10 Reasons Why Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam is Awesome

The recent Mobile Suit Z Gundam movies changed the ending of the narrative of Z to make it as if Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam never happened. I sense a conspiracy, to make people to skip straight to Char’s Counterattack so people can watch and appreciate Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, currently airing now.

I mean, think of the sales they can make in this kind of economy! Think of the subscriptions to the Bandai channel! After all, people can always watch ZZ later right? So for those who haven’t seen it yet, consider the following reasons before making your commitment. After all, it’s 47 episodes.

10. Jewdough Ashta is the pinnacle of human evolution.

From its beginnings among the complex primates, humans continue to evolve. In the Universal Century a New Type of human beings have begun to develop abilities to deal with the vastness of space. JEWDOUGH is the latest and most awesome incarnation, easily beating opponents that his predecessors (Amuro, Char, Kamille) couldn’t.

9. The characters of Z Gundam get their JUST DESSERTS. Yazan gets his end as befits an ace of the Titans.

Who are you violating now, flyboy? From the best damn fighter among the Titans, Yazan suffers the indignity of being beaten by a kid with even less military experience than Kamille (AND I MEAN SOMEONE WHO’S NEVER PILOTED A GUNDAM BEFORE), and was reduced to a subsistence of being a junk collector whose highlights were catching a pig with his bare hands and fighting a mecha duel with a pork chop in his mouth the whole time.

War sucks.

8. Someone finally remembered Sayla Mass.

After 95 episodes since the end of 0079 Gundam, Sayla Mass shows up and actually has a speaking part. It’s as if she was bumped off the whole narrative to be replaced by Haman Karn, who is superior to her in every way except for her hair which she just copied from Sayla. Haman obviously believed that the younger sister love thing was the way to go to get Char back. FAIL.

7. Quattro Bajeena (is in the 1st OP) HE IS CHAR.

This show can’t help but be special, if Char is in the OP. He is, after all, the most iconic character in Gundam next to Haro (sorry Amuro) He looks very angry about something, maybe because he got shot down at the end of Z and HE ISN’T ACTUALLY IN THIS SHOW, HE’S JUST IN THE OP. Well, JEWDOUGH IS ANGRY TOO.

This is not anime.

6. Incredible voice acting for incredible characters: Beecha Oleg, that other guy, and Chara Soon.

The following characters required energetic performances from their actors! You can hear their voices ringing in your head, following you wherever you go well after you’ve finished watching!

Given the demands of such compelling and complex characters, I can only imagine that these actors moved on to have distinguished careers.

5. Haman Karn turns out to be the character she is destined to be.

Haman Karn reveals herself not to be the cool and calm schemer that came on top during the Gryps conflict in Z. She has the soul of a lover, and a lover of young boys (sorry Char, she gave you up — not that you’re into women). Haman’s sensitive and fragile spirit was shattered (along with the rest of her) when she rammed her damaged Qubeley on the side of an asteroid… after all was lost: her cause to revive the Zabi family, and her desire for Jewdough Ashta.

4. Lolicon paradise. Puru is so nice, she had to show up twice!  (NAKED!)


If you want to see her naked and in various states of undress (in the bath, etc.) you’ll have to watch the show.

War is hell.

3. There’s no love like the love of/for a younger sister.

Leina is alive! Who doesn’t believe how a teenage boy will FIGHT to END WAR for the sake of his younger sister?

2. Bright Noa lightens up.

Nobody ever followed him except Quattro anyway (maybe Emary), but here in ZZ Bright just stopped caring. No more slaps, no more disciplining. I mean, what’s the fucking use? The kids with Gundams run everything anyway.

1. The war is really up to the Gundam Team and its band of teenage Newtypes. I mean, the Gundam was a sideshow in the One Year War. The Gryps conflict was settled by large battles and a Colony Laser. But the Neo Zeon were vanquished by ONE SHIP, ONE TEAM. GO GUNDAM TEAM.

The entire Neo-Zeon empire was defeated by (internal strife) 4 Gundams (LOL Hyaku Shiki) piloted by a bunch of out-of-school kids. There was no significant organized force sent to fight Neo-Zeon. None.

