We Remember Our First Year in Blogging: WRL Turns One Year, Lessons Learned

Macross Minmay gleaming memories

No I don’t think this is particularly significant in the scheme of things (the anime and manga industry, the related fandoms; even if only for the Macross and Gundam ones). Nonetheless it’s been a year, and we’ve published over two hundred posts. Some are forgettable and not that useful, and some less so. This post is really just to thank all our readers, subscribers, and commenters. You’ve made a salaryman’s anime and manga hobby exponentially less lonely.

So I’ll post here some of the things I learned blogging this hobby.

Archives and Productivity Matter

This assumes that you want to expand your readership. In the beginning I tried to write every day. I don’t recommend this; it’s simply unsustainable especially if you want to maintain a specific kind of post style, and length (of a high quality — even if only relative to your own standards). At some point this year I switched to an every-other-day publishing schedule. I don’t think that even this can be maintained without luck. I’ve been lucky so far, but I’m not counting on it.

Why is an archive important? I discovered that the majority of WRL’s page views are from archived posts: around 80% of daily views. After all, (current and popular shows notwithstanding — yeah I hit the jackpot with both Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Bakemonogatari) not that many people read our posts the day they publish.

This is especially true if I write about older, or relatively obscure shows. Nobody really is refreshing aggregator sites just to watch out for the latest blog posts on the Five Star Stories, but there are fans you want to reach. They’ll just find your posts at a later time.

gundam 0083 mecha neue ziel dendrobium orchis

Images Matter

When I said 80% of the daily page views of WRL are for the archives, I also mean 80% of that are from image searches. These people aren’t ‘readers,’ they just like the images I put on the post. So, what I’m saying is that images are a cheap and dirty way to inflate your page views. How do I know this? One of my favorite posts that I wrote myself: TOP GUNS: Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory meets Macross Plus as Anime that Have the Most Love for Mecha has well over 2,500 views as of this writing, and still get about 10-20 views a day. It also has over 4,000 words. So yeah, I don’t think I’m going to flatter myself by thinking all those people read and love this post.

So I don’t mistake them for a (relatively fast) growing readership. Why do I persist then? I play the numbers. Out of the 10 or 20 visitors that check that aformentioned post out, I may get 1 or 2 people who actually read it. Out of 10 or 20 people who read it might like it, and may visit WRL for more and become regular readers. I’ll take any kind of authentic growth, no matter how small.

More importantly, I really like how images make the post pretty, apart from underscoring assertions or claims I make in the post. A way around outright image dumps and galleries (things I personally dislike to do) is to use slideshows. So I won’t stop using images, though I will persist in finding better ways of using them.

aria alicia athena akira 3 water faries white bg lying

Making Friends Matters

This is easy for me because I really like people, especially those who happen to like shows and books I like; those who recommend to me shows and books that I end up enjoying and writing about. Most of these people are bloggers too given the community I’m now part of. The mutual support, linking, sharing, and discussion makes it very fun and fulfilling for me. If you’re blogging to be famous or consequential, this may not mean much at all. However, what I enjoy best out of this hobby is organizing discussion around things I like. Making friends with readers, commenters, and other bloggers (of all kinds) facilitates this high I get out of the hobby.

So what does this mean in practical terms? This means visiting other bloggers’ posts, and contributing to the discussions they organize. Sometimes I feel incomplete if all I can say translates as ‘I enjoyed reading this,’ so I resolve to give all that I got to the discussions presented by the posts. After all, it’s what I appreciate most when people do leave comments here.

So, on to the love fest!

Note: some individuals mentioned belong in more than one cattegory.

Thank you to these people who I discovered anime blogging through, and some were the people who I solicited support from (they delivered too!):

macross revoltech regult vs vf-1a

Thank you to these people who finally got me to blog, and were both huge in terms of support and influence:

  • lbrevis, East Anyhow (My metaphorical mother, directly provoked me to write — and I did!)
  • otou-san, Shameful Otaku Secret (My metaphorical father, shaped my fanboy ideology)
  • Riex, OH! Hayaku (My metaphorical godfather, I learned a lot from him)
  • Baka-Raptor, Baka-Raptor (My literal dinosaur, very generous in sharing notes on post-construction/development during our time at OH!)
  • Sakura, Calamitous Intents (for being generous and fun to work with over at OH!)

