Either Way the Death God Turns, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Totally Pwnd Me

tokyo magnitude 8 08 mirai dream sequence teal

We’re not even sure the ambulance scene is real. The light reflected on the hospital windows triggered the dream sequence.

The hospital being over capacity, as depicted in Mirai’s dream sequence now makes sense as something consistent to how hospitals have been described in the narrative. Mirai’s school, where the church acted like some kind of morgue is a telling example.

tokyo magnitude 8 05 megu can't take it easy now
tokyo magnitude 8 08 hospital overflow

That said, I will still find that the operating room scenes in the dream to be improbable, since it would mean that Yuuki was accomodated despite what would probably be a long queue. The gravity of his injury may be enough reason to cut through the queue, but his condition was never really explained.

When we find Mirai waking up, she goes around and finds Yuuki in an informal football (soccer) scrimmage; just a bunch of kids kicking a ball around. When Mirai calls him, it doesn’t really disrupt the game. However it’s also convenient to speculate how there were no kids around to verify the scene’s existence in reality.

Remember, Mirai doesn’t interact in the episode with anyone except Mari and Yuuki. This is another area where it is easy to speculate on. There’s no interaction that can verify Yuuki’s existence.

tokyo magnitude 8 OP mari yuuki mirai

With regards to the speculation on the Death Certificate… this is tough. I don’t know how it works really. Mari is not their legal guardian. I can’t vouch for the translation either, but the official said “Here are your legal documents.” (Emphasis mine). It could very well just mean records of being a patient in the hospital.

Still, it’s not clear and there’s more than enough space to speculate.

When Mari finds Mirai, Mirai explains she looked for Yuuki. Yuuki made a funny face towards Mari. But Mari never acknowledged it, though he was looking at Yuuki’s direction while Mirai went on and on talking about finding Hina. This was interrupted by the large helicopter landing on the hospital grounds.

tokyo magnitude 8 ED Mirai Yuuki Mari bridge

During the walk leading to the park, Yuuki was conveniently (for speculation of his death) walking way ahead of both Mirai and Mari. Mirai kept talking about being positive and Mari looked clearly troubled. It serves the speculator’s end to interpret this as misdirection by the narrative: I certainly focused on Mirai being proactive and being supportive of Mari.

Mari didn’t quite need the support as much, perhaps. She just didn’t have the tools to deal with Mirai right then. She said that she left a message for her parents, ignoring the elephant in the room. But Yuuki easily could’ve been here at this moment, but he isn’t.

Here’s an important thing though, Mirai says “And for Yuuki, I’ll–”

Mirai cuts her off, saying

It’s okay. I understand. He looks fine now, but he’ll need to be examined properly. He has a habit of hiding how sick he feels. So you don’t need to worry, Mari. we’ll be fine. I’ll go look after my brother.

Mirai doesn’t stop with the upbeat supportiveness. At some point, Mari apologizes. But for what? She apologizes deeply, bowing, and in tears. What could she be that sorry for?

Personally, I feel compelled to believe that Yuuki is dead.

tokyo magnitude 8 ED Mirai Yuuki point

What does this all mean to me?

What I thought would’ve been a curious, if quiet episode, as I wrote in my previous post, I now think to be a brilliant turn for this show. It caught me between the eyes. I slipped me the cruel joke, and I missed it. Now that I am in its presence, Oh wow. Oh fucking wow. It’s giving me a rush I can’t describe in full! I mean, I abhor what the show did to Yuuki! He’s my hero, my idealized self as a kid! How can they kill him! But, given the treatment… the ambiguity, the mystery, the mixed signals… It’s a hell of a gamble, a daring conceit, but a virtuous one in my eyes.

I got played, like a grand piano: the SECOND movement of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto in C minor.

If Yuuki turns out to be alive, I then got played, like a violin: the THIRD movement of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D!

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  1. Sorrow-kun says:

    My speculation is that the reason for Mari’s melancholy is that, when she tried to call Mirai and Yuuki’s parents, she found out that one or maybe both of them were dead. There are some things that don’t sit right about Yuuki’s death for me, and that’s largely to do with the fact that his death hinges on so many fictional devices, like foreshadowing and dream-sequences, that are out of place in a series which values realism.

    • Oh I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be upset by the sudden shift, but I don’t think the jump unilaterally doesn’t belong, and that’s me.

      The show is fiction, and has relied on cliffhangers, symbolism, and other devices. It’s not a documentary, but a fiction indeed. Nonetheless, the jump is indeed sudden so your dissatisfaction is valid.

