A Decultard Look On Current Anime – Episode 0
























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25 Responses to A Decultard Look On Current Anime – Episode 0

  1. lolikitsune says:

    I’m really pissed that I got all of that.

  2. animekritik says:

    Actually, when you look it at it like that, all the shows sound really retarded!!

  3. schneider says:

    I chuckled at the White Album and Akikan ones.

  4. Panther says:

    Haha nice way to put it Bian. Liked the Yoichi and Sorakake ones.

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  6. TheBigN says:

    I skipped the ones I haven’t seen (but read what amounted to a spoiler for me in one of the ones I did read! D:), but I enjoyed this format. 😛

  7. gaguri says:

    That is criminally cute

  8. taleweaver says:

    really nice! and really funny!

  9. omisyth says:

    One word answer: Rohypnol.

  10. ghostlightning says:

    I’m so happy We Remember Love has some kind of preview for upcoming shows/shows that just started. This is better than I expected. Thank you biankita – you made my day in many ways! ^_^

  11. Now. You need a blogger-edition where troubled bloggers seek help from Ranka puppy and Lady Sheryl.

  12. biankita says:

    at least there’s another person who got it on all levels.

    they’re all retarded, but they’re fun anyway so why not?

    oops! toradora and marimite are the only ones with real spoilers. i really tried to tone everything down to just the premise to not spoil the shows for everyone. but thanks.

    according to the internet, chemical composition too complex. also afraid of potential side effects.

    thank YOU for letting me bothering you with it over and over for the last three days for proper character calibration.happy birthday!
    “Thank you biankita – you made my day in many ways! ^_^” -> that’s only because i’m really pretty to look at. XD more outings for us bloggers!

    @The Sojourner
    actually, the original plan was to have several bloggers reply to “the questions” rather than the triangular, but that would have taken too much time.

    @schneider, Panther, gaguri & aleweaver
    thank you.

  13. sybilant says:

    Awww. Honto kawaii des!

  14. gloval says:

    loved the bobby and capt. wilder cameos, moar cameos please next episode!

  15. SVince51 says:

    great post ghostlightning!! it made my day. although I feel embarassed that I “understood” all of them!

  16. SVince51 says:

    correction, great post biankita!

  17. hazy says:

    Sadly, I got all of them. :3 I guess doing first impressions does have some benefits(??) Lol @ Akikan.

    Loved the we’ll-read-your-mail theme! ^_^

  18. biankita says:

    thanks *^^*

    wut next episode? O_O this was intended to be a oneshot.

    if you feel embarrassed reading and getting all the jokes, think about being on the other side writing it.

    thanks… ^^ when the season is not as stellar as we want it to be, we all think up of crazy things to make it much more interesting.

  19. Lbrevis says:

    This was great, it made me laugh and was way too cute. I got all of the jokes as well… guess that’s just further proof (not that I needed any) that I watch too much anime. Hope you do another one of these sometime.

  20. Rakuen says:


    This is deculture. I’ll run away now.

  21. Rakuen says:

    By the way, this post is really for the lulz. You brightened up my messed up day.

  22. kaeboo says:


    drag bianx into more mecha anime! pleeease! hehehe 😉


    more posts like this. ^__^ ‘grats! very entertaining. made me forget the person i would want to kick just a few moments ago.

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  24. Sakura says:

    Oh gawd I watch too much anime.

    I demand more of this, its hella cute!

  25. biankita says:

    don’t hold your breath. i wanna keep it fresh so i’m still catching up with the rest of the macross franchise to do it. maybe. i don’t know. see you in the spring!

    why run away from deculture?

    as i mentioned, i’m still catching up with the rest of the series.

    we all watch too much anime. as for more, maybe.

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