Fall Fail Festival 09: FFFFF We Hate the New Season (Philippine Edition)

Re: What Should I Watch This Fall

The season has left ghostlightning going –


– because of the lack of mecha for the Fall of 2009.

As an effort to strengthen the bonds of friendship in the small Filipino aniblogging community, this has become a group activity. Despite the fact that we seem so closeknit and we make grand plans for our meet-ups, we actually just see each other once every quarter. The rest are spent with everyone on the ani-blogosphere. As a team activity, I sent out a link with the instructions “Do Your Worst.” Everyone happily obliged. This has also become the perfect opportunity to get to know our fellow bloggers – something we do everytime we meet up in the same format as AA but without the 12 Steps.

A fair warning: The following are not actual representation of what the show is all about. In case you haven’t noticed, this has been placed under the ‘for the lulz’ category. There’s actually more to the story than what’s been written in the various questions, except for Man Miracle Train.


bianki – If you say that you’re one, go on right ahead.
usagijen – y’know, sometimes I wish I were this simple-minded…
KaeBoo – Soylent Green is made of people @_@
hazy – Hey, look! It’s Hamyuts Mesete! *ducks for cover*


bianki – You fool! You do know that a dude can never become a leader in bee society, right?
usagijen – for the record, no one loves poverty. But the question is, do YOU love your job? Is it worth the sacrifice?!
bluemist – What’s wrong with your job? You ain’t dead yet right? Everyone dies someday anyway…
Shance – What?! Beedrill is evolving! *cues Pokemon evolution theme*
KaeBoo – Make up your mind, bud!
hazy – Dear delivery boy… shooting with fragments of your heart should’ve been a red flag to not accept that job in the first place. ^^;


bianki – You know, there are a lot of people who would pay a lot of money to have your problem.
Zeroblade – It’s like Sekirei, except you have even more yuri!
usagijen – it is every guy’s dream to have a bi-girlfriend, or so they say. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO MAKE HER BI FOR YOU?!
foomafoo – lol, you should just surprise her at one point. I’d love to see her turn into a yandere.
bluemist – Embrace your new life then… for the next 12 or so episodes.
Shance – Learn to touch yourself before you touch others. Gender issues are for homosexuals. Wait, technically, you’re one. That’s a problem.
Rakuen – A dude who turns into a chick? Everything get’s converted to the other gender’s? Darn.
KaeBoo – why not try doing her both as a girl and as, wait, are you really a guy?
hazy – Hmm… doesn’t your becoming a girl solve your problem? She digs you now. I say stick with it.


bianki – No, it’s not OK. Learn some life skills!
usagijen– no, your s-s-silly m-moe mindtricks won’t work on me!
foomafoo – I’d hate this show if you turn out to be a moeblob!
bluemist – HI I LIKE MOE CALL ME.
Shance – You’ve got to teach me your nabe recipe…
KaeBoo – hmmnn… stupid but cute…  GET LOST!!!
hazy – Uh, no. Do not rely on the dog plushie.


bianki – Shit, are you Kobato?! Again?!?!?!? You probably got lost while walking around and got to that train.
usagijen– it’s a trap!!! a trap I tell you!! Why rely on some miracle train bishies when you can be an empowered feminist, RIGHT?? righ– oh gawd Roppongi and Shinjuku are hawt *swoons*
bluemist – hmm… so you’re saying you wanna be a reverse-gender chikan/stalker?
KaeBoo – are you trying to get raped?
hazy – Yeah, sure. Great idea. And when they appear again, be prepared with picnic baskets. Or how about not leaving the train next time~? Um, they did tell you they were TRAIN STATIONS, right?


bianki – I think you oughta know that your dad does it too.
usagijen– are you sure all they wanna do is SPY on you? Create opportunities simply for you?? They can’t possibly let you have all the fun… right?
foomafoo – Send them off to Rokkenjima for a special mission.
bluemist – HI I LIKE MOE CALL ME. (P.S. bring your imouto too)
Rakuen – Forget the guy. Get the maids. Get your imouto. One locked room, 5 ladies. You know what to do.
KaeBoo – On your wedding night?  Don’t hoard all the fun, girl!


