My Gundam is better than your Gundam – DKJ’s Top 10 Gundam Moments

I’ve been a fan of the Gundam franchise for about ten years now.  Starting with, not surprisingly, Gundam Wing.  Then during my early years of anime infatuation and mass DVD buying, the Gundam SEED series.  From there came the show that really made me fall in love with the metaverse, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.  After that, it became a frantic love affair with all that is Gundam, anxiously trying devour as much media and information as possible. This post is a testament to that.  A testament to all that I’ve truly appreciated in Gundam and all it can be.  The moments that made me cry, the moments that left me in awe and even the moments that made me giddy like a little kid.

It’s a very personal listing as well.  To get on here, these moments had to be ones that I could, and have watched over and over again without losing that feeling that made me love them.  They had to be important, by that I mean that it had to matter not only to the plot, but to the series, that era and Gundam as a whole.  I also wanted to make sure they were all diverse.  Being true to myself meant that not every series series or timeline would be represented, but I believe that these moments are good representations of the best of Gundam.  They’re not ordered in reference to their quality or importance, either.  It’s just a list of the moments I cherish.  And finally, this should go without saying, but there are MASSIVE spoilers involved in most of this post.  Don’t tread any further unless you’re a Gundam veteran.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Ep45 – “The Final Showdown between Domon and Master Asia”

This is kinda intense

G Gundam is not Gundam, or at least it’s not Gundam as you may know or have heard of it.  And the grudge between Domon and Master Asia is no mere grudge.  And the battle between Domon and Master Asia is no mere battle.  Don’t you get it!  This is special!  A pupil betrayed, and a sensei disappointed in not only his pupil, but in humanity as a whole.  This battle is more personal than others.  We’re not watching two people who hate each other, or merely misunderstand each other.  Strangers with opposing ideals. No.  This is a battle between a father and adopted son.

Watch.  Watch and see something you’ll never see again.  “The School of the Undefeated of the East!  The Winds of the King!  Zenshin!  Keiretsu!  Tempa Kyoran!  Look!  The East is Burning Red!”

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam: Episodes 35 & 36 “The Sky is Falling”

None of this looks encouraging

ZZ Gundam is without a doubt, my least liked Gundam series.  It may not be the worst, but it is the most hated.  The reason for this is the overall tone of the series.  I am a big fan of Zeta Gundam’s mostly serious and dark tone.  And the massive switch from that to a light-hearted comedy series with bumbling fools for enemies did not sit well with me.  I saw it as an insult to everything Zeta Gundam had built up.  By this point in the series ZZ Gundam had become significantly more serious.

This takes us to episodes 35 and 36 of the series, we’re well along into the Neo-Zeon War and Haman is making waves through the Earth sphere with little interference from anyone besides the Argama.  To help crush what resistance remains she commands her officers to drop a colony on the city of Dublin.  She wishes to make an example out of the citizens, and defeat her opponents through fear and despair.  It sounds very Titan like to me.

The colony drop on Dublin was the worst combination of circumstances.  A terrorist attack incited by a military force.  The man made natural disaster that is a colony drop (basically dropping a city on a city if you can imagine such a thing).  And worst of all, a populace abandoned by it’s callous, selfish government.

The significance of this event wasn’t just the colony drop, but how horrible a person who hardly appeared in these two episodes was.  Haman Karn.  The site of the colony piercing the sky, the slaughter of those that tried to escape, the loss of a significant character from the original Gundam.  We get to see Kamille after an extended absence.  It all added up to two intense and depressing episodes.  And amazingly enough, in one of the poorest examples of a Gundam series, shows us one of the most significant and encompassing examples of what Gundam is all about.

Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team Ep10 “The Shuddering Mountain, Pt. 1”

When I started compiling a list of top Gundam moments, I immediately had the episode in mind.  You want to know terror on the battlefield?  You don’t look to guys like Char, the kids from Gundam Wing, or even that psychotic warmonger Ali Al-Saachez.  Witness this episode and witness not just a moment, but close to 12 minutes of Norris Packard absolutely dominating the entire 08th MS Team.