How ghostlightning got to blog

The tentacle beast is Riex. He is evil. 4koma by otou-san.

Thank you to these people that let me collaborate with them, and provide all-around entertainment:

  • digitalboy, Fuzakenna! (the first guy who ever showed interest)
  • biankita, Hikkikomori-chan (our first guest writer!)
  • lelangir, THE FAKKEN INTERNETS (the first to engage me in the most thought-provoking conversations about the anime blogging activity)
  • lolikitsune, notdotq (showed me style, how to make trolling tasty, and fun in doing things together; he is also the aniblogging messiah #1, #2, and #4)
  • omisyth, Grand Punk Railroad (always fun to disagree with, because he’s a good sport while remaining honest and forthright with his opinions; and even if he claims to fail to ENJOY EVERYTHING!)
  • Pontifus, Pontifus/Superfanicom (For sharing Aria, and creating a place in the sphere for academic faggotry on animu and mango)
  • Cuchlann, Cuchlann/Superfanicom (For being badass at academic faggotry on animu and mango)
  • RyanA, Aloe Dream (Let me in on his ideas on developing melative further, and for patiently teaching me how to use it!)

Thank you to these people who discovered WRL very early on without me directly reaching out to them and provided very motivating messages!

legend of the galactic heroes yang wenli julian minci alcohol is my friend

Filanibloggers, blogging from the inang bayan and from elsewhere, representing!

Don't ask... just don't.

Don't ask... just don't.

Fainal category of thanks: MAI HOLMES! These are people I made friends with, share and discuss things with, sometimes collaborate with, and generally make the experience of this hobby a very pleasurable one:

  • IcyStorm, minimum tempo (He sucks, and is a useless fag <3)
  • Kaiserpingvin, Superfanicom (He should write more, and finish our collaboration project LOOK OUT FOR IT)
  • animekritik, kritik der animationskraft (Enjoys the distinction of writing my favorite reads in the sphere, besides being a capital fellow overall)
  • OGT, Anime wa Bakuhatsu da (Good to talk to, even better to read)
  • animewriter/Chris K, Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog (great comments, too bad I’m not into the shows he often covers but he’s a good read nonetheless)
  • The Sojourner, The Blue Fox Alley (It’s been an absolute joy to watch this person turn from a schizoid blogger to an Evoluder Ferret by the sheer power of COURAGE)
  • gaguri, ha neul som (always interesting and I learn quite a bit over there too)
  • omo, omonomonomonomonono (the worst person to quibble with, but has helped out WRL out of fun and goodwill; and I NEVAR FORGET such turns)
  • Kabitzin, Sea Slugs! Anime Blog (most relaxedly hang-outable episodic blogging space in the web yo)
  • panther, The Deathseeker (he’s made my blogging Bakemonogatari and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 a lot more fun and interesting).
  • jp meyer, 見ないで! ひとり言 (half the time I imagine he’s laughing at me and not just with me, but he keeps sharing the funnies)
  • mellow bunny (mellowspace; for goodwill and kind favors. I look forward to collaborating!)
  • 2DT, 2D Teleidoscope (New find! Good reads!)
  • gloval (most valueable Macross fag commenter)
  • Kiri: Opinion Prone, A Day Without Me: GAR GAR Stegosaurus (Are both excellent blogging females I owe apologies to for mistaking them as men TWSJB)
  • gargron, Anime [squared] (devoted a post just to link to one of mine; I can’t advise such a move, but I do appreciate it)
  • Jacob, SNAG vs. World (Thanks for Welcome to the NHK)
  • 7, Exce7ion (Thanks for visualizing me as an otaku parent, my daughter will be born deep in winter)
  • The Longcoat, Betsuni (I liked him better as Zechs, but he writes interesting Utena posts so whatever)
  • CCY, Mega Megane Moe (unforgettable: him helping me get CCY 17 to run so I can finally play him in the game)
  • drmchsr0, orz (for liking Nekki Basara, I think…)
  • DonKangoJones, Kadian1364, Turambar, X10A_Freedom, sadakups (power-users/commenters here at WRL; they make posts worth writing yeah)
  • Vendredi, FungaFuFu (consistently posts badass comments, and makes my posts more interesting than they are to begin with)
  • Orion, Epic Win (when he mentioned WRL as part of his “Holy Trinity” of reads I jizzed in my pants, etc etc)

lucky star gunbuster parody tsukasa as noriko

Special shoutout to mechafetish, asher, LOLJohn, Legendary Girl A (my otaku and borderline otaku friends), and of course mai waifu sybilant — who doesn’t only indulge me this hobby, but is also game enough to guest post once and a while.

