Giant Robots are for Livestock

The OH! team is doing a series of mini-posts in which each member explores the most important lesson anime has taught them.

Giant mecha are instruments of destruction and desolation. They’re for fighting wars and breaking lots and lots of stuff. Turn-A Gundam radically changed all this by transporting poultry, swine, and a fine specimen of cow through hostile territory; directly preventing the starvation of a refugee family.

Message to Celestial Being: Gundams can be for peace yo! Destroying military installations and enemy mecha is well and good, but sometimes saving a cow is fine too.

In case you were wondering, they're standing on Turn-A Gundam's hand.

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19 Responses to Giant Robots are for Livestock

  1. Kiri says:

    Seems like a perfectly sound idea to me. The livestock won’t be traumatized or anything. Though I guess the mental state of beef doesn’t matter much anyway.

  2. IKnight says:

    Have you seen its Laundry Mode yet?

  3. @ Kiri

    In the context of that episode, what they valued in the cow was the milk production. They made remarks that I won’t be able to forget:

    “Look at those udders!”

    Tomino can really be funny sometimes, though I’m never sure if he’s trying to be.

    @ Iknight

    Hoho no, but something to look forward to then! The above episode is where I currently am. I gave up on Turn-A after this episode earlier this year, but I’m committed to complete it now.

  4. Sakura says:

    LOL, well if Celestial Being is committed to peace it should carry out some more peaceful missions right?

    @IKnight does it wash AND dry? 😉

  5. Rakuen says:

    @ghostlightning: Perhaps not transporting a cow is Celestial Being’s ‘udder’ defeat. There, I said it.

    Maybe they can use those Gundams to make a giant pizza– Something Knightmares failed at.

  6. schneider says:

    @ Rakuen

    You’d be surprised. The Turn-A’s hands are supposedly so sensitive that they can be used to pick up a regular human-sized bucket of water. In the novel that is.

  7. ghostlightning says:

    @ Sakura

    Celestial Being is stuck being a ‘terrorist for peace’ armed group. Apparently, they were planned to play that role by Harry Seldon Aeolia Shchenberg, and nothing more.

    So I think I’m really being unfair to ask them to redistribute agrarian assets, to – let’s say, Azadistan. They’re better outfitted to attack threats like the Memento Mori.

    But since even Tieria has renounced the plan, Veda, and being an innovator, they can do anything now!

    @ Rakuen & schneider

    Since mobile suits > knightmare frames, I would have to agree. I would want to see a pizza battle composed of a team of suits. Pick your 4 and I’ll show you mine:

    Big Zam (mobile armors are allowed!)
    Gundam Virtue
    Dendrobium Orchis/Stamen

    To make the ultimate 12-cheese pizza. Iron Chef Gundam is on!

  8. 21stcenturydigitalboy says:

    Laundry Mode – best Gundam moment ever.

  9. riceisnice says:

    I’ve never understood the need for gundam. I’m sure with the money spent on each one, better, more efficient, and more discrete weapons could be possible. But, who am I to question gundam?
    I have to agree though, a laundry machine of that magnitude is win.

  10. ghostlightning says:

    @ riceisnice

    Oh believe me I indulge these conversations. Ultimately, there is no real justification for humanoid giant robots, at all. They provide no real strategic nor tactical advantage.

    How does the Gundam franchise handwave this? The use of ‘Minovsky Particles’ renders electronic measures such as radar and long-range guidance systems inoperable, thereby legitimizing the development of multi-purpose humanoid fighters: mobile suits.

    Macross handwaves this by introducing giant humanoid opponents (the Zentraedi), the fighters transformed into humanoid form in preparation for tactical scenarios against such giant humanoids.

    Super robots just kick reason to the curb (rule of cool, etc,).

    Do any of these attempts at justification truly work? No, not really. But I enjoy anime to be entertained, and very little HARD science fiction has inspired me to take it on for the purposes of entertainment. Giant robots are fun, and Gundam delivers.

  11. Maggeh says:

    Gundam delivers? Gundam is the very reason why I hate mecha anime.

    I remember watching this Gundam movie while I was in Korea. It was during middle school. A Saturday. An extra-curricular activity day (basically, where you just went to the mandatory club you signed up for for a few hours). I took the computer club, which basically allowed students to do anything as long as it wasn’t against school rules. Anyhow, on one of those days, they had a Gundam movie running. I watched. I resolved never to watch mecha anime again.

    That’s why I stick to non-mecha anime, like Code Geass and Eureka SeveN, and read non-mecha manga, like Pluto and Kurogane no Linebarrel.

    Gun-damn-it-all, I say.

  12. ghostlightning says:

    @ Maggeh

    What movie was that?

    Gundam is such a big franchise, that undoubtedly you’ll find crap. I wouldn’t touch SEED, and SEED Destiny – even if these titles spawned a generation of awesome fans.

    Code Geass is quite derivative of Gundam, and not even the better ones! (It was said to be SEED done right by some).

    I wasn’t instantly a Gundam fan, I’ve seen and rejected at least 4 series before I liked 00, which led me to re-watch some of the series I disliked, including Turn-A.

    My friend Mechafetish developed this guide for those who’re curious about Gundam, but may be having difficulty finding one that they like. Please try it. ^_^ (be sure to click on the link marked GO! at the end of the post)

  13. Sakura says:

    I’m just a whore for a cool looking machine and so I love Gundam. I’m telling you the Kyrios and Virtue kits I saw at Vault of Midnight wanted to come home with me, as did Master Grade Wing (but not for that price).

    Funnily enough hubby didn’t say no about more model kits in the future, he just said I need to build my Valkyries first… XD

  14. Giant mechas of destruction only have two functions:

    Destroy and Obliterate

    have you ever seen Alister’s robots from Yu-Gi-Oh? Or Joey Wheeler’s Red Eyes Black Dragon armour? Yeah.

    Robots are made to take over mankind!!! Just kidding.

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  16. moritheil says:

    I’m impressed that you didn’t go for the obvious “Don’t have a cow” reference. Restraint in writing is seldom praised, so let me praise you here.

  17. Thanks morithail, though it’s quite undeserved because it’s never crossed my mind. My memories of Bart Simpson are part of the neon colors of the early 90s I try not to recall. ^_^

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