Discovered Deculture: My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude

macross minmay mikimoto on floor

The good people at The Galaxy Network gives us a great gift: a Super Dimension Macross (TV) side story in scenario form — this means the draft never got produced as TV series episodes. This is a big deal! Why, this covers material of Minmay in the infancy of her stardom.

Minmay gets a bad rap for her immaturity as a teenager, exacerbated by the fact that she is the biggest star in a decimated race. I mean, there was literally no competition left. Also, in the form of the Zentraedi, anything she does is a guaranteed hit. This was an alien race that near literally (and ridiculously) had no culture.

Thus, the events and her behavior at the end of the TV series rather damned her, and made it easy for the fans of the show to sympathize with how the love triangle was resolved.

macross minmay hikaru misa mikimoto art earth

BUT NOT ME. While I will never take anything away from Misa Hayase, I’m a Minmay diehard. All these Macross fans who supposedly ‘love’ the Misas and the Sheryls of the franchise talking about ‘loving’ a character who ‘deserves’ it. I like these characters a great deal. But love? PFFFT. That ain’t love. That’s too easy. It’s easy to appreciate excellent qualities such as maturity and strength, decision-making and competence under pressure. Loving a character for those qualities is safe and conservative.

If it fits in the pocket of one’s preferences. That’s not love at all! That’s like saying I love anime and only mentioning Ghibli films, and maybe Legend of the Galactic Heroes. That’s not love! Appreciating such excellence is what you’re supposed to do.

It takes a fanboy to love Minmay, to love Ranka sure. It takes someone who gets what love is too. These female leads are weak, stupid, and in the case of Ranka, pretty badly written. But take that meta layer out, she made some wretched decisions. These characters are rather embarrassing to like publicly. So people don’t love them. Some hate them vociferously, others fap to them in secret.

Macross My Fair Minmay Diary on Couch

No this isn’t about a moe need to protect them. This is a strong desire for them to make it through, to learn the tough shit. It’s kind of like wanting to put Lucky Star‘s Tsukasa in a Buster Machine.  It’s not about protecting them from the harshness of the world, but rather seeing them through it; wanting then to get their acts together. They’re hard to love, Minmay and Ranka both.

Ranka had considerable pre-stardom screen time. We know she didn’t have it easy. Not only did she fail to win Miss Macross, there was a dominant diva within her sphere in the form of Sheryl. She’s lucky that Sheryl is fond of her too; it made a rivalry between them probable. Minmay on the other hand, while being a nobody prior to winning Miss Macross, was already the darling of everyone.

Her family loved her. The Mayor of Macross City loved her. The Nyan Nyan restaurant was her first success. A city of sausages wouldn’t hesitate to head over to the only dive with a teenage girl in a cheongsam serving dimsum. Everybody loved her. So yeah, Minmay’s path to stardom was pretty well-paved. This easy course is part of why she handles adversity with difficulty.

Macross My Fair Minmay Diary on Stage

So how easy and exciting did she really have it? My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude shows us how.

To everyone about to read My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude: The story that begins here is the story of Lynn Minmay, a girl who wants to become a star. This is the prelude, from being chosen as the Queen of the Miss Macross Contest aboard the space battleship Macross, to her first real step towards stardom. These scenarios start before Episode 9 of the TV series and end at episode 12, and they form a background to that production.

These scenarios were produced the same we we produce the the TV show, almost as if we were making five more episodes. The scenario writers got together and hashed everything out, and then wrote it all down. Now, what we call the “scenario” is not the dubbing (“AR”) script used by the voice actors, although sometimes magazines will refer to it as such. The AR script used for dubbing is done after the storyboarding is complete, so it wil not differ much from the final film. So the scenario is earlier, and the writer pictures what the pictures and sounds will be, and a step to the storyboarding. In the process, things change, and the individuality of the writer gets watered down, and so most scenarios never see the light of day.