For all those who commented here, who are friends on MAL or on twitter that I didn’t mention; and new bloggers and commenters who generously visited thanks to Bakemonogatari and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, thank you for taking the time to read, even if you didn’t enjoy it. It’s all good.

What to expect in the future?

In all honesty I don’t know. I’ve had some time to write the past months which will evaporate soon: with a second job and a baby on the way I don’t think the publishing schedule can be maintained. That said, WRL is not going away, I’ll finish whatever show I start writing about, and Macross love will always be remembered here.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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118 Responses to We Remember Our First Year in Blogging: WRL Turns One Year, Lessons Learned

  1. nekosasu says:

    Aw, I’m nowhere to be seen. 😦

    Anyway! Grats on your first year!

  2. Seinime says:

    Congrats! Lol @ IcyStorm. Hoping for another good year to come!

  3. lelangir says:

    wut is this lucky gunbuster doujin and why is it not translated? WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?

    and congrats on a year!

  4. Ryan A says:

    tsssuuuuu Tsukasa!

    Wow, 1 year! It feels like much longer 🙂 I like how you managed to make this a massive connected-blogosphere postu ^_^ A connected sphere is a loving sphere XD

    Cheers to One Year!

    • usagijen says:

      A sphere that connects together, stays together… or something like that. Warm and fuzzyyy~ X3

    • Thanks man! Well, I thought it’d be obvious how I love making connections and friends… I took full advantage of this meta post to link to everyone I could remember as I wrote this. I still missed a few, unfortunately. It doesn’t mean I don’t have love for them. I just need to remember…

  5. usagijen says:

    Omedetou!!! Can’t believe it’s only been a year… WRL is PHENOMENAL I tell ya. I think we should be thanking you instead for being the pillar of the Filaniblogging community, or something like that 🙂

    Busy or not IRL, I’m sure you can always find a way to RL (remember love). Ok that was just lame lol.


    • Arigatou!!! It does feel longer than a year, especially during a long stretch when most of my favorite bloggers just stopped writing. The sphere got real lonely for me, especially since I lost my best commenters too [->]

      However, it did make me reach out to new readers and eventually my commenter base grew again and it will be very, very cool when my old favorite people show up more often here and interact with the newer folk.

      Better yet, if those guys would blog more often so I have more awesome stuff to read and write reaction posts to ^_^/

  6. Happy anniversary, though I think if anything you should have credited me with an improved effort not to be so grumpy. Anyway keep on fighting the good fight in bringing love back to this blogging game.

    • As I’ve mentioned, the people above can belong to more than one category. Thanks for the kind words and for letting me write at your site, and for contributing here. I appreciate it a lot, just as much as I appreciate all the training in Gundam-fu that you give me.

  7. kadian1364 says:

    Only one year old, but it feels like I’ve been following your blog forever. Actually, I think the first post I visited here was “Find Your Gateway Gundam”, linked from someplace I don’t even remember now. I didn’t become one of your loyal followers until a bit later, but I definitely remembered that post.

    That’s indicative of what this blog is about: memorable, good-natured, always looking beneath the surface, and finding ways to have fun. Anybody can throw up some episode screencaps and say they liked this or didn’t like that, but you put so much more thought and care into your posts. The way you write, how you’re the best I’ve seen at responding to comments, considering everyone’s thoughts individually and fairly, and even responding to the worst of trolls generously, how you share so much of yourself and your life and really put yourself out there, this place here is more than just an anime blog. When I come here to read the latest, it feels like I’m saying ‘Hello’ to a good friend.

    Here’s to [at least] a few more good years of remembering love.

    • That post was the brainchild of mechafetish, but I sure did put a lot of work in it to make it the kind of interactive experience that I wanted.