  2. Irien says:

    Although it leaves the episode with two very cheap ‘dream death’ fake-outs, number me among the unconvinced. Certainly Mari seems increasingly concerned and downcast, but that makes sense. As the adrenaline/distraction of Yuuki’s emergency passes, she’s forced to refocus on the goal of getting home and the increasingly heavy question of what awaits her there. More pointedly, her reaction to Mirai’s constant present-tense references to Yuuki being ‘ok’ and having to look after him in the future would be *remarkably blase* if she’s actually dealing with what would have to be a delusional, grief-maddened young girl.

    Under those circumstances, does anyone really think Mari would push on towards home alone with Mirai instead of staying at the hospital to get psychological help/grief support? If there were any truth to the “Dead Yuuki” theory, the behavior we see in this episode would be starkly inconsistent with the characters we’ve come to know, and would completely subvert the blossoming ‘redemption’ of Mirai’s self-centered preteen angst that they’ve been setting up from episode one.

    Never mind multiple public conversations between Mirai and Yuuki that would have to be crazy-land soliloquies.

    1. Yuuki is alive.
    2. One dream death is cheap sentiment.
    3. Two in one episode is borderline trash.

    • I LOL’d at ‘borderline trash’. You seem very convinced about these standards.

      Also at ‘remarkably blase,’ …they seem very considerate and measured.

      Thirdly at the ‘complete’ subversion of the blossoming redemption. Subversion? Let alone ‘complete’ one?

      Crazy-land soliloquies wouldn’t be out-of-place in a shock/denial scenario. Counseling would be scarce, if available at all, given the over-capacity situation.

      Oh man, I’m not laughing at you btw. I just think this episode is awesome that it’s getting these reactions from us.

      For all I know, Yuuki is alive. I’m just enjoying so much how this episode played out, and how it ended up messing with the perceptions of viewers.

      • Irien says:

        It’s a little trite and overused, but a single dream-scene fakeout would have been fine: it’s a quick and dirty way to let us inside Mirai’s head for a bit to see how frightened she is for Yuuki. Using the same “gotcha” again five minutes later (and to the same end) feels like the director is either beating us over the head with the “hey, look how much she cares!” point, or just wants to push that emotional response button again in the cheapest and laziest way possible. Either option is pretty disappointing given how subtle and restrained the series has been so far.

        I stand by “remarkably blase” as well. One of the scenes that’s been tagged as evidence for Yuuki’s death is the emotional Mari-Mirai conversation at the end of the episode. Now which seems more likely?

        A. Mari, realizing she no longer needs to put on a strong front all the time (Mirai has discovered a measure of inner strength and no longer needs it) breaks down a bit and lets some honest anxiety show through. After a ‘your family is fine, the future will be great!’ speech from Mirai, relief at being the Comforted instead of the Comforter makes Mari tear up. She thanks Mirai, who -not quite understanding Mari’s reaction but doing her best to offer support- asks her if something happened. Mari (grateful, but still mindful of her adult duty as protector/supporter and not vice-versa) replies “Nothing, don’t worry about it” and cheerfully changes the subject.


        B. Mari, devastated by Mirai’s optimism regarding her family juxtaposed against her knowledge of the divide between Mirai’s perception of her own family’s (or at least Yuuki’s) fate and the truth, breaks down in tears. She thanks her for her attempted comfort and expresses her regret for Yuuki’s death without referencing it directly. Mirai, confused by the uncharacteristic display of emotion, asks directly if something happened. (“Douka shimashita?”) To which Mari replies “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

        I’m willing to give a little cultural ground here in regard to oblique replies and dodging uncomfortable truths, but seriously? Is an appropriate response to “Hey, I notice you’re crying- did something happen” really a casual “Nnn, nan demo nai” if the reality is “Your brother just died and you’re experiencing a serious split from reality”? That is seriously tough to swallow.

        As for theme subversion, pinning Mirai’s apparent emotional growth in this episode on a break with reality makes it a little hard to call it “growth”. It’s no longer character development. No lessons were learned. We’re not watching a self-absorbed, whiny preteen girl take her first steps toward becoming an other-oriented, emotionally mature adult. We’re just watching a preteen girl go insane.

        If Yuuki is alive, just this one episode is weak.
        If Yuuki is dead, the show itself is considerably weakened.

        Just sayin’: the former is what I’m hoping for.

        • Valid points I feel, but I don’t know enough Japanese to make an intelligent response to the meat of your considerations.