So here are unfiltered scenarios, without the changes to characters’ dialogue and the stories’ key points that always happens during production. In a sense, you are the director of the TV series, and I will be happy if you make the film in your head while you read the book.

And so, everyone, here is My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude. Please read it slowly to the end.

Shoji Kawmaori (Composition)

The  text is an insider’s view of the life of a pop idol in the making. Minmay’s popularity (the TV series’ popularity) coincided with the rise of the idol in Japanese popular culture. During this time idols represented charm and innocence, a kind of perfection in the eyes of their adoring public. Back then idols were nationally adored, not only by idol otaku — who were a latter phenomenon.

It starts on October 10, 2009. Minmay turns 16 years old, just before she joins the Miss Macross contest. Also a significant point of interest: the setting is high school: St. Valencia’s School for GirlsMacross Frontier is criticized by some (oldfags) for changing into some high school comedy, as if Macross was never supposed to have something so current or trendy or pandering as high school hijinks.  Apparently there are many different high schools in Macross City, due to the number of male students in different uniforms waving at her.

Minmay, talking to her classmates Seiko, and Akina, was already worried about buying so much Valentine Chocolate for her male admirers. Interestingly, Minmay was doubting if she should join Miss Macross, and it was her classmates who encouraged her. Ultimately, it was the Mayor himself who entered her without her consent.

Macross My Fair Minmay Diary Seiko Akino

Also, apparently, Minmay was supposed to have a date with MAX, and SHE STOOD HIM UP. I don’t know what fills me with more RAEGHAET, the fact that Max is trying to get into her panties, or that she stood him up (what a bitchslut).

SCENE 11: Happy Park

MAX is sitting on the bench.

He keeps looking at his watch.


Oh Minmay, you’re late. Even though at the party, you promised me…


The screen splits in half. One side shows MINMAY eating chocolate parfait and laughing. The other shows an impatient MAX. (Mr. Director, however you want to contrast them is fine.)

macross sdf 08 maximilian jenius first appearance

See what I mean! God damn it! Maxxxxxx! But I can’t be to upset with Max. Minmay dates at least one more (high school) boy, who she finds boring. Ugh.

Also, just read this. We all watched SDF Macross episode 09. We all know how the Miss Macross contest went down. I’m pretty certain we didn’t get THIS:

SCENE 18: The same • The stage

MINMAY takes a deep breath.

Because she hurried putting on her swimsuit, MINMAY tugs on the suit near her buttocks to adjust it.

As the music swells louder, MINMAY strikes a pose.

KAKIZAKI’S VOICE: Wow, Minmay! You’re hot!


MINMAY stumbles.


She topples forward. For a moment, the audience is silent.

After a beat, they burst out laughing.

MINMAY turns bright red. She stands.

GLOBAL: Are you all right?

MINMAY: (red-faced) Yes.

JUDGE A: Could you please turn around?


JUDGE A: As promised, I want to see your back.

MINMAY: (obediently) Oh. Of course.

She spins, posing with her back to the judges.

JUDGE A: Ah. Hmm.

GLOBAL smiles happily.

In the audience, FOCKER, KAIKIZAKI, and MAX all gasp involuntarily.

MAX: Um, wow. Not bad. Nice, even.


JUDGE A: Very good. You can turn around now.

MINMAY: Okay. She turns around.)

JUDGE A: Your back is very pretty, and you’ve got a delightful rear end as well. I’d even call it your “charm point.”

MINMAY drops her head and blushes.

Again, explosive laughter can be heard.

MINMAY: They’re all laughing at my butt… Thank goodness Hikaru isn’t here to see this…

She looks about to cry.


WTF GLOBAL I EXPECTED BETTER FROM YOU SON I AM DISAPPOINT. Anyway, we see here that Macross is far sillier, lewder, cruder, and pandering that its budget allowed it to be. While I acknowledge that the show that we did get is awesome (of course it is, who the hell do you think you’re talking to!), it’s rather presumptuous of us should we hold it to some standard of sacredness.