bianki – Anti-histamine get. Then suck it up.
Zeroblade – But cats are awesome. You just fail.
usagijen– If you were moe, you could let them die with one kawaii “konnichi-nya~*wink*” attack! But them cats are probably immune to that, and you’re most likely not a moe shota anyways. Nya~
foomafoo – you don’t like 9 lives?!
bluemist – Just give them cheezburgers. I herd they liek cheezburgers.
Shance – People die when they get killed, but a cat is fine too, no?
schneider – You should listen to those cats, because one of them is TEH MAJOR.
KaeBoo – You know, Eddie McDowd also had to do 100 good deeds…  oh wait, you’re a cat, he’s a dog…
hazy – Here’s a box of Zyrtec and a mask. Good luck with the 100 good deeds, nyaa~


bianki – That sword is an antique and a family heirloom. It’s probably ceremonial and merely for show. Moreover, if you can’t fight, you should just try working on that before you think about your hardware.
usagijen– to trust, or thrust the sword, you decide! DAI PINCHI!
foomafoo – It’s okay to fight to protect and save everyone, just don’t forget to bring some health potions.
bluemist – Umm… but you’re a Cosplayer class right? Whatever sword or armor you wield will automatically lose 99% STR/DEF. That’s probably why the sword broke…
Shance – This ain’t no Knight-Class missy, just a Saber-class wannabe Servant!
schneider – Hire a better teacher, pronto.
Rakuen – Maybe a buckler would be good? You know, you can’t always block attacks with your sword.
hazy – Follow your heart. Or just run away and take the blacksmith with you. Or send him my way. Whichever works.
KaeBoo – just click the button…  your sword should swing easily.


usagijen – Well, perhaps you weren’t the only one after the cute girl… now you blew your chance, the enemy was right in front of you all along!
bluemist – You weak lesbo. Not as keikaku.
KaeBoo – interviewer does not want competition…  now, you can better operate in stealth mode with no guard dogs breathing down your neck.


Zeroblade – Delishuz harem + erogamer = fun for everyone!
usagijen – Class valedictorian and vice-president eh… interesting. Want to be part of my reverse harem instead? Bishies are always welcome! ohohoho~
bluemist – Many have sought for that legend only to fail, my friend. We all know the legend of that guy who almost reached it. He was on a boat.
Shance – The harem ending you’re seeking is confined within the four corners of your student council room. Your conquest has failed to meet our expectations, unless you’re willing to expand your borders…
Rakuen – Tastes like happiness.
hazy – Hmm. Smart and persevering, huh? Looks good too?! Here’s my card~
KaeBoo – forget those girls!  join my tribe instead!


bianki – With 1 Billion Yen, you can BUY peace and quiet!
bluemist – Which guy were you again? We get so many calls of guys meeting fallen naked angels.
Shance – She gave you everything you asked for, and you didn’t ask to get laid? What are you, a dunce or something?
KaeBoo – does she beat eggs for breakfast?
hazy – Are there wishing rules? Why not wish for the money AND a quiet and peaceful life?


Zeroblade – Sidestory of Index, but with exponentially higher doses of ESPer yuri goodness mmm…
foomafoo – you should create a magnetic field inside the room.
usagijen – whut, Misaka can’t be this weak! There’s no way she will doubt her abilities and be afraid of Kuroko! THIS.ISN’T.MISAKAAAA! Die, you froger, I mean, forger!
Shance – Your roommate derives pleasure from punishment exacted by you. Use it to your advantage.
Rakuen – I can take care of the problem. Now then, I’ll be needing some handcuffs and some pc parts.
KaeBoo – enjoy the ride!
hazy – I guess moving away isn’t an option, no? If you’re that creeped out, just electrocute her should she jump you.

Overall, it was a fun activity. It lack the loud interaction we get whenever we get together, but that’s a given since everyone pretty much did it at their own convenience. Though, it would have been more fun if we were all there at the same time. I’m astounded by the average turnover response rate. I wish I could say the same about the Christmas Party…

It was a fairly surprising season. The most looked-forward-to shows ended up as duds. The so-so’s became the gems of the season.

…even without mecha. Right, GL?

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42 Responses to Fall Fail Festival 09: FFFFF We Hate the New Season (Philippine Edition)

  1. Ryan A says:

    RAEG, jk. So what did you end up picking? lol.
    Also, bluemist lol.

    Fun post indeed.

    • bluemist says:

      Hey, I haven’t watched anything from fall except Seitokai no Ichizon so I just did my worst lol.

      It was definitely fun checking out the document from time to time and seeing who contributed a new reaction. Be sure to check out the World Edition too guys!

    • bianki says:

      I actually have not dropped anything yet. I want to give all shows three episodes of everything. But, without waiting for a second episode, I already have an idea what will get dropped.

  2. Emperor J says:

    I can’t really say I hate the new season like a lot of people. Maybe I just feel pity for anyone who had expectations and only got one good show out of the dozen odd and a bunch of unambitious blah shows. Okay, maybe it’s led me to question why I like this stuff in the first place…

  3. So you’ve finally admitted the new season essentially sucks the big one eh. Guess what though, I’ve just been watching old shows I’ve saved to make up for it. I’ve plowed through another quarter of LOGH in just a few days as a result.

