Today (which is still yesterday for some of you), Ghostlightning turns 33, and it’s a good thing that he’s old enough not to care, seeing as his birthday will never matter again, being so close to his daughter’s. That’s right, Ghostlightning recently gave birth to BusterBeamSlash, so life is going pretty damn well for him right now! I am of the theory that GL is some kind of ultra-human or something. Successful, nice, cool, family man, and a damn good blogger. Almost makes you want to tear out and consume his heart to gain some of his powers!

But to me, what matters most is that Ghostlightning is one of the most important people in my life. Even though he’s almost twice my age (LOLOLOLOLOL) and lives on the opposite side of the planet from me, the magic of technology and fate have caused us to meet, become friends, and effect each-other on an emotional level (not gay.) I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years now, and the third year has been dominated by GL’s influence on me. When I couldn’t get readers or feedback and had no real direction, GL showed up, told me what’s-what, and re-introduced me to the blogosphere at twice the awesome capacity.

GL didn’t just teach me how to better myself as a blogger, but as a person. He helped me through some tough issues that everyone else just gave me cheap advice on by really getting to know me and helping me figure out what I was trying to do. Every conversation I have with ghostlightning (which without fail end up begin 3 to 5 hours long! You long-winded bastard!) is inspirational, enlightening, and just fun.

I love you, ghostlightning (NOT GAY.) because you are a great friend and a great person, and you’ve equally enlightened me in personal conversation as you have entertained me with your blog. I know that you will be the best father that a child could ask for, because you have done your part to even help me become a man. You’ll raise BusterBeamSlash into a fine young mecha.

(…she’s not a mecha? Well, she will be when Ghost is done with her)

P.S.: Funeral and No Name say happy birthday, too. They always love my legends of you, lol.

Mike (Anime Diet): Happy BDay Blogger Buddy. May this day and BusterBeamSlash fill your big heart with bloggerific joy! You’re one of the most intelligent and prolific writers in our scene and among other things have shown us it’s possible to have a life and do this little thing called anime blogging too. 🙂 Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. I’ll be looking forward to interacting more with you online!

Owen: Sup dawg, I heard you like-

-no, no, this is all wrong. Let’s try this again.


-wait, no, not that either.

So you know this already, but as you’re celebrating your 33rd birthday today (don’t fuck this up, Conrad, just… don’t.) in this wonderful timezone that we’ve all come to know and love, GMT+8, somewhere out there DarkMirage is, too.

Not like this means anything, eh? EH? But hey, it’s been great knowing you. I’m not really exaggerating when I say that life has never been the same ever since I added you on GTalk, and I’m glad I did. Bros for life and all that jazz.

Here’s to you being a great father, an awesome friend, and a true bro. Happy birthday, Mike. Not Pruess, not Propst, not Huang, but Rubio. Michael Rubio, who stands out among the Mikes as his own. Rock on.

Rakuen (Yukifuri Dawn): I need not say that I really look up to you. In fact I’ll be consulting you regarding some manga material that I’d like to get published. That’s right, because you pushed me to reading Bakuman, and I wanted to get back to writing manga again (something I gave up on in the early years of high school). Now I’m pushing myself hard to make something awesome. Happy birthday, and may you become a mecha once you’re a hundred years old. And oh! Congratulations on having BusterBeamSlash. I know she’s a bundle of joy and pooples to you and Alecon. I know you’ll be an awesome GAR otou-san to your moe-moe-kyun musume.

Ghostlightning is easily a very likable guy, very cool, very awesome to have around. We share the same love for Evangelion and soon, Macross. I love you in a non-gay manner, and I’m more-than-willing to draw you some fanart. Again, Happy Birthday, Captain Ghost!

bluemist: Happy Birthday Mike! You are and will always be an inspiration to me in many ways. Your writing is always stuff of legend and your fandom supreme. I don’t share many of your mecha enthusiasms but every time you “remember love” I always (figuratively) listen with all my ears open. I could say that you are a major reason why my blog is still alive and kicking (albeit irregular) and I’m sure many others feel the same way about you being one of the best bloggers in the sphere. I’m also thankful to know you personally, as open as you are in real life and even the internets. Best wishes to you and your family of course. Hope we can meet and do stuff again, but I figure that your baby will definitely take up more of your time. Again, happy birthday! More to come!

Hige (Andrew): Many happy returns, my friend. I too love you (TOTALLY GAY) but perhaps more from afar than others here. We haven’t spoken directly much at all, but your blog is one of the best in our little animu community and I never doubt the quality of your posts, even when the subject is something I’m otherwise not interested in. So, congratulations on reaching 33-years-old, navigating parenthood AND maintaining an excellent blog. I’m sure most of the whipper-snappers here aspire to achieve the same. Hope you have a marvellous day!

