Remembering Love by Putting Shows on “Top Anime” Lists is SOOO 00s; or, There’s More Than One Way to Let People Know Detroit Metal City is Awesome; or, Here’s a New Addition to the WRL Family

While I have nothing truly against ranked lists, I don’t really enjoy them for the ranking and listing aspect. I read them because I like how bloggers attempt to justify the placement of such anime in their respective lists in a concise manner. I get to read opinions on shows that can be refreshing at times, if not revelatory of the bloggers’ taste, context, and overall experience.

Even with all that, the experience is still a crap shoot. You’ll meet a whole bunch of shows over and over — especially the ones you’ve successfully avoided watching, no matter how great the hype and acclaim for them (perhaps that’s why you’ve avoided them in the first place).

So why do people do these posts? A number of reasons can apply (though not at the same time). They…

  1. Want to show off their taste in anime, theirs is just sooo much better than yours;
  2. Want you to get to know them better and get along with people with the somewhat similar tastes;
  3. Want you to enjoy the shows they really like;
  4. Want you to conform to their ideas of quality;
  5. Have no other material to write;
  6. Demonstrate an exhaustive, least subjective system of evaluation and review for anime;
  7. Remember love for shows they’ve enjoyed over the years;
  8. Just love to share and talk about anime.

It doesn’t really matter to me, I require no justification. I’m more interested, obviously for reason #7. I like reading posts that have elements of that — the time in their life when they discovered the show they rank so highly. BUT AS I SAID, THE FUTURE OF REMEMBERING LOVE FOR ANIME IS NOT IN WRITING LISTS. I SHALL SHOW YOU.

My favorite list-related post published at the end of the decade (even if you consider my timekeeping wrong, I don’t care) is Baka-Raptor’s. He didn’t even make a list. He just told everybody who did to go straight to hell (very much in character). Now Baka-Raptor doesn’t need further fellating at this point, but the credit is due. The post is wicked.

Not a single one mentions Detroit Metal City.

But Baka-Raptor, top anime lists are subjective!

Your mom is subjective. Even if each individual list is subjective, aggregating subjective preferences across an entire community invariably drags objectivity into the picture. If DMC is so good, why isn’t it in anyone’s top five? Because most anime bloggers are pussies. Their Top Five lists are full of shows that make them feel warm and fuzzy.

[…] This wouldn’t be such a big deal if people honestly didn’t like DMC, but that’s not the case at all. DMC has received nothing but glowing praise from everyone who’s ever watched it. The problem isn’t that DMC doesn’t deserve to be in anyone’s top five; the problem is that nobody truly appreciates how great it is.

Baka-Raptor can shut up now because I know of at least two other people who can appreciate how great Detroit Metal City is.

Yeah, BusterBeamSlash hasn’t even seen Detroit Metal City yet, but is enough of a badass at THREE DAYS OLD to be soothed by the very idea of Johannes Krauser II’s brand of metal. She’s had sung to her the SDF Macross theme (of course), ‘Totsugeki Love Heart,’ (must hear version and my daughter will learn this some day), ‘Planet Dance,’ ‘What ‘Bout My Star,’ and ‘Yuusha o Tanjo‘ (great results).

Years from now she might come at me with all the freaking Buster Corps. for involving her in a blog post template conversation of all things, and I won’t run away from my eventual comeuppance, but I don’t think she’ll regret ever going to DMC. Even her mother liked it.

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About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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53 Responses to Remembering Love by Putting Shows on “Top Anime” Lists is SOOO 00s; or, There’s More Than One Way to Let People Know Detroit Metal City is Awesome; or, Here’s a New Addition to the WRL Family

  1. moritheil says:

    This . . . this is one heck of a legacy.

    Again, congratulations.

  2. mefloraine says:

    Oh. I was kind of enjoying your writing on the ranked lists. orz

    • Oh sorry, I was just having lulz making this, and I really don’t have a strong negative opinion against Top Anime lists. List posts are actually rather easy to read and quite popular. On TV I can’t not watch list shows… I try to look away and fail. Not really provoked by them, but entertained? Sure.

  3. Skribulous says:

    Baka-Raptor can shut up now because I know of at least two other people who can appreciate how great Detroit Metal City is.

    Make that 3.

    In fact, I make it a point NOT to take any anime blogger seriously if they never recommended DMC, or even mention it. (Incidentally, by my count that would be 5 bloggers/internet celebrities/lurkers that talked about DMC.)

    To be fair, DMC came out back in 2008, so…

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    It’s only a matter of time before your daughter starts pretending she doesn’t know you.