          I can only say that there is a difference between character growth and character development. The former is a appreciable maturity in a character, and the latter is more like the changes: steps forward and back, that occur in said character’s specific narrative. I would agree that the growth aspect is stalled, or even thwarted. But development? I think this is excellent development! Peaks and valleys!

          You see I’ve been reading cruel, painful works of late: http://ghostlightning.tumblr.com/post/162197789

          I’m currently reading Narutaru where really bad shit happens to young girls like Mirai (and I really loved reading <Bokurano [->]), so I can really appreciate this show even if Mirai, and everybody meets terrible ends, or even just crushing resolutions to their narratives). So I disagree that the show is weakened in the manner that Yuuki dies; but I do feel it will be diminished for the lack of his physical presence (because I’m very fond of him).

  3. NoDeath says:

    Oh god, this played me like a f@%&ing pipe. When it came out of the second dream sequence, there was a few seconds there (up until we see Yuuki with the soccer ball) were I wasn’t sure if it actually was a dream or not. I felt dazed, shocked, I was in a state of complete disbelief. Once I saw Yuuki, a wave of relief washed over me and I, quite ironically in hindsight, yelled at my screen to stop fucking with my emotions. I, perhaps too quickly embraced the idea that everything was great and had a warm feeling in my stomach when Mirai was trying to cheer Mari up.

    Now that I’ve watched the episode again with what you said in mind the feeling of shock returned. The thing that has tipped the scales for me that he really is dead is that if you watch the final shot where it pans up from the bridge, Yuuki is nowhere to be seen. I think that the second dream sequence (the operation) is completely real and it just cuts to Mirai waking up later.

    And, sadly almost definitive proof:

    I’m gonna go cry now


      But thanks man. If you’re pulling my leg though, there’s a special place in hell for you where the dead of Tokyo’s quake will rise like zombies and eat your soul for eternity.

    • Irien says:

      Damning evidence, if it’s real.

      Any idea what scene that was pulled from, though? It doesn’t seem to fit the one where the administrator hands it to Mari, but I can’t think of another where the papers appear.

    • kadian1364 says:

      Guys, that specific shot is from Mirai’s first dream sequence, when Yuuki is on the roller w/ his face covered up by a blanket. Mirai’s the one looking down at it, not Mari. 3:57, if you care to look.

      The documents Mari receives around 14:40 never gets that clear of a shot.

  4. wakka9ca says:

    I can read on the death certificate the reason of death is, although it’s a little bit blurry, kanji is my mother language and I’ll bet on the following:

    External injury + Dehydration

    It’s a complication of various accumulated injuries, stress and fatigue, too much for a 9-year old boy….

    • wakka9ca says:

      on second look, it seems that instead of dehydration, it looks like cranial hemorrhage,
      so it’s actually “Cranial hemorrhage due to external injuries” which makes more sense

      Sorry, because I mistook 脳 (brain) as 脱 (shed) and 出 (go out) as 水 (water)

      Then, I was puzzle what the last kanji was. After some sudden revelation, I realized that it was 血 (blood). Then, I realized my mistakes <_<

      And sorry for my run-on sentences… I fail at typing coherently….

    • Sadakups above mentions that the death certificate appears in the first dream sequence. I’m not sure if that rules it out as evidence of death; since this episode is really decidedly vague. But thank you very much for your translation work. I really appreciate it.

      • Nina says:

        I don’t think that rules it out, because I can’t imagine a situation where a girl Mirai’s age would have seen a death certificate. She couldn’t have had a dream THAT accurate if she’d never seen one before, and it’s easier for me to believe that she saw Yuuki’s and then dreamed about it, or something like that.

        He probably hit his head when Tokyo tower fell and his brain had been bleeding since then.

        I sort of hope that we’re all just spergin’ and Yuuki is fine but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s dead.

        • Right. Great point. Dreams must have the stuff of memory to work with. She couldn’t have come up with those medical terms by herself.

          • Nina says:

            Yeah, they’ve done a great job of keeping everything realistic up to this point, I really can’t imagine them expecting their viewers to believe that her brain just made all that stuff up and got it right. That just doesn’t make sense.

            It could just be a huge direction mistake or something, but I really don’t think so. I think Yuuki really IS gone. 😦

  5. sadakups says:

    When this show started, my biggest fear is after Mirai understood herself and the world around her that she despised in the first episode, her parents die. But not the younger brother. He still has some piloting to do.