Zeroblade (Life in Quadrant 4): SUP BRO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YO~

Though with our age gap, would it be more appropriate to call you old man? (ufufufu~) But seriously, you’ve been an inspiration to a lot of us here. I certainly would not have had raised my previously nonexistent standards for posts, had I not read yours and many others’ posts earlier last year (I’m looking at you, Owen). As bluemist says, we may not share the same tastes in anime as in mecha (and Bincho-tan! ;_;) but reading the incredible, insightful posts you make always sheds light on points and topics I never thought were worthwhile, and I just love your fresh perspectives on things. But all that aside, you really have my respect – you’re a good friend, a wonderful father and family man, and just one hell of a great guy who I’m sure we all love (partly gay). Congrats once more on little BusterBeamSlash! May she fill your and Alecon’s days with fun, laughter, and moemoekyun singing, and may you have many more birthdays to come!

lolikitsune (better than you):

Good job. You’ve contributed to the overpopulation of our already unsustainable globe. You’ve polluted our already shitfested aniblogoriver with your own stream of toxic nonsense. You’ve… fuck it, you’ve made it so that I am unable to think of you without thinking of some of the happiest moments in my last year. Typical blustery bullshit aside, Mike, I’m happy to have known you for the past year, and am glad that you are still here and kicking (don’t kick too hard, wouldn’t want your geezerly rheumatism to kick in). Thirty-three? Well, you’re accomplished. According to the asshats who penned well-wishes above this, you’ve already given birth—at the tender age of thirty-three, you’re pushing humanity’s boundaries like no one else has before! Go get’em :3
I know the ‘sphere has changed a lot in the last year. We got otou-san leaving, lelangir blinking like he’s on the Ethereal Plane, we got friends coming and going, we got noise to signal ratio increasing fast as ever. I’ve seen it degenerate over five years, and it doesn’t get better. I guess age in life is the same thing (though again, you’ve got that whole ‘giving birth’ thing to keep shit fresh), but if you’re ever lonely for the past, if you ever want to remember the times when everyone was together, just take out some bread. Some honey. A few clovers.
Take a bite.
We’re here with you, now and on January 19th of next year, and the year after that as well. Happy birthday, Mike.

Happy birthday.

His awesomeness actually overloaded the camera's focus

IKnight/Animanachronism/Leuconoe/Thaliarchus &c, &c: Many happy returns!

It’s always fun to talk to you or read one of your posts. And by fun I mean not the dismissive, mild sense of mere ‘good fun’, but a rich vein of the stuff — fun that requires the thumping monosyllable. Fun. Kudos to you too for all the visible and invisible collaboration you do with other blogs and bloggers. I suppose this post is itself a testament to your gregarious brilliance, or possibly to your brilliant gregariousness. Something like that, anyway.

Enough of me. Have a good day, and keep on inspiring!


I am 33.  Been 33 for half a year now.  My hair’s begun to fall off.  What’s left of it is turning gray.  Also, I hear voices telling me to go out and do something about global warming etc.

OK, I’m kidding, but I do remember my grandpa telling my dad when he turned 38 that everything went downhill after 38.  So you have 5 years.

May you continue blogging and family-building (every girl needs a brother) and remember: hurry up before you start forgetting things!  Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday, Mike! You’ve inspired me to watch a lot of robotoshit and got me to chase a tiny neon green ball around for fun – you are a great friend and I love you (not gay-like in any way.) Enjoy your day and may you sire more Valkyrie pairottos in the future.

hazy (Undercover)

Dude! Happy birthday~! Thanks for letting us hang out at your place. It’s always a blast! I enjoy listening to your insightful comments on anime, manga, and other stuff. I’m glad to have met you. Now whenever I see anything mecha, I’m reminded of you and your enthusiasm about it. That Blue Ranger thing last Christmas, I was aiming for the Rangers’ robot, but alas, I wasn’t lucky with that gashapon T_T Heh. Anyway, I wish you and your family all the best! Grats to you and Sybilant again for the adorable BusterBeamSlash. I’m sure you’ll make an awesome dad. Happy birthday, Mike, and many more to come!


Happy birthday! The Quattro to my Kamille, I’ve learned so much stuff from you, be it anime, blogging or a plain hodgepodge of things. Stick around to tell the kids about those dark, dangerous years of Macross fandom (that is, the void before Plus saw the light of day)! It’s been great fun and I hope you continue your shtick in this brave new world where every show has invisible giant robots in them. The best of luck to raising BusterBeamSlash!


