What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)

Ugh those tracks you just can’t stop repeating but you don’t care because they are so damn good you might as well let them stay playing for a week.  It’s that Senju Akira again and his dastardly slow building music that just keeps on building:

I could listen to that all day and perhaps maybe I’d rather listen to that all day then watch any one of the new anime series we have coming out this season.  And that’s what I’m really here to talk to you, but by all means let the song be a mood setter.  ghostlightning states “FFFFF We Hate the New Season” and calls it fail fall 09, but he doesn’t necessarily ask the question.  What is the question? Is there a question?  Well I certainly have one and it’s a certain “what the hell happened?!” as far as the last couple of seasons we dealt with actually.  Last season gave us a certain gem in Bakemonogatari and I’m sure people found something to suit their interests as well, but for mecha fans like the ghost and I it’s been pretty slimpickings.  There don’t seem to be any particular heavy hitters for the remainder of 2009, and in fact it’s arguable that the entirety of 2009 slipped by without any of the heavy hitters we’ve had almost every season from 2006-2008.  Have we been spoiled, or is the boom over so to speak?  Finally is it just me or have the bigshot companies just suddenly decided to collectively say, “2009 isn’t looking so good, let’s wait until 2010 before we spring the big stuff on them” and if so could the crash at the end of 2008 had something to do with the anime industry playing so conservatively this year?  I don’t pretend to have all the answers and hate to leave people hanging, but if indeed this is already it as far as the big 2009 titles go I wouldn’t mind sharing my survival strategy with everyone instead.  It’s a fairly simple one that should be adaptable to most people’s standards:

…..Told you this would have a curious leadoff.

dirty room

Tip 1: Think of something you have been neglecting to finish.  A video game, a book, an anime or whatever interests you.  Now is pretty much the perfect time to clean house rather than fretting to much about the lack of outstanding anime out there.  I’ve been spending the time catching up on LOGH and have so far finished 3 games in the past week and a half.  It can feel immensely satisfying to get that kind of thing off your chest and it’ll make it that much easier to dive right into the good stuff once it comes without worrying to much about increasing the backburner.  Balance my friends, it’s a man’s best friend.


Tip 2: Consider starting a new hobby.  For example blogging can always help you to channel your thoughts away from what’s immediately bothering you and provide an outlet to turn it into creativity.  I’m currently working at getting my friend to start building his gunpla already and plan to step in to help with it as well and I’ll let people know how that goes if it ever actually does…..the lazy bastard.  I’ve also worked at taking a nightly walk to work on getting into shape and just to see what the night sky happens to look like on any given night, though depending on location this might not be a safe option for some.  The key is finding what works for you and how it can work to your benefit for passing the time.


Tip 3: Sit in a lecture at your local university that interests you and see what you can learn from it.  Many Universities won’t eject you from a larger lecture (100+) barring a disruption unless it’s specifically pay to enter because what you are actually paying for is the right to receive a grade from the professor.  I remember when I was at university actively I used to do this with my friends lectures and it was amazing what you could learn on the side and the ways it can benefit you.

Pop culture

Tip 4: Catch up on the local media culture.  There’s a tendency among some anime fans to turn a frown to the non-anime works of today, but really I see no reason too.  With the waning dominance of reality TV, the return of formats such as the sitcom with series like Two And A Half Men and plain old fashion acted drama with a series I happen to like called Southland, and an ever increasing avenue for independent films such as Slumdog Millionaire to penetrate the glass ceiling once held firmly in place by the Blockbuster, (run on sentence FTW) things are starting to look up  Sticking to one genre or one style only leads to so many horizons before the only way to broaden them is to try something else.  Recently I’ve been watching a many of the classic movies that I had never bothered to see before and really seeing how the artform known as the motion picture has evolved over time.  I try to mix it up though as far as culture goes.  For example while I might watch Roots or Taxi Driver, I’m also sure to mix in something from the present such as Stargate SG-1 and to mix in works from other countries such as Das Boot: The Mini Series or Dr. Who.  Another option might also be sport.  I’ve neglected to keep up with the hockey culture here in Canada for the past decade or so, but am slowing getting back in the loop and finding it makes for an easy conversation topic with just about anyone you could meet in public if you can know what the hell your talking about when it comes to the details and standings of the teams and players.  Take a look at your local popular culture, it may not be as embarassing as you might think it is.