    • Sure a decade or so is like nanosecond watching lesbian anime for you… but for someone who hasn’t lived for 65 something million years it’s a third of a lifetime.

      Also, she won’t pretend. She’ll come for me like the badass she is. Leave the pretension to the bloggers who gave glowing praise for DMC then promptly forgot about it a year later.


    Also, I want to add.

    9. Have a compulsion to constantly write lists at all times.

    I can’t say that other numbers didn’t effect my post, but I seriously write more lists than you would even believe. I’ve been doing it since I was a baby.

    Incidentally, make sure this doesn’t happen to your daughter!!

  6. kadian1364 says:

    “Krauser soothes you. Yessss.” XD

    I’m glad you’re still having fun before the sleepless nights and stress of parenthood hasn’t gotten to you yet, or at least not showing.

    • It’ll come, if it hasn’t already… but having fun is one of my super powers! Today I had the most miserable of days: my laptop crashed, work sucked eggs, I had to re-install everything (I still am doing so now); and then my mobile phone crashed…

      But yeah life is great!

  7. Hmmm . . . I didn’t make the top anime list that bloggers have been making recently. But I do post rankings, and I guess reasons 2, 7, 8, and 21stcenturydigitalboy’s 9 apply to me. Haha. I have difficulty in ranking most of the time (because my tastes/preferences change) but I have this addiction in listing! haha!

    • Hahaha like I said I’ve nothing truly against lists, but this post was fun to make (and note the unordered list I made as well LOLs), but yeah I totally failed to account for compulsion and/or addiction to listing!

  8. schneider says:

    I’m looking forward to the rape~

    I didn’t want to write a decade list because the anime I saw at that period was largely skewed at the later half. Maybe for this one!

  9. animekritik says:

    All Hail Utena Megatron Rubio! Hail!!

    • Hahaha, I don’t want to project Utena’s persona on her… especially since I haven’t finished watching! I mean I like Utena because she is interesting and not because of agreeing with her character/personality traits.

      But hey, what’s in a name? LMAO

  10. maAkusutipen says:


    I was expecting a meta post about lists then we I see this. But it is still all good.

    You planning on initiating the kid ala Otaku no Musume-san sans the exposure to ecchi stuff? hehe.

  11. Kabitzin says:

    Belated congrats!

  12. Kairu says:

    Detroit Metal City and a 3-day-old baby in a post, seems awkwardly inappropriate for me.

  13. Ningyo says:

    Your *list* of eight makes me wonder how humanly evil anibloggers really are. Oh well, all bloggers start a blog in desire for some form of publicity. Mustn’t condemn second nature.

    Take Otaku no musume-san as your parental instruction manual. Remember, Fate Stay Night is not worth it.

    • Shance says:

      Publicity isn’t limited to just listing or blogging. Remember that as part of the Fourth Estate, we not only desire publicity, we seek acceptance to the society by letting them know who we are, what we like, etc. Attention whoring? Maybe, maybe not.

      If all else fails, use the Holy Grail… or a younger sibling…

    • Ok that’s the second reference to Otaku no Musume-san. I’m interested now.

  14. gaguri says:

    I think lot of people have way too many misconceptions about bloggers making these lists, which I won’t go into details, from what I’ve read of 4chan’s comment on my list these people don’t like them mostly because 1. they’re butthurt from not having their favourite series included 2. wants to appear like a rebel and show how superior their taste is.

    One thing I will say is that the most valuable thing a reader can get out from lists like this is discovering, or re-discovering, and therefore now getting the motivation to watch hidden gems. Take psgel’s list for example, I’ve already noted down several titles that I’ve never even heard of (and from his description and unique taste, highly likely they’re interesting). And it was nice to see that many strangers to my blog also found the list good read/informative, even if the list doesn’t include some of their favs, because they’re willing to go past that and connect with the blogger at some level. If people can accept the list as merely being the author’s act of jotting down his favourite titles in a vaguely ranked order (who ranks absolute top 50 anyway. I have like 50 favourite movies that ranks pretty much the same), then they’ll get much more out of it. As soon as they begin to see the list as an entity separate from the author who wrote it, then they start bringing all their opinions that conflict with their list (omg no kaiji this is worthless/omg my-hime tab closed etc) and let it destroy anything valuable they might get out from it.

    Having said that…wow@your daughter! God knows when I’ll be a father but congrats to yet another giant step forward in your life =)

    • Thanks!

      Also thanks for sharing from your adventures with the 4chan set. Good stuff on explaining the value of such lists.

