Ashura Cryin’ — The Villain Has Many Faces (Baron Ashura sure showed a bit of character this time)

mazinger z baron ashura crying

Baron Ashura has always been something like a buttmonkey to me, though more like the ineffectual enemy who always gets foiled by the hero. I think one of the triumphs (yes, I think it’s already a triumph) of Shin Mazinger Z Hen is how it gave not only Baron Ashura a tragic back story, it also gave s/he/it a high level of awesomeness. We’re going to play with the Baron for a bit. Are you ready guys?

Here’s the Baron from the original series:

mazinger z baron-ashura

The key features of Baron Ashura are a singular person with equal parts of a man and a woman, also possessing both male and female voices which can speak in unison. It is said that long (long)  ago, a man and woman fell in love. However, their love was forbidden! And upon discovery, the lovers were forced to share a most terrible fate: they were mummified and buried alive (mummified alive? Don’t ask me how). Many (many) years later, a cave in collapsed the roof of the tomb. A huge chunk of rubble landed between the two corpses, destroying the man’s right half and the woman’s left half.

mazinger z ashura before the peerage

Eventually, would-be world conqueror Dr. Hell stumbled upon the tomb. Somehow, he sewed the two remaining halves together and then brought the composite being to life. Dubbing his creation Baron Ashura, Dr. Hell used him/her as his main hench-thing. Baron Ashura swore eternal fealty to Dr. Hell, who made Ashura very powerful.


In Shin Mazinger Z Hen the evil Baron’s two separate halves are ancient Mycenaeans who were enemies of the god Zeus. Zeus beat the Mycenaeans and sealed them in a tomb, where I presume the Baron’s parts were sealed as well. Fast forward to the present, Baron Ashura meets Mazinger Z for the first time, and feels that this robot is the manifestation of her/his old enemy. The fight is on!

Ashura Style Gallery

The present version of the Baron isn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination. I asked myself, who among the many characters in anime would make this ‘treatment’ work? Here is some of my work:

Requiem of Zero.Five Plus Zero.Five

code geass lelouch cc ashura style

Sieg Zeon!

gundam char aznable haman karn ashura style

Possibly the Best Resolution to the Macross Frontier Love Triangle EVAR!

macross frontier alto sheryl ashura style


sengoku basara date masamune sanada yukimura ashura style

PUT YA GUNS OHSHI– They’re both males. Fuck let’s just go with it. PUT YA GUNS ON!


Further Reading

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10 Responses to Ashura Cryin’ — The Villain Has Many Faces (Baron Ashura sure showed a bit of character this time)

  1. animekritik says:

    Hench-person, not hench-thing. Don’t be insensitive to hemibisexuals!! Ashura so far has been splendid in the show. hope Brocken gets the same treatment..

    • ghostlightning says:

      Objectification is a strange sin in itself. I find it more insidious only as a part-enabler of other cruelties such as genocide and torture if such causal chains are to be accepted.

      Dignity is a distinctly human construct. It has no real substance except as a priveleged and privileging signified. To me it’s a privilege claimed and won by masters in a master morality and an entitlement whined about by slaves in a slave morality. What will it be for our dear baron?

  2. >>Hench-person, not hench-thing.

    lulz if this was meant to carry over from twitter

    BAron always creeped me out in general. Also, fail for not putting the Simon/Viral split in there!!!

    • ghostlightning says:

      Too obvious and expected. And besides that’d make them another FrankenGAR monster. I need moar male-female Barons.

  3. Turambar says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how Ashura survived being distinctly sliced down the middle.

  4. usagijen says:

    I’d like to think PUTTING YA GUNS ON! that way is one of the intended direction of the ones behind Sengoku Basara, considering the number of possible fujoshi fans of the series. But oh, never mind me please.

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