    Kidding aside, I’m into this “no one dies” thinking in this show, and I honestly don’t care with people’s reactions IN CASE Yuuki turned out to be alive (and the cries of the show “trolling”), but I seriously liked the presentation and how the writers teases its viewers and speculate on Yuuki’s fate. But if he is indeed gone, then yes, it’s a tough loss. I’d like to see what happens from this point on.

    Nice job, Studio BONES. That’s all I have to say.

  6. ScrambledEggs says:

    Dang it all to heck. After the “Second Dream Sequence” when I saw Yuuki I was suddenly incredibly relieved. I literally gave the computer screen the finger and said “screw you for messing with me!” But it seems they messed with me more than I ever dreamed!

    DANG it! Now I’m on freakin’ tenterhooks waiting for the next episode. DANG IT ALL! sigh…

    • ScrambledEggs says:

      Argh. I can’t even re-watch it to check. Every time I see Mirai talking to Yuuki I can’t stand it and have to turn it off. If he’s dead, then the makers of the show deserve to be devoured in Tokyo Zombie Hell for messing with me like this. If he’s alive… the makers of the show deserve to be devoured in Tokyo Zombie Hell for messing with me even MORE.

  7. animewriter says:

    After much thinking about this episode I’ve come to the conclusion that Yuuki died and the reason why it felt like a dream sequence is that Mirai’s world just collapsed. I think that as soon as Mirai crosses that bridge she’s be unable to find Yuuki and everything will come rushing back to her, but she’ll be alright. Late last night I chatted by someone who is very fluent in Japanese and he told me that the English translation was slightly off in terms of Mirai’s voice, he told me that Mirai really meant Yuuki “had” instead “has” always hid how sick he really was, and he told me that when Mirai was talking about Yuuki to Mari she used a tense that was like explaining her brother’s good points. This means that Mirai’s mind is already adjusting to the reality of the situation.

    If I was the director I would have Mirai cross the bridge and be unable to find Yuuki and then have the second dream sequence come back to her in full detail. I think that it would show Mirai being so upset that the doctors have to sedate her and that’s why she’s still mentally confused.

    • After much thinking about this episode I’ve come to the conclusion that Yuuki died and the reason why it felt like a dream sequence is that Mirai’s world just collapsed. I think that as soon as Mirai crosses that bridge she’s be unable to find Yuuki and everything will come rushing back to her, but she’ll be alright.

      This is my favorite reasoning and prediction so far. Thanks for sharing it here.

  8. Shinmaru says:

    This episode threw me for a loop, too, although much of the time I was thinking that Yuuki really died. What started me on that train of thought is the setting after Mirai wakes up. It’s early in the morning (I assume), so it is not out of place for it to be a bit foggy/misty, but the light mist combined with Yuuki happily playing soccer with a bunch of kids really gave off an otherworldly feeling to me. The use of sound (the kids’ cries of laughter and fun being heightened) and Mirai walking through that short passage into the light on the other side also contributed to that feeling. After that, the only thought in my mind was, “Oh man … Yuuki is really dead, isn’t he?”

    Right now I am not entirely sure how I feel about the episode as a whole. Where Mirai goes from here is absolutely crucial to the series (not that it wasn’t before, haha). I desperately want Yuuki to be alive (both because I love the kid, and for Mirai and Mari’s sake), but I cannot help but be a bit curious about where the series would go if Yuuki is indeed dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yuuki’s dead certificate. Mari picked it up in hospitar remember?

      • Shinmaru says:

        I saw that, but it was also pointed out that this is the certificate in Mirai’s dream rather than whatever legal documents Mari was handed earlier in the episode. They could very well be the same thing — and I do believe Yuuki is dead — but I don’t think we can make that assumption yet.

        • Optional says:

          This could go either way… but it does bear a resemblance.

          ROTATE 90°! ENHANCE!

          • jhdghjhgfhg says:

            It doesn’t! The documents the official hands to Mari don’t resemble the death certificate of the dream. They differ completley.

            Also the old woman of ep5 wasn’t hallucinating but mistaking a pair of siblings for her deceased grandchildren.

            Shifting into insanity and seeing “ghosts” doesn’t fit in.

            Mari probably got news of the destruction of the children’s home and didn’t know how to tell them.

          • sadakups says:

            To those people who are hoping that Yuuki is still alive, Mari probably heard of that, and it’s not Yuuki who’s dead, but the parents, which will have the same impact, the very thing that I was banking on from the start.

            It is plausible by a long shot.