      Thank you for the acknowledgment. I really try to do those things. I want to credit two important influences:

      1. IKnight, obviously. He’s the standard by which I compare my editorials to — not so much in terms of style (though mine is derivative of his, or at least I still can be), but rather for intelligent playfulness. Much more than this however, I look up to him in how he treated his commenters. Everyone feels welcome, I think. Some may feel intimidated by his language and subject matter, but they haven’t realized how such a splendid host he is when you visit his domain.

      Not to say that I’m not personable, I really like people to begin with. It’s rather that he made it very cool to be a great host in one’s comments section.

      2. otou-san, a little less obviously. The moment I started working with him in OH! I took away what he preached and practiced: accessibility. This is important because I have a tendency to obfuscate and use clunky sentences, having an academic background that is burdened by scholarly phrasing. I had commercial (broadcast media and advertising copy) experience too but it took his example to make me work hard at being readable and digestible, even if I went for ambitious subject matter. (doesn’t always work, but sometimes it really does so I can’t thank him enough).

      Also if you check his archive, you’ll see the effort he puts into making the post itself entertaining; to put in subtle quirks from phrasing to post titles, or even content styles like the use of slide shows. From him I got that the post itself can be the primary source of value/entertainment without necessarily making such at the expense of the subject matter (i.e. trashing shows in a snarky way).

  8. bluemist says:


    Well what can I say that would not be a cliche of your blog title… we really all remember love because of you! More power and more years to come!

  9. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! May you have many more fun and interesting years to come.

    On a personal note, as a new blogger it’s been great interacting with you and reading your site. You certainly make a newbie feel welcome in your comments section and in your replies to my own entries 🙂

    • Thank you!

      As for those things you mentioned, part of it is just me paying it forward. Crusader has been awesome to me and has been a good comrade in all matters deculture. I can’t really return the favor to him, but I can always do what I can to grow the sphere (and the Macross fandom) in my own way.

  10. Kabitzin says:

    Grats! I also enjoyed reading the tips, and I have had a similar experience with search engines and image searches.

  11. I knew this day was fast approaching! I feel so warm and fuzzy inside! I LOVE YOU MAN!!!! WE REMEMBER LOVE BANAZZZZZZZAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. biankita says:

    Am I not Filipino enough that I’m not part of the Filipino blogosphere roster? ;_; LOLZ… I was never aware that I’m the first guest writer in WRL. I don’t know if that’s something I should feel honored about or something that should make me rethink my life.

    Anyway, congrats on the first year! Here’s to you. ^^

    • Rethink your life.

      LOL we were very new when we invited you so we had no idea if you’d say yes. Pakapalan na lang ng mukha. In any case we’re thrilled. I’m thrilled. You did good work here and you’re always welcome to post.

      Thanks so much!

  13. otou-san says:

    Here’s to another year, and more past that. It’s a pleasure to read, was an honor to write here, and I’m happy to hear that I had such a significant part in my favorite blog!

    • If you weren’t having as hard a time to make time for writing I’d be making you write here a whole lot more LOL.

      See my response to Kadian up there. I think you now have the cleanest e-bunghole in the aniblogosphere.

      *rinses mouth*

  14. RP says:

    Archives are interesting things. Like a collection of snapshots in time. I went back and checked out your first post, just for the heck of it. Obviously, style evolves, but it’s impressive to see that your voice has been pretty consistent from the beginning. Anyway, congrats on the one year birthday! It’s weird, it feels like time flies, but at the same time, it also feels like I’ve been reading WRL since forever. Hope to see you continuing on, regardless of posting regularity!

    • Thanks for sharing that. One year isn’t too long a time, especially for one as old as I am who did most of my changing (adolescence and post-adolescence and quarterlife) years ago. Thank you for reading and keeping me company. This hobby is so much better with people like you around.

  15. Mellow says:

    HO SHI- SHOUTOUTS! Insert Kanye reference here? But seriously I look forward to the collabs to come too, my mind is literally EXPLODING SPLATTERING MY SKULL with the things to come. Keep it real homes, you done good here.

    • Thanks, and also for keeping my sights on the future. I do have a few ideas; also a desire to follow through with post templates I had some success with as pilots. I think it’s easy to get carried away after the first year and keep on building new things and reinventing the wheel. I think it’s important too to develop consistency and a more robust body of work for the post templates that did well in the past. Thanks again.

