Interstellar Flight: Hating on Ritsu? No! It’s Just Love for Macross Frontier!

k-on ED ritsu tanaka drums

In this video you’ll see a conspicuous absence of one drummer Ritsu Tanaka. How can I enjoy this video with such an omission? It’s not that I hate Ritsu, I think she’s a fine little girl and her antics are amusing. She doesn’t look bad either, a claim justified by her design’s consistency with the golden ratio. But between discontent about her not being in a silly video and joy for finding Macross love remembered, Ritsu can kiss my Ranka-fanboy ass.

To the ends of the galaxy!

Four is an inauspicious number.

Four is a number of death.

Four is a name of a character in Gundam. Macross almost never references Gundam. Such is Kawamori’s weird love for Gundam, he makes it a point not to reference his favorite show. Consider that Kawamori Shoji was the president of his college’s Gundam club (with a bunch of future Studio Nue staffers as members). Not the anime club, not the manga club, not the science fiction club, not a Genshiken, A GUNDAM CLUB.

Three is the number of corners in a triangle. The triangle is an important theme in Macross. So, here we see a wish-fulfillment of Mugi x Mio x Yui. But wouldn’t Ritsu be a better substitute for Yui (since Yui already has the incest moe going on)?  Maybe there’s already some yuri rutting off-cam involving Sawa-chan. I’ve said too much already. Just have a light and fluffy time with the video and remember love.

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19 Responses to Interstellar Flight: Hating on Ritsu? No! It’s Just Love for Macross Frontier!

  1. You could also count

    – Three is more aesthetically pleasing
    – The drummers aren’t really the performers in a band. They are confined to the kit, and everyone else is free to go wild, so it also doesn’t feel as right for a drummer to dance.

    LEts just say Ritsu is the DJ in the background.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Yeah cool!

      Trinities are holy.

      Triumverates are Roman, and Robotech wwwwww

      As for drummers, well Tommy Lee makes the stage design use his kit as the centerpiece… I like my Ritsu x Sawa-chan theory better.

  2. bluemist says:

    If this goes on MMD will start to stand for MioMioDance.

    This is the power of the animeme. Even though I don’t have a freaking clue about Macross and Gundam, having these parodies and mixups are some things we can joint-remember love on.

  3. animekritik says:

    this is a travesty. the background should have been a gigantic wallpaper of Ritsu’s face. And btw, that post is at the top of my hits chart, ahead of the second one by almost 50% more hits. What’s terrible is that the 8th episode already figures that new Mini-Mio character, that’s sure to bump Ritsu even lower 😦

    • ghostlightning says:

      Tsundere flags are being raised by the new character. Asuza right? With twintails to boot. The writing is on the wall for your poor Ritsu. It reads: RAEP MUGI

      • animekritik says:

        well, i’m not sure what you mean by that, but i do believe a ritsu-mugi alliance is in order. It will be like the Three Kingdoms: Yuiui vs Azusamio vs Ritsumugi. Yuiui collapses by itself, giggling all the way. Ritsumugi would pound Azusamio to the ground, but I’m afraid the otaku will cry: MOE!!! and lift it right back up. Moezombies…

  4. omisyth says:

    I’m sorry, I became disinterested as soon as mai drummer wasn’t in the video.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Console yourself with the thought that she’s rutting like rabbits with Sawa-chan somewhere off cam, or maybe even Azusa-chan. Take your pick.

  5. gloval says:

    Ahh another of those rare Macross crossovers. I’m waiting for a crossover with Macross 7 because that’s the Macross show featuring a band. I’m also waiting for Mio as Minmay.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Mio as Minmay would be all kinds of win. Just you wait for tomorrow’s post! Minmay will RULE and you will worship!

      • gloval says:

        Ooh, what could this be? Will there be Mio as Minmay?

        Seriously, Mio as Minmay would be:
        Moe, moe~
        Kyun, kyun! Kyun, kyuuun! Watashi no kare wa piloto!

  6. TheBigN says:

    “So, here we see a wish-fulfillment of Mugi x Mio x Yui. But wouldn’t Ritsu be a better substitute for Yui (since Yui already has the incest moe going on)? ”

    The triangle would have been Ritsu x Mio x Yui. Mugi would be filming it.

    • ghostlightning says:

      Makes good sense, though for Mugi it’d be better to be in the middle of the action than just being a voyeur about it.

  7. Orcinus says:

    Woah-hohohoho! Kawamori, college Gundam club? That sounds trippy. Where did this info crawl out from?

    • ghostlightning says:

      You can find it in the Anime Eigo DVD liner notes for SDF-Macross IIRC. Kawamori, like Anno, are 2nd-generation anime creators. This means that they’d be the first generation of otaku. Anno himself worked on Miyazaki’s Nausicaa as well as Kawamori’s Macross. You’ll see how hard GAINAX fanboys over Macross in Otaku no Video.

      Kawamori and Mikimoto, members of that club finally got their fanboy wish and got to work on Gundam shows: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket respectively (both favorite shows of mine in the Gundam franchise).

      More on this here in this post (Gundam and Macross comparative essay) [->]

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