St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Sunken ‘Ships (A Post of Fail in Matters of Love)

This post has spoilers, but you will be able to avoid them easily. I divided the sections via anime title so you can easily skip those you haven’t seen yet. I’ve put all images in separate slideshows (if you’re reading this post from a feed, you’ll need to visit the site to see the slides).

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I bare my heart out to you, and present all the fail I can remember from this dubious sub-hobby of shipping characters in their respective anime and manga. My track record is impressively awful, most notable in that in my own favorite show and franchise, my OTP lies dead in the water (or in space).

My qualification of a failed ship is simple: they did not end up together (never mind if it’s due to some kind of harem end). If there are still upcoming installments in the continuity, or if the manga is long-running and ongoing I’ll still mention my failed pairings based on the latest completed chapters as of today. IF YOU LIKE TO CARRY A TORCH, FEEL FREE TO DO SO. BUT I KNOW FULL WELL THE CORRUPTING DARKNESS THAT AWAITS YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WATERY GRAVEYARD OF RABU-RABU.

Let’s get this out of the way: Super Dimension Fortress Macross


Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Turn A Gundam


Honey and Clover

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam


The Vision of Escaflowne


Cowboy Bebop

Both of us:

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41 Responses to St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Sunken ‘Ships (A Post of Fail in Matters of Love)

  1. drmchsr0 says:

    Not Haman X Char, ala CHAR’S DELETED AFFAIR? (Since that manga pretty much flat out shipped Char X Lalah?

    • Lalah shmalah. Lalah Sune fucked up both Char and Amuro in the head. If Char would refuse a hot piece of fail like Reccoa, he could’ve at least hooked up with an awesome lady like Haman. But no, he had to make a big deal about that loli with a violin.

      Well, that loli will star in the upcoming Unicorn OVA, though not a loli anymore, mmmmmm…

  2. This post has spoilers

    oh foo! =( *gone with the wind*

  3. kyonkun says:

    Minorin from Toradora! is going turn out to be the crazy bag lady in life
    Poor Ami was the one that got the raw deal in Toradora!

    • Yeah Ami got a raw deal too, but she’ll land on her feet and marry some high-powered salaryman who’ll cheat on her when she’s old and saggy. But she’ll still turn up her nose at the bag-lady by the convenience store, that one with a Night Train in a paper bag.

  4. I only have one thing to say about all of these: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I’ll just be over here, thinking about how awesome it is to not have any sunken ships.

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  6. Shinmaru says:

    lol I never really thought about my biggest sunken ships. The Toradora! one didn’t bother me too much — even though I loved the pairing — because the actual pairing is as good anyway. Maybe the Zeta Gundam one, but Kamille is such a bitch. I’d feel sorry for Four while doing it, but I’d sink that muthaf’er’s ship myself.

    • Somewhere along the way, I had a soft spot for Kamille. Maybe it’s because of how it all ended for him, and then how much I utterly HAET Judau.

      Still, poor Four. Four made the second OP of Z Gundam for me. I mean, whenever she floated across the screen in her gauzy little number I just felt all is right in the world.

  7. Landon says:

    I remember some conversation I had about Bebop and someone said that after Spike died, Faye and Jet should totally hook up.

    It makes sense. They’re both “lost souls” who can no longer go back to their old lives and they’ve both lost the one person that, in a way, completed them. If there was ever a Bebop sequel, that’d be the best way to continue Faye and Jet’s storyline: turnin them into a bounty hunting Bonnie and Clyde.

    As for Escaflowne, I gotta admit that I liked the fact that Van and Hitomi parted ways. It never made sense for someone to stay in an alternative reality when it comes to these “girl/boy goes to a new world and has to save it” stories. Even if they form relationships with people in that new world, they don’t belong in that world. If they stay, aren’t they messing up the whole space/time/dimension continuity thing? If they stay past their destiny expiration date, wouldn’t they be screwing around with the natural order or something and result in eveything imploding into a singularity or something?

    At least that’s how I’d have the story end if Miaka stayed in the Fushigi Yuugi-verse or if Hitomi stayed in the Escaflowneworld, but I’m silly like that.

    • Well in Ima, soko ni iru boku (Now and Then, Here and There) one of the characters stays in the ‘other’ world (and other character doesn’t) and it kind of made sense.

      What’s ‘past their destiny expiration’? If their destiny is to stay in the other world, then so be it.

      • I’m with you re Van x Hitomi. It made the ending a good one, and made the anime as a whole better in my (mystic) eyes.

        Re Jet and Faye, no disrespect to Mr. Black, but I think Faye is too fine for him. I’d rather she hook up and fleece Cowboy Andy for all he’s worth, then adopting Francoise while the both of them rebuild Singapore.

  8. Baka-Raptor says:

    I’m still recovering from a sunken ship in Mouryou no Hako. The ship was pretty small, and we saw the iceburg from miles away, but still…

    • Is that show completely subbed? I wanted to watch that one…

      • Baka-Raptor says:

        Just finished subbing a few weeks ago

        • Thanks, will wait for a batch download to appear. It sucks that I never managed to dl/lost the early episodes.

          • Gorilla says:

            There is one floating on isohunt. Just watched it this week. I think you would like it.
            I was dissapointed with the end of Toradora. I just can’t stand tsundere voiced by Kugimiya because they are the same character no matter the show (be it ZnT, Shana or Toradora). Yes, I know that Taiga was the most developed of the three but still.
            It doesn’t help that Minorin is such an awesome character.

