LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol. 3: The Seventh Moon gives off a HOLY LONELY LIGHT

Time for more Macross music! In this post we have the track from the first OP of Macross 7, performed live and acoustic. Also, one of the most fun tracks in the discography: the duet version of HOLY LONELY LIGHT.

I don’t know what is it yet about Fire Bomber tracks. They’re not especially cool. They were done in the mid-90s when Soundgarden and the Smashing Pumpkins were my favorite music, but they sound straight from the 80s, maybe sounding like late KISS, or Motley Crue, but over 9000 times more wholesome.7th Moon ‘unplugged’


Again, Chie Kajiura joins Fukuyama Yoshiyuki in this rocking, ROCKING track.

Did that just make you remember love? I’ll post even more every week to make sure you do!

Volume 2.

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8 Responses to LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol. 3: The Seventh Moon gives off a HOLY LONELY LIGHT

  1. LBrevis says:

    There is no Macross song that makes me want to jump around and make a fool of myself more than Holy Lonely Night. And oh wow, just look at that guitar. Fukuyama is the man.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    I really can’t choose, I’ve so many favorites. I’m still looking for a Heart and Soul video. That one rocks my galaxy.

  3. rollchan says:

    VOICES by Arai Akino, one of the BEST.

    makes me smile when I’m sad, makes me sleep @ night, too. LOL! 🙂

  4. Martin says:

    The first one’s nice and chilled, but the second one indeed rocks. The guitar work is so…freaking…bad-ass. Fantastic!

  5. ghostlightning says:

    @ rollchan

    I’ll do my best to find a live performance of that. It’s what got me interested in Kanno Yoko after all.

    @ Martin

    Yeah Holy Lonely Light is quite the upper of a drug. I’m at the point in Macross 7 that Fire Bomber has just finished writing it and have started playing it live (halfway through the anime). The awesome part of it all is that there’s even more good tracks to come.

  6. rollchan says:


    yeah, Yoko Kanno is a great composer. Much like Yuki Kajiura. 🙂

  7. gloval says:

    This is rock and roll; therefore this is awesome 😀

    Hope you have Angel Voice in your lineup. And if hopefully if there’s Voices, there will also be Information High. It’s my fave Macross song.

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