    • I appreciate your doubts! This nagging uncertainty is what makes this episode compelling… that people are willing to condemn it for its method, and others praising the show for precisely that reason… for the assholes calling fans/viewers retards for the speculations they make… this is all good stuff.

  9. lelangir says:

    I killed Yuki.

    with my death note

  10. DonKangolJones says:

    Suzaku did it.

  11. DonKangolJones says:

    I guess I can contribute a little better than how I did above.

    This whole episode left me with a fear of commitment. The moment you inject a dream sequence, even worse multiple dream sequences, you screw with the reader’s sense of what’s real and what’s not. To be blunt, you screw with their trust. I really had to dig and pay attention to the dialogue and actions of the characters in this episode. And it was because the moment I recognized I had been viewing a dream sequence, I knew that they weren’t going to outright tell me what happened. I either had to figure it out myself, or wait for the episode when the characters realized it and told us.

    Given my past viewing experience, I’m VERY inclined to believe that Yuuki is dead. The only other possibilities I’m willing to believe in are that he is in some coma and/or critical state, or pretty much the latter 60 – 70% of the episode is a series of dreams. I think that is VERY unlikely and would piss me off.

    I would go on, but then I would be writing my own blog.

    And I still think Suzaku did it.

    • Yeaahhhh betrayal, SO PAINFUL, and the actual knife SO PAINFUL!!!

      Lelouch told me that he gave Yuuki a LIVE ON Geass, but that couldn’t trump lelangir writing his name on a Death Note, even if said note is just a bunch of paper towels stapled together from a stapler borrowed from Senjougahara.

      lelangir’s note:


      Don’t look at me. Nobody ever accused failangir of competence.

  12. Frog Baseball Team says:



  13. Ryan A says:

    Who made this, Sunrise? … WTAHATAT Yuuki of the Rebellion WATATAWWTATAWWWW

    lol, anyhow. Virtuous, I dunno. I think whatever has occurred could have been presented clearer than shady shadowing (redundant term lol).

    There is high probable cause to believe Yuuki died and Mirai snapped via PTSD or something, but…

    Really, why the dream-sequence, then a breakdown + possible dream-sequence, then come to reality. It’s sloppy, dancing around the matter for “style-points” or whatever :/

    God this is just heartbreaking. Anyhow,

    There was early foreshadowing with Yuuki being struck in the head. Noticeable 1) when he was so dashing and saved Mirai from Tokyo Tower. 2) in Mari’s office when some book(s) fell on his head during a tremor.

    Possible diagnosis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second-impact_syndrome

    • I can appreciate the displeasure towards sudden vagueness and the use of narrative tricks. I get it. However, to me it represents a dramatic shift in what to expect from the show. Given that I’m not one of the disappointed re the method (despite my remaining to be a total non-fan of dream sequences), I look forward to where the show is going now, with or without Yuuki.

      Dr. A, I accept your diagnosis.

  14. Gargron says:

    Poor Yuuki. As people say, Mirai ‘lost the reality’ when the doctor told Mari the outcome of the operation and Mirai couldn’t hear/accept it. To be honest, the first few moments of the ‘Yuuki alive’ scene I thought he were real, but Mari’s strange behaviour, and before all her ‘About Yuuki, I…’ opened my eyes. I think next episode Mari will summon her strengh and tell Mirai that Yuuki doesn’t exist anymore. I’m quite curious how she will react on this.

  15. Funny that this episode is just getting completely dumped on for “emotion whoring” everywhere I go and yet most of the pundits I’ve seen doing it will swear that Clannad: After Story is the most relevant, brilliant thing ever. I’m getting that old double standard vibe from some of the community again this week.

    It’s especially funny because unlike the overwrought melodrama we’d probably be seeing if this were a Keyani (shudders) everything has been low key so far and there’s still nothing supernatural going on or the like. Fits my standards for realism, but then I still refuse to demand that a show ever conform to one rigid standard for realism and prefer to allow some artistic leeway. Especially if it’s as well and smartly done as it is here.

    • “The” community? If that’s “the” community, then I dunno what kind of cave I’ve been hiding. Nobody has mentioned KyoAni/KeyAni at all the whole time I’ve been blogging this show. And you’re the only one who ever mentioned it in this thread.

      Your community kind of sucks, to hear you constantly complain about it.

      • Well now that people in that community have actually started thinking about the episode instead of just worrying about their own definition of realism I think they are finally starting to get it. The bigger picture that is. I was worried things were relapsing into “that” mentality for viewers of the show, but honestly all that needed to happen is for people to just chillax a little more. It’s mostly that damn disclaimer at the beginnings fault though. Once you have something like that some people will always interpret it as meaning that you’ve signed on to do a rigidly realistic storyline. That means you’ve pretty much removed any right to use of artistic imagery or plot twists in their eyes.