          • thanks!

            I consider myself lucky then that Toradora! is the first Kugimiya show I’ve seen so I’m immune to the annoyed observation that you experienced. Yeah Minorin is awesome and warped (and unexpectedly so! you know something has got to be wrong with her, but I don’t think I could expect the kind of wrong she has going on.

          • Skribulous says:

            I find this hard to believe, since Rie is everywhere, even before that overrated Toradora.

          • I don’t think she was doing a lot of mecha anime, or was she?

          • Skribulous says:

            Holy crepes! Are you my alt-universe version? Because we have absolutely the same thought about Rie the Tsundere Queen.

            As much as I am a “canon shipper” (though I don’t really indulge in such a silly pastime in the first place), any annoying character she’s voiced just grates me on the wrong way.

  9. Lukáš Polívka says:

    I must say I was very pleased with the actual pairing in Macross. It surprised me, sure, but I guess I like mature women/girls more. I’d love more titles with a bit more surprising couples.

    • Don’t get me wrong, the ‘right’ girl won. There’s no rationality really with all this shipping (at least on my part). Also, Minmay was the first anime girl that I really, really got into back as a kid in the early 80s.

  10. schneider says:

    Sochie 😦 😦 😦

  11. Oh wow, there are some ships we agree on. Not, you know, most of them ( 😛 ), but there’s three on that list anyway. While I personally liked Ami the best in Toradora, and knew from the start what the ‘official’ pairing was, I was all aboard the Ryuuji X Minori ship. Christina and Bernie would have been a really cute couple, though I’m of two minds on their fate. On the one hand it would have been nice to see, but on the other the ways things did turn out made for A+ drama/tragedy and was the sharpest way of getting across the ‘was isn’t fun and games’ message of the show. With you on the Spike and Faye thing too, though that series would also not have been what it was without death at the end, it was just too good and too strong of a film noir concept not to use. Though maybe they could have hooked Spike and Faye up and had them both go out in a blaze of glory.

    Should have known you were a Yamada X Mayama shipper! Though on this one I think you have more like-minded people on your side than your…unfortunate choice of shipping for Minmay. I’m proud to say that I was Rika X Mayama from the beginning, despite all the fanboy/fangirl Rika-hate that seemed to be prevalent. Partly because I thought they were best for each other (though the manga does a better job of fleshing her out as a full person and letting you know why), and partly because Mayama is is mai animu hero. Also, what, no Ranka X Alto on your list?

    • * “war isn’t fun and games” in the 0080 part. Damn, I’m just full of typos recently, even after proofreading 😦

    • I think that all these shows ended the best way. I won’t argue with how it all went down. If it were left up to my shipping we’d have uglier endings really. That said, I felt (and feel) as strongly as I ever did for these pairings, irrational yes, wild even.

      Shipping for me is a distant second to how the ‘canon’ endings play out. I just can’t help but feel this way for some of the characters, and it makes for a more intense experience of the show overall.

      Maybe for all of them, except Macross. I’m still rooting for Minmay.

      P.S. I like Ranka a lot, but not for Alto. I think Alto x Sheryl is fine as it is.

      • I definitely understand how you can’t help but feel for certain characters/pairings, even if the entire canon is against you I’m the same way. And while I never thought I’d get into it before I started blogging, I do love me a good shipping war 🙂 Just as long as people don’t actually get all angry and flustered over it.

  12. Who wants to play a little game of find the happy ending in the Sunrise series romantic relationship? 😀

  13. Ningyo says:

    Looks like it’s to each their own ship here. I wasn’t particularly shipping anyone at all in CG, but I suppose Lulu X Kallen would’ve been the most interesting one. Four has one of the coolest Gundam female character names, but Zeta was such a mess that I stopped caring about those two. I don’t even remember how the Byalant stabbing Psycho Gundam in the head somehow managed to kill her. It’s not like she was disintegrated immediately like Lalah :/

    And no, don’t do that with Haman-sama. I can’t bear to see her whipping another man. Char was bad enough.

  14. gloval says:

    Hahaha. I could like one main character over the other (in the cases above, Minori and Minmay) but I’ve learned to not give a damn about his/her romantic outcomes. I find shipping wars such wasteful energy-spending, and I’d rather watch as a third party in amusement (or at least I only step in when I see mis-comprehension, deliberate or otherwise, of the characters and the story, for the sake of shipping wars).

    If ever I ship, I tend to ship the side characters: Max and Milia, Michel and Klan (whose relationships I’ve mentioned before as Frontiers of Romance in Macross), and Kitamura and Sumire.

  15. bluemist says:

    Oh man I’m not sure if I was for Minorin or Ami, but when they had their major catfight I immediately thought “screw the Ryuuji X Taiga OTP I must have an AU where one of them gets the guy!” And H&C’s Ayumi… a girl who just doesn’t let go after YEARS, how patient can one be even at impossible odds? I saluted her. Dunno about the rest of those mecha anime but over here in the bishoujo world we also have that similar undying habit to ship the one-awesome-pair more than the oftentimes boring OTP.

  16. kadian1364 says:

    My last ship that sunk was Albert and Eugenie from Gankutsuou. I thought for sure they’d be together after he rescued her from her arranged marriage (at the altar even!), but bittersweet endings hurt the most. T_T

    • Yes, bittersweet endings for the pain. I can’t not like them though, and I may even like them more — prone as I am to melancholy moods (related to media consumption). Maybe it’s why I never hated Macross despite my ship sinking.

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