  16. gaguri says:

    omg you spelled my blog wrong!

    anyway congrats on your first year! I know our tastes can often diverge, and my viewing habits can get bit random, so I couldn’t join the discussions on Macross or episodic coverage of Bakemonogatari/Tokyo Magnitude or what have you, but it’s always nice to see anime covered here that are relevant to my interest like Shigurui/Sky Crawlers.

    As a response to your comment on my bakemonogatari post as your favourite post of the year, I don’t know about favourite but if there was an award I would nominate WRL for the best/most successful aniblog of the year. You can write well, you can be intelligent while still being accessible so you draw a wide range of audience from fanboys to critical viewers, it’s updated very often for a single writer, comments section are always full of activity and feedbacks.

    • ^_^;; I misspelled Owen’s blog as well OTL

      When I was a lecturer for literature back in university, I was crushed by the difficulty of making literary works that I enjoyed relevant and interesting to my students. I say crushed because I’m certain that I failed more than I succeeded then. But I was young, a university lecturer at 20 years old and was very impatient and struggled with an intense desire to be liked.

      I still have that desire to be liked, obviously. But I feel that I want to do much better at making the subjects I write about within the shows and manga I feature engaging. I wanted my work to be as intense as I can be and yet be as inclusive as I could possibly make them. Thanks to your acknowledgment, I feel validated that some of what I do works.

      Thanks again, also for making posts that I want to make myself, only doing a better job than I could’ve.

  17. Shin says:


    Also, congratulations on your first year!

  18. asher says:

    By openly extending you blog to people who want to write and be heard, you weaved this incredible network of netizens with varying degrees of otakuness, bringing everyone together and collectively remembering love. *cue sparkles*

    Nice strategy. LOL. ^^v

  19. gloval says:

    Your blog was born on October 13?!!? My birthday is close 😀 There’s this special kinship among those born on October.

    Most Valuable Macross Fag Commenter. WTFLOLOLOL

    Oh noes, you linked to my blog! I should really start putting some stuff in there.

  20. sybilant says:

    I’m sure kyun-kyun will let you blog a little… as long as you let her drool/bang on the keyboard. ahahah.

  21. lolikappa says:

    Oh shit, your blog’s birthday is the same as my birthday! 😮


    Seriously though, feels like much more than a year. You definitely do not seem like a newcomer to the aniblogging scene… o_o

    (Also lulz, I am inspired to do more dramatic things so that I can merit inclusion in next year’s post. >:D )


    P.S. I am an epic long-term lurker. It has been 4.5 years since my first aniblog post. wwwwwww

  22. 0rion says:

    Congratulations on 1 year! You’ve given far more to the community over the course of the last year than most, managed to maintain an extremely high standard, deepened my appreciation for anime, and provided me with lots of great food for thought. Here’s hoping for many more years of great blogging and a great online community. 🙂

    Glad I could make you jizz your pants…maybe?

    • Thanks thanks! If I ever hang up the gloves, I want to go out with a Lucky Star end, which doesn’t feel like an end at all, yet it most certainly does.

      There’ll be new stuff coming up, and not only from WRL. I’ll be involved in other games afoot.

  23. Grats con’ Leche yo! Also, I Love Remembering, but it’s better when “We” do it, that it is =3

  24. Baka-Raptor says:

    Why is OH! down? Tell Riex to administrate.

  25. kaeboo says:

    Hey!!! Time flies by, doesn’t it? Grats! Looking forward to more good reads from you. 🙂

  26. schneider says:

    A little late to the party, but congratulations for reaching 1 year!

    I have /m/ to thank for leading me here, thanks to a thread about mecha blogs–you were first on the list, and your Voltes V post was on top of the page back then. I went “whoa this guy is a Filipino”, checked more posts and confirmed it for myself. You’re one of the first people I admired on the sphere! (the other ones being MTFers omo, D-boy, and N)

    Here’s to more mecha faggotry, despite the mechfamine we’re having. Old shows! Old shows!

    • Thanks thanks!

      You know I would never have thought /m/ would even acknowledge WRL’s existence. I went there to poll anon re Macross tropes and I ran away in tears with rotten eggs and vegetables thrown at me.

      Being Filipino gives us a different perspective on anime because it’s rather widespread here, and think about it: I’m at the tail end of a generation that thought Voltes V is AWESOME, and this generation is already coming into power (supervising/managing teams and departments, running businesses, the government, etc).