Why should the powers that be waste or risk unnecessarily significant resources, human life, and military strength to win a war, when non-military personnel can win every single engagement for them?

Besides, who wants to see massive engagements of nameless mooks in their crappy GMs and Nemos and Gaza-Cs? This show gives people what they really want to see: GUNDAMS SWATTING FUNNELS (that can’t hit anything except OTHER FUNNELS) WITH THEIR LIGHTSABERS!

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam put the Gundams in Gundam shows.

(I didn’t even mention the Aztec Space Ninjas. That’s just a bonus!)

Haven’t seen any Gundam at all? Don’t know where to start? Find your Gateway Gundam!

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149 Responses to 10 Reasons Why Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam is Awesome

  1. I can tell your brain doesn’t even function anymore after the show.

    So sad.

    • kevin says:

      lol you know
      just so you know

      that part of the show where they found the fortress airship abandoned by the crew and full of civilians. That was so emotional for me.
      everyone that could fight has left, and never came back. never fucking came back, not a single GM III that was launched from that airship returned, not a single crew member remained.
      here we have the most fucked up ficitional universe ever conceived. Yet there were still people who cared enough to shield others with their own lives. That was beautiful work on tomino’s part. Fucking beautiful.

      ZZ made me cry five times. first time was out of how bad it was though, but the rest were legit.

      and just so you know a figure, seed = no tears just laughter, 00 = facepalm and puke
      So ZZ did considerably better

  2. IKnight says:

    Puru’s bath was one of the things that indirectly amused most in ZZ actually (not that that was hard). That that should be the reason for Our Heroes to run out of water in the desert was funny, probably because it said something about the show as a whole. (Also, the galley on the White Base needs a particular condiment . . .)

    • It’s funny how the nakedness in the White Base in 0079 and in the Argama in Z by much younger girls — literally children, didn’t cause as much fuss. Granted Mirai, Fa, Sayla, and Rosamy were pretty distracting…

  3. Gorilla says:

    I was waiting for a post like that after reading in your twitter about ZZ. Having watched 22 episodes so far, I think I can tolerate LOL-Tomino but I won’t lie that I am enjoying it. Judau’s the only reason I kept watching. I like him a lot and his goofy attitude. The first 5 episodes were shit (made me stall it for months) and so were the episodes from 10 to 15 but from episode 16 the show gets better. I liked the appearance of Haman and her strange affection for Judau.
    I don’t believe you didn’t include the Zeta-Zaku on your list. That was god-tier trolling.

    • Judau… No. Just no.

      I suppose Judau is… no I can’t do it. He sucks. Haman is dead to me because of this show (well, she did die… but she used to be so awesome in my eyes).

      I tweeted the Zeta Zaku already, so I didn’t want to repeat it here.

  4. redmaigo says:

    Do you know how disorienting this post is while I’m sitting here watching/listening to My Little Pony the Musical? They are singing Defying Gravity from Wicked and the song seems to go with the screen shots you posted.

    I’ve never watched ZZ but now all I hear, while looking at the above screencaps, are the characters bursting into song. Like a shittier Macross without the Minmay, Sheryl or Ranka and with loud, OTT Broadway songs.


    Waiting for Gundam the Musical…

    Excuse me, waiting for SD Gundam the Musical…

  5. Crusader says:

    Well at least his name sounds better than Kamille…

  6. I was laughing until I was out of breath reading this. Thank you for saving me from having to watch this myself. It would probably be even funnier if I had watched it, but I think I can live with that.

  7. donkangoljones says:

    On the outside, I have a blank stare. On the inside, I am laughing almost to the point of insanity. You found a superb way to survive the most dangerous of Gundams. ZZ Gundam. Through humor and sarcasm you have conquered the ZZ.

  8. SpeedStriker says:

    Ghostlightning strikes again! You’ve successfully made me hope in vain that someone is finally going to show some sympathy toward this show. x_x

    But then again, I saw ZZ before Zeta, so that probably help me escape from some of the show’s real damage dealers. Thanks for reminding me why I liked this show so much anyhow!


