SAYONARA BINCHO-TAN (A Post with Images of Hate and Bitterness)

Nothing to see here, carry on.

If you’re staying to read, then so be it. I’ve warned you enough. I’ve nothing good to say about Binchou-tan. I may be wrong or unfair, but I don’t care. I hated watching it. I hate it. And if I’m going to hate something, like loving — I won’t do it half-assed.

Obviously, this show isn’t meant for me. It’s supposedly meant for young children, albeit older males may find this show sexually attractive.

To a partisan, the show has the possibility of being charming, funny, cute (of course), sexy, relaxing, and makes one feel good about life. At the most generous, Bincho-tan herself is like Mizunashi Akari from Aria with the talkativeness (and blue hair) of Ayanami Rei from Evangelion only maybe younger by half their lifetimes, and perpetually drawn in chibi form. WELL, I AM NO SUCH PARTISAN. I HATE THE THING, AND I WILL COMMUNICATE MY HATE THUSLY:

This is for making these children unnaturally fall on their faces for and/or comedic (and sexual) value!

And THIS is for episode 04, which was actually quite GOOD, being a study of mood and atmosphere: serving melancholy, frustration, and warmth through nuanced use of music, minimalist dialogue, and weather. WHY? It’s because episode 04 isn’t representative of the show.

And THIS is for being a moenkey on my back that prevented me from picking up where I left off in shows I actually like! (VOTOMS, Overman King Gainer, Mobile Fighter G Gundam) And during when I actually had time to watch some damned anime!

I totally trashed your mountain Bincho-tan. I’m (not) really sorry.

So, do I think the show is objectively bad? Naw, I’m not a useful person to ask this. But did I like it? No. Someday Bincho-tan herself may come after me piloting an Evangelion, and she’d be justified in doing so. I won’t run away from the dispensing of my comeuppance. But in the meantime, Sayonara Bincho-tan~


So why would I piss all over something that I wouldn’t have liked in the first place? Last Xmas, we local bloggers from Metro Manila, Philippines had a fun party. I invited everyone to share shows they wanted others to see and write about, so we drew lots. We contributed three shows each, mine being Millennium Actress, Umi ga Kikoeru|Ocean Waves, and Aim for the Top! 2|Diebuster. I just happen to draw Bincho-tan and I wouldn’t shirk or cheat on a game that I initiated.

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40 Responses to SAYONARA BINCHO-TAN (A Post with Images of Hate and Bitterness)

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    What are complaining about? It is what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS! This is just a show about a little girl riding on ducks, falling down, learning to get back up, and taking what life gives her. This show was never intended for mechaphiles. How can you complain about a show if you’re not in its target audience? If you don’t like it, you missed the point, and you were watching it wrong.

  2. X10A_Freedom says:

    This post would make my life complete if Bincho-tan was replaced with Renton Thurston.

    (Yes, I think I’ve been through this with you, and that I heard (from you?) that the movie’s much better.)

  3. drmchsr0 says:

    Bincho-tan is sexual?


    Sexual is Eva, Code Geass, QUEEN’S BLADE, Kodomo no Jikan.

    How in the blue blazes is Bincho-tan SEXUAL? It’s PRE-HARUHI CUTENESS.

  4. gloval says:


    (And I thought you’d deploy the Macross Cannon.)

    Go watch Hanamaru Kindergarten. It’s by Gainax, Bones and Square Enix 😀

  5. 2DT says:

    When I was in college, my roommate once turned to ask me a question, only to trail off into complete silence when he saw a scene from Bincho-tan playing on my desktop.

    “Yes?” I asked, quickly closing the video player.

    “No, it’s nothing,” he said.

    Our relationship was never quite the same afterwards.

  6. Rakuen says:

    Hey, the third one that you put in was the first Gunbuster, not Diebuster.

    I’ve nothing bad to say ’bout Binchou-tan. She’s cute. I’d like to have her by the garden.

  7. redmaigo says:

    Wow such hate! You even blew up the mountain where she lived…sorta.

    Because of your violent and OTP reaction to the series I knew I had to watch it.

    And the verdict is…

    It was kawaii!

    Not moe, just good old fashioned kawaii.

    And for a childrens show it was so iyashikei.

    To paraphrase jpmeyer: Would I watch it even if I weren’t driven by this post to do so? No, so I’m glad you posted your thoughts. Otherwise I never would have watched Binchoutan. Nuh uh, not in a million years.

    • LOL I’m glad you had fun, and that this post is useful somehow. I’m always cautious about writing negative posts because I don’t think they’re going to be of any value at all to anyone.

  8. Oh man this show I remember you telling me about this one, and now so it is written.

  9. usagijen says:

    Same reaction as my brothers (WTF is that useless show)

    But dunno, wouldn’t hating Bincho-tan be like hating K-ON for how useless it is?

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  12. foomafoo says:

    I wasn’t really able to finish this show but I’ve seen few episodes from Animax…

    Well, I had to say I didn’t liked it as well, of how simplistic it wanted to be… My mind is not just fit to work that way. I think I can watch it though if I’m in trance state.

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  15. indianninja says:

    Lol I just saw your immature post regarding this show, seemed like a dumb teenager who can’t just shut up regarding a little show which they failed to understand. Let me just inform you I watched this with my family and found nothing offensive, and I liked it as a childrens show. BTW I think its a work of art and very nicly done. Yes.I liked it and not in any sexual way. Of course,robophilics may think otherwise….but the thing is that there are normal people out here. By the way, you may post a thousand lines and curse me or cry to your mobile suit gundam poster, or delete my post….but I simply dont care. Me and my family likes this little piece of art….and you can do nothing about it. At best you can add some more poorly taken screenshots of some show…and add some comments to it. Nothing will change. Get a life and try to accept that there are things you may not like but you can do nothing about it. Lol again. I shall probably watch the full episodes again just because I can. Offended that I like it? See if I care.

  16. mikoy says:

    Sigh….. nerds these days.

  17. Pechipoo says:

    Watching Binchou Tan made me realize that everyone have lived dfferently. Her friends were fortunate enough unlike for Binchou and that all i do is pity her but she is isn’t the type who thinks negatively in life so the show actually gives you hope in small little ways that life isn’t that bad. In the end they all unite to help poor Binchou to recover her from fever. She even receives a package of goods during her birthday, Christmas and New Year from a random person which i hella don’t know but whoever he is i am greatful fo dat and to her new friends, you can see that there is always people that would still care regardless of how poor she is.. living alone in the mountain. Everyone around her has a genuine heart. But we all know that is not the realty. And for those who find this show just different, well y’all sick and rekt asf in the mind. LOL ! BREED YOU SHALL NOT FAM.

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