LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol. 4: Try Again to Remember 16

Here’s more Fire Bomber for you! I had just finished watching Macross 7 last night and boy I’m still so high! When the flower girL finally–  nah I shouldn’t spoil it, no matter how inconsequential the incident is. In a 49 episode anime that is arguably an excercise of gratuitous filler – these little things DO PROVIDE AWESOME MOMENTS OF WIN AND HEARTWARMING.  Here’s some music!When you really need to win, play TRY AGAIN!




Omake! The Macross franchise has awesome fans. Some of them are capable of doing this:

GothLoli Princess bass cover of LION (2nd official OP of Macross Frontier); you don’t have that level of musicianship in most pop music. If I were a bassist, I wouldn’t mind playing for Kanno Yoko.

VOL. 3

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11 Responses to LISTEN TO MY SONG! Vol. 4: Try Again to Remember 16

  1. Aizen says:

    Damn, the goth loli (if she really is a loli and not a trap trying to look loli) covered her panties 😦

  2. ghostlightning says:


    I think it’s a trap.

  3. animekritik says:

    i think it’s not a trap, but something far far worse: an ugly girl.

  4. Here you go. The most awesome fan-related work of Lion. CLICK HERE.

  5. Turambar says:

    Why don’t we go all the way? It’s an ugly trap.

  6. xau says:

    i also call trap

  7. gloval says:

    LOL trap. There’s also the piano version of Lion that makes me go dekulchaa with the player’s skillz. If he could just play with more enthusiasm though.

    still waiting for Angel Voice and Macross Plus music 😉

  8. Martin says:

    If it’s a trap I’ll have to start questioning my sexual orientation! ^_^’

    From a totally objective, music geek and non-EGL fanboying perspective, that’s some pretty impressive fretboard work there. The other vids are tempting me to pick up my own waifu and figure out the guitar parts to some of Kanno’s stuff (although I draw the line at crossplaying for Youtube). If I can work out how to do Some Other Time or Yakitori (from GitS SAC) I’ll go to my grave happy!

    Reluctantly tearing my eyes and ears away from the EGL bass, the other two are cool too…it’s not often I hear a guitar solo on an acoustic without it sounding naff so props to him for making such a good job of a nicely chilled-out number. Good old Firebomber!

    • ghostlightning says:

      The trap derailed this post but that’s ok. I think it’s the same trap that did Triangler on bass while wearing a Nagato Yuki cosplay.

      All this Fire Bombing got me to pick up my old steel-string and figure out ‘Totsugeki Love Heart’ so I know how you feel. It’ll take me some time to get the rhythm of practice back because my hands move so slow now.

      I do hope that you find a way to watch the original SDF then DYRL so you can finally watch Macross 7. Against my better judgment it has become my favorite Macross sequel.

  9. ghostlightning says:

    @ The Sojourner

    That’s pretty awesome shit, right up there with the organist featured in Sankaku recently.

    @ gloval

    Those will come, I’m trying to do this as a weekly post anyway.

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