Falling in Love with Eureka SeveN

eureka 7 10 if i had understood what your eyes were saying

[Can be considered to contain spoilers the same way a movie trailer can contain spoilers].

I think there’s a specifict moment when I discover a show to be special, a moment when I acknowledge the possibility that it just might become one of my favorites, or that it already is only that I don’t know it yet. I can’t begin to describe a typology for that moment, as it feels every bit as subjective as it sounds. I just know it when I know it. In Macross I knew it when the plane suddenly turned into a plane… with arms and legs! Hikaru losing the Gerwalk’s arm that held Minmei and his frantic efforts to get her in his cockpit. In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann it was when Kamina called out the most ridiculous attack: the ‘WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM? PAAANCH!’ In Cowboy Bebop it was when Spike flew out to fight Vicious for all the marbles, and ‘See You Space Cowboy’ started playing to score the moment.

I think I may have found mine for Eureka SeveN.

This is not to say that this is my favorite moment. A moment like this can arrive well after I’m convinced that I like a show, and can come so soon as to precede so many awesome moments that can eventually become my favorites. But the significance is that it is a first, and that the consequence is far-reaching. It may not even be that re-watchable, but it is so memorable that it is akin to falling in love as much as one can for a show.

By episode 10, I’m already a Eureka SeveN fan, but something happens in the first half that I find so charming in its totality that the show can turn to utter shit and still I would cherish this moment and the episode that gave it to me. All it is, is a promise anyway. Promises as uttered can be beautiful in the moment they are given. They can be appreciated independently from their fulfillment.

The slideshow depicts events in the first half of the episode.

The promise of the biggest of waves a hemisphere away teases me. I loved the idea that they had a way to catch up with it, to shoot for the upper reaches of the atmosphere, to go ‘higher than the sun.’ The episode had so much in it that charmed me and appealed to what I love about shows I watch and stuff I read. Tell me though, among the shows you love, while watching them, what was your first moment — how was your first time?

Further Reading

The role of re-watchability in the choice of favorites, or even the enjoyment of anime as a whole. (mechafetish 2009/02/20)

A personal note on re-discovering Eureka SeveN. [->]

Acknowledgments: To mechafetish who introduced me to the show; to otou-san who cheered me on to try it again; to 21stcenturydigitalboy, lelangir, OGT, and Lbrevis who acted as great character references for the show. I’m glad I listened to all of you eventually.

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44 Responses to Falling in Love with Eureka SeveN

  1. 7 says:

    I’m glad you’ve taken a liking to Eureka 7. Truth be told, I felt the same way while I was watching years some three-four years ago…so much that my fandom for this series made me do things I can never imagine myself doing ; things like lurking on some E7 forums for a good year and a half and following an E7 fanfic. In that regard, Zero G is just another way to capture the ‘Shounen Heart’, if you had not realized it yet.

    • That’s pretty intense fanboying. If you liked this then I’ll recommend that you watch Macross. Here’s a set of resources you can browse through [->]

      What is this ‘Shounen Heart’ you speak of?

      • sadakups says:

        Shounen Heart is the 2nd OP. And yeah, as much as some does not like the techno BGM, I actually dig it. If anything, “Niji” is THE song for Eureka Seven.

        • oh man, you mean this?

          It’s quite awesome, I must agree. I’m dling the OSTs too. I want to meet ‘Niji’ in due course, while watching the episodes.

          • sadakups says:

            Yeah, it’s that song. Although I still like “Days” and “Sakura” for the OP.

            Apparently, techno on mecha works. At least in my opinion. Don’t take my word for “Niji”, though. I just liked how it was used in the series. Not to mention that I am into techno/trance music.

  2. The best is yet to come for the first quarter. Wait for Acperience Part 1, if you’re anything like me you’ll know the moment when you see it.