Tip #5:  If all else fails try to find a hidden gem.  I think ghosty has banked on Letter Bee with his recent session of articles and that many also expect Trapeze to have that certain quality to stand out and looking at the promo art I can see why in how unorthodox it looks.  I make the least guarantee that this one will pay off to any extent mostly because it’s the option with the least power in ones own hands to make the most of.  If there is no hidden gem there is no hidden gem, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  After all how can you know what’s out there if you never bother to look for it.

Well I hope this helps.  Like I said the best solution one can have to a problem such as entertainment is the one that best suits them.  Feel free to suggest your own ideas and let people know what you do when the fresh entertainment well dries up on your front.  Also don’t by shy to let people know what you’re looking forward to and what your hopes for 2010 might be.  Obviously I’m looking forward to the Gundam works that will be coming out since the series is my lifeblood and primary inspiration the same way  Macross is for ghostlightning.  I’ll have much to say for those I’m sure once the time finally rols around.

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I'm a Mecha Anime fan who can go from being rigidly straightforward to using vague references that make me impossible to understand in about 5 minutes.
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45 Responses to What The Hell Happened With The Fall Season And How To Survive The Rest of 2009 (With A Curious Leadoff)

  1. If nothing else, 2009 has been WAY better than 08. If we don’t count Toradora and Casshern Sins, which both continued into 09, all 08 had going for it was Kurenai and… that’s it. And a lot of people don’t even like Kurenai!

    This season is pretty bad even by my embarassingly low standards, but I think Letter Bee has a lot of potential, Sasameki Koto could be a great sleeper hit, Nyan Koi will be a nice little satiater, Railgun could be a really big hit, and Darker Than Black S2 deserves to be OMG. So it’s not ALL bad.

    As for your tips, aaaaaah. Ttoally all things I wanna do…. but never will lol.

    • Are you totally picking a fight or what?

      Code Geass R2, Gundam 00 S2, and MACROSS FUCKING FRONTIER all happened last year. 2008 was a great year for us mecha fans you insensitive jerk. Now go take a nightly walk and leave me to my emo T_T

    • Ryan A says:

      YEA, WHat GL said. XD (I’m not a hardcore mecha fan, but yea!) And what about 2007!

    • Autonomous says:

      ’08 had Kaiba. Kaibaaa!


      …you’d think I’d’ve gotten used to people ignoring it by now, but each successive iteration only seems to leave me angrier.

      There was also… hmm, let’s see. Spice and Wolf was winter ’07/’08. Amatsuki was decent. Chi’s Sweet Home could be hilarious when in wanted to. Real Drive I wasn’t all that fond of, personally, but I think it qualifies. Druaga gets points just for pioneering simulcast. And, while I adore the manga and am thus obliged to hate the anime regardless of actual merit, Soul Eater.

      Not to mention Gundam and Macross. Xam’d, maybe?

      Obviously the only logical conclusion is to challenge you to a duel for the honour of ’08. Pistols at dawn?

      Oh, and I watched Book of Bantorra the other day. That one seems promising.

    • usagijen says:

      2008 also had Library War, and Skip Beat!!! I remember those times when my shoujo-loving fangirl soul was so ALIVE~ This season brought that soul back, but doesn’t mean that ’09 > ’08 or the years before!

      wtf, digiboy, I expected better of you! (屮゜Д゜)屮

    • BobaFetish says:

      I second ef melodies, and also nominate Kannagi, and the DVD release of Eva 1.01. The dango show, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

      • Hated melodies and Kannagi myself, so dunno where that gets us~~~

        • BobaFetish says:

          I didn’t even bother watching Kurenai, so that makes us even. I think people are willing to concede “2009 has been better than 2008” based on the strength of the shows that aired in spring and summer. But any season from 2008 had more shows people wanted to watch than this season.

          BTW, I hated melodies on my first try and dropped it early – rewatched it (in 2009!) and now I think it’s a pretty good followup to memories.

    • drmchsr0 says:

      Only if you hate mecha with a passion.