Welcome to the world of being 33! Hanging out with you guys makes the day spent with loads of fun and ideas that could propel the White Horse off its course every time.

Congratulations on being a Dad.  You and Sybilant did great! BusterBeamSlash is a sweet, pretty little bundle given to you as a blessing.  I wish you all the best as you rear your little girl into becoming a lady.

Happy Birthday!  Here’s to you, your family and never ending love that would get you to where you’d want to be.  Cheers!


Yo! Happy birthday bud! Thanks for the many years of shared awesomeness from anime to sports to work. Words cannot articulate how great it has been. Now you are starting a new lifelong task of raising Alejandra. I’m certain you will do great and the statistical evidence is on my side.

Here’s to many, many more years of friendship and success!

Classic cool. Someone get this man a scotch!


Happy Birthday, GL. I really wish I had more to say beyond the well wishes, although I’ll say this: You’ve really provided much food for thought for me as a beginner Macross fan, and I hope to be able share that wisdom with future lovers of the franchise. Cheers, and many happy returns!


For once in my life I’ll be greeting you from the land of GMT +9! (not that it really matters) Happy 33rd birthday, o Great Ghostlightning! Your energy never ceases to amaze me, and I do hope it continues that way. 33, now with a bundle of BusterBeamSlash (BBS LOL) joy, but with more energy than ever! The Curious Case of Michael Rubio? ok, enough of my bad puns. Yotsuba to Infinity and Beyond!

It seems like yesterday when the first FAB (Filipino Anime Bloggers) people gathered at your house, to celebrate this special day, and the rest was… wow. You unite the FAB, as well as other anibloggers around the globe. You are — The Rubio, sounds like Delubio, but the complete anithesis of it. Char :))

P.S. Feel free to blame me for the time you’ve wasted watching Bincho-tan, should’ve known beforehand that it’s gonna be too cute for your liking 😛


Happy birthday man. Ehh…I’m really just adding to the list of people who think you’re awesome BUT I genuinely look up to you as not only a great writer but a really genuine and down-to-earth guy. To hell with all that nonsense of shut-in maladjusted otaku with no lives…you’re a devoted family man who still (somehow, I’ve no idea how) finds time to converse with us online riff-raff and add frequent slabs of thoughtfully-written and insightful commentary on cool and interesting things. Many happy returns and once again thanks for helping me remember love.

Oh yeah, no matter what happens you’ll always be older than me and for that I’m also grateful. All the best dude – have a good ‘un!

Jason Miao

You’ve kept things real like the Lakers used to when they didn’t suck. Mmm, BBS thighmeat.


Wow, 33 ! I didn’t expect that at first ! Well, GL, the more I read your posts and heard about your life the more you’ve become a kind of a role model to me. I’m happy that twitter let me discover someone as inspirational as you. I mean, now I can’t imagine of a better person to become. The way you live your passion through the (many) years of your life is something really beautiful to watch from afar (GMT +1). And how you manage to ace your family life altogether is even better. It’s possible ! You made it possible.

I really look forward to spend more time with you, be it on twitter or maybe on Gtalk !? But hey, I’ll be busy this year and maybe next year too and I expect you to be there for BusterBeamSlash and Alecon as the awesome dad you are gonna be !

Happy birthday Ghostlightning, ace that father thing and keep beating the bad Haros !

You’re getting even older! That’s pretty badass or something. I mean, time! It fucking happens! You’ve survived even more of it!
But on a more serious note. You’re one of the handful of anibloggers I’ve actually gotten to know over the last few months, and I just want to say how much I respect you. You support your awesome family (including the most adorable aniblogging baby ever), you run a good blog, you’re an intelligent and thoughtful writer… You’ve managed to hold on to your childhood passions and channel them into a mature and intellectual pursuit. It’s something I really aspire to do, and as someone on the cusp of adulthood, you’re quite a good role model for me. : 3
So yeah. Mad props, sir. Keep on rocking on into the infinite future! (And give BusterBeamSlice a high five for me!)

UltraEternalBlackout: Finding Bakemonogatari did a lot of good things for me, but none better than throwing me in the direction of WRL, Michael. I owe a lot of good friends to fate’s intervening hand, and you’re definitely one of them. As good a job as Digiboy is doing putting up with my never-ending questions, the advice you gave me when I first set off on this long journey has become the very basis upon which I blog.

Happy freakin’ birthday to you, man. Thinking about you growing older, I can’t help but imagine a frail older man with white beard and squinting eyes, perched atop a rock, directing the happenings of our little corner of the ‘net. And really, congratulations on becoming a dad. I’ve got a pretty good sixth sense, and my gut is telling me you’re going to be a really great father.

