We Love Comments: We’ll Archive Remarkable Comments on Your Blogs and Maybe Even Keep Discussions Going

Last year WRL created a little experiment called The Ghosts of Discussions. In my conversations with other bloggers we felt that some comments are so valuable that they exceeded the contribution of the posts that provoked them. We wanted to have a way of not only archiving them, but also making them accessible to readers who may be interested in continuing the discussion.

I made a conscious decision not to annotate the comments, so as to allow the original posts to be the host of further discussion. I could only do this for WRL since I can’t follow so many discussions on different blogs, but I realize that I could accept submissions.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Find a comment that blows you away in a blog (it may be yours!).
  2. Send a link to the comment via twitter @reply: @ghostcomments
  3. I will check out the link. If the comment contains ruinous spoilers for me, I’m afraid I won’t read it, let alone post it. This alas, is the primary limitation of this project.
  4. I post the comment, or an excerpt of the comment (my editorial decision) on The Ghosts of Discussions. The posts will be tagged via the commenter name, under the category of the subject (usually an individual anime or manga).
  5. The reply to comment link leads back to reply to the original post. No comments are allowed on The Ghosts of Discussions.

At present I am not considering adding The Ghosts of Discussions on Anime Nano. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea yet, maybe Kabitzin can tell me if it is. Maybe later.


Kadian1364 on Watching Great Shows Regularly

Orignal post : Anime and Manga Related Moments 2009: Those Who WON’T Make the List


December 2, 2009 at 10:38 pm


This is a terribly obvious thing to say, but watching great shows regularly has been incredibly rewarding. Right now, everyone’s bemoaning the crap seasons, how the economy and moe is declining the industry, even predicting the death of the medium itself. And right now, I love anime more than I ever have, with a reverent knowledge of the classics and deeper appreciation of the trailblazing efforts of those that pioneered the medium in the past, and those that continue to test the boundaries of visual storytelling today. […]


Filed under: Anime Watching

Had Kadian1364 a blog, his handle would link to its front page. But he doesn’t, and it’s a shame that his occasional meaty insights and generous commentary don’t get archived, much less get attention and discussion beyond the bloggers he engages. Hence, I think The Ghosts of Discussions provide a repository for ‘independent’ thought/commentary and a prompt for continuing discussion in the original blog posts.

So if you have an animeblog and think someone left a rather remarkable comment, send it our way via twitter and I just might put it up on The Ghosts of Discussion.

Some acknowledgments: I got into action towards opening the site for submissions thanks to Scamp of Bokutachi no Blog who suggested it to me, and to Eternal of Memories of Eternity who did a post on the ‘blogosphere’s branches’ sharing The Ghosts of Discussions. Also, thanks to otou-san of Shameful Otaku Secret, and Ryan A of aloe, dream for being of great assistance in setting up the site by their generous advice and feedback.

One Year Ago Today…

WRL published Tactics are Sexy: The Battle of Saturns Rings. It’s one of the ‘Great Battles in Anime History!’

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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16 Responses to We Love Comments: We’ll Archive Remarkable Comments on Your Blogs and Maybe Even Keep Discussions Going

  1. Ryan A says:

    I started my own back-channel of comments (category: Comments) on blog 🙂 Hmm, suggestion, you need another way to suggest comment (email > twitter, fact)… email is open-domain, twitter is locked-domain, but I’m sure you know this already… -_- over-dependent.

    Another suggestion is you might have a static page which takes trackbacks. So say I post in my blog’s comment category, I can trackback to your page, which you can then check out.

    Seems like hand-picked Comment aggregation, not a bad idea for seeing where an comment-thread might be happening… sure beats twitter too… or maybe it’ll be a good idea if wordpress.com started restricting comments to only wordpress.com users… SOUNDS BRILLIANT, let’s make it really popular and get everyone on the bandwagon…. I love signing up for blogs when I’m trying to leave a comment… I have like 450 accounts now…

    Sorry, but everyone has lost their minds.