      Personally, I don’t have glowing impressions of Gundam 00, and while it was Frontier that triggered the whole MACROSS MARATHON 2008 (I am left with Macross II and Zero as of right now, but let’s say I’ll get into those later), Frontier was somewhat lacking (this does not mean it was a bad show, on the contrary, it was a really good show, just one I have some… … … reservations with.) and I personally don’t give a fig about Geass unless you count Code Geachu.

      What about RIDEBACK and BLASSREITER? Liked both those shows from the few episodes I saw.

      And ASTRO FIGHTER SUNRED? And whatever the rest have already said.

      Or you could actually epiblog OLD SHOWS like I do. But no one cares about a hamster with a kakapo on his head, because LOL INBRED ANIMUBLOG DORAMA is better than doing your own stuff. 😦

  2. Kambei says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My hobbies for this fall: reading Hana Yori Dango, finishing up Melancholy of…, picking up Kung Fu again, and watching Nyan Koi (for shits and giggles) oh and anticipating upcoming Nodame and Eden of the East movies.

  3. This is how I’ve been dealing with a season that just isn’t moving me to watch, however am I the only person that feels a little weirdly guilty for benching their big ticket anime hobby in favor of more mainstream fare such as gaming, film and learning new skills?

  4. Ryan A says:


    Tip 1 – infinite experience works
    Tip 2 – out of sight, out of mind
    Tip 3 – lol… it’s amazing what you learn when you’re not enrolled in the course
    Tip 4 – infinite experience works
    Tip 5 – the cake is a lie

    Yea, I do think multi-media intrigue helps in these situations. Personally, I’m fine with Fall, but I think it’s been out-done by Summer this year. That isn’t to say there is nothing to enjoy (for everyone). As for hidden gems, I really don’t think there are any. The series are pretty much right there, plain sight, but I guess what is staple for one, could be a hidden gem for another.

    Perhaps having a negative disposition towards the season may bring more enjoyment, dunno. It’s likely a safer position than over-expecting anyhow ^^

  5. schneider says:

    I do #1 and #5 all the time.

    And Nyan Koi is surprisingly good, really.

  6. Seinime says:

    Well, no romance really this season for now, so finishing Toradora it is.

  7. mjsnoozer says:

    I always do #1, the main reason I always play catchup every season, and lolPS2.

    Kimi ni Todoke made me squeal like a rabid fangirl lol.

  8. Ningyo says:

    But yeah, this is good time to get blazblue out of my to do list and catch up a bit on my touhou writings.
    if school would stop being an ass long enough for me to do those things.

    And its not as if I really follow the new seasons of series as well.

    …So yeah, the fall season really hasn’t affected me at all…

  9. Yi says:

    Nice tips. Fall season is a bit underwhelming. Anyway
    #1. I do actually have a massive back log, so this season lets me have a chance to catch up.
    #2. Maybe… I’m poor enough as it is with my current hobbies. Blogging does keep me busy though. ^ ^
    #3. I go to my normal lectures.
    #4. I would suggest watching some of the hot new seasons/ shows on TV. For example, Glee, Top Chef, Project Runway are all great shows to get into in US.
    #5. Does Sasameki Koto count as a hidden gem? Anyone?

  10. Michael says:

    I did a bunch of stuff all the time before, but now that I am working, I have less time to do things. This shitty anime season couldn’t have been timed better, actually!

  11. DK Eternity says:

    Yeah, last year’s fall season was great. This one’s… just disappointing overall. At least there are a few shows I like, like DtB.

    I guess this would be a good time to watch some really old shows, especially the other Macross ones that I haven’t watched yet.


    • drmchsr0 says:

      Mmmmm, Macross.

      I’m tempted to watch MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM for giggles. I’m almost done with Macross, anyhoo.

      • How about you watch Mobile Suit Gundam with the intent to give it a chance instead of what seemingly everybody in the blogosphere has been doing for so long. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it, but not if you go in with that attitude.

        • And that’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t laugh at something you watch as it goes along if you think it’s silly, but going in with solely that attitude of “I need to laugh at this as my only chance of enjoying it” is an EXTREMELY (and I can’t stress that enough) closed minded way of approaching any form of media in my eyes. Do what you want though, but try not to prejudge things kay’.

          • DrmChsr0 says:

            Um, but I liked what I saw so far.

