LISTEN TO MY SONG! VOL. 5: An Angel Voice on Submarine Street

Here are two ballads sung by Nekki Basara in Dynamite 7 and Macross 7 respectively.  Dynamite 7 is at least as absurd as Macross 7 but with a decidedly universal love for ecology. In this case Basara isn’t singing to space vampires, he’s singing to space whales. Yes, you read that right.

Also has disturbing naughty fanservice, although I can’t really tell when its being played straight. In any case, Dynamite 7 is a lot like ‘Basara’s Adventures in Space.’ It’s not as bad as it sounds.

Angel Voice Anime Friends 2008, with JAM Project

Angel Voice (unknown acoustic performance)

Submarine Street live in 2005

Submarine Street Acoustic

I love Submarine Street. I can see it so fresh in my mind Basara trying to wake up the Sleeping Space Vampire Sivil using this song, Gigil in the shadows. Good times, Macross; good times.


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8 Responses to LISTEN TO MY SONG! VOL. 5: An Angel Voice on Submarine Street

  1. otou-san says:

    disturbing naughty fanservice?

  2. Emperor J says:

    Having not seen Dynamite 7, fortunately it seems. The thoughts of space whales just makes me think of Star Trek IV. I feel so old.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Don’t get me wrong, Dynamite 7 is a great watch and perhaps (arguably) lays the foundation of the Macross ethos as a whole (pacifism and ecological responsibility). I really just got caught surprised by that one scene.

  3. gloval says:

    Finally! My favorite version of Angel Voice is actually a fan-made duet between Yoshiki and Mari Ijima.

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