        Never say you are trying to do a “realistic” show, because otherwise some people will interpret it in the most literal restricting way possible.

        • Yeah man, people are taking this ‘realistic’ bit way too far, to the exclusion of fictional storytelling devices. Realistic does not equal literal, never mind the disclaimer on the disclaimer at the beginning of the show.

          From what I’ve come across, people are just taking the opportunity to call other people retarded.

  16. usagijen says:

    Stupid summaries around the net gave me false hope, but now that I have seen episode 8 and SEEN THE LIGHT, I have come to accept the truth. May St. Yuuki’s soul rest in peace…

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  18. gloval says:

    Kinda reminds me of The Sixth Sense. I must shamefully admit that I didn’t get the ending until a few minutes later when one of our friends remarked nonchalantly “so, he’s dead all along.” Anyway, my movie-viewing skills have enhanced significantly such that when The Village came along, I was able to predict a key plot point (although not the main twist itself).

  19. anon says:


    The title of the episode is [quote]”Pure White Morning”[/quote]

    [quote]In Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese tradition, white is the color of mourning and death.

    • Right! Very good! My extended family is part Chinese, and we’ve had a lot of funerals the past few years as my grandparents’ generation passed away. Lots of white going on at the funerals.

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  22. anon says:

    Anyone who has Fuji TV needs to spoil as soon as possible. I most likely won’t get my hands on a fansub before the weekend. That’s to long!

  23. spoilierific says:

    Damn, i saw your post and had to comment. You made me go back to re-watch the episode.

    I don’t think Yuki’s dead though. Too much ‘circumstantial evidence’ surrounding your Yuki’s dead theory.

    Anyway, i went to read up on the official episode summary for the next ep, and guess what?


    He’s not dead. In fact, the three of them make it to Mari’s house, where much of the street has been destroyed by the fire (much more than Mari originally thought) . Much of the episode focuses on how Mari is devastated etc etc, but the two kinds help Mari to find her family again at the end of the epidsode.


  24. spoilierific says:

    Re: Nina

    To tease? To hook people? maybe they just want to spoil us? For the same reason animes usu show previews of the next ep? I dunno. Ask them. Anyway, they did publish a summary.

    Re: Anon

    日本語ができたら どうぞ





  25. Anon says:

    I don’t get that airtime!

    Wikipedia says it airs on thursday sep. 3rd but according to


    it should be 12:45AM on friday sep. 4th.

    Someone please tell me if it already aird in Japan.

    “Sangen reached. However, due to fire damage was far beyond the imagination of the truth. The search for a mother and daughter in desperation, many are misled by rumors and speculation, if you do not know the whereabouts, and fate was unknown. When such paid off with Yuki the sense of the future, the truth will be reunited with two people.”

    I don’t see there any hint that he’s still alive but then again I only used googletranslator.

    “the truth will be reunited with two people.”

    The translator always mixes up Mari’s name with ‘truth’, so it doesn’t have to be what I first thought, but it could also really be the truth about Yuuki’s death reunited with Mari and Mirai.

    • spoilerific says:

      @anon: the reason i know the spoilers is cos i can read them.

      Brief t/l below


      They reached Sangenjya.


      But, the damage caused by the fire was much worse than Mari had imagined.


      Searching for her fateful mother and daughter (referring to Mari’s mum and Mari’s daughter) despite rumours and speculation, the location and surviving status of the mother and daughter cannot be confirmed.


      Then, due to Mirai and Yuki’s quick wit and reaction, Mari managed to reunite her mother and daughter.

      • spoilerific says:

        So accordingly, Yuki doesn’t die.

        He’s too cute to die. I think he’s growing to be my fave char this season (although i don’t really follow many other series). He’s voice is too cute lol.

        I wonder what will happen once Mari reunites with her family. Don’t think she will abandon mirai nor yuki.

        Btw, Mari = truth (literal t/l) and Mirai = future (literal t/l) so next time you use google translate, you might want to remember that.

        • spoilerific says:

          Forgot to mention Yuki is a homonym for bravery/courage. I chucked in the previous episode (spider robot accident at the contruction site) when Yuki mentioned that the reason why things went well was because Mirai has Yuki (courage).

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  27. anon says:

    And? Has anybody seen the raw version already?

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