Norris is a man to fear

To me, this was real robot combat done perfectly.  No flying!  No Newtypes!  No limited edition 100 billion dollar phase-shifting, gundanium-coated, bio-sensoring mobile god with infinite power and ammo to subjugate half an armada.  You could feel the weight of the machines, see the methodical nature of mobile suit tactics, and witness the talent and strategy of a true ace pilot.

And by no means was Norris a monster or barbarian.  He was somewhat a father figure to Aina Sahalin.  He was a prime example of the “nose to the grindstone” mentality of a good soldier.  Witness Norris and witness a soldier in the truest sense in the Gundam metaverse.

On a side note, Michael McConnohie gave a great dub performance throughout his time in the series.  He never felt out of place or awkward in delivering his lines, and Norris’ nature truly seemed to work well with his voice.

Had enough yet?

“That’s right, cower! Be afraid! Die knowing you lost to someone who really knows how to use a mobile suit!”

“Well Ms. Aina, the Kurguran will have to leave without me. I have found the place where I am to die.”

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ep49 – “The Final Light”

This scene lasts less than a minute.  But is still one of the most powerful scenes in all of Gundam.  In the Gundam metaverse, it’s expected that the older senpai pilot is going to meet death.  Sleggar Law being the first of these.  But Mu La Flaga’s death carried such weight and seemed so perfect.  Throughout the entire series Kira Yamato was the Archangel’s guardian angel, and Mu was his.  He was just as instrumental to the crew’s survival as Kira.  Say goodbye to Mu & say goodbye to that beautiful mobile suit, the Strike Gundam.

“Ha Ha! Didn’t I tell you… I could make the impossible, POSSIBLE!”

Zeta Gundam Ep3 – “Inside the Capsule”

Here we are, at my bread and butter.  Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.  The reason this “incident” makes the list is because episodes 1 and 2 don’t set the tone for this series.  This episode does.

Gundam, and the Universal Century timeline especially, are known for their attrocities.  But it doesn’t come any more personally despicable than this.  It’s straight forward what happens here.  The Titans have lost their precious mobile suits, and they want them back bad.  They decide to negotiate for the mobile suit… with Kamille’s mother!

This incident didn’t just show everyone how serious and deadly the Titans were, it started one of the bloodiest pilot versus pilot rivalries in Gundam canon.  This was the third exchange in their grudge match so far.  The first was Kamille being called a girl by Jerid, the second was Kamille gliding across the spaceport to punch him in the face.  And now, though inadvertantly, Jerid has killed Kamille’s mother.  Their relationship will only be paved with blood after this.

“You will see the tears of time.”

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Ep25

I am awesome, you suck

“I rule, you suck!”

“Did you know?  I’m your god.  And after I beat you, everyone will know it.”  This is basically what Ribbons Almarks says to Setsuna F. Seiei.  I swear, if anything stood out to me this episode, it was the world class arrogance of this man.  He stands in front of the world’s first real Innovator & sees this boy as nothing, but a dog.  A dog spared from being put down by his benevolence.  He looks down at the 00 Raiser with its twin true solar furnaces, and sees nothing but parts to be reclaimed.  Eventhough he has two false solar furnaces and no longer holds on to the almighty Veda, he sees his victory as a foregone conclusion.  In a game of poker, if you were holding a royal flush & he held off suit non-straight numbered cards, he would tell you that you don’t know how to use those cards.  This man is incorrigible!  And I loved every moment of it!

The audacity of Ribbons is also reflected in the audacity of the series itself.  The writer’s dared to rewrite Gundam.  And though it wasn’t as creative or original as Mobile Fighter G Gundam, the most unique of all the series, it still was bold enough to thoroughly pay homage and at the same time blaze it’s own trail.

