The Day Has Come


TODAY February 7, 2009 SOUTH ATARIA ISLAND, U. N. SPACY Space Battleship Super Dimension Fortress-1 christened Macross last January 19th launched from South Ataria Island in the Pacific Ocean, in response to an attack by unknown enemies presumed to be extraterrestrials. The Macross was also reported to have fired its main gun while still in its launchpad. Satellite reports that targets have been destroyed.

Reports have also arrived that the Macross has completely disappeared, but is not destroyed. Speculation and explanation from U. N. SPACY sources tell us that the Macross executed what is being called a hyperspace fold from within the atmosphere. U. N. SPACY has not issued a statement regarding the matter, but scientists proclaim that the performance of such an action is of tremendous risk and should not, under no circumstances have been done. The SDF-1 Macross is led by Capt. Bruno S. Global.

In addition to the disappearance of the Macross, the entire civilian city is reported to be wiped out, as if it had never existed on the island, plus two U. N. Spacy aircraft carriers: the Prometheus, and the Daedalus. No information as to the whereabouts of the Macross or any of the aircraft carriers and the civilian population of South Ataria Island is available at present.

According to this aritcle, the official launching ceremony will be held in Akihabara in February 22, 2009. But according to the existing timeline it is on February 7. Besides, /m/ is celebrating today! I join my /m/asters in remembering love.

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12 Responses to The Day Has Come

  1. schneider says:

    Hah, I’m banned from posting in /m/, it’s a global ISP block.

  2. OGT says:

    This needed DATELINE: SOUTH ALTARIA ISLAND, but that’s a quibble.

    Personally, I’m worried–if we’re being invaded, and the SDF-1 is gone….what happens to us? Are we all going to die so that the…whatevers…can make some culture?

  3. ghostlightning says:

    @ schneider

    That’s some major failing at life going on son.

    @ OGT

    >>This needed DATELINE: SOUTH ALTARIA ISLAND, but that’s a quibble.


    I think most of us have about 12-16 months left to live. Some Golg Bodolle Zer fleet is going to make troubles for usses I thinks.

  4. gloval says:

    The launch ceremony must’ve been set to 2/22 to play with words, so to speak. It appears 2=nyan. Could anyone confirm?

    Yes, I can feel the “history” 🙂

  5. Pontifus says:

    Godspeed, Macross!

    @Captain Global: About a year from now, do me a favor and pick me up at some point before you engage the Boddole Zer fleet. You may not know why I make this request, but trust me, you will.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    @ gloval

    I thing you’re right. nyan nyan is full of enough sound force to warp time and change the past.

    @ Pontifus

    They make a landing in the Pacific, and head over Toronto (I think) at some point. Meet them when they reach the West Coast. DO NOT GO TO CANADA. Trust me.

    I’m selling out and getting on Kaifun’s good side so he’ll take me along when he joins Minmei when she drops by Yokohama.

  7. Sakura says:

    Can I sign up to pilot my very own Valkyrie?

  8. Lbrevis says:

    My friend Roy Focker was on that ship… I hope he gets back ok!

  9. ghostlightning says:

    @ Sakura

    It wasn’t until Basara’s time that civilians had access to Valkyries, but it would seem that your husband has very good connections…

    @ Lbrevis

    So you’re the xxxx Claudia was freaking out about! I don’t think she likes you that much.

  10. gloval says:

    I recommend going to the Lunar colony building the SDF-2. Absolutely no risk of death from the hands of the Zentradi. Just be careful not to get into any workplace accidents.

  11. Sakura says:

    @gl, That is true, maybe I can fly that prototype he was talking about…

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