So once again, thank you for not ignoring that obnoxious little comment I left on your page that fateful day. I’d thought about becoming an anime blogger a few times before. Thanks to you, I actually followed through with it this time. You’ve set me off down the path to becoming the otaku I truly want to be. I can’t wait for the day when I feel I’m ready to set up shop in a blog of my very own, and can join the ranks of all the great Anibloggers in this hilarious, tiny little corner of the sphere.

Happy birthday, Ghosty. Here’s to many more.


Happy birthday; you survived another year! Here’s hoping that you are able to enjoy many more birthdays together with your family, that you keep on row row fighting the power, and most importantly, that you keep on remembering love. And not only that, but also creating new love, new blog posts, and new memories to remember and cherish for years to come.

…’zat everyone? Cool.


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      • gloval says:

        Happy birthday! More POWER TO THE DREAM!

        (I’ll post here because I don’t want to ruin your epic reply at the bottom.)

        On this day, 19 Jan 2010, in the Macross chronology: ongoing information gathering on the Zentradi defectors in Macross. (LOL, nothing much happens today, the events of episode 24 happen on the next two days.) I think it was you who would like to claim 19 Jan 2009 as the date that the Macross was christened. I guess I now know why.

  1. andreachii says:

    Happy Birthday! we’re Capricorn buddies 😀

  2. I never would have imagined this post would get so huge in such a short time, Ghostlightning, but I guess that’s a testament to just how big your influence is and how much we all respect you. Sorry for fucking up your blogging schedule, since I didn’t know if you’d be posting something today XD damn your post timers! Anyway, love you man. Once again, happy birthday!

    • I can’t thank you enough. Imagine my surprise when I checked nano and saw two posts for WRL (I was just about to pimp my super-relevant Macross Frontier post LOL)… I saw the post title and I fucking blinked thrice. I couldn’t believe it!

      This is like …a bajillion times better than the one on OH! last year though that one will forever remain special in my heart. You fucking made my day and getting Iknight to say what he said… I’m gonna fucking cry.

      If I’m ever in a dark place in life, or maybe when no once cares about WRL anymore, I’ll always re-read this post just to feel awesome about myself.

      I have more thanks in my heart right now than Revolutionary Girl Utena has roses.

  3. Crusader says:

    Happy Birthday though on my time it is still the 18th…

    By the way smoking ain’t cool, your Alex better not pick up your cancer stick habit…at this rate you will never be Prince of Tennis.

    May you grow old and happy unlike Ranka, and Minmay, you borderline robofag. 😛

    • Thanks for your warm greetings and concern my dear comrade. I suppose I’ve never felt so good being ridiculed, hated on, and lectured as I’ve been subject to your constant stream of piss directed at me and my (I admit it) rather strange love for things Macross.

  4. Ryan A says:

    Hey Happy Birthday and Congrats! 33 sounds like a great age to be, Enjoy It like I know you will!


  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    I remember being 33. It sucked. After the meteor hit, we were so busy scrambling for survival that we didn’t have time to despair over our complete lack of entertainment technology. Kids these days have it easy. The wheel. Movable type. Electricity. TV. The internet. Life always gets better as time goes on.

    • I think I wouldn’t last a second if I turned 33 when you turned 33. But maybe being the only human in the Jurassic has its upside, especially if I had crapload of robot parts on me. Maybe if I was half-female and spoke in a duet I wouldn’t feel so lonely. Paging Dr. Tsubasa…

  6. lolikitsune says:

    hahaha how did miao get his cock in there?!

  7. RP says:

    Happy birthday dude!

  8. nyo says:

    big fail for me (I forwarded the link to Smankh but then was away from internet long enough to not write anything on the shared doc before the deadline).

    Anyway happy birthday man from GMT+1 with love, even if we never had direct lengthy discussions, I must say I have real respect for you.

    First because you’re obviously older than me and still kicking, especially being able to still live your passion to that extent is quite an achievement, most older people I know have hard time balancing their life between their family life, work and hobbies but it seems, at least from our pov, you’re doing more than well, so for that I owe you big respect (not going to say you’re a role model, but at least you’re someone we can learn from).

    Then I hardly can call myself an ani-blogger (at most, I’m just an ani-slowwwwwwwblogger but that’s another story) but I still write from times to times and again you’re someone we can look up to because I genuinely love reading your posts (ok not all of them but I never thought I lost my time reading them). Basically we can say you didn’t steal your blog title, you’re doing great at sharing your love for anime and also sharing your personal experience and that’s what makes stand out among the mass from my pov. Keep going and make us all remember love o>

    Finally, as I said I never had the occasion to have a direct discussion with you but from what I heard from others (like owen), you seem to be a great and nice person who’s helping other people out so again m(_ _)m.