But hijinks and fanservice aren’t the only gems in this text! As I’ve mentioned, these extras give us a look inside the entertainment business. And I must say, even then (1983) the presentation in Macross is rather seedy. It was rather clean in the TV series, with the whole business with Kaifun being the primary distraction. Had these scenarios become actual episodes, we’d have seen rival entertainment companies go after Minmay, and a few more unsavory but interesting scenes of how the idol business could’ve really worked at the time.

macross minmay dance training mikimoto

SCENE 23: The Prometheus Nightclub

MINMAY is silent and her face is very red. She’s hanging onto LABONSKY’s shoulder to keep steady.

LABONSKY: Minmay my dear, I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink. I don’t think you can

walk far, but there’s the nearby hotel where you can lie down and rest for a bit.

MINMAY silently, unsteadily nods.

LABONSKY: Heh heh heh…

He puts his arm around MINMAY’s waist (she recoils a bit). MINMAY staggers to her feet.

SCENE 24: The pleasure district at night

FOCKER’s band, in a good mood.

KAKIZAKI: Ah, this feels great! I feel so refreshed! Our Leader will be sad he missed this!

MAX: Nah, our Leader’s heart is pure.

FOCKER, walking quickly, suddenly stops. The other two bump into him.

FOCKER: Hey, look at that couple there. Isn’t that Minmay?

KAKIZAKI: Whoa…it is!

MAX: Would our Leader take her to someplace like this, though?

They watch.

LABONSKY is propping MINMAY up as she totters along.

Suddenly, MINMAY starts leaping.

MINMAY: Woo-hoo! Yippee!

LABONSKY frantically tries to hold her down.

LABONSKY: What, Minmay! What is it? Minmay!

MINMAY, giddy and drunk, keeps dancing around.

MAX: That’s Minmay screaming!

KAKIZAKI: What’s that guy doing to her?

FOCKER: Let’s go! Rescue Minmay!

The three dash forward.

FOCKER greets LABONSKY by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck.

LABONSKY topples backwards, then sits up.

LABONSKY: Who the hell are you?

FOCKER: What do you think you’re doing with Minmay?

LABONSKY: That’s got nothing to do with you!

KAKIZAKI: You dirty old man!

They start beating LABONSKY. MINMAY hangs on to MAX.

MINMAY: Yeah! Do it! Cool! Waa!

Then, all her energy vanishes.

MAX: Minmay?

Looking over, MINMAY is sleeping peacefully.

Do you remember this scene? I don’t think it made it as well. Apparently, 16 years old is a legal age for drinking in Macross City. If anything, I have a vague recollection of reading something like this in the Robotech novels. But that was so long ago so I can’t really say.

But what I’m certain of is that the further seediness in the idol industry definitely did not make it into the TV series. Near the end Minmay was being propositioned to do a film with a nude scene done by a director who used to do porn. So here is Macross after reading these scenarios: nothing changed much; it’s still a silly show that has uncommon attention to detail for a seemingly fluffy space opera robot show. It can surprise, that it can.

Further Reading

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26 Responses to Discovered Deculture: My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude

  1. Ryan A says:

    That is intriguing. I don’t find it odd that such things were excluded, but the thought that they were in the realm is interesting and could probably serve a basis for a number of arguments about more recent industry titles, as well as the industry itself.

    Ranka, can’t say I love her no, but I did find her the more empowered individual. Sure she was cute and carried innocence well, but she was always taking steps forward and showing courage. She was the one who eventually lifted Sheryl. Sheryl had sheer prowess, but she was in the “perfect” environment; she could confide in her prowess any which way she wanted, as she was totally in the position to do so… apparently. When that entire facade was taken away from Sheryl, I came to realize/believe she was more fragile than Ranka, and susceptible to broader swings of emotional stability. Without her perfect scenario, I feel Sheryl would question herself deeply.