  9. Puru says:

    You’re sarcasm is terrible. This is a great show.

    #10. It’s only natural that Judau becomes the best. Why would it be interesting if we get a weaker protagonist in a sequel? To make this show wrong for that is stupid.

    #9. Z Gundam was very dark, and Gundam needed a fresh change. The best way to do it is to make unintentionally hilarious characters like Yazan to be intentionally funny.

    #8. How could you even compare Sayla to Haman? Sayla fails, she just kept saying “Casval Onii-san!” back in the OYW.

    #7. Char did come back, and the plausibility of his comeback is there because Haman’s Neo-Zeon was torn by internal conflict.

    #6. It’s a shame these actors didn’t get distinguished careers. They did a spectacular job on these roles.

    #5. I’m very glad Haman was given her full character development here. I didn’t buy the whole ice-queen shtick she pulled in Z Gundam. Who can really be like that? The tragedy of her unrequited love for Judau still pains me to remember.

    #4. It was Puru Two who was naked more than Elpeo. I thought Glemy was the lolicon, but no lolicon could stand in front of naked Puru Two like that without their nutbladder asploding (or committing rape).

    #3. Younger sisters are the best. You probably don’t have one.

    #2. Bright Noa took advantage of these kids and I was glad he manned up in the end. I think that part when he took Judau’s punch is the highlight of his whole story throughout the UC. That was GAR.

    #1. Finally Gundam made a stand and figured out what this franchise was about: a story of young people doing great things, fighting the power and saving the day.

    These are all good reasons why ZZ Gundam is awesome, and I didn’t even mention how it showed the franchise being able to laugh at itself in a postmodern way. It really is very underrated and it’s funny how ignorant posts like this one keep it so.

    • Owen S says:

      Your either a bad troll or just someone who sucks at sarcasm.

      • Sonna says:

        At least it’s still better than G Gundam. That super robot shit is not worthy of carrying the Gundam name.

        • Skiiage says:

          G Gundam is a brilliant super robot show, and that it veers greatly from UC Gundam is to be expected because it’s the first AU Gundam ever. Please don’t insult super robots, Gundam, TOUHOUFUHAI MASTER ASIA like that. G Gundam even handles a lot of the themes that UC Gundam did, like the tragedy of battle and the need to preserve the environment.

    • schneider says:

      >>Younger sisters are the best. You probably don’t have one.


      I’d rather admire them from the distance, than be embroiled in all the bad things they come with~

    • #10. Victory Gundam’s Uso Evin is possibly the best PILOT in UC Gundam, instead of the most powerful newtype. At UC 0085 (Z-ZZ era), Judau was portrayed as both, despite not displaying the same piloting skills as Kamille or even Quattro.

      #9. They did it right with G Gundam. The failed attempts at humor here only ruined Z, and Gundam as a whole.

      #8. The point is that she ridiculously disappeared throughout 0080-85 in the narrative for no good reason.

      #7. If Char had come back SOONER, the likes of Glemy Toto would never be powers within Neo Zeon (and an interesting triangle would form Haman x Char x Mineva lolololol).

      #6. …

      #5. The tragedy of her unrequited love for Judau still pains me to remember.

      #4. Speaking from experience, you must be!

      #3. No, and you don’t have one either.

      #2. /pacefalm

      #1. If it worked for Scooby Doo…

      • jpmeyer says:

        Uso was such a good pilot that Zanscare had to resort to things like bikini bazooka squads and forced baths with naked women to try to stop him. Unfortunately for them, he is as good at biting tits as he is at piloting Gundams.

        • LOL that Uso can sure bite them tig ol bitties.

          • kevin says:

            Tomino was so godly at trolling man, sooooo godly

            just when you think the series—- zeta zakued

            yea looking forward now that almost seems like Kyubey asking for a contract doesn’t it?

            still, if you look behind all that foreground retardism conjured up by the retard kids, theres something really really dark going on, which i think was one of the best part of the series. It is a side story afterall considering the amount of grounds it covered.