      Anime will even be accepted more and more I think, and given Voltes V, robot anime will be looked upon fondly if not outright favored.

  27. animekritik says:

    Congratulations! May you have an even more prosperous second year, blogging wise as well as in your life beyond…

    Those are great blogging tips too!

    • Thanks man, I share what I can. If more people write things I enjoy reading, the better it is for me. The more people comment in blog posts across the sphere, the better it is for everyone. It’s easier to write reactions to the good stuff mentioned in comments — which expands the web of content and makes it not just about the blog posts.

      • animekritik says:

        comments are like seeds….good comments are like those pesky little seeds that stick to your trousers and hurt you if you try to loosen them off…

  28. sadakups says:

    Congratulations on your first year, ghostlightning!

    I actually discovered your blog from Kaioshin Sama’s blog, during the times when majority of the blogs were picking on Gundam 00 and I was looking for bloggers who can actually say something good about that show without sounding like a fanboy. And I was even more interested upon discovering that the head honcho of the blog is actually Pinoy.

    In the last six months or so, I have been entertained with the articles, with some of them leading to my discovery of good anime and manga titles that I haven’t bothered checking until their respective articles came out. So yeah, I’d like to thank this blog again for that.

    Cheers to another year of remembering love.

    • Thank you thank you.

      I didn’t count on being able to influence readers to try out new things… which was why I used to write with spoilers — I only thought of engaging readers who already saw the shows. But something changed or shifted and I don’t know exactly how and when (though otou-san’s spoiler aversion kind of influenced me), which made me write about shows and manga in a way that I’m promoting them.

  29. TheBigN says:

    WRL is an interesting beast to me. Partly because I’m amazed at how often you can post, or on what you post, and partly because you’re an interesting person to deal with in general. Congratulations on your first year, and try to keep the love alive and posting on. 😛

    • Thanks man. I’m very satisfied to run an interesting beast of an operation. I’ll find a good rhythm which will allow me to put out more posts using templates that I developed last year (2008) that I’ve rather neglected in 2009 in exchange for easier to make cheerleader posts for new media I experienced, as well as the surprisingly easy episodic posts I got to do.

      Yeah, I said easy. It’s because I choose to focus on one thing and run with it, as opposed to people trying to be comprehensive even in just writing a summary of the episode. I try to write something interesting and let the commenters fill in the blanks. I can’t do what Panther does… that’s just too much work.

  30. Sakura says:


    And aww thanks for the mention. I loved working with you, it was so much fun and you have so much enthusiasm it made the whole experience over there a total pleasure.

    You’re love for anime really does show through in your posts, which is why I always have so much fun reading them.

    Carry on remembering love!

  31. Panther says:

    Congratulations dude and thanks for the mention, as you can see lately I have been turned off from blogging thanks to Aion. Always been a gamer first lol, and I have no idea when I will even get around to watching and blogging on Bakemonogatari (yet to even catch 11 though I already know 11 and 12’s stuff).

    So yeah keep ’em coming. 🙂

    • Thank you, thank you. I await your return to Bakemonogatari blogging, as I consider your posts to be the comprehensive guide to the episodes… but watch out for Vendredi, he’s really good and is working on such a guide as well ^_^

  32. ETERNAL says:

    It goes without saying, but you’ve done a great job here. Congrats, and may you continue to remember love in the years to come! 😀

  33. Gorilla says:

    You sir are the first non-purely episodic blogger(although I enjoyed the occasional editorial at random curiosity and THAT) I read, albeit only a month ago. The first article I’ve stumbled upon was the one on LOLTomino,after searching for stuff to read about the infamous scene of Amuro burying the Gundam. I had just watched the first movie trilogy and your writings along with some of the bloggers’ I found on your blogroll, made the watching of the OYW sidestories much more enjoyable. Your posts made me also try bakemonogatari which was a very entertaining show and your analysis was as always a great read.
    As Sakura says carry on remembering love for many years to come!

    • Thanks Gorilla!

      Oh I’m glad you enjoyed that LOLTomino post, since I had so much fun writing it, though you may be surprised to learn that it took almost half a year to finish. I realize that I’m rather fixated about Amuro burying the Gundam… I haven’t let it go… I think I want to commission artwork for it now…

      Now try Macross! ^_^/

  34. kaiserpingvin says:



  35. Shinmaru says:

    Congrats! I really need to comment here more often, haha.