      I didn’t feel like making one because I’ve written posts on favorites in the past, and I’ll predictably overvalue Macross shows and mecha anime in general.

  15. X10A_Freedom says:

    The whole idea of Death Metal *will* turn some people off, thus those people for whom Death Metal is not their cup of tea should not be taken seriously. Right.

    I have not watched DMC OVAs but I have watched the live-action movie which was actually pretty hilarious.

    • Yep. The anime is far funnier IMO — I enjoyed the movie a lot as well! DMC is powerful in that it invites viewers to find the gold in people and what they like — and more for the expression of something true and awesome. The Death Metal is an excellent device for this really ^_^

  16. usagijen says:

    you’re daughter’s becoming famous (infamous? not yet perhaps XD) and she doesn’t even know it! Looking forward to her reaction once she gets to see this (or will she?) 😛

    I didn’t put up a ‘decade’ list like other people because I feel like I only became a ‘true fan’ not until recently. What I have though, is a list of ‘Animes I know will be awesome once I get to watch it’, aka my Future Favorites list lol. But until I get to watch them and realize for myself what makes them awesome in the first place, they won’t be considered [personal] favorites.

    aand Congratulations once again! Would be fun to see how the father-daughter relationship will turn out, or if your daughter will be a daddy’s girl or a mommy’s girl. If she turns out to be a daddy’s girl and a future Kona-chan…! XD

  17. DK Eternity says:

    I wonder how your daughter will react to this post… Still, this reminded me that I really should get to watching DMC one of these days. Maybe after I finish Macross 7 and V Gundam. Oh, and also, I think she needs a bit more Fire Bomber.

    Anyway, congratulations once again.

    • Thanks, EVERYBODY needs a little more POWER TO THE DREAM, on a SUBMARINE STREET, in the SEVENTH MOON; giving off a HOLY LONELY LIGHT, we’ve got to TRY AGAIN, oh MAI FRIEEENNNDS!!!

  18. DonKangolJones says:

    That’s what I love about anime. There is so much to see. I’m one of those people who’s yet to see DMC. It’s just one of those things I know about that I haven’t seen, probably because it’s so popular. I knocked out Haruhi & Death Note last year. I’m sure I’ll have something to write about once I knock out DMC.

    More importantly, kudos on getting your child started soon. My son already likes to watch Street Fighter matches on the PS3 & stops in his tracks when he sees some good action during a shounen anime, or Gundam. My wife still stonewalls me when I try to let him watch UFC though. One step at a time, I suppose. 😉

    • I too came very late to the Haruhi party and in a way I’m glad I did as I enjoyed it far and away from the noise of the fanboys and the haters.

      LET THE BOY WATCH HOW MEN FIGHT I SAY! While I don’t think your wife is going to be convinced by the likes of me, but you gotta start training them with life skills at a very young age… and being a ninja is a very important life skill.

  19. animewriter says:

    Congratulations!, on the birth of your daughter. Now, you get to play the Gar father IRL, and someday you’ll be able to harass your future son-in-law like Akio from Clannad does to Tomoya.

    Well, continuing with your theme of remembering love here’s a link to Macross AMV from a long time ago that I think you might like.

    And if fatherhood and work has you feeling worn out here’s an AMV that always cheers me up.

  20. gloval says:

    Congrats! Having a baby sure is a good way to start the decade.

    Good catch on that Chibi-Sheryl version of Totsugeki Love Heart. Come to think of it, you sound sinister like Grace in that video.

  21. As manly as your voice is I think mine out manlies (real word?) it by at least a factor of 2 to 1. Good stuff, but I have to wonder if your baby will be raised on culture or deculture. Hmmmm….culture….

    *Goes back to Civ IV and the cultural victory attempt*

  22. TheBigN says:

    Aw man. Another Krauser-tan in the making?

    I’d like to say that there’s a reason why my decade post(s) has not been ranked, but I do it because I don’t read the lists mainly to see the rank, but mostly what’s ranked. Tis better to know what’s on the list, rather than how highly one thinks of it, just to see some of that person’s anime evolution.

    • Hehe. I totally sympathize with your manner of enjoying decade posts. Since chunks of the lists would probably consist of shows I haven’t seen, I almost have to disagree with the list by default! So, might as well read about the shows themselves and less about the ranking, desho?

  23. Yi says:

    I’ve always somewhat avoided making trendy posts or list posts. Those posts just stop making any impact after everyone’s writing the same topic. Further, lists run into the trap of diluting the items on it. I much prefer Baka Raptor’s and your approach to introducing a favorite, which is simply not putting it on a list.

    Anyways, DMC is not my thing…

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