These points bring me to the battle itself.  The “downgrade” battle.  The series showed us it’s impressive, overpowering super mobile suits, Ribbon’s Reborn Gundam and Setsuna’s 00 Raiser and trashed them.  By the time their battle was over, both mobile suits looked like hole-filled, poorly soldiered and welded chunks of scrap.  And it bet that we would be awed at their little homage to the past.  Boy were they right!

It’s a tall task to ask of anyone who has yet to see this series, and I’m probably spoiling some of the moment by having you read this post, but watch all of Gundam 00.  All 50 episodes.  And when you finally get to this moment, tell me it’s not something special.  Tell me it’s not audacious.  Take in the symbolism.  Watch as the Gundam of choice for Gundam 00 KILLS what is in essence the original RX-78/2 Gundam from the original Gundam 0079.  The audacity! Think about it.

“Rockin’ the throwbacks”

“You saved my life, then you led me, and now you’re playing god in front of me?”

“No, I am God.”

“Do you want to rule humanity that badly?”

“If I do not, humanity will stop warring and be annihilated. I am their savior.”

“You have no intention of living along side us? Of understanding us?”

“It is the same as humans keeping animals inside cages for their own convenience. And… if I defeat you, a Pure Breed, then my superiority will be set in stone.”

“00 Raiser!”

“Ribbons Cannon!”

“Setsuna F. Seiei!”

“Ribbons Almark!”

“Going out!”


Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Ep50 “Riders in the Skies”

This episode and the series as a whole, holds great significance for me as a Gundam fan.  And this moment influenced me on an even greater level as an anime fan.  It made me a true Gundam fan by making care about the people in it and the direction that world was influenced.  It changed me as an anime fan because it set a high standard for what I considered a series and what I considered a good committed conclusion.  And it gave me great respect for Tomino as a director, because to do what he did took guts.  No matter the circumstances surrounding his decision.

Zeta Gundam holds several unique distinctions among the anime I’ve seen.  One is that it had one of the most shocking, depressing cliffhanger endings I’ve ever seen.  The other is that besides TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN, it is the only series I’ve read about on from beginning to end before seeing the actual series.  I KNEW what was going to happen & was still shocked.  I watched this crushing episode up to the very last moment and STILL did not believe what was going to happen.  To watch this episode is to learn why Yoshiyuki Tomino earned the nickname, “Kill ’em All”.

Watching the conclusion of the Gryps conflict, the conclusion of the Kamille and Scirocco battle is a significant moment because it does as well if not better than any other moment in Gundam of conveying its one true underlying theme.  War is ugly, it takes a toll and above all else, it is not fair.

After War Gundam X Ep19 – “It’s as if I’m Dreaming”

Gundam X is an underappreciated, undervalued series in the Gundam metaverse.  It’s a story focused on Newtypes.  It’s a battle to give the Newtypes and humanity a future while trying to save it from the past.  No one better exemplifies this than Jamil Neate.  The captain of the Frieden and who’s goal is to find and rescue every Newtype he can find.

This moment is so significant to me because it brings Jamil’s past and his personality to the front.  Jamil takes the titular Gundam X and leads a mission to save not just any Newtype, but a long lost love who’s a prime example of the horrors that Newtypes have had to endure.  He’s fighting for a chance to give her peace and dignity.  Jamil is so desperate that he even fights a military fleet for this chance.  And in the end with this woman’s help and does something amazing.  Even with the loss of his Newtype powers from the traumas of the last war, he manages to hijack the Flash System and use the Bit mobile suits to turn back the entire fleet.  And not more than a moment later destroys that technology that had caused him and that woman so much pain.  If only for a moment, Jamil was able to visit his past and say goodbye.