          • That’s why Wing was so fuckin’ great. It did what the previous two tried to and did them all right. Although Dorothy was sorely in need of some tit-biting.
            And hey, if the humour wasn’t for you, it technically spawned Full Metal Panic, which made its Heero analogue an even more unhinged psychopath of a kid. Especially when they tried to stuff him in a normal kids’ school….
            Note to self, never leave letters unannounced in Sousuke’s locker. In fact don’t even look in his general direction without a heavy dose of fore-warning.

          • oh and I almost forgot, continually inspires the best damn level in each Armored Core past the first. And also the second’s main baddie. And the fourth’s. (imagine if CCA happened 60 years later starring Zechs as a bitter old coot. That’s Old King.)

    • LygophobicNinja says:

      Chikwaffle you.

  10. Lukáš Polívka says:

    Looking through the roles of Shioya Kôzô, I found out he voice-acted in one of my favorite movies: Jûichi-nin iru! (They were 11)

    You should give it a try, ghostlightning. I think you might find it interesting.

  11. DK Eternity says:

    I was laughing when I read this, which is totally the opposite of the expression on my face as I watched ZZ back then…

    Still, while I didn’t really like this show, ZZ wasn’t the worst one I’ve watched. That distinction would go to Seed Destiny. However, I would have to say that ZZ was the most disappointing Gundam show for me not only because it was bad, but also because it’s the sequel to the awesome Z Gundam.

    • Indeed. Objectively SeeD Destiny may be the worst, but if it ruined SeeD it’s still only SeeD. But to ruin Zeta Gundam is utterly maddening.

      • It didn’t ruin Zeta Gundam, it just ended up being a rough bump between it and the incredibly grim atmospheric experience that was Char’s Counterattack. Seriously even Zeta Gundam as dark as it is never comes as close to portraying that sense of foreboding. Just think of it as the show that sets that up.

        • NO. It ruined Yazan Gable, it ruined Bright Noa, it ruined the Argama, it ruined Anaheim and La Vie en Rose, it utterly ruined Haman Karn. It ruined what was awesome about the Zeon, it reduced the Cyber Newtype program into rubbish (thank goodness for Unicorn). It ruined the dynamics of how war was waged in the Universal Century. ONE SHIP, FOUR MOBILE SUITS, ONE TEAM, GO GUNDAM TEAM!

          • Bright is awesome again in Char’s Counterattack and so is the successor to the Argama. No overdramatics here please. Yeesh you sound like one of those screaming, shrieking trolls who are always bitching about Gundam. I thought you were supposed to be helping matters by remembering love, not making them worse again?

          • Give it up. ZZ sucks and your denial is as comical as your ignorance of trolling. Bright in CCA, and the retcon in the Z movies only proves how horrible this show is.

            Now enjoy your Unicorn, or better yet, rewatch all 47 episodes of ZZ since you enjoy it so much.

          • I’m sorry but what does any of what I said have to do with me denying that ZZ Gundam is a really weak entry in the franchise? I mean I didn’t know this was all of a sudden 4chan where you have to elevate everything that’s fail in the world to astronomical proportions so that it takes down everything else that it’s related to. Somehow I expected a lot better from this particular hang out.

            Anyway this isn’t the sort of stuff that I got involved with WRL for. And yes I do intend that as a bit of criticism with a hint of disappointment since I don’t like the path that the entries have been going down with WRL lately and would sooner see a return to the kind of commentary and discussion that got me involved with it in the first place. Lame trolling be damned I say….no need to appeal to the sort that latches onto that kind of thing.

            P.S: Zeta Movies are the non-canon part. Also don’t read Char’s Deleted Affair if you don’t want to see your idealized picture of Haman ruined again. 😛

          • You need to understand that some people will hate what you love, even people you otherwise agree with. You’ve never let up with your dissatisfaction with Macross Frontier — a show that I am very happy with, and I don’t mind that at all. It just sucks for you that you can’t enjoy what we’re all enjoying over here.

            But ZZ is terrible in the worst possible sense. I am very, very serious. If you can’t handle me saying so, then that’s your problem. If you can’t handle how I can be utterly pissed at a show that did these things to a franchise that I OBVIOUSLY like as a whole, then that’s your problem. If you read the Unicorn post as negative — then you really have big problems.

