I don’t mind mindscrews, I really don’t; so just tighten it, deeper!

bakemonogatari 02 omoi is both fellings and weight in pronunciation

[SPOILERS WARNING: For Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (up to episode 08), and Bakemonogatari (up to episode 05)]

Yeah I enjoyed The End of Evangelion, I even enjoyed the end of the TV series. I enjoyed Perfect Blue and Paprika. I enjoyed Akira, and enjoyed reading Bokurano. I don’t mind being messed with, even if more than half the time I get totally lost and I don’t know what’s going on (though there are some like Nijigahara Holograph that completely lose me).

There’s a cost though, but I find it difficult to articulate.

bakemonogatari 02 weighing scale 100kg

A few days ago I spent the whole day out of the house. I felt like I’ve been reading a lot of manga and watching lots of anime. I remember marathoning all of Kaiji in 2 days, among all the other things I rewatch, as well as the current shows I keep up with. The weekend was extra long, but by Sunday I really felt the need to stay out of the house lest I start dreaming of Welcome to the NHK.

I played lots of tennis, ate out, and saw District 9; but what I really want to share, is what kept going through my mind that day, all day. I can only put it in a series of images in a slideshow. [viewers on a feed-reader, you won’t be able to see this until you visit the website]

It shouldn’t be a surprise if I choose to identify with Ararararagi, given how I think he’s a commentary by the narrative on its male viewers [->]

Further Reading

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 8 messed me up twice: [1] [2]

Bakemonogatari 05 tast gud [->]

The nonsense over twitter that day (entirely my fault) [->]

Thanks to IcyStorm for haterade and inspiration.

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17 Responses to I don’t mind mindscrews, I really don’t; so just tighten it, deeper!

  1. digitalboy says:

    I don’t understand what just happened, but I’m probably clapping nonetheless.

  2. Ryan A says:

    Haha. I enjoy being active out of the house, but I really enjoy entertainment time. Maybe I should be less coding-coding and more watch animu/read mango… I feels a catch 22 (stay inside, I hardly get to experience the seasonal delights; go outside … well, that’s fun but I’m still behind on the wishlist/backlog).

    Sometimes (read usually) the people around help make whatever the situation may be, a more enjoyable time. ^^

    Not sure if I’d wish for a Snail… but d’awww if so.

    • Friends can be great, that’s why I enjoy mornings and weekends. Nobody really wishes for the Lost Snail, especially if you don’t have your own Senjougahara to free you and tell you she loves you.

  3. IcyStorm says:

    You shouldn’t have told me yesterday; I would’ve laughed so hard if I went through this without knowing what was in store =P

  4. vendredi says:

    I suppose this is perhaps an appropriate time to ask ARE YOU IN DESPAIR?

    In any case though, perhaps it is a testament to the skill and expertise of modern animation that they are able to mirror so closely the experience of moving about in the city. Or perhaps maybe it’s a testament to how stereotypical Japanese cities are…?

    In any case, still lagging slightly behind you on Bakemono so my comments will be late as usual.

    • Yes, though Bakemonogatari isn’t the culprit. It’s that accursed other show. I suppose I’ll have to walk around Tokyo at some point. The Bakemonogatari shots don’t particularly remind me of Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, nor Singapore (and definitely not Manila).

  5. X10A_Freedom says:

    Bakemonogatari, of course but even TM8.0 is becoming a mind-messing show of its own.

  6. saturnity says:

    That slideshow. It’s like I’m really watching an episode of Bakemonogatari.
    Ha ha, I’m so clever.

  7. sadakups says:

    I swear my eyes fooled me. I could have sworn that I the first slide was the intersection of Ortigas and C5. I mean, it has the same view when you’re coming from Cainta.

  8. omisyth says:

    This post is weird…

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