          • I hope you’re at least watching the MSG movies because the original TV Series really is kind of blah with it’s Mobile Suit of the week and the G-Bull, G-Sky and G-Armor silliness. I also think you get the same amount of Gihren and Char and other characters that matter in the movies so there’s really no point not to go with the movies which just get rid of the throwaway stuff.

  12. Hanners says:

    While this season certainly isn’t packed to the rafters with outright quality (it’s by far the worst I’ve seen since I started the whole ‘blogging thing), there are at least a fair number of shows that have proven to be fun to watch if nothing else – To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is great entertainment, Nyan Koi has been pretty fun at times for all its generic nature, Natsu no Arashi seems to be forgotten by everyone except me but is worth a look and White Album is trashy soap opera for a cold autumnal night.

    That’s without more Darker The Black (which should require no explanation as a must-watch), Trapeze (which is a great way to save the money you’d normally spend on psychedelic drugs) and Kimi ni Todoke (awwww, they’re in love and it’s so sweet!). More than enough to keep me going until winter, when we’ll have waaaaay too many great shows to choose from… right? 😉

  13. bluemist says:

    I treat every beginning of an anime season as an opportunity to look back to the stuff I missed in previous years actually. I tend to wait a few weeks or more so that episodes accumulate before I follow a particular new anime. Because of that, my first month or so is quite dry, and so I rewatch stuff or pick up an old anime that I didn’t watch. After that, I read blogs and see if those new anime are really worth watching. This saves me time from watching a first episode or two of a show I won’t actually like in the long run.

  14. To everyone, I apologize for digiboy fagging up the comments section. Arguing with him will just cause you aggravation. Let the poor fool concentrate on writing his own posts. It’s hard enough for him to not fuck up his ‘assignments,’ let alone successfully troll people here.

    • Well he didn’t fuck up that 100 characters series. 😛 Plus the guy is outspoken and isn’t afraid to let people know what he thinks. In some ways I can respect that, but I guess you could say I agree he puts his foot in his mouth a bit more often than necessary, perhaps much the same as myself. I like colour in my commentary though so for now I’m not going to discourage it too much unless it gets ugly. Even still thanks for the apologies.

      • 😀 Love to see a good sport! I meant no harm in my initial comment, seriously! I didn’t expect any reaction, but then I guess my wording was probably poor. I should have maybe said 09 was WAY better than 06 for ME. Because 08 was a really miserable year for me in terms of anime (in contrast to everything else in my life lol) while 09 has been excellent for the most part.

  15. animewriter says:

    I don’t really think that the fall season is a disappointment unless you’re in need of a mecha/giant robot fix (sorry ghostlightning). Whether or not a certain season is a disappointment depends on what anime genres you can enjoy watching and what you expect to get out of your anime viewing. While I look forward to anime that includes “deep thoughts”, I mainly expect anime to provide me with emotional escapism and some good laughs.

    So far, I’m enjoying Letter Bee, an OK shonen anime
    Kimi ni Todoke, a decent shoujo anime
    White Album II, a train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of
    Railgun, Ichizon, Sasameki Koto, my guilty pleasures
    Aoi Bunqaku & Trapeze, very interesting so far

    And since I make no bones about loving sugary sweet shoujo and maho shoujo, I’m really enjoying Yumeiro Patissiere & Kobato.

  16. Jacob Martin says:

    Kaioshin, Imma let you finish, but 1998-2000 had the best seasons to follow on local broadcast TV of ALL TIME!

    Part of the reason why the ever-changing anime seasons annoy me is that I never get to see most of a year’s anime, but now my HSC is over and I will have less pressure, that may change.

    In times of drought/doubt, there’s always old anime DVDs you stocked up on but never truly watched to the end. I still need to retroblog Speed Racer of all things because it’s one of my favorite vintage anime that wasn’t made by Osamu Tezuka. I also reckon I should take up figure photography, since I have a lot of figures yet to be reviewed. I guess there are hobbies like reading and writing books I have to stick to as well, as well as CHRISTMAS PREP 2009 HAPPY FUN!

  17. Pingback: The Content Crunch of the Fall 2009 Anime Season, and what to do about it. — SNAG Vs. World

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