    Of course, Sheryl and Ranka were in different situations, so it’s difficult for me to conclude how each would react to the other’s position. ^^

    • See, her lifting Sheryl in the end is something I don’t particularly like in the show. It felt very forced to me — forced to keep the symmetry of the triangle. The most terrible part is her slapping Sheryl. That was just nonsense. Why?

      Sheryl had no idea that she could be healed! Had Sheryl remained despondent — and did not get up despite being healed, then she should be slapped. But that would be out of character for Sheryl wouldn’t it… as out of character it seems for Ranka to start lecturing anyone. ever.

      I don’t think Sheryl is more fragile than Ranka at all. (fyi, I’m a Ranka fan)

      • Ryan A says:

        lol, totally forgot about that slap. I didn’t really consider the symmetry, but I can understand that. Dunno, I had the feeling that Ranka’s status in the Vajra matter was simply more significant, and with that, needed better composure for things to play out as they did. I didn’t see the same level of instability in Ranka as I did with Sheryl, that’s about it.

        • Ranka fell apart with regards to the Vajra… which resulted in the biggest tragedy within Frontier. Her breakdown at the funeral and her unprofessional behavior as a working idol further cemented her character descent. Parallel to this, Sheryl had her exaggerated fall from stardom which had her perform at a club… but gave her an awesome moment in singing for the survivors in the shelter (while Ranka falls apart somewhere).

          In the love arc… Ranka never sought out to really know Alto, only to have him, in her naive way. Contrast this with Sheryl who, despite her superficial haughtiness, wanted what’s best for Alto, and truly reached out to know him. And they totally had sexytime yo. It was hawt.

  2. Pontifus says:

    Very interesting stuff. For what it’s worth, while Minmay did annoy me (and she stood up Max!? fgsfds), I have to admit that I found Misa sort of bland until maybe a third of the way through. And I don’t really choose sides re: Sheryl and Ranka, as I like to think I “got” them both in terms of their purposes as characters. Maybe I occupy a neutral position. But I certainly agree with you, at least to some degree, on the matter of love. One of my simplest, most reductive definitions of love is the degree to which one is willing to overlook the many inevitable flaws of another.

    • Yeah man, that was my initial reaction to her x Max. I choose sides. However, I don’t make it mean that I dislike the other party. Misa’s really meant to be the ‘old sourpuss’ (to use her Robotech description) until later on. Hikaru was to affect her in a way she would become a ‘woman’ in the sense of playing a role in a heterosexual relationship.

      Rather than overlook, I’d rather choose ‘forgive’ as the operative recourse. I’m not into the ‘blind’ kind of love that overlooking may lead us to adopt, not that some amount of overlooking will inevitably occur.

  3. The My Fair Minmay scripts are very interesting, though in a way I’m glad some of them stayed as just ideas. WTF @ Max and Global in them, for example. While it seemed like they wanted to introduce a seedier element of the idol process in these scripts, the actions of those two characters don’t seem very in character for them. That said, I wish some of these could have made it into the show. As I mentioned to Yot-chan awhile back they make me both more and less sympathetic to Minmay and those kind of conflicting thoughts are always a welcome addition to a show or character.

    I have to disagree with some of the premise that you put forward at the start of the entry though. You say that it’s ‘conservative’ or ‘expected’ to cheer for/favor the more mature, considerate, strong characters, but isn’t it only natural to favor characters (or people for that matter) that posses more positive traits? And if that’s one’s preference for characters/people it’s certainly not any less real of ‘love’. One might have a preference for rooting for characters that fail, wanting to see them get their act together and improve, but it’s subjective preference and thus not any more or less ‘love’ than those who cheer for the character that’s more with it.