  36. IKnight says:

    Congratulations! It’s been fun reading.

    • Thank you! I’m very very glad you had fun. In case I haven’t made it clear, UR MAI IDOL U KNO.

      May the sphere see more of you sooner. I really appreciate you going out of your way to congratulate me…


  37. Martin says:

    Haha, epic anniversary post is epic! I especially approve of the LotGH 4-koma and the Lucky Star/Gunbuster crossover…additional reasons why I keep coming back here. It’s heartening to see a blog get so popular so quickly – the comments threads on here make my head spin every time, and it’s all thoroughly deserved.

    You’ve earned my respect for keeping such a tight schedule for so long – finding time to watch and read what you want to, let alone write about it, is hard when you have a job and a Real Life to squeeze in at the same time. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you can. Keep up the good work is all I can say right now. [Brofist]

    • I realize now how lucky I had it. Especially how you, then N then usagijen found me. It made a bigger difference than I even thought it now seems. WRL had over 15,000 views in its first three months. Reading other blogs’ milestones put our result in perspective. The key difference is hustle… WRL just publishes more.

      Also, I want to thank you for being the first blog to link to me IIRC (you wrote about Crest of the Stars and linked to my Lafiel post, a prototype of what eventually will be my bread and butter analysis: characters). You are my Deai, whether intentional or not. For this you have my heartfelt thanks.

  38. X10A_Freedom says:

    What? It’s only a year old? There’s so much content in here I can’t believe I’ve been following this blog for less than a year!


    • Yeah LOL, my impatience shows up in different ways. I’m impatient to get posts out and discussions rolling, so I publish every other day as much as possible.

      Thank you thank you. May you stick around for more.

  39. Cobrafire says:

    Congrats! Also thanks for recommending Letter Bee. I wish I could think of something else to say, but Yeah, that’s about it…

  40. vendredi says:

    Like many others above, I’ll also echo disbelief at the “only a year” statement; the quality *and* quantity of output of the posts you put out is frankly astonishing; easily considerably more than many other year-old blogs put together.

    • Thanks.

      When I discovered Owen then IKnight, I had no sense of ‘time’ — that is, I read the entirety of their archives in one sitting. I didn’t pay attention to dates and how far apart each post was from the others temporally.

      So I never had the paradigm of quality content is hard to come by. I thought these guys did this real easy. So I just wrote and wrote and wrote without thinking too hard about that particular layer of meta. I wanted to be Iknight as soon as possible.

      Now I can never be another blogger nor occupy the same mindspace among readers even. I made sure that I distinguished myself from any other editorial blogger by bearing my colors way out in the open: Objectivity don’t live here (though visits on occasion), this is a Macross crack house. Macross love first, authorial voice/identity second.

      I wrote about other things a whole lot to reach out to more people who may eventually like Macross. Remember, the ultimate project is and will always will be Macross over here.

      Watch out for my ‘proper’ anniversary post on DYRL? It’s the post I was born to write.

  41. animewriter says:

    Congratulations, I’m really amazed at how much good content you’ve been able to amass after only one year of blogging. For years, I mainly read episodic anime blogs and then I discovered Martin’s Conretebadger/Mononoaware blog and Jeff Lawson’s Hop Step Jump! blog, so “I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Editorial Anime Blog” and now your blog is the first blog I check everyday after work. I love your posts because I feel that they’re very thoughtful & well written, and I love how you keep the discussion rolling with your back and forth responses with the commentators.

    Also, it really doesn’t susprise me when you say how popular some of your post about older anime shows are, I went through the same shock when I saw how popular my posts covering old series like Candy Candy, and Daddy Long Legs are.

    Oh, good luck to you and your waifu with the upcoming birth of your child, and after a few years of fatherhood you can do a post covering raising a child and comparing your experience to Tomoya’s & Nagisa’s experience raising Ushio by really getting into the bones of it. Don’t fuck this up.

    • Thanks a lot, I feel really good hearing this from you.

      You’re talking about Clannad right? I haven’t dabbled into Key Game Adaptations yet, but it’s a matter of time. Otherwise I look at shows like Kare Kano and Itazura na Kiss as examples in anime parenting. Toradora! comes to mind as well, same with Xam’d: Lost Memories.