    (And also late congratulations for your daughter)

    • Chat me up whenever I’m online rubio[dot]michael[at]gmail[dot]com (gtalk). I didn’t set out to be anyone’s role model, nor do I purposely look for ways to help; but I’m always glad to contribute in any way. I just like people. I mean I’m seriously interested in you guys. I’ve said to lolikappa in my super long response down there that when I was a teenager up to my early 20s I tried too hard to act hard and ‘adult.’

      I feel like I’ve missed out on so much fun to be had, and in many ways I’m making up for it by being with all of you.

      Thank you for your generous words, to be accepted is a gift; to be esteemed is treasure. I’m very happy to have heard from you~

  9. mjsnoozer says:

    Happy Birthday Ghostlightning!!

    33 is not old yet haha, good luck on being a dad!

    Thanks for inviting me at the FilAnibloggers circle even though I’m not a full pledged blogger yet. It’s fun reading your posts, at least I can raise my mecha stats even I didn’t watch that show yet.

    Am looking forward to another year of aniblogging!

    • Yeah it’s not that old, only really old right next to Zeroblade and many others here. Don’t worry about being or not being a blogger around us Filipinos. We’re not really representative of the anime fans in the country, but here we are and we like what we like. It’s just really good to be around each other, and I’m glad you joined us last Christmas.

      More to come! Thanks a lot!

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  11. LostMarbles says:

    Happy birthday and thank you for convincing me that aniblogging isn’t a world full of fail simply by existing and writing.

    • Thank you, you’re much too kind. There are a lot of interesting reads out there if you’re willing to sample our blogroll. Maybe I should annotate it… yeah I think I will. But thanks also for giving great conversation in our comments section; it’s what I love best about this hobby!

  12. kadian1364 says:

    Your the sizzling Mikoto to all our lustful Kurokos.

  13. animewriter says:

    Happy Birthday, thanks for all the good reads you’ve given me this past year. God, the only thing I remember about my 30’s is that I had the energy to work a full day, drink some beer, have sex with my GF, and watch some anime. Enjoy your youth brother.

  14. Ruby says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

    • Thanks Ruby! I don’t believe we’ve met here (I apologize if I’ve forgotten), but hello! Thanks for not only dropping by, but also for the smiling greeting. Look around and may you find yourself entertained.

    • Thanks Kab, people seem to forget how awesome you are… being in the game this long and building such a great site so consistent after all these years while being a family man yourself. But I congratulate myself for knowing this and not forgetting. Keep rocking. YOU inspire ME.

  15. Kairu says:

    I was expecting that GL already came here first before all of us. durrr
    Well Happy Birthday Ghostlightning!

    Also, YES digiboy, we get it, YOU ARE NOT GAY.

  16. gaguri says:

    Happy Birthday Ghost =D

    Like Martin, I find it amazing that you can find time to do, well, all the things you do, job/family/anime/other hobby you have/friends etc. Man it’s hard enough to manage just one of them properly x_X

    When one is leading a fulfilling life, it is sometimes easy to reject others who are struggling, without jobs/friends/other meaningful things. It’s difficult to reach out to them, even if you want to. Well, you obviously aren’t shamed to be just yourself (anime poster at office ftw!), do what you like, give love to things and people you care, and reach out to those who needs it. I know it sounds silly coming from someone who barely knows you but I’m sure you’ll be a great friend, great husband and great father. Oh yea and great blogger…but let’s leave blogging part for your blog anniversaries =D

    • Thanks gaguri!

      The first thing to consider is my bizarre and stunning luck. Stunning in the sense that I do have most of the things I want out of life and am in the game to get more of it done. Bizarre… in that I have the dumbest luck in the day to day slices of life. Ask Mechafetish, it’s like a curse: fender bender accidents, productivity device failures (repeatedly and in the same day), getting smacked by tennis balls in the nuts… week in and week out (right now my ISP totally failed me and I’m reduced to leeching from my neighbor’s wifi).

      But I digress. If there’s anything that I can credit to this level of organization, it’s really due to age and experience. I tend to relax about a whole lot of things (like my dumb luck) much, much more. In my early 20s I’d have been very combative and competitive — as well as work in fits and starts, also blowing hot and cold about my hobbies, work, and most other activities.

      Whatever difficulties you and people your age (starting out as adults) experience is part of the normal course of things as single men. I am married, as secure as I can hope for in these volatile economic times here in the third world, and have at my disposal many conveniences inconceivable for the 23 year old version of myself.

