Inoue can give voice to a variety of characters without sounding too much alike. Fukuyama did Lelouch and Luca (from Macross Frontier) and Inoue did Belldandy and Grace O’Connor giving sterling performances for both.

Please recommend great, and I mean great dubs in english or otherwise! I want to know what makes a dub good or great, so be sure to tell me why you recommend what you do recommend. My waifu sometimes gets annoyed with listending to Japanese all the time, so this will be good for us.

In the mean time, here’s the Seikan Hikou dub:

In its original form:

A shorter version used as an intro for episode 17 (for those hard-pressed for time):

Lyrics c/o animelyrics.com:

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Suimen ga yuragu
Kaze no wa ga hirogaru
Fure atta yubisaki no
Aoi denryuu
The water's surface quivers
A ring of wind spreads
Your fingertips feel the
The blue current
Mitsumeau dake de
Kodoku na kasokudo ga
Isshun ni kudakechiru
Anata ga suki yo
With only a glace
That lonely acceleration is
One moment that breaks into pieces
I love you
Toumei na shinju no you ni
Chuu no uku namida
Higeki datte kamawanai
Anata to ikitai
Like clear pearls
The tears within you are shed
It's a tragedy and it doesn't matter
I want to live with you
Ryuusei ni matagatte
Anata ni kyuukouka ah ah
Noukon no hoshizora ni
Watashitachi hanabi mitai
Kokoro ga hikari no ya wo hanatsu
Ride a shooting star
It dives with you
In a dark blue starlit sky
We're like fireworks
Our hearts shot through with an arrow of light
Kaiwa nado nashi ni
Uchigawa ni mogutte
Kangae ga yomitoeru
Fushigi na yoru
I hide inside
The silence and
Read your thoughts
This wonderful night
Anata no na Jumon mitai ni
Mugen no RIPIITO
Nikurashikute te no kou ni
Tsume wo tatete miru
Your name is like a spell
I repeat forever
My nails dig into
the palm of my hand that I hate
Karada goto sukitoori
He no you ni tadayou uh uh
Keshitsubu no inochi demo
Watashitachi matataiteru
Tamashii ni ginga Nadareteku
Your whole body is clear
It drifts like a picture
A drop of life but
We're in the moment
In the galaxy of our souls, snow falls
Ryuusei ni matagatte
Anata ni kyuujoushou ah ah
Aoukon no hoshizora ni
Watashitachi hanabi mitai
Kokoro ga hikari no ya wo hanatsu
Ride a shooting star
You suddenly rise
In a dark blue starlit sky
We're like fireworks
Our hearts shot through with an arrow of light
Keshitsubu no inochi demo
Watashitachi matataiteru
Tamashii ni ginga Nadareteku
Tamashii ni ginga Nadareteku
A drop of life but
We're in the moment
In the galaxy of our souls, snow falls
In the galaxy of our souls, snow falls

Finally, DO NOT WANT:

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20 Responses to Ranka Lee’s Seikan Hikou Philippine Fandub is Awesome


    Joing, but I’ve seen a fuckton of dubs thanks to getting several anime channels, and there are a lot of reasons dubs suck.

    1. They use the same actors in EVERYTHING. These actors already aren’t very good, but like Japanese VOs they get cast over and over in spite of lack of talent.

    2. Misunderstanding of a very Japanese emotion. Almost every female character with even a hint of tsun comes across as a COMPLETE BITCH in dub. This, for instance, is why I hated Asuka the first time I watched Eva, when her JP voice gave me an entirely different view of her character since I understood how her voice was supposed to reflect her emotions in Japanese.

    In any case, in my innumerable experiences with them, there is only ONE and I do mean ONE consistently good dub actor. And no, it’s not Spike Spiegal, because you don’t have to go far to find roles where he sucks ass.

    It’s Vic Mignogna, voice of Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist, and the main character from Air among others. He is the only dub actor I’ve heard who can truly capture all of the complex emotions of the characters, especially with certain lines in FMA that gave me chills.

    however, this doesn’t make those shows worth watching dubbed because you still have to put up with the Ass other actors, whereas in Japanese everyone will sound good.

  2. biankita says:

    hooray for langka!!! ….er, ranka. <- at least the chick who did this has the voice to do it.

    weren’t the dubs in the early 80s acquisitions of american licensing??? i always thought so and they were awesome! and that dubbing didn’t become the thing here in the philippines since they started dubbing cedie.

    i have no problems with VAs having multiple roles. hell… even seiyuus do that too. my general problem with dubs in terms of VAs with multiple roles is that the VAs lack the range to express a variety of emotions. sure… it’s “cartoons” and is generally “for kids” but i don’t think people who dub them think anyone over the age of 16 will watch them.

  3. biankita says:

    P.S. the filipino dub of mirmo was actually very good. for some reason, it’s practically impossible to get this show anywhere. but go for FMA… this is one of the few shows i prefer the dub over the sub.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ biankita

    Nope. Voltes V was never finished for years because Marcos banned it while the dubbing was still in production.

    Voltes V was only released here, Italy, and maybe Iran and Cuba in limited ways.

    Mazinger Z was Tranzor Z in the US. But since we know him as Mazinger…

    I have the complete Tosho Daimos in all its local english dub glory. Let’s check out a few eps together soon.

    Even the sentai shows: Baioman and Shaider were initially local English dubs. I think I can recognize the voices from the old Toei super robot shows.

