I GOT BREWED! Moyashimon surprised the hell out of me.

I watched and finished Moyashimon fairly quick. It’s 11 episodes felt like nothing. Do I like it? Yes. If find it very entertaining and educational. Lbrevis and I have been talking about its possible use as audiovisual material in science education. My background is (was) in literature education at the university level so I’m in no way an authority in recommending this.

But that conversation happened when I was only 4 episodes into the series. I may have to revise my opinion.


Um, yes. Moyashimon is one of the gayest anime I’ve ever seen that isn’t specifically targeted to the bl/yaoi fanbase. I won’t spoil the other SURPRISING incidents. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, only that I don’t think sexually charged scenes regardless of orientation will distract anyone watching it for the biology.

Furthermore, a lot of the science goes into the development of alcoholic beverages so I’m not too sure if it’ll be fit for educational use. In any case, it’s a very entertaining anime. It doesn’t go for cheap laughs, despite the image I put up. It’s time well brewed.

ranka lee kira kira moyashimon let's brew

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17 Responses to I GOT BREWED! Moyashimon surprised the hell out of me.

  1. omo says:

    Glad to see the germ found a new home.

  2. xau says:


    thx for the heads up

  3. schneider says:

    I liked the school festival episode with the “mech”. And the one with the expanding can of foul-smelling meat.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    @ omo

    The germs are welcome here.

    @ xau

    Yes, it’s quite cool. Some characters are really odd (in a cool way), without being unnecessarily over the top.

    @ schneider

    That can of foul-smelling meat (from Sweden I think) is the one bit of science that’s being contested. The claim is that you never open that can in a room under any circumstances.

  5. biankita says:

    moyashimon is a totally awesome show. i hope you watched the little microbe skits after every ED! ^^ they’re actually the only ones with the bit of education in it. the show itself was just for the lulz.

  6. no name says:


    Moyashimon is awesome. Was quite a nice watch, you could’ve used the goth loli kiss image :V.

    “Some characters are really odd (in a cool way), without being unnecessarily over the top.” You haven’t read the manga 😀

  7. TheBigN says:

    I didn’t mind what the show “turned into”, since from the start, it seemed like we would get a good wacky dosage of college life. The awesome microbes were the main point, as awesome as they were.

    Which was your favorite microbe, BTW?

  8. ghostlightning says:

    @ biankita

    The education wasn’t limited to the mini-shows at the end, there’s a lot to learn about biology, energy conservation, and other things throughout the narrative.

    But yes, lulz were had!

    @ no name

    I didn’t want to use that image because I didn’t want to spoil more than I have to. I was really surprised after the midway point as to what kind of show it was turning into.

    Well, yes I haven’t read it. I guess an escalation of oddity is to be expected.

    @ TheBigN

    I didn’t mind either, I just wasn’t prepared for it lol. My favorite is the Lbrevis microbe: A. Oryzae. Waifu can’t get enough of it as well, and when she does the impression of the Oryzae doing it’s little dance in the OP… MOEEEEEEEE*A*EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. rabbitpoets says:

    “Moyashimon is one of the gayest anime I’ve ever seen that isn’t specifically targeted to the bl/yaoi fanbase.”

    lol, that’s so true actually. for an agriculture college, it had the hottest anime girls i’ve ever seen (mutou ftw). and the most trapalicious trap to boot.

    if my memory serves me correct, i thought the show ended on a weird note. i seemed like it was begging for a second season

  10. ghostlightning says:

    @ rabbitpoets

    YES. I was totally caught off guard by the hawtness of the female character designs. Mutou is incredible, as well as that cheerleader/bartender friend of hers.

    I wouldn’t mind another season at all.

  11. Jarmel says:

    This was a great anime with the traps, yuri, college life(which I was extremely happy about as way too much anime happens in high school), and the amazingly unique concept. I think the novels or something got licensed in the US but it really is a shame this hasn’t been released in the US. This should do another season as it was both unique and good(rare nowadays).

  12. Martin says:

    I loved Moyashimon for aiming low, going nowhere but being an absolute blast to watch. Hell, the plot was nonexistent: it was wall-to-wall sketch comedy and daft situations, which is what made it such fun. It’s in dire need of a second season though.

    The Oryzae and the sake brewing were the stars of the show really, but the traptastic EGL scene and shoujo-ai innuendo were the icing on the cake for me. Good to know I’m not the only Muuto fanboy around here too…

    And yeah, the science behind it was really convincing and actually very thoroughly researched. I studied biology up to degree level so I was in my element in that sense too, but university for me was NEVER like this! Shame, that.

  13. ghostlightning says:

    @ Jarmel

    Yes, I wish more anime were set in college. I’ve come across White Album, but I’ve dropped that. I enjoyed Honey and Clover, (live action) Nodame Cantabile, and Itazura na Kiss. (I may be missing a few). What other anime is set in a college university environment?

    @ Martin

    I wish I wrote that first paragraph of yours, sums up my feelings for the anime just as well.

    Yes, those scenes really gave my mind a few twists – but never too distractingly. I felt that even though these things stole the show, they never did run away with it so I still feel the core of the show = the biology, is quite intact.

    Hmm, studying literature and creative writing was never like Honey and Clover or Nodame Cantabile for me either, so I very much relate. Shame indeed.

  14. dm says:

    The Moyashimon manga won the same award that Genshiken and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei did. Del Rey seems to have made a habit of picking up the series that win those awards, so I’m hoping that they’ll do the Moyashimon manga eventually, as well.

    I would never have expected to enjoy as show sub-titled “Tales of Agriculture” as much as I enjoyed Moyashimon.

  15. biankita says:


    if you want college anime, go for genshiken. something painfully relate-able to our lifestyle XD

  16. ghostlightning says:

    @ biankita

    Relatable? I did worse. I watched otaku no video, and I couldn’t figure out if I should be elated or depressed. It started out from college straight through old age and to the edge of the galaxy.

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