          • Sekou says:

            LMFAO!!! Dude, I just came upon this post and it is so true but HILARIOUS. Personally, I really liked ZZ but the negative impact it left on UC is still being felt.

            I’ll never get over my anger at how Yazan(the best Gundam villain not named Char in my opinion) became a bubbling fool.

            And while I never cared for Haman, her weird love for Judau and her suicide cements her as a joke of a primary antagonist in my eyes.

            To your final statement, I really believe that should be ZZ’s tagline if Bandai ever decides to bring it to the states.

            Good stuff man.

          • Thank you. While I truly despise ZZ Gundam there’s a context to it that actually shows how much I love Gundam in general which means I can’t really hate ZZ that much. Within this weird fan space, I hate it with all my power.

          • kevin says:

            correction my friend, it sucked so hard that it was actually good if you watch it as a light story instead of a gundam, it was good only on some episodes. only on some episodes….

            no, scratch that lol. nvm i’m gona get owned by zz hators again

            Try watching it again. From what i heard watching it right after Zeta causes extreme bad tastes in your mouth. Zeta was a little too dark imo towards the end to the point where it almost seems like some one’s god handing everything to a darker place. ZZ was a nice change of atmosphere, and come cca was a brilliant recovery.

            if there is something that doesn’t fit to carry the name of gundam it would be 00 seed and trailblazer.
            understanding makes you naked from a mile away. totally legit. Totally.

            besides the story carries on into crossbones, Jadua’s a straight up guy now and happens to be one of the only cooperation leaders that still gave a fuck about the earth sphere.

          • I promised to watch it again because I forced someone to rewatch SEED and GSD with me again. YES WE LIKE PAIN AS ONLY GUNDAM CAN GIVE.

  12. i-k says:

    I loled… actually, I wonder if Char appearing in the first OP is the first incident of an anime trolling its audience? I still haven’t made it through the first five episodes. orz

  13. Etrangere says:

    I’m sorry, are you really nicknaming a character named Judeau “JEWDOUGH” in order to denigrate him? Cuz, not cool.

    • nope, this nickname has been around. Nothing against Jews or Japanese, or Earthnoids or Spacenoids or Oldtypes or Newtypes.

      • Etrangere says:

        It may be around, that doesn’t mean it’s not offensive to use it, even if you didn’t have any ill intent.

        • Are YOU personally offended, because you’re a Jew? Peace be with you, let not a silly blog post get to you. ZZ Gundam is a more offensive matter — may you never feel the need to see it.

          • Etrangere says:

            Yes, yes, I am and yes it does.

            And yes, racism and antisemitism is very silly, especially when you’re not the victim of it. When you are, it’s just hurtful. And even if it’s something like a silly joke or a silly expression that slips underneath the language without people even thinking about it (like “gyping someone”, or “jewing someone”, or “that’s gay!”); sometimes especially because it’s a silly expression you find in a place where you relax and have fun like anime fandom so you didn’t expect to find anything to suddenly hurt you, here of all places, like a way of telling you “hey, you’re not welcome here!”.

            I wish I could control what does or does not hurt me, and not be ofended by silly expressions which are used without thinking about in a silly blog, but when you remember people calling you a dirty jew and telling you Shoah jokes for the express purpose of hurting you; it is difficult to control it.

            So please, don’t use it. If you don’t mean to offend Jews, avoid using words that may hurt Jewish people.

          • I have made my point that I am not offending you and I don’t wish to. If you choose to interpret my post as an offensive then that’s your business. Feel free to call me names you don’t mean to be offensive if you must, but let us come to finality that we aren’t fighting or wishing harm unto each other.

            I won’t promise that something I say in the future won’t offend you. If you choose not to give me the benefit of the doubt, that’s your business.

