The Koromo will show you a bit within her endless sea!



As I was saying…well, amidst the endless sea of Koromo monologues, she expresses that if she sticks with her gut, she’d win.


Well, in ways, she did win even though she lost. Thus came all the KAZOKU stuff, but I think the creators were a bit more clever than that, relying on a typical cliche to try and give more sustenance to the show’s sentimental side. What I found pleasant was that Koromo says she wins by her own will.

“I’m not just a puppet for my instinct!”

“My instincts just try to narrow the possibilities to a single choice.”

“But this time, I choose this one!”

“If I believe in this hand I can sense from Kiyosumi…even if she wins with it, Koromo will be the winner!”

So, it’s interesting because while Koromo, in the flashback, is portrayed as a meek loner, it’s almost as if she loses on purpose, subconsciously. Remember, Koromo said that mahjong was her everything, her entire world, and that people didn’t like Koromo for anything besides mahjong – Koromo thought she was mahjong. Her losing in herself means that it was somewhat of a false self, a self-imposed fabrication, and that she had the potential to truly “win” all along.

Her mahjong loss is a personal gain. “Even if she wins with it, Koromo will be the winner” – Koromo was correct, but in a different way.

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6 Responses to The Koromo will show you a bit within her endless sea!

  1. moritheil says:

    Sometimes to win the war, you must lose the battle.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    Sometimes other people post on my blog, and yet I feel the winner is me. OHOHOHOHOHOHO

  3. kadian1364 says:

    I wish I knew how to play mahjong.

  4. Ryan A says:

    ~ehem. Well it’s like Fujita was telling her, play for yourself, right now you’re being forced to play. Her intuition was too much, and while she has an immense sense, it’s uncontrollable. Later we get Fujita’s inner monologue telling Koromo to not trust her senses, because they are going to be inaccurate.

    Not sure where the isolation comes in, but Koromo was a purely instinctive player, without art to her skill.

    Koromo wins for being so unbelievably cute. XD And for losing, which will help her grow I’m sure.

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