Mobile Suit Gundam Ep01 – “Gundam Rising”

What can I say about this moment I’ve picked out?  It is what it is.  The very first moment ANYTHING happened.  The first Gundam jacking (by a kid or anyone in the Gundam metaverse), the first Gundam ever created being seen for the first time, the first (yet to be known) Newtype piloting a mobile suit.  It’s all very dated and historic.  And depending on where you sit as a fan in the Gundam metaverse, it holds varying levels of signifigance for you. But above all else, it’s something you NEED to see.  Whatever feelings you felt from whatever other Gundam series you first saw, apply that feeling to this moment and multiply by how much you grew to love the series.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Ep35 – “The Descending Sword”

*squeals* “The Freedom! It’s so pretty…!”

I’ve struggled with what to put for this last part.  But after some thought, this moment is a clear winner for me.  It was a moment that was pretty important for the SEED series and me as a Gundam fan.  Yes.  Again I chose a Gundam SEED moment. Overall, the SEED series (including SEED Destiny) is an abysmal failure.  For all the good it has done drawing in new fans, it has alienated, or angered some older ones.  And I’m not usually one to openly criticize writing and direction, but it also had some annoying trends. Regardless, the show manages to produce some great moments and show some impressive originality while still paying tribute to its predicessors.  The dual entrance of the new Freedom Gundam riding Kira and “METEOR” is one of those impressive moments.

I consider it the official birth of “Jesus” Yamato & it was the moment one of the prettiest and most popular Gundam models debuted, the Freedom Gundam! “Meteor” is one of my favorite insert songs, or songs in anime period. It was a perfect accompanying piece for the moment. Together they were a fine demonstration of how a great song and a great moment combine to make something memorable.

This was possibly Kira’s finest moment.  And definitely one of SEED’s highlights.  After a very extended lull in action and laborious pacing things come to a head and the long teased Operation Spit Break is well underway.  Unfortunately for ZAFT, the Earth Alliance has a nasty surprise waiting for them at their HQ.  Obviously inspired by Zeta Gundam, they plan to take out much of the ZAFT forces by sacrificing some of their own, including the less than convenient Archangel.  The Archangel’s crew catches wind of the plot and decides to retreat.  Too bad they can’t go back to HQ, they have to fight their way through an ignorant ZAFT armada that believes it will end the war with the Archangel’s defeat and the base’s fall.

This is where Kira comes in.  Fresh off the another Gundamjacking, this time of a state-of-the-art ZAFT mobile suit, Kira has rushed through space just in enough time to save the Archangel’s crew from certain death.  At that moment, “METEOR” kicks in and we see Kira’s mastered and now familiar targeting and piloting skills in action.  Kira proceeds to almost single handedly manages to push back the ZAFT forces and He even manages to ignore a perfect chance for revenge against Yzak, at the time the resident “loser villain” of the show, who’s boneheaded butchery killed many innocents earlier in the show.  For better or worse, this is the Kira we know now.  And he had one hell of an entrance!

Jesus Yamato is born!

I think I’ve successfully covered most of the moments I’ve loved.  From the UC timelines all the way to our own Anno Domino, I hope you enjoyed my favorite Gundam moments.  If you want to share your own favorite moments, or are just pissed off that I missed something you thought was better then feel free to let me know.  Making a list of anything is bound to upset someone, I’m ready for the flames.

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38 Responses to My Gundam is better than your Gundam – DKJ’s Top 10 Gundam Moments

  1. adaywithoutme says:

    I kind of died of shock/happiness to see you included a moment from Gundam X on your list… it is probably my favorite iteration of the franchise (although I’m quite fond of Turn A as well), and it gets so routinely ignored or trashed that I am glad to see it included here and taken seriously.

    • DonKangolJones says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t think many fans know that Gundam X is as action packed and exciting as it is. It may be overshadowed by Wing, which I believe is the series that preceded it, but in my opinion it had more heart and a better cast.

  2. schneider says:

    Z ep 50: Watermelon Crash!

    The X moment you used was a good one. Gotta love that Jesus Yamato birth moment too, when it didn’t cure cancer like in Destiny. Ugh. Urge to rewatch rising.