  42. foomafoo says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hmm, what can I say. Well, it is a fact that I really don’t like rowbots(which is why I just don’t know what to comment) that much but I really like how you write your entries. Maybe I should visit you regularly from now on too 🙂

    and oh, thanks for several twitter replies! I hope your blog would still continue to deliver more great posts.

  43. Yi says:

    Congratulations on one year and thanks for the blogging tips on viewership.

    Let’s be friends. ^ ^

  44. Rakuen says:

    Aww… So much rabu-rabu!!! Waiii!!!

  45. 2DT says:

    Oh dear, you know a lot of people. But I suppose in comparison to, say, political blogs, this is still very small and comfy.

    The stuff you said about getting more hits isn’t so much “advice,” so much as it is “eerie, Nostradamus-esque prophecy.” My archived entries indeed get more hits after the fact than I ever anticipated, and they do look like they’re coming from image searches.

    Well, anyway, congratulations on one year! Here’s hoping for quite a few more.

    • The flotsam of the aniblogosphere wash up on these shores. Kidding, of course. Over the course of a year you can make lots and lots of friends. Had threaded comments been available sooner I think I may have made more since it’s fun to trade comments with other commenters in other people’s blog posts. I resolve to do more of this.

      If I wanted to mention every single commenter or twitter contact there should be a fair amount more. In any case, I really like people and given that the people I interact with over here are anime fans it makes it a lot easier yes it does.

      Thanks for the greetings, and keep up the good work on your own site.

  46. Omisyth says:

    This is a fantastic blog and I hope you keep being as awesome as you are. I was just going t o put “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GHOSTY SUGOI” but I think that’s good enough. To another year!

    • Thanks Omi. I know you campaigned for me to get into OH! and it’s something I won’t forget. I know you’re awfully busy these days, but if you ever want to get something out that you don’t want to run in your own site, you’re always welcome here.

  47. The Longcoat says:

    Huzzah huzzah congrats on a year of great aniblogging. Now. Do it MOAR. I also agree that from what I’ve seen of lolikitsune, his trolling is tasty indeed.

    Will continue reading!

  48. hazy says:

    Grats on the milestone~! I wish you many more blogging years to come!

    Thanks to all your efforts, the aniblogging community has one more place where love for animu is remembered…. And our small local aniblogging community gets to hang out and express our animu-loving selves. ^^

    Keep up the good work!

  49. kanzeon says:

    Congratulations to your epic anniversary ^^.
    More power and more years to come ^___^!
    Keep up the great job 🙂

    • Thanks kanzie! Your own efforts — your productivity and popularity are inspiring. I remember reading [:METANORN:]’s anniversary post a year ago and told myself I want something like that too.

  50. rauc6788 says:

    Congrats on a your first year. I’m remembering love since Dec 28 2008 and planning on continuing. I really enjoy the perspective you bring, its thoughtful and presented directly and I think its great. Keep it up even if post get slower you have a guaranteed reader here.

  51. DonKangolJones says:

    I feel honored that I was mentioned in that post! Congratulations (belatedly) on one full successful year of WRL! You remember how I was on Twitter wondering how I came across your blog? I remember that you were one of the ppl I SPAMMED on the MAL welcome forums. One of the few times that has paid off. And I remember now that what really got me interested in your blog wasn’t the mecha post about being tsundere for Gundam. What I really enjoyed (I lurked for awhile before ever posting) was the post about Toradora! & the whole world opening up at about the halfway point. Regardless of how things got started though, I wish a long successful run. I’ll be visiting monthly, weekly & daily.

    And now that I remembered those old posts, be prepared to get comments on a bunch of obscure stuff that you didn’t think ppl visited anymore. 😉

    • Thanks man. I remember that Toradora! post, where I thought the show was opening up the same way you’d open an RPG world map up when you finished the preliminary quest (usually limiting you to your character’s home town or something). I love talking shop and I appreciate the discussion you contribute here. It makes the blogposts more than they were to begin with and I love it.

      So if you would indeed open up the archives for discussion, you can count on me being game for it ^_^

  52. PP says:

    we need more blogs that remembers old-school love 😛

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  54. Pingback: How to Quickly Establish Yourself as an Editorial Anime Blogger

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