            I am Filipino, Catholic, and in a third world country. Not only do we get dumped on by everyone, we’re very poor and are headed nowhere. We’ve been colonized by Spain, the Americans, and by Japan. Though we haven’t lost as many people in WW2, 1M isn’t a small number either. We too are always fighting our own people within our borders due to ethnicity and religion (Islamic separatists). I don’t hate anyone (not even the Japanese who threw our babies in the air and impaled them on bayonets) and neither do us as a people.

            We’re rather cheerful about things and want everyone to be happy. Part of our spectacular success at happiness despite the lack of quality of life is we can take things for fun. So lighten up and peace be with you.

          • Etrangere says:

            Look, I am giving you benefit of the doubt. That’s why I’m asking you not to do it. If I was assuming you were actively trying to be offensive, I would expect you wouldn’t care one whit what I tell you because you were trying to hurt me in the first place so I would say nothing and simply avoid your blog in the future.

            You have made your point that you weren’t trying to offend me and only did it out of carelessness and ignorance, and I believe you. But the word you used and how you used it is offensive and that is your problem as much as mine. If you walked on someone’s toes by accident, that doesn’t mean you were trying to hurt them, but I would expect you to step away from their toes once they’ve said “OUCH! My feet!”, and not to say that since you didn’t intent to hurt them then you can keep walking on their toes and the hurt they feel is their problem. Intent doesn’t magically cancels hurt or offence.

            If I had used a word that was offensive to Filipino (or Catholics, or inhabitants of the Third World) out of my own ignorance and you told me about, I would apologise, edit it out and be more careful in the future not to use such words. I wouldn’t be able to promise you either that I won’t offend you in the future, because nobody can make these kinds of promise and keep them. But I wouldn’t ignore the problem just because I don’t think of myself as someone who hate Filipino people.

            And, no, I’m not trying to fight you, nor do I wish you harm (or to call you names I don’t mean to be offensive for that matter).

          • Magus says:

            Stop being such a Jew.
            If you try to be so easily offended, then you will be, and you deserve to be.

          • Noir says:

            Stop being such a 12 year-old fanbrat.

            If you try to be so stupid, then you will be, and you deserve to be.

            Because, hon? That, kinda doesn’t make sense.

          • Etrangere says:

            Yeaaaaaah, thank you for proving my point for me.

            That’s an interesting Catch-22 theorem you’ve got on offence, there.

    • Pez says:

      how is ‘jewdough’ offensive to jews? he is clearly making a joke about the bizarre spelling of the phonetic ‘judo’ as ‘judau’. is the joke also offensive to dough? god forbid..

      woops i blasphemed.

      go and victimise someone else with your victim complex.

      i just started watching zz. was it well received in japan? because so far it SUCKS BALLS!

  14. drmchsr0 says:

    You mean ZZ is worse that you could ever say?

    *stays away from ZZ.

    Also, Juicedough Ashura Gundam. 😛

    • Hmmm, ZZ Gundam is inspiring me to stretch my writing abilities! The level of fail in this show would be Michaelangelo’s secret diaries revealing that the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are but a part of a larger painting… specifically they are a painting on a the walls of some pleasure quarters where midgets have buttsecks with farm animals.

      Or, or, Leonardo da Vinci revealing that his ‘Last Supper’ was really a tattoo he branded on some Muslim slave’s ass he purchased from a POW camp from the crusades.

      Joodoe Aster Gandamu

  15. grss1982 says:

    @ghostlightning: KABABAYAN!!!!

    I had no idea you were a Filipino man. 🙂

    Where are you from anyway? Cebu? Manila? 😀

  16. Ningyo says:

    *laughs along like a good reader until 4 and 3, then immediately begins watching ZZ*

    And well, Mashmyermeraer Cello was important enough to be in Gundam vs. Gundam…
    I’m still rather perplexed as to what the hell Chara Soon did thar.

  17. Oh well shucks do that wacky Judau and his bunch have something cooking for you in this episode I’ll tell you what?

    Seriously wouldn’t the show have been better if it was like Dukes of Hazzard and every show started in the middle of a mobile suit battle only to have a voice over kick in and then send them through a flashback of all those wacky antics that led up to it?

    Oh and if you think ZZ Gundam pushes it with the happy Tomino brecknake pace style slapstick then you need to see at least on episode of Xabungle. Pretty much the whole show is just one big 3 stooges episode with mecha.