    • DonKangolJones says:

      LULZ! “Watermelon Crash” is surprisingly more horrific to watch on the blu-ray. They really fleshed that scene out. I was actually expecting to catch crap for including so much SEED in this list.

      Don’t think of Destiny, just pretend that they never made it. It helps me. I even own most of that series. But I stop watching around episode 20. Don’t even acknowledge the rest of those discs.

  3. I’ve always wanted to write an article like this, but seeing one is good enough. Excellent picks too and quite a few of my favourite moments.

  4. th says:

    I have been introduced to Mechafetish’s Gundam Gateway, and other people helped me along the way to the start of my Gundam journey 🙂 I recently finished SEED and will talk a little about it. Can’t wait to start with 8th MS Team, followed by 00!

  5. Rakuen says:

    What about Relena’s nyoro~n moment?

    • donkangoljones says:

      Relena? Relena Peacecraft?! >:-( I’ve seen Wing a few times. There are few great moments in that series for me. None of them involved Relena or Heero’s declarations of murder against her. My favorite moments from that series might include the fall of Barge, my first time seeing the Epyon (ep34).

  6. drmchsr0 says:

    Norris Packard, Master Asia and Mwu La Flaga are now sipping tea together in Gundam Heaven. No truer men have ever graced the tiny screen.

    THey are truly men.


    • donkangoljones says:

      Thank God for Gundam 00, or most everyone’s last memory from a Gundam series would’ve been the horrors of Destiny (sounds like a sidestory actually).

      Yes, I can see it now. Norris, Master Asia (you can’t call him Asia, ain’t right) and Mu all sipping tea braggin about the manly ways they died.

      Norris: “I died single-handedly protecting my my men against a Gundam & a squad of GM’s. Ha Ha! I made them all sh*t their pants before I went! What about you Mu!”

      Mu: “I died taking battleship class beam cannon to the face. I saved my mothership and the woman I loved. And it was all topped off with my signature phrase.”

      Master Asia: “You FOOL! You don’t need signature phrases for a magnificient death! You need fighting spirit. Your signature phrase should be said through your fists!”

      Everyone notices Jerid. “How did YOU die?”

      Jerid: “….my – my mobile suit got thrown into an exploding battle cruiser.”

      Everyone else gets up and leaves.

  7. Another defining moment for me is when Mathilda Ajan died, from UC Gundam. Up until then Amuro and his merry band of kids could do no wrong, and then…

    War sucks.

    • donkangoljones says:

      That’s a very good choice. Nothing like seeing a beautiful, caring mother figure get blown up before your eyes right before your eyes. ;_;

  8. Ichiro Ino says:

    Holy Crap!

    It’s a Gundam!

    Get in the Car!

    enough lulz…

    Well for me, the greatest moment that I’ve watched from all the Gundam Series is…

    “Relena, Papatayin Kita”

    The moment of Heero Yui’s threat to Relena in Gundam Wing Episode 1

    • donkangoljones says:

      See my response to Rakuen’s comment. Wing is like my guilty pleasure. “Oooh! Pretty mobile suits.” Everytime Herro threatened her I thought, “she could not be any more safe right now.”

  9. JQ says:

    HAHA you picked out some great moments there. I loved Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ep49 – “The Final Light” That made my mouth drop… And then destiny! WTF! I was so angry that Mu La Flaga’s death…was not a death when SEED DESTINY came along. oh well. great post thanks.

    • donkangoljones says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! As I said earlier with regards to Destiny… it doesn’t exist. Though I really did consider two moments for this list. First, the Break the World incident; second, the first time Shinn went into SEED mode. The way he took out that fleet was epic! *clears throat* Anyway. It doesn’t exist.

  10. kadian1364 says:

    Having just finished Turn A, the moment still fresh in my mind is ep 27, “Sunrise at Midnight”. For a series that swings wildly from super silly to awe inspiring, that certainly was one of the best of the latter.

    And Norris Packard turned me Zeon.