    On the particular point of Sheryl vs Ranka, I feel that the ‘safe’ option to like was Ranka for most of the series anyway (and there are still huge fans even after her failures and betrayals.) For the first half of the series Ranka was sweet, considerate, and kind whereas Sheryl was self-centered, spoiled, unreasonably demanding, and generally an unpleasant person. I hated her for the first 1/3 of the show myself, despite loving her as she rose from the ashes of her sickness and failing career later in the series. And even then I felt that Ranka was the easier or more conventional pick of the two, as even in failure and selfishness she still retained the idealized qualities of both an idol (or at least of an idol’s facade) and the moe innocent character archetype (and honestly didn’t really seem to change a lot even by the end). Which one prefers is subjective, and whether one character or the other is easier to like does not mean that one’s preference is somehow less authentic. In fact I’d say making an effort to like a character against one’s personal preferences for personality traits just to avoid the conservative/mainstream/easy choice would be the false motivation in fan ‘love’ for characters.

    • I don’t think it would be out of character for Max to be a rascal, and for Gloval to be a dirty old man. It would only humanize them and make it rather interesting. It would make him look a bit dull for not being able to grasp how exploitable Minmay is against the Zentraedi sooner, but I’ve never held Gloval to be a strategic genius anyway (not that I don’t love the old coot).

      Favoring isn’t love, in a less open sense of the word. Perhaps fans merely say they love this character or that the same way they love their favorite food or drink. But since we’re talking about characters, I took the conceit of using love in the interpersonal sense.

      Of the remaining Ranka fans, post-dunderhead decisions, are those who I believe overlook her flaws rather than forgive them. This is more delusion than love. I never hated Sheryl. I found her very, very easy too like. I knew I loved Ranka when I still championed her at the end, despite all the shit that made up her latter arc.

      The inauthenticity you describe is apt. Countering popular choices to remain cool is inauthentic. The real test of love and fandom are those who remain loyal and loving after the fallout, and like I said, it’s not a matter of overlooking, or denying the bad parts.

  4. Skribulous says:

    Kawamori is a genius (pun intended). That is all.

  5. 2DT says:

    I don’t have much to contribute, but I can safely say I would have never found this if it weren’t for you bringing attention to it. Cheers.

    … Also, Sheryl fan. I could have enjoyed the show just as well if it were about Alto and Sheryl growing to understand each other.

    • Yot-chan/Gubaba is one of the really hardcore fans of Macross, as can be found in the Macross World Forums. He, along with the likes of Mr. March who runs the Macross Mecha Manual possess tremendous amounts of lore and general information about the franchise and related matters.

      As for myself my being a fan lives in writing about Macross and creating related media remembering love for the franchise. Without awesome fans like them there’d be far less for me to work with.

      You know I would have enjoyed the show in your mind just as well. However, it wouldn’t be Macross, unless Alto and Sheryl become side characters to another set of leads arranged in a triangle (similar to how Michel and Klan, or Cathy and Ozma, are parallel to the Ranka x Alto x Sheryl triangle).

  6. gloval says:


    My current avatar in AnimeSuki belongs to a fan art (I sure hope it’s not official, but now I wouldn’t be surprised) where good old Global is reading doujin and Shammy is in the background admonishing him to not read doujins while on the bridge. I can also assume that he does have a say on the composition of his bridge (with the excuse that the Unification Wars caused a shortage in capable men); thus, we could credit him with the idea of bridge bunnies. So you see, he has more similarities with Wilder, the captain of the Macross Quarter, than you may think. Perhaps he’s just more of a look-not-touch kind of guy.

    • Global is old and probably unmarried. Why is this? Maybe he did have a family and they were lost in the unification war. I don’t know.

      But maybe, just maybe. Global is an otaku. Still very shy, still unable to approach women… especially now since he’s gotten old and girls he likes pretty much stayed the same age. This assignment is his dream.

      He’ a good man, in that he has never and still wouldn’t act on his perversions. But perhaps in his room we will see what his heart is full of: scale models of warships, and posters of cute girls.

      He is a modest image of success for otaku, perhaps echoed not so much by Jeffrey Wilder, but by Bilrer himself.