    • I think I summed up episode 12 as:

      “dreams, butterflies, toilets, “‘capital ship’ ‘dogfights'” naked lolis in refrigerators…”

      I can’t say I’m a big fan of dream sequences and all the psychoanalytical references that come with it (even in Evangelion and Xam’d), but the episode is quite obviously focal in narrative significance.

  3. mechafetish says:

    I love this post!

    My personal 1st for E7 was at the start of the 2nd ep: “I CAN FLY!”, for TTGL, it was the opening sequence, for Cowboy Bebop, the end of the 1st ep with the red eye spilling out into space.

    There is definitely a correlation between these “fall in love moments” and rewatchability, but not a one is to one correspondence.

    Incidentally, now you get the reference when I named my serve. Hehe.

    Glad your enjoying the show. Hope to hear more about it from you as you continue to watch.

    • I’m glad you do!

      The ‘I CAN FLY’ moment for me was pretty good, only not as edifying as the ‘YOU CAN FLY’ moment in Disney’s Peter Pan (which still brings me to tears).

      Stoner in the recap epsiode (14) rambled interestingly on some epistemological/semiotic riffs, that I’ll write about if I can find the texts to cross-reference it with.

      As for your serve, you’ll have to make your ball toss much higher than what you’re doing. On it’s downward arc it better be glowing green and full of trapar H4xx.

  4. Camario says:

    Interesting post. I’m been beating around the bush about watching this for far too long, even back when it was actually airing, but…by now seems I should go right into it.

    • I can’t blame you because it took me a lot of time and a lot of convincing to try watching it again after I didn’t connect with it the first time. I would also say that the OST is superb and whose strength is enough to merit watching 14 episodes.

  5. Ryan A says:

    Oh that was a good moment, makes me snicker again. YOUTH! Personally, I think it’s these viewing moments/connections which extend a sense of nostalgia to a series, after the curtain falls. Where we can think back, smile and have that feeling, “so good.”

  6. sadakups says:

    Macross’s missile dogfights + Evangelion/RahXephon’s psychological babbling + love story of Gundam X = Eureka Seven.

    Seriously though, without comparing it to anything, I do like Eureka Seven. Of course, what really got me into watching this is well, it has mecha that SURFS. The story is quite confusing at parts, and it took me a rewatch to somewhat fully understand much of it.

    Oh, by the way, I HEARD the Eureka Seven movie is out.

    • I don’t know if it’s out, but I did see this:

      • sadakups says:

        Yes, that’s it. I haven’t seen it for myself (I’m not sure if everyone already did), but apparently, they’re doing a Pluralitas Concentio.

        Know what, bring this up makes me want to do a third run of this series.

  7. DonKangolJones says:

    Wow! They way you’re gushing over the 1st quarter of the series, I’m wondering if I missed anything in my initial viewing. I may have to rewatch this, at least for a better understanding of the ending. Oh I wish I could say more about this series, but I’ll wait until you get to mid to late 20’s before I start talking about the intensity of the characters and this series. No matter what, it’s always nice to watch someone become a fan. 🙂

    • I think that it’s very important for a long series to make a big case for it’s first part. It has to connect with me in a big way. Otherwise even if there is awesomeness at the end, I will have problems recommending the show.

  8. Doctor says:

    I was aware of this series three years ago. It seemed interesting and I knew I would like it, but something told me to wait. Three years later, after watching hundreds of shows, I finally said it was time. Worth the wait. You summed up what I felt at that moment of the show. That is where you know you are watching something special.

    • Thanks, and I’m glad to know that there’s a possibility of universality in the particular experience I had at this point. Btw, Renton really did say “Zero-G banzai!”

      • Doctor says:

        I’m aware. I actually watched this in English and Japanese. Both worked for different reasons. Regardless, it didn’t take anything away from the scene.

  9. Episode 12 was my first moment, but I think episodes 20 and onwards all had their own moments of awesome and by ep 25 I was so pulled into the show it couldn’t have dodged my top 5.