    • donkangoljones says:

      Oh yeah, I think that was where they found the nukes. Good choice. The episode where everyone was trying to use a mass driver to get into space was a good one as well. I really started to care for that Aztec-like civilization by the end of that arc. I also considered the Turn A’s ending/epilogue. Most likely the most beautiful in all the Gundam metaverse, but then I thought I’d be stealing Ghost’s thunder. Turn A is really his series of choice, so I’ll leave that to him. ^__^

      • Don’t worry about Turn A; write what you like man ^_^

        Here’s my list:

        Char’s speech in Dakar… but no, Char and Amuro sipping whiskey like bros at the end of that glorious episode (Zeta Gundam 32, The Day of Dakar)

        Turn A Gundam epilogue… SOCHIEEEEEEEE!!! (Turn A Gundam 50)

        Anavel Gato… “SOLOMON, I HAVE RETURNED!” (Stardust Memory 09)

        The Big Zam/Dozle Zabi’s last stand (Mobile Suit Gundam Movie 03)

        The RX-78-2 and the Zeong cut each other up (Mobile Suit Gundam Movie 03)

        Norris Packard takes on the 08th MS Team (08th MS Team 12)

        NT-1 vs Zaku (War in the Pocket 06)

        Earth govenrments unite to lay a trap for Celestial Being in the Gobi Desert (Gundam 00 S1 xx)

        KATZ BITES IT! FUCK YEAR! (Zeta Gundam 49, The Casualties of War)

        Aina x Shiro in the mountains (08th MS Team)

        • Ningyo says:

          Norris’ rampage has gotta be universal. I also agree with GL’s third from the top choice, but Gato’s banzai charge at the end also makes the list for me.

          There was actually a moment in DESTINY that I liked. When Shinn was chopping up the Freedom. Finally, somebody was doing away with that convenient-plot-cliche. Of course, it Turned Red and came back in like ten minutes, but hey, at least he tried.

          It pains me a little to see THAT SEED scene in rank one (you had to have been expecting someone to say that) but otherwise you’ve great picks.

          • donkangoljones says:

            o_o I forgot about the Shinn vs Kira! *smacks forehead* That was like a heavyweight fight! Much better than those Kira x Yzak battles. The result sure did make me feel good. ^_^ Everything went to SHIT after Berlin.

            Anyone reading this now, know this: Destiny is tolerable, some may say good, up until Berlin.

            EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT AFTER BERLIN! Remember that! After that comes the big fight b/w Shinn & Kira & that’s the last highlight.

  11. Caddy C says:

    “Ha Ha! Didn’t I tell you… I could make the impossible, POSSIBLE!”

    I am not a Gundam fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this moment still chokes me up to this day. Not even Kamina could reclaim that phrase and make it anything but tragic!

    I’m glad you included some SEED moments. The series has many glaring flaws, but there are some really powerful moments as well. I will always remember when I saw Nicol’s death, and Athrun’s subsequent freak-out. Even though it was totally obvious that Nicol would die, it still impacted me because of Athrun’s berserker rage that followed – he self-destructed his own Gundam to get at Kira because of it! Pretty cool.

    • donkangoljones says:

      Nicol’s death definitely was one of SEED’s strongest moments, up to that point the series had been terribly stagnated. With all the flashback episodes, the somewhat rudimentary desert and ocean arcs; people who loved the series were anxious for things to get started. Especially people like me who had to wait for the DVD’s to come out. What a horrible wait! I wasn’t on the internet like I am now.

      Nicol’s death woke everyone up, from the cast to the viewers. The only reason it didn’t make the list is because I already had more than enough SEED on here and I didn’t think the moment was as good as Mu’s or as monumental as the Freedom+Kira combo. Great choice and anything but forgotten though.

  12. sadakups says:

    The downgrade battle in 00 has taken the top of my own list ever since I saw it almost a year ago.