  7. Crusader says:

    Hmmm nothing short of a Colasour Field Manual will suffice in responding to this false notion of love that requires pampering a girl who makes mistakes. While it takes a certain amount of love to forgive that it will never amount to an equal partnership nor will it end happily if the Rankas and Minmays all opt for the Breras and Kaifuns when they come across them. To me this love of Minmay and Ranka you speak of is almost paternal in nature, wanting to see them grow makes you out to be less interested in mating and more interested in seeing improvement. Just saying is all.

    Love can have many connotations and there are many kinds of love and I know that I do love Misa and Sheryl, not in a romantic sense but in a sense of adoration, admiration, and respect. By the end I had no doubts as to Misa’s love for Hikaru and Sheryl’s love for Alto-hime, the same could not be said about Minmay who might have simply wanted to claim back some one who pretty much represented what she had before the Kaifun class error. Minmay left him once for another man, and I am slow to forgive and even slower to forget. Alto-hime and Ranka never quite understood each other, when push came to shove Ranka ran of with Brera and Alto-hime chose to stay with Sheryl despite ample opportunity to go off after Ranka. Ranka chose herself over the needs of others and wanted hime to follow, Alto-hime put chose Sheryl over his own pride and his promise to protect Ranka. If to truly love some one means putting them first before other considerations then Ranka did not pass the test in regards to Alto-hime and Alto-hime fails miserably when it came to putting Ranka first. Incidentally while hime was never able to swallow his pride when it came to Brera, he broke out the knife and fork to eat in one sitting when he went home to see Sheryl.

    If nothing else one of the central Colasour teachings is for a man to marry above himself, surely you did not marry beneath you amirite? If memory serves me correct you married a Misa and not a Minmay… 😛

    • Patrick Colassaur has only one thing to teach me about love: “Don’t think, do.”

      This is very easy for him to say, because he is not burdened with a thinking mind. I don’t imagine him writing essays and commentary the way we do, on anything at all.

      In any case, self-delusion is part of Patrick’s charm but comrade, LET US NOT GET CARRIED AWAY BY THIS.


      There is paternalism, made easier to contextualize as thus given the characteristics of Ranka and Minmay. But a question here is this inflated appreciation for equilibrium. In a relationship, over time the ‘weak’ and the ‘strong’ roles reverse; sometimes often. I have seen this in a number of long marriages (and there are many here — where there is no divorce at all, as it is not legal). If the causes of estrangement aren’t adultery, then usually it is based on character and behavior symptomatic of it:

      Close mindedness, an inability to trust others, unwillingness to try new things, inflexibility on attitudes… these appear in both men and women partners. And selfishness is common, as well as being domineering, impatient, and bad tempers.

      Basically, aged behaviors related to the immaturity displayed by Minmay and Ranka (i.e. petulance ages into being domineering and demanding).

      Does Katie see this coming in? Maybe. Maybe she settled. This is as far as Patrick is going to go, and it is good enough. But maybe she sees something in him that can be trained into him. There is something worth sticking it out with him for. She’ll be tough on him in a way Alto or Hikaru would never dream of being tough on Ranka or Minmay. Katie made her bet on love in the most paternalistic way possible.

      But this tells us that your imagined pampering is unnecessary. There needn’t be any ‘pampering.’ Any pampering is gratuitous and is an indulgence.

      As for marrying a Misa, this is true. But I wouldn’t talk about my wife’s problems, or my issues with her character or behavior online would I ^_~ just as she doesn’t tell her friends that I’m some ‘diamond in the rough’ that she needed polishing. LOL

  8. Yot-chan says:


    You weren’t kidding when you said you had a big post about this…

    Two small corrections, though: First, Global and Judge A are two different people. Global conducts himself honorably throughout the contest proceedings…it’s Judge A that’s being a cad (presumably because he was “convinced” by Jamis to make things a little tough for the other girls).

    Second, I don’t believe these were ever meant to be episodes, or even parts of episodes. I got the feeling that these stories were written specifically for the book (which came out towards the end of SDFM’s run). Of course, they could’ve been ideas the creators talked about and discarded for the show…unless someone interviews one or two of them, we’ll never know.

