Macross Dynamite 7 is an OVA side story in the Macross franchise, similar to Macross Plus in that it is set entirely in peace time. Totally unlike Macross Plus, Dynamite is outrageously silly – perhaps even sillier and more ridiculous than Macross 7.

Fire Bomber returns, but with everyone in the band decidedly taking a back seat to Basara who’s decided to travel across the galaxy intending to make anyone and anything to listen to his song. His sudded departure led to Mylene giving chase, which leads to utterly preposterous Fire Bomber concerts (yes it happens more than once) wherein the missing band members are replaced with… wait for it: cardboard props (and the fans eat it up anyway). I promise you that I can’t make this up if I tried.


And there’s this whole bit about SPACE WHALES. Yes, Basara – bless his heart, will attempt to make them listen to his song.


Fortunately for everyone involved, the soundtrack is spectacular. The OP in particular is pretty awesome. This to me, is the most rocking song in all of Macross.

Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me is a theatrical release accompanying the movie version of Macross Plus. Another side story, only set during the Macross 7 continuity proper. Some of the old shitty villains make a lovable (or not) appearance. But the real highlight is Emilia Jenius, one of the 7 daughters of Max and Millya. She is pretty hawt and awesome – and fully Macron-sized Meltran (with more natural proportions than, let’s say, Klan Klan), if rather fail as an idol wannabe. That said, she had this power ballad duet of pure win with Basara (who else).


Here it is, performed live by San Hoshi Hino, a J-Pop band from Argentina. Yes, you read that correctly. We remember love for Macross and Fire Bomber throughout the galaxy.

VOL. 6

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  1. Dop says:

    Oh yes, the space whales bit was prepostrous. The bad ripoff of Moby Dick was bad enough but once the white spacewhale started singing back to Basara I was in stitches!

  2. Ryan A says:

    Sweet dynamite! Also, that guitar, singing battle in the bottom cap looks rad.

  3. ghostlightning says:

    @ Dop

    I suppose “bad ripoff” of Moby Dick is fair. It was clear to me though that it wasn’t trying to steal an idea but rather paying homage to it.

    Yes, that final showdown with the great white whale will be one of the most awesome moments in anime for me.

    @ Ryan A

    You need to check this short flick out! It’s totally worth it if you’ve already seen Macross 7! While it isn’t good, it’s going to give you awesome moments and endear the totality of Macross 7 further to you.

  4. JELEINEN says:

    If you haven’t seen Fleet of the Strongest Woman yet, you must do so immediately. One of the funniest things ever.

    • ghostlightning says:

      I have! And I agree wholeheartedly. It’s one of those things I dare not write about because whatever it has that I’ll get excited about is absolutely spoileriffic.

      FotSW is one of the best pieces of Macross fanservice ever. EVAR!

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  6. drmchsr0 says:

    He’s not singing to space whales, he’s singing to SPACE SQUIDS/DONGS.

    There’s also a loveable loli for anyone who’s paying attention. D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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