    • Maybe I’m just lazy and happen to enjoy twitter. I’ll open email suggestions too, but I don’t check my mail as often as my twitter account; so it’s NOT the best way to reach me:


      I don’t know how to do that static page with trackbacks thingy. But in any case, the whole thing is on a separate blog. I don’t want automatic updates on it, as I want to screen the comments myself; at least for now.

      • Ryan A says:

        Trackbacks may appear, but you can delete them (they serve as a notice that item at url was submitted… this is the perfect mechanism for this sort of thing).

        Preference to the closed communication channel, fabulous… I was just saying, requiring someone to have a twitter account isn’t very nice… I don’t have a twitter, I refuse until they open their walls and allow inter-domain activity, this business of user-hoarding is wrong (you did read that share on the meaning of Open y/n?). So if there was no email how would I make a submission?

        Using the blog for blog-centric communication is the best way (open and self-defining), and Trackbacks are just that mechanism…. so relying on anything other than the blog isn’t necessary.

        • Well just email me if you have a submission. I don’t require people to have twitter. It’s just what’s available for now. In any case, most of the people I interact with have twitter, including you until you went militant and boycotted it for your own coder political reasons.

          • Ryan A says:

            Thank you for email, I have it, was just exploiting the assumption that everyone has/should have twitter (or facebook or myspace for that matter).

            I didn’t remove my twitter suddenly, I just never updated it for a couple months, and finally was like meh. It was counter-productive. I found myself checking it every 5 minutes but it wasn’t helping me, sure I like the chat, but I wish I wasn’t glued to twitter.com. Anyhow, I haven’t had an account for a while, it’s not a new development.

            If twitter were truly open, meaning someone one another domain could follow a twitter.com user (and vice-versa), I would use it. I don’t think that is too much to ask, but it’s a huge wall atm. Centralizing on twitter does not give them any incentive to open up, so the users are losing out.

            My own reasons, coder or non-coder, it is my principles. For instance, I have began sharing items on my blog rather than Google Reader. I will share things on Reader at times, but if it is something I want open (relevant to the ani-community), I’m want to use the blog. I have no plans on coding something to compete with Google Reader, and I think it’s a fine mechanism especially for non-bloggers, but I feel bloggers should be able to judge when to post+trackback on an open channel (their blog) vs a closed channel (GRSI). Hopefully that makes sense…. I will advocate towards open channels (blogs+email) and challenge users of closed channels.

            If I remember, it was your own principles that led you to create a blog (not a twitter, Disqus, or GR) for sharing worthy Comments. And why exactly was that? Even if twitter had a longer message, would you have still shared those comments there? I think not, you too realize that blogs are a truly open channel for communication. But I could be wrong.

            Anyhow, I responded to your comments elsewhere if you care to examine my logic in this debacle. Also, this should be an indication that we are getting closer to open… when the twitter apps become usable on any domain we will see interesting things.

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  3. Ningyo says:

    The post in which old ghosty points that out… Shouldn’t it be but the TOP GUNS? https://ghostlightning.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/top-guns/

    I always thought TGoD was a splendid idea. I personally have no problems with twitter, but I’m a twitterfag, so bias exists.

    Mine is still a wee-tiny blog, and the comments haven’t really gathered yet… If they ever will >.< Maybe some haughty self nominations, hurr hurr hurr.

  4. Scamp says:

    Hey it’s finally been put into place! I actually had a really good comment as soon as I suggested the idea but I have no idea which post it’s on anymore.

    BTW, I no longer blog at Bokutachi. I moved to The Cart Driver

  5. 2DT says:

    I don’t use Twitter, but this is a lovely idea. I’ll be keeping tabs.

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  7. Jubbz says:

    I use Twitter all the time! And it sounds fun. Keep me posted.

    I don’t get many comments, so it’ll have to settle for some of the more outrageous ones of my team. >.>

  8. Yi says:

    This is a great idea. Most of the action happen in the comments sections (in my blog at least).
    Will check there often. ^ ^

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