How to Date an Idol

macross frontier 05 alto sheryl take the scenic route through the city hang out

So you want to date an idol? The Macross franchise has the idols of mass destruction/galactic salvation (tier/class); and, it would be instructive I feel to see how they were wooed. I submit the examples who are at or close to the peak of their popularity: Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier, and Lynn Minmay of Macross: Do You Remember Love?

We shall learn through the examples of the pilots who became their boyfriends how the all-important first date went down.

A note about idol selection

Sheryl circa episode 05 (Star Date) is the most similar to DYRL‘s Lynn Minmay. Ranka is most similar to how Lynn Minmay of the SDF Macross TV series started out. Mylene Jenius had complications of parental meddling that to me do not yield instructive results (outside of: let the idol’s mother fix you up with her). Myung Fang Lone failed as an idol, and Sharon Apple is completely virtual. Given these considerations I selected Sheryl and the Minmay in DYRL.

macross frontier 05 alto sheryl try not to be surrounded by her face in ads

Dating an idol in 2059: Alto Saotome and Sheryl Nome

The Macross Frontier episode pays homage to the date of Ichijyo Hikaru and Lynn Minmay in DYRL, a fictionalization of events 40 years in the past. We will note that there are many differences in the actual dates.

Dating an idol in 2009: Ichijyo Hikaru and Lynn Minmay

There are important differences in the two examples. In Macross Frontier the date was done during the day to fulfill its narrative role as a device to explore the world, to feature the world-builiding aspects in general, and into some detail. In DYRL the date is primarily to establish the romance between two of the three leads, after their initial dramatic meeting. I find it interesting how there are different levels of chastity and naughtiness in different parts of the date proper, though both have a relatively high level of fanservice.

But enough Macross commentary. I hope you learned something about how to date an idol today. Remember, it helps if you’re a (variable) fighter pilot! It helps a lot! In any case, which of the two dates went better in your opinion?


If you want advice about women in general, Commander Roy Focker has a short message for you.

I or any of the writers who can be read here in We Remember Love do not necessarily hold, or endorse the viewpoints and policy of Commander Roy Focker. That is all.

Further Reading

Sheryl herself dispenses love advice (otou-san 2008/05/05)

First ever use of slideshows in a blog post in the service of Macross AFAIK (otou-san 2008/04/15)

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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37 Responses to How to Date an Idol

  1. 0rion says:

    Heh, very creative. This was a funny read. 🙂

    Now if only there were more beautiful actress singers out there who need their lives saved.

  2. moritheil says:

    Bwahahaha. Just what Otaku need! Intensive dating instruction!

  3. sakura says:

    Hahaha Roy is total win.

    I will wait for the follow up, how to Snag a Fighter Pilot for a boyfriend.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    But if my life doesn’t need saving, who will ever be able to date me?

  5. animekritik says:

    so basically you need combat training. kinda makes sense, and it’d be useful too afterwards when fending off all the flirters coming her way..

  6. vendredi says:

    Don’t forget Focker’s immortal words to an earlier pilot in Macross Zero:
    “Every man should throw away his life for a woman once in his life.”

    Also, I take issue with the exclusion of Sharon Apple on the distinction of her hardware. After all, 2D characters are fast becoming waifu material in this day and age, so I think the “virtual” accusation is quite baseless; her love may be virtual, but surely it is no less intense.

    …In fact, maybe too intense. Dismissing her from the running for her homicidal and megalomaniacal tendencies may still hold weight.

    • vendredi says:

      But in hindsight, I guess that just makes her a yandere?

    • Commander Pineapple should just forgive me, he says a lot of funny things.

      Nobody dated Sharon. She went straight for yuri tentacle raep with Myung and went on an elaboration of Marquis de Sade’s erotic philosophy towards Isamu. There’s no useful information for males there.

  7. gloval says:

    You forgot one advice c/o DYRL: DO be prepared to ward off attackers who would like to spoil your date (i.e. come with an armed VF).

    Focker sure improved in a year. Come 2009, he no longer needed a landmine to steal a kiss.

    How about “how to date a Meltran (and survive)”? So far, only Max can do it.

    • Shhh, I didn’t want to spoil that.

      Gamlin did survive, though he couldn’t really score. Max cheated with having god-like skills. I remember the Robotech novels give Millya this line:

      This Micronian is a demon of war!

      Basara could have had a choice of an ENTIRE FLEET OF THE STRONGEST WOMEN. Only that, well, he’s Basara. Michel… I won’t go there yet.

  8. biankita says:

    roy focker – hell yes!
    that’s all i can say.

  9. Haha, love tips via PowerPoint, brilliant!

    Perhaps also to include for Sheryl: DO bear with her for the first half of the show, she becomes not only tolerable but actually amazing later on.

  10. 2DT says:

    I like these comparisons you do. I’m aware that Frontier was a love letter to the original series, but the details are lost on me until you point them out.

    • Love letters, homage, references… this is the core idea of “remembering love” as a methodology of appreciation.

      Here is the main idea: [->]

      Here it is applied: [->]

      Here it is expanded: [->]

      So, making blog posts like this is a great way to remember love, but the most awesome way, is to create fiction, manga, anime that references the things you love in a new and thrilling way. ^_^

  11. Ryan A says:

    LOL! Good slides! I rather like slide 8 of the 2059 set; good idea.

  12. Crusader says:

    You have it all wrong Alto-hime planned nothing Sheryl simply made the most of it…Also the greatest Oyama in the Galaxy has more than enough fame to compete with an Idol. After all Cathy was a fan ever since Alto-hime debuted… You also forgot the most integral part of Alto-hime’s appeal to women, he’s prettier than most of them. 😛

    Still BEST POWER POINT EVAR now do one for how to marry the girl of your dreams since you are one of the few to actually get married. I suggest Patrick and Kati as case #1.

    • Hahaha, last I checked Pop music > Kabuki in the Macross universe 😛 But yes, Alto is damn pretty, and that should be enough. This is useless advice to most otaku though, who can’t dream of being anywhere as pretty.

      Your suggestion should make for an excellent Valentine’s day post! Thanks comrade, I’ll definitely use it.

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  14. Haha, thanks for the link. Now that I’ve seen the original and DYRL I really enjoyed the two slideshows on them. Maybe you should make a ‘find your idol’ post sometime like you did with the ‘find your gateway Gundam’ one, hehe.

    “DON’T: be a creepy otaku.” My thoughts exactly when I watched that scene!

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