      I think I’d have wanted to be as open and sharing then, as I am likely to be now; but it was simply impossible. Life was too tough then (I was poor, broke, and broken hearted), and I was just too full of myself (as opposed to merely being quite full, to think I always have something to say to someone).

      As usual, I’ve made whatever you write as an excuse to reflect out loud and work myself up into a white water rapids of verbosity. Thank you again, for being as kind and generous of yourself — perhaps more that what I could’ve been as I was ten years ago.

  17. Gtalk: rubio[dot]michael[at]gmail[dot]com (for those who want to shoot the shit with me about anything).

    My goodness, I am fucking overwhelmed. This is even better than what OH! did for me last year. I can’t thank all of you enough.

    Digiboy, what can I say? It goes both ways. I feel great that someone can listen to my long-windedness, even if at times it’s about telling you what to do. Having a willing listener is beyond underrated.

    It is a humbling and precious gift. Thank you and I love you in totally not in a gay way because you are ugly and do not brush your teeth (srsly groom yourself man, don’t wait for a reason — like straight or gay love; love yourself). You’ve made me feel far more awesome than I hoped for today and fuck, I’m happy beyond my ability to describe it.

    Let it show in my thanks to the people who followed you here.

    Mike! We should definitely talk more! I’ve enjoyed your perspective as a seminarian on a number of topics (i.e. Haruhiism LOL) and you’ll find me a very willing listener about anything Roman Catholic (I’m totally a fag for Catholicism; ask animekritik!).

    Owen:Bros for life. It still kind of surprises me to get text messages from outside the country, but in an awesome way. You were my gateway to this hobby and this community without even knowing it and for this you’re super special; an Asian Adonis. Go easy on the laydeez.

    Rakuen: I’m looking forward to reading your name and will try to be of service to your ambitions!

    Instead of fanart, show me a portfolio and you may want to join Mechafetish and me in this little side project we’re doing. We’ll need illustrators ^_^

    bluemist: We’ll meet soon! I’m organizing the christening reception of BusterBeamSlash and all of you are invited. If I win the lottery I’ll book Yoko Kanno and all the people who recorded Macross songs LOL.

    Hige: I’d never have known it! I’ve been having a marvelous day — just waiting for my wife and kid to wake up from their (unscheduled) nap so I’m taking advantage of the time to respond to these touching messages. Thank you, and if you ever want to chat, I left my contact details at the top of this response (or you can just get it from GRSI).

    Zeroblade: Yeah I am almost twice your age lols. I’m glad I can contribute to your wanting to do better — for very selfish reasons. I WANT YOU TO DO GREAT, because even if ADMU was available to you, YOU CHOSE DLSU ANYWAY. This makes you a BRO. ANIMU LA SALLE FTW. DOWN WITH ADMU!

    (NOTE: Rival uni Ateneo De Manilla Universtity is represented here by my very good friend Mechafetish, and mai waifu Sybilant)

    lolikitsune: Sometimes, I too, can be fucking boss. I am very glad and honored that you let me be your friend and be part of some really intense shit going on with your life. I’m very happy for you and see in you so much awesomeness that will be shared soon enough. You’re so young too! What, 19? Fuck.

    Anyway I look forward to our planned post series. I’m gonna have a ball with this one. Thanks for inviting me to it!

    Also, thank you for the sandwich recipe. I’ll always remember you for it. I love you!

    Iknight: I’m not sure how to proceed, I think I embarrass you when I act like the fanboy that I am — only that I’m a fanboy of yours in this case. Yours is the voice I miss most among those who I miss a lot. I’ve said it many times that you’re my idol, and I don’t really care if you feel you don’t really deserve that. I just want you to get it.

    I’m here, and Mechafetish is here, because one day in our boring office lives in 2008, we did nothing but read your archives.

    Derrida aside (to hell with him), I cannot help but make your well-wishing and acknowledgment mean more than the world to me, even if just for a split-second.

    Thank you, and I thank Digiboy again for making your words appear on We Remember Love one more time.

    animekritik: At last, someone older than I am! I am finding it ever more difficult to stay in shape despite all my physical activity, but luckily I still have my hair. Five years seems such a short time left, but I know so much can be done with such a time span.

    About forgetting things, it’s too late. Memory is not a natural skill for me, hence all these reminders. This blog is a reminder, in many ways hehehe.

    You’re one of my most favorite people my friend (not just your blog). Let me say it before I forget it.

    bianki: Thanks so much for being so game with just about anything we come up with. Also, as much as I love having everyone around at our house, I truly truly truly enjoyed being with everyone at yours. Our Xmas party was really awesome. Thank you!

    hazy: Thank you for being such a sweetie. Srsly it’s rare for me to meet anyone as thoughtful and generous. Gah I still have your Moribito book. I promise to pass it on to James tomorrow hehe.