    Gurren Lagann was a favorite shooter as of episode 8 probably, though the very last episode is when it solidified it’s place for me.

    both ef and Manabi earned their places in the shows’ final moments where the last steps were taken from ‘awesome’ to ‘OMG amazing’.

  10. schneider says:

    Dominic does something both incredibly wussy and manly at the same time near the end of the series, and I was laughing at the monitor with tears streaming down my face afterwards. You’ll know it when you see it.

  11. drmchsr0 says:

    Dunno if it applies, but I realized that K-ON is totally worth watching after reading through the manga.

    Chapter 14, Page 3. Mugi is revealed to be a lesbian (or is gay for Mio, I dunno).

    I think that clinched it for me.

    • Episode 05 was the turning point for me, coinciding with Mugi’s lesbian turn, as well as Sawako-sensei’s costume-metal past. So yeah, I think we’re talking about similar things. We’d be talking about the same things if you think that this Mugi moment is enough to make K-ON! one of your favorites or at least make it special in your eyes.

  12. otou-san says:

    Rest assured, it’s not going to turn into utter shit. In fact, it’s full of so many more singular moments. I don’t know when I realized that I wasn’t just watching E7 but dying to see the next episode, but I think it was quite a bit later. After that point, all activity ceased in our house when there was E7 to be seen.

    My defining moment of the show is much later, and I’m sure it’s shared with quite a few people, but it’d be one hell of a spoiler so we’ll talk later 😀

    • Ayt, I’ll be looking forward to all of these moments. I lol’d at ‘all activity ceased in our house when there was E7 to be seen.’ I suppose the last time it was like that here was when Macross Frontier was going on.

  13. Turambar says:

    The moment that told me I would love the show was the first time Storywriter played. Definitely one of my favorite insert songs.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Did Storywriter play before this sequence? I was under the impression that it was created for this moment. I’ve been listening to it quite a bit as well.

      • Turambar says:

        Maybe it was. I honestly don’t remember what was happening on the screen the first time Storywriter played, but I do know that it also accompanied many of my other favorite moments from Eureka Seven. (Episode 26, get there already!)

      • Turambar says:

        Ah, here we go, found it after a little youtube search. Storywriter first played at the beginning of episode 2 when Renton screams “I CAN FLY!”

        • ghostlightning says:

          Ah yes! I should’ve known — and I wrote a post about that episode as well! Shame. Thanks for pointing it out. Little details like these are what separates fans in levels of awesomeness.

  14. gaguri says:

    I can relate to feeling that ‘moment’ you are talking about. It’s a very instinctive moment, like you’re feeling ‘this is it!’. Gurren Lagann episode 8 mentioned above applies to me too. After that episode, everything looked different in Gurren Lagann. The problem I have with this is that after these certain moments, some shows simply do not live upto it and leads to massive disappointment :/

    • ghostlightning says:

      The problem I have with this is that after these certain moments, some shows simply do not live upto it and leads to massive disappointment :/

      I’m pretty sure that happened for me, though I’m having trouble remembering examples. I suppose Darker than Black happened for me that way. Ah, I remember: RideBack! Oh man when Rin rode her Fuego for the first time it exceeded the first rides of many of the mecha pilots I love. But the series really, really disappointed me.

      • gaguri says:

        Haha…for me, I had this feeling that Rideback was going to be good but not great, which leads me to more negative and brooding instinctive moment when watching anime.

  15. Phäzys says:

    Eureka 7 has that awesome sense of being very well-thought out. The first 25 episodes or so go by REALLY slowly, but you really get a sense of how the world works, but not too much that it becomes lame.

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  18. owl says:

    This was the first episode I watched of Eureka 7 on its first time airing on [adult swim]. I must say this episode alone made me watch the whole show and what a series it is. Thank you old midnight weekend curiosity you never let me down.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Yeah, good thing you caught this one and not one of the slower and infuriating ones early on especially during Renton’s hazing arc.

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