LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol 2: Battle of the Dancing Planets

Here we have two versions of Planet Dance, which is the track that opened Fire Bomber’s first performance with Basara playing lead guitar and vocals in Macross 7 episode 01. Not coincidentally at all, In one of the first organized battles featuring Ozma’s Skull Squadron of the SMS in Macross Frontier, Planet Dance was the first tactical formation he employed (Ozma being a hardcore Fire Bomber fan named the Skull Squadron’s tactical formations after Fire Bomber tracks).

From Animelo 2006

From I don’t know where and when since I can’t read moon runes.

Here Yoshiyuki Fukuyama is joined by Chie Kajiura who is also the singing voice of Mylene Jenius in Macross 7.

Did that just make you remember love? I’ll be posting more every week just to make sure you do.

Volume 1.

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8 Responses to LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol 2: Battle of the Dancing Planets

  1. Martin says:

    Aw man, that’s…awesome. I feel inclined to watch M7 now since I didn’t know it was so rock-orientated until now! Reminds me of AC/DC a little…top-notch guitar pr0n at work there. I approve. ^_^

  2. ghostlightning says:

    Man, I’m 20 episodes into Macross 7 and I think it’s a very intelligent, if not the most intelligent installment of the franchise. (But do watch SDF-1 first)

    WAIT! Macross 7 intelligent?

    First of all, if you’re to enjoy this show there are things you’ll have to forgive and you’ll have to be very very forgiving:

    1. Uber-crappy animation circa 1997. No excuse for this one especially it’s tangentially a sequel to Macross Plus. The fights are atrociously animated, and the sequences are re-used again and again (acceptable in SDF-Macross in 1982, not this time).

    2. Mecha look goofy, especially the enemy’s. The poor animation makes the mecha look un-graceful. Since the mecha are descended from Macross Plus, the battloid modes look goofy to begin with. The valkyrie modes remain sweet.

    3.. Mind-bending logic. I’m talking about willingness to take dogfights in public (populated areas), firing mecha weapons into buildings, inconsistent weapon damage upon mecha and surroundings (sometimes a gunshot is less than a gunshot, sometimes more), AMONG OTHER THINGS.

    4. The main plot is unclear to me even almost at halfway through the series.

    IF YOU CAN GET PAST ALL OF THAT, then Macross 7 is blissfully, and I mean blissfully rewarding.

    1. Basara is unique among Macross aces. He is awesome and ridiculously moronic. Many people don’t take to him, but he’s been my gravatar from the start. He is godly.

    2. Mylene Flare Jenius is the most winsome of all Macross idols. Mylene > Minmei > Sheryl > Ranka. I irrationally favor Ranka and Minmei will forever hold my loyalty but Mylene is the easiest to love.

    3. MAX KANCHOU. Max Jenius is the captain of Battle 7. He is the greatest ace pilot in all of anime. And if Pontifus is to be indulged, you will feel moe for him. But he is bad ass as ever.

    4. MILLYA FALLNYA JENIUS. She is the mayor of Macross City 7. She is the greatest Zentraedi ace and arguably the second greatest ace pilot in all of anime. She’s Max’s waifu, and the mother of Mylene. She is awesome throughout the series.

    5. Deliberate and fulfilling nostalgia fanservice, but only if you’ve seen and love SDF Macross and DYRL. This is a big deal for me, and it’s very rewarding.

    6. The music is pretty damn good. They get repeated a lot with crappy animation (Planet Dance more often than most), but there are a lot of songs and I actually like almost all of them.

    7. VAMPIRES. IN SPACE. Yes, them’s the enemy.

    The episodes will come to you as a total joke and you’ll be fine with it because it’s such lighthearted fun. You’ll come to expect and love Basara’s stupid antics. And just when you least expect it you’ll get episodes that are so well done and serious that you just love yourself for being a fan of Macross.

  3. gloval says:

    LOL, you have the right approach in viewing M7.

    Just some minor points…

    Could you confirm that Basara doesn’t shoot down his opponents? He just sings to them all the while dodging their shots. That makes him awesome.

    Also, I consider M7 music a close second to that of Plus. I might be partial to 1990s music, but that’s how I see it. (On a related note, Macross in this decade had the best visuals while the 1980s still had the best storytelling). I find Basara as the best performer among the Macross singers and this even extends to their real-life counterparts. Well again, I just might be partial to rock stars, heheh.

    Could you also confirm that Battle 7 had bad-ass maneuvers that could rival the recent exploits of Battle Frontier and Macross Quarter?

  4. ghostlightning says:

    1. Basara sings, doesn’t damage opponents willingly. He’s been compromised to fire missiles, which he hates.

    2. I haven’t seen enough of Battle 7.

    Go watch this. I’ll do a proper post on M7 as well.

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