    I’ll make sure little BusterBeamSlash knows who you are, a fairy godmother who is a great gift even while she was a blob of moe inside sybilant LOL.

    schneider: That Quattro, he is really Char you know! Hahaha (I’m loving this acknowledgment of yours to disgustingly self-congratulatory levels). It should go without saying, that you make life for me far more pleasant and enjoyable — that I don’t have to delve the deeps of forums and image boards to find a kindred spirit for the love of giant robots. We’ll see each other soon, I’m already planning the christening party.

    KaeBoo: I feel no shame in my own inability to put together model kits because you are my friend. I find it very reassuring that there is another adult voice in our local community, and I apologize if I abuse it by acting like a retarded teen just because you’re there hehehe. Joking aside, thank you so much! I’m very happy to have met you.

    Mechafetish: Thank you for letting another kid brother into your family. To brotherhood and family, and tennis (it’s fun isn’t it?)!

    shin: I think it’s awesome that I get to hang with new Macross fans. I really do. Thank your for the acknowledgment and greeting. It’s a good day.

    usagijen: Wow GMT +9! LOL I appreciate the bad puns. If I can sit through Bincho-tan this is nothing, especially since it’s just love hehe.

    Instead of Delubio, I used to be called (disparagingly LOL) Mikrubio… but since I love Moyashiomon it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m so happy to have met you, I think you’re an inspiration for our community; more than you think!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you and everyone else again at our place. I’ll make sure it’s in the daytime so you won’t have curfew issues 😛

    Martin: Pshh, don’t pretend you don’t count. I’ll always remember you as the first person who discovered WRL without my frantic fishing. You’re also the first blogger to ever link to one of my posts. How can you not matter? Thank you my good man! As much as I love Mono no Aware, now that I’ve fallen so hard for Revolutionary Girl Utena I can’t help but pine for your old blog. I can hear the sound that races through The End of the World.

    Smankh: I don’t really relish to responsibility of being a role model, even if for the selfish reason that I still am quite fallible as a human being (and a blogger) despite my age. That said, thank you for looking at me as such and while I don’t go about my way trying to set as an example, it comforts me greatly that I can be one.

    Thank you for your well-wishing and generous words. Feel free to chat me up on Gtalk whenever I’m online.

    Mme. lolikappa: Thank you for such feel-good words. It does make me feel thankful for the past year beyond what WRL has become. I do try to get to know people because I can’t really help but be garrulous and I really can’t help but care. When I was your age I was trying too hard to act hard, to come off as mature. I obviously let that go, as I’ve felt life was too short not to go for one’s authentic feelings: not so much to always go for what you want, but more like to always acknowledge what one truly feels.

    And that, more than anything, has kept me younger — younger than I’ve ever felt the past decade. (Also hanging out with all you youngsters is really cool).

    UltraEternalBlackout: Thank you for being open to what I have to say, and for your generous words. It’s terrifying to come face to face with how clueless I truly am at fatherhood, and somehow all my complaints about my own father seem rather embarrassing.

    May you find more satisfaction in this hobby than I have — this is no small wish, because Man, I’m very very happy.

    Orion: I haven’t known you long, but I’ve come to enjoy our frequent conversations though don’t think of this as satisfaction. As much as I enjoy chatting with you, it is nothing like being able to chat with you about stuff you’ve written about. I eagerly await the day Epic Win updates more often.

    But seriously, no pressure. You’ve no obligation to me or any of your readers. I know as much as any of the other working-class bloggers that it’s no cakewalk to maintain a hobby in the midst of life. Thank you for being such a great guy in general.

  18. coburn says:

    Whilst bearing in mind the possibility that the nefarious working of timezones might mean that it is no longer actually your birthday, it is of course Most Necessary to congratulate you anyway. Fight on sir! And have a nice day.

  19. drmchsr0 says:

    And as usual, the hamster is late to the birthday party.

    Happy Birthday, you old coot. (And I mean that in a good way.)

    • Thank you good sir! The party’s not over yet, as I’m still responding to the comments. I’m just glad to meet another Macross fan with a healthy sense of humor, despite Macross’ horrible jokes. The beauty of forgiveness.

  20. Shance says:

    Late yet again. It’s become a habit. Then again, being late is fashionable since you get a fraction of attention (if not self-attention, that is).

    Happy birthday, Mike. I may be older than you in the blogging business, but you definitely are older than me in any other aspect other than Internet age.

  21. Kiri says:

    lol, LATE TO THE PARTY. Damn, everyone’s birthday is January 19th; what’s up with that?? Regardless, hope you had a good one, man. And here’s to a full year ahead of your daughter pooping on you. 😀

    • Sigh. Common name, common birthday… but I promise you no one’s more faggoty about Macross than any other born this day named Michael or otherwise.