    But yes…”seedy” is a good word for a lot of the proceeings. From analogies for losing one’s virginity, to lecherous producers, to Jamis sleeping with her boss to get what she wants, to Macross’s virgin of photoshop porn fakes, it’s really got everything, doesn’t it?

    And I’m glad you noticed the “high school boys wearing uniforms from different schools.” That kind of alarmed me when I read it, and throughout the book, I kept getting the sneaking suspicion that the writers forgot that the story was supposed to take place on a spaceship with only 56,000 civilians…not Tokyo in 1982.

    But despite this, I found that I really enjoyed the book. A lot of it was tough to translate (some of it I couldn’t understand at all, and had to ask for help…luckily, I have two Japanese friends who are into Macross, and they helped out quite a bit). There are probably still numerous errors in it…but nothing big.

    And I confess, I really like Minmay, too. She’s sweet, she’s kind, and you can see why everybody loves her. That said, Max is still an asshole for trying to cockblock Hikaru.

    Anyway, today I started work on the next Macross novel on my list – “Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences.” Did you ever want to know the REAL ins and outs of Misa’s relationship with Riber…?

    • Global just gave a meaningful smile. I didn’t confuse the two characters. I must’ve given that impression.

      The population issue is something that has bothered me the whole time. I suspect that they really didn’t think this through. Macross City in South Ataria Island is a town of people who worked on the Super Dimension Fortress. If the migrant workers brought their families and/or started families, I can’t imagine there being enough of a population to fill multiple schools. Where are they getting their teachers?

      Of the -60k inhabitants, how many are teenagers? This was also a concern for me in terms of pilot replenishment. I want to know your opinion on how many casualties there are from the ranks during the Space War, all told.

      When the UN SPACY did its recruitment drive(s) how many able-bodied people were they pooling from? Hikaru was a visitor, after all… so were they targeting high schoolers? People from other occupations? If so, what occupations were left unmanned? Was there unemployment due to the SDF project finishing? This could be a plausible thing to look at. But I don’t know and I’d certainly like to hear what you have to say about it.

      As for the intention of the scenarios, I’m only going with what Kawamori himself said in the foreword.

      Of course do White Reminiscences! I intend to do a character contrast between Riber, Hikaru, and maybe Misa’s dad… and Global. This will give a picture of how Misa views men in general. In any case, as a fan I’d like to discuss these things.

      • Yot-chan says:

        Oops…misunderstood you on the Global thing…sorry.

        As for the population aboard the Macross…after a while I stopped worrying about it and started enjoying the silliness: the several high schools, the comment about Imperial Records being “the largest record company on the ship,” the Imperial Records President having a beautiful view from his office…all perfectly daft, but I like to think the writing staff was being tongue-in-cheek about it.

        As for casualty numbers, I really have no idea. But most of the able-bodied men are already dead, thanks to the Unification Wars…so yeah. Where they get their pilots is something of a mystery.

        I had hopes that the novelization of the series would at least touch on some of these issues, but I’m about 75 pages into the first volume, and I really doubt it will. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of detail, unfortunately.

        And yes! Misa’s Dad is right there on the first few pages of White Reminiscences, having a humiliatingly awkward dinner with his daughter. He’s trying to be nice and loving…he just doesn’t really know how…

  9. Gowa says:

    I wanted to know where that screenshot is from.
    It certanly looks better than the version I watched.

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  11. Gowa says:

    Still no answer I see… I wonder if ghostlightning is dead.
    At least, now I will try not to type so fast. After reading my previous comment, I feel like I banged my head on a microphone.

    • Sorry, I missed this one! The screenshot is from the AnimeFiends (remastered?) subs I wager… since I only ripped it from a google image search. Since I have these subs I can vouch for the relative clarity of the images.

      I recommend checking out The Galaxy Network ( for their ongoing translation project. The file sizes are very large for some reason (BD rip size for DVD quality mkvs) but I think they’re worth grabbing.

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