    • Uh, just so you know… I’m not in this blog post. I’m in the other one… but it doesn’t really matter what I think because I do think that without more than one good mecha show, the season blows. So summer sucks because it only had the 2nd half of Mazinger.

      That said, I’m enjoying Letter Bee and Kimi ni Todoke. I’m still waiting for Aoi Bungaku or whatever it’s called.

  4. animekritik says:

    Wait for Trapeze!!

    BTW, that’s gorgeous stationery. All you need is a Manila envelope and you’re set…get it? Manila… hee hee.

    • bianki says:

      With so many people saying that they’re looking forward to Trapeze, I wanna watch it too!

      The gorgeous stationery is courtesy of the shows. Finding the right screenshots blows. And I’m pretending that I never read that joke.

      • Shance says:

        Watch it. It’s gorgeous, hippy, druggy, disturbing, and so right for my tastes. Also, major mindfuck for those who’d expect something quality-wise aside from the awesome story.

  5. kadian1364 says:

    Wait a minute, who are these people?

    Yeah, a season like this one is a perfect excuse to dig into my backlog. Like, I just don’t want to watch any of this season’s new shows. Absolutely none (‘cept maybe the librarians, but even then I’m tsundere about it).

    • Filipino anime bloggers, minus myself who bianki stuck with the other post (where I had to bunk with a smelly dinosaur and a rabid loliperv).

      I’m watching Kimi ni Todoke, waiting for Aoi Bungaku, and am blogging Letter Bee.

  6. LostMarbles says:

    Meh, I’m just happy about the sequel to Darker than Black. Sure it was never an amazing show, but they did come up with several creative ways to kill/maim with electricity and other superpowers.

  7. I will marry cirno says:

    The fun in Darker than Black are the contracts.

  8. sadakups says:

    Seriously though, the fall season has been all about school girls and moe. It’s right up my alley with my fetish for that and all, but most that I’ve seen are either brainless or really not entertaining at all.

    I’ve seen most first episodes of almost every fall show, but I’m sticking to my original two: Natsu no Arashi 2 and Kimi no Todoke. Aoi Bungaku sounds interesting though.

    • bianki says:

      Well, if a person who has a fetish for school girls and moe can’t find anything substantial with a season filled with school girls and moe, should I think that there’s really something wrong with the season?

      The way some people talk about Aoi Bungaku makes me want to see one episode.

  9. gaguri says:

    Scientific Railgun is my guilty pleasure of this season. The characters are appealing at superficial level and it’s quite well animated. Just hope it doesn’t get too serious and fail 😦

  10. Gorilla says:

    There are some medium to good shows this season (railgun,kimi ni todoke,nyan koi,bantorra,letter bee,kobato) but there isn’t any powerful anime airing, except maybe for darker than black 2(haven’t watched the first season which is low at my list). By powerful I mean something like Gundam00,Code Geass R2,Macross Frontier and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I mean take for example the past fall season.Kannagi was fun and all sorts of win, but a man has gotta take his dose of action. Gundam 00 and Xam’d which aired at the time provided this along with a great story and characters. This fall simply there isn’t any serious action anime. Bantorra could be good but the production values are shit.

    • bianki says:

      I agree. Usually, there’s always the one anime to define a season. Most of the time, it’s because of powerful stories and sometimes just for the WIN fun factor. I’m not seeing it this season.

  11. Yi says:

    This season is kind of low in quality. I’m watching Railgun though, which is awesome.
    Anyway, Shance, Beedrill does not evolve further!

    • Shance says:

      My point exactly.

    • bianki says:

      My only way of dealing with a low quality season is watching the things from previous seasons that are still running like Cross Game, FMA Brotherhood, and Umineko.

      I haven’t seen Index, so Railgun is just OK for me. However, I think it’s better than most of the series. Kimi ni Todoke is my favorite for the season though.

  12. Deckard says:

    Hamyuts Mesete o kuruse, Hamyuts Mesete o kurae, Hamyuts Mesete o kuruse, Casshern o kurae … oops, wrong series. This is why I have difficulty taking Bantorra seriously.

  13. Shance says:

    Wait, I’m not as patriotic as its seem since I’m of mixed blood. Why am I stuck in this post?! Bianki~!

    Kidding. Nice post FTW.

    • bianki says:

      I stuck you here because I’m prejudice, kiddo. LOL… I did not know you’re mixed blood. Not that it would have mattered. I’d still stick you here just because you’re a regular in the get-togethers.

  14. 0rion says:

    As always, bluemist has the right answer every time.

  15. Nagato says:

    Your links for jen’s blog are wrong, biankita

  16. Rakuen says:

    Can’t wait to see the international version. It’ll be a fracas.

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