      Thanks for the awesome well-wishing!

  22. fangzhao says:

    With age comes wisdom, lots of internet friends, and BusterBeamSlashes.

    Since I’m 18, I’ve got an excuse for having none of those, but somehow, some way, you managed to get all of those. You should be as proud as I am jealous.

    Happy Birthday.

    • fangzhao says:

      This comment is not late, I swear. It’s still the 19th where I am! I’m hip! I’m cool! I’m still “in” with all of you guys!

    • Sure I’m proud, but it’s more important I think to be just happy and appreciate my luck. As for the internet friends part, I’ve only been blogging for 15 months so age can’t be that big a factor. (Back in the days before I discovered the anime blogging community I was a nasty troll in the Mechwarrior Philippines forums). I actually like people I think more than I like lulz, and I realize I only want to troll my friends.

      So won’t you be my friend?

      Thanks for your greetings and generous words ^_^

  23. 2DT says:

    I’ve got nothing terribly profound to say. But it’s been great. You are a good person who deserves lovely things.

    Happy birthday… on the evening of the 20th.

  24. Little late on this, but happy birthday. I don’t know what surprises me more, that you are already 33 and married with children or that Jason Miao actually stepped out of his shell to give a sentence of acknowledgement that a blogger other than himself exists, no matter how incoherent said sentence turned out to be. :p

    To be a little more serious though this is one hell of a turnout and I think it says a lot about how you’ve made it in this more often than not thankless pastime. I owe you a lot too in how you’ve helped build bridges or in other cases acted as a mediator in allowing me to get along with and even forge some common bonds with people I otherwise never would have gotten along with. One more year and way may have some form blogging Christ figure on our hands.

    Well anyway if you weren’t halfway across the world I’d offer you a toast, but I’ll just have to imagine your sharing in the cup I’m having for you right now.

    • I don’t think that’s really Jason.

      I’m no Jesus man, I take super robots and blow up little moe-blobs’ mountain homes. Seriously, like I told 2DT I want to be a good friend who makes good friends. I actually like it more than I like lulz, being right about anime or manga, or getting thanks out of this hobby.

      Thanks for your generous words, and for your own many contributions to We Remember Love!


      • digitalboy says:

        >>I don’t think that’s really Jason.

        Lolikit, Jason, and Lolikappa’s comments were all formatted the same strange way, and at the time where Lolikappa’s comment was being formed, I saw that a certain Flak was editing the doc.

        For what it’s worth.

  25. Rakuen says:

    Cool. I haven’t got that far with the name yet, but I think I can dish out a decent 12-15 pages before 30th though. And if you need an illustrator I might be of some help, daddy’o!

  26. Gargron says:

    Having wished you a happy birthday on Twitter pretty early, I, now late, decided to do it again here. Happy Birthday, man. We didn’t talk too much, but you still took a place of a rabbi to me. When I don’t know where to begin with Gundam or Macross, I know whom to ask. When I need help when I’m trying to write some academic post, I know who to talk to. And your posts are always interesting to read, even though they almost never leave something to comment on. Good luck with your new Konata, I hope she’ll be as good as you in writing sometime.

    P.S. We need to talk moar~ Do you have Skype?

    • Thank you!

      I do have Skype [ghostlightning] and I’ll try to go online. However I’m still most reachable through chat, which allows me to do other things too. ‘Dead’ air during voice conversations make me quite uncomfortable lol.

      As for my posts, except for a very few exceptions I don’t make conclusions in my posts. Most of them are speculations and questions so I think it’s easy for anyone to add to the discussion. I find posts that are trying to prove a specific point only yield comments that fall under “you’re right” “nice post” “you’re wrong” and ‘your’e wrong and here’s why.”

      I’m not as interested in those kinds of posts. I’m more into ‘how about this?’ than ‘this is why x is the way it is.’

  27. Cobrafire says:

    Happy belated birthday and all.

  28. adaywithoutme says:

    Aww, you’re old. =P Happy birthday.

  29. sadakups says:

    I may be late, but the greetings are in order. Happy Birthday, man.

  30. X10A_Freedom says:

    What happens if I don’t check this space for 12 days? I miss significant events!

    Happy belated birthday and congrats on the child!

  31. donkangoljones says:

    It doesn’t get much later than this!

    Happy Birthday Ghost!

    XD LULZ!

  32. Evelance says:

    Sorry i’m late, i’m new but I’ll say happy birthday anyway :p
    And you love Evangelion too?
    Awesome stuff!

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