    And yes, I enjoyed Mirmo! a lot. But this brings me to digiboy’s point – some VAs do well in a show but the rest of the cast can still botch the whole experience.

  5. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I gotta say, its pretty good. Hey! Its not that easy dubbing and changing the lyrics in different language right!?

  6. gloval says:

    Ah, one more positive towards the feasibility of bringing Macross Frontier to the Philippines.

    There was one comment in Youtube to the first video:

    “I think Megumi’s voice is awesome: not tight-throated like other ‘kawai’ JPop singers out there… and you somehow captured that factor but developed it into something unique for your own.”

    I find this amusing, but it’s not surprising, at least for me since I know that Megumi is half-Filipino.

    Anyway, I’d like to share this MAD:

    It’s not just toradorable, at 0:47 it becomes deculture!

  7. ghostlightning says:

    @ Kairu

    It’s not easy at all. Even when you do a good job there will be complaints from many.

    @ gloval


    I’m posting that vid tomorrow I promise it, by all the lights in the sky that are our enemies I shall post that vid tomorrow!

  8. schneider says:

    >I have the complete Tosho Daimos in all its local english dub glory. Let’s check out a few eps together soon.

    Holy. Holy. HolyHolyHolyHolyHolyHolyHolyHoly FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-

    @ dboy

    But wasn’t The Big O English dub better than the Japanese one? 😛

    @ song

    I like it, and that’s saying something. Once you get around the knee-jerk reaction, it starts to become awesome.

  9. biankita says:

    >I have the complete Tosho Daimos in all its local english dub glory. Let’s check out a few eps together soon.
    We must! I miss this overly emo mecha! I haven’t seen it since high school ^^

  10. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    Yes, now I wish this person will do the other ‘Lanka’ tracks. Ninjin Loves You Yeah!

    @ biankita

    Emo mecha anime is awesome! When Kazuya “RICHARD” gets real down, he plays TEH DRUMS!

    Do You Remember how GMA 7 marketed this show on primetime? OH LULZ:

    Erika swooping down from the sky in her nurse fuku, wings fully extended with Richard running to her, arms open…

    VO: “Ang telenovela ng mga SUPER ROBOT” cue “ON THE WINGS OF LOVE”


  11. Arachnicus says:

    Woah. woah. I like the song. Ha ha. Not bad.

  12. tflops says:

    Lol, I want the moar gay-ish part of the dub, it’s so funny.

  13. anon says:

    recently the filipino dubs were very monotonous. maybe, since we only have a handful of seiyuus to choose from and they don’t seem competitive(to me). :p

    my favorite tagalog dub was hunter x hunter. i was 10, but i was so inlove with kurapika and killua’s voice that i risked getting spanked with rattan everyday for prioritising animu over homework. XD

    i wish tv5 picks up moar decent title and train their seiyuus moar and air cg r2 and not delete the “YES, MY LORD!” lines.

  14. ghostlightning says:

    @ Arachnius

    Yeah, it’s quite a good performance.

    @ tflops

    Which part of the dub do you consider gay-ish?

    @ anon

    We’re considering producing a fandub for an episode just to share with tv5 so as to show them possibilities. It’s just an exercise in translation and won’t fix problems re lack of seiyuu talent, but I think it’s worth a try.

  15. soulassassin says:

    Local dubs are mostly hit-or-miss, depending on who’s playing the character, who’s the sound director, and who wrote the script. Their enemies are time, budget, in-fighting among some dubbers, the idiosyncrasies of their paying customer — in this case, TV stations — and very unrealistic expectations from some quarters of their intended audience.

    Sometimes there are unexpected masterpieces in which they actually sound just as good as their Japanese counterparts, but in other cases there are some mediocre casting, wrong translation and so on, a laundry list of a purist’s nightmare.

    Furthermore, because of the limited time and budget a TV station doles out in dubbing production, the Filipino dubber wind up having to handle up to around six-eight characters in one session — and up to about six hours per episode.

    Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer what he/she really wants to see and hear, but the reason why I sometimes patronize the local versions is that even though some of it sounds laughable (Tagalog Code Diyes… er, Geass comes to mind), it’s the only way for me to indirectly support the studios and the seiyuus who worked hard on it, because the stations are paying for the licenses.

    Nevertheless, part of my business is to point out to some dubbers their errors and have them resolved.

  16. lainofthewired says:

    I know this stuff’s old, but I HAVE to mention the Ninja Scroll dub from Manga Entertainment. Not only is the acting superb, I consider the dialogue superior to the original Japanese. Yes, the dub is better that the original, not because it’s in English, but because it has better writing.

  17. maAkusutipen says:

    there is a movement in youtube that Filipino’s are dubbing OP and ED into the vernacular?

    I particularly like the Sakura Kiss Fil dub from Ouran Host Club…

    The opening lines were hilarious!

    Well I also saw there was a Gundam 00 one, day break’s bell i think. But I did not bother to look cause I prefer the Taiko no Tatsujin version in the DS compared to the original. hehehe

    I am really for dubs earnestly made because they provide the avenue to spread the love. I think going to look for the original material and trying to watch it with subs or even raw is the mark of the true fan!! hehehe

  18. maAkusutipen says:

    Errr this is not a Phil dub but I am amused by the sheer level of fandom in this one. this is rather sketchy if he did this himself or is just acting but exposing himself for the fandom, I give him props for it…

    Oh btw you need a nico nico account to see this… hehehe


    as for other phil dubs I will post some links here later… hehehe

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