    Zeta Episode 3 was just cruel when I first saw it… until I saw Victory Gundam… which I then wonder, why isn’t there one for that series? 😛

    As for SEED, I like the first one. For me, the truth is that Mu La Flaga died and Destiny never existed. Talk about putting one unforgettable mecha anime death to waste.

    And I’m glad you included one from Gundam X, although I can cite a lot of good ones from that show.

    • donkangoljones says:

      Hmmm, nothing from Victory stood out to me as something as good as what I represented in the post. There were some moving moments, don’t get me wrong. But that show was despair after despair. When that show finished I was just happy to no longer be depressed.

      I’m going to start counting how many people say Destiny doesn’t exist. Maybe we can petition Bandai to stricken it from the record & do the series over. 🙂

      I know. Fat chance!

  13. Revuhlooshun says:

    How is Anavel Gato’s attack on the Naval Review of 0083 not on the list?! The moment which spawned the Titans and Zeta Gundam! Not to mention how awesome of a scene it is! What an abomination of a list! 😛

    Good work though. Lots of nice feelings reading these.

    • Amen!


      • donkangoljones says:

        Oh yeah, the Naval Review… sorry I couldn’t stop laughing laughing at the hubris of the Federation. “F*ck Gundam! We have ships!” Then here comes the tactical nuke & all I could say was, “I hope everyone in charge of this goes straight to hell and their families suffer as well.” There’s no redeeming that level of incompetence.

        At least we got a decent fight out of the whole thing.

        • Revuhlooshun says:

          That is the beauty of it: These cocky, arrogant Federation officers being blown up in a huge sunburst of an explosion! 😀

          I think though that their arrogance helps the transition from the 0079 Federation to the one in Zeta Gundam. The Federation had become so confident and so big headed after winning the One Year War, and they were so sure in their capabilities, that they thought they were just invincible, which helps to justify the police state that appears in Zeta. The Titans rise not only from the sheer horror of that atrocity but also from the Federation’s shattered pride and image, making it almost a ruthless dictatorship.

          To give it a parallel, it’s like 9/11. There were plenty of signs and warnings and briefings and memos alerting that it was coming, but a lot of it was dismissed within the government. We were in peace time. We just defeated the Soviet Union, the Evil Empire! What else was there to worry about!?

          And the responses were pretty much identical in both Zeta and the real world.

          And there was that awesome explosion 😀

  14. Cress says:

    I know I’m gonna be pitchforked by what I’m going to say but…

    My absolute favorite scene is Strike Freedom’s first launch.

    It’s what made me start buying gunpla. SF was so shiny, I wanted one in my room! Although I like Freedom as well and I agree with your pick, Strike Freedom’s first moment truly made me a fan. Shiny…

    I don’t care if almost everyone hates it. I liked GSD. Even ZZ and Turn A.

    *Looking out for flaming arrows and laser beams*

    • ZZ?


      • donkangoljones says:

        You know what scene I loved from SEED Destiny? Seeing one of the most beautiful Gundams ever made reappear, Aile Strike Gundam. Kira fixed the color scheme and started kicking a little ass before realistically being overpowered by the much more advanced ZAFT mobile suits. It held out just long enough for Kira to get his upgrade. I may have shed a tear, knowing that beautiful piece of machine would disappear.

  15. Pingback: Revuhlooshun on The Beauty of Operation Stardust (Phase I) « The Ghosts of Discussions

  16. superfrito says:

    um where is that beautiful lockon stratos scene in all this? i seriously empathized with the character; that it happened to him. and the monologue was just sincere, at the same time uplifting. this was clearly a moment where 00 gave it’s characters in humanity. oh well move along

    • donkangoljones says:

      I didn’t forget about Lockon’s death, I was well aware someone would notice that I didn’t put that up there. It was a great death, just not my favorite senpai death. Plus I thought 00 season 2’s ending was more impressive and important to Gundam overall. But thanks for bringing it up.

  17. Kaybeazt says:

    Good list but one moment you should of included is Gundam wing where heero attempts suicide to save the colonies

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