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  19. fool says:

    No joke Zeta and CCA are a waste of time. The only way you can possibly enjoy them are if any one or more of the following applies:

    A. you like mechs more than people
    B. deus ex machina is your favourite plot device
    C. you enjoy all the bullshit that has transcended into Gundam archetypes
    D. you like to laugh at everything the show tries to do seriously

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  21. May says:

    I think I’m the only person alive that likes this show. Oh well.
    Also, I’m A. and D. on Fool’s list, so maybe that explains it.

  22. D351-G says:

    Hmmmmm ultimate powerful mobiles suit gundams…. turned into a children’s play thing…

  23. Shadowz says:

    ZZ is the best Gundam ever it can kick all gundam asses so suck on my fucking twinkie

  24. ladyxzeus says:


  25. deepstriker says:

    Well, only the hardest of the hardcore gundam fans could withstand the campiness of ZZ…

    Just consider it as a challenge for because as a UC fan you don’t want to miss every bit of this classic gundam timeline

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  27. trowa says:

    Best Gundam List Ever. Hail Jewdough!

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  29. Bruce says:

    . i agree that zz gundam is the worst gundam ever , it managed to ruin old characters and damage my brain with awful awful awful characters , it’s stuff like this that give birth to cancer , satan and maybe even the antichrist …. i’ve lost so much hair watching this steaming pile of garbage , i just hope that zz was supposed to be a joke a very lame and painful one … Tomino i fucking love you for making such an awesome “poopage” . sincerly , a brain damaged fan .

    • LOL indeed it’s one show that I “naturally” hate, that is, with an honest emotion. There are other shows that I “love to hate.” Post on Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny will be up in a few hours.

      • Bruce says:

        i just posted on gundam SeeD 🙂 …. here’s one of the most memorable moment from ZZ gundam for me :

        . i still remember the scene where they bring the hyaku shiki to support the gundamu teamu and the kids violated the dear MS like a street hooker …. a part of me just died after that .

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  33. Chris says:

    ZZ Gundam remains as one of the worst mecha anime I’ve watched, along with Gundam SEED.

    I’m also glad to see that I’m not the only one who dislikes Judau… the kid (and his group of friends) came off as a bunch of undisciplined, unlikeable brats. I know that that is what Tomino was aiming for, considering the environment they were growing up in prior to joining Captain Bright, but it’s as if they never changed. They just remain unlikeable and annoying. I think the only character I found interesting was Puru… strictly because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PouA2_Y7vHs (now if only Marida could do the same thing in Unicorn, haha). But really, there’s a lot of things wrong with ZZ Gundam, but the worst part aside from the terrible attempts at humor, is the neutering of Captain Bright. I mean, if this were any other show… he’d have brightslapped the fuck out of those kids, but for some illogical reason, he takes a backseat to these punk ass kids, who basically dictate how things are run on the Argama. Oh, and not to mention… Judua putting Wong in his place was complete bullshit, if Kamille couldn’t do it, then no one should have.

    • I dunno man, this whole scene is wack; a come-on to all the perv otaku who can be baited to watch Gundam because of shit like this.

      The problem with Gundam is its need to present more powerful protagonists as a means to compel viewers. It was a hook, to keep the poor shits watching… to at least find out HOW Judau is stronger than Kamille… though it was pretty clear in ZZ’s shitty manner: how Judau started beating the crap out of people piloting the Z despite no prior experience.

      To be fair it wasn’t very smooth either how Z handled Kamille’s superiority over Amuro… but I’ll take it: Amuro was kept from piloting the Mk. II.

  34. Matt Wells says:

    Darn it Ghostlighting, you shut your mouth about Kozo Shioya! I’ll have you know he voiced such diverse characters as Guldo and Fat Buu in Dragonball Z! And…Uh…Mamoru’s Dad in Gaogaigar…

    …In all seriousness though, I have to say the sheer quantity of Lol-Tomino in this show makes me almost feel like watching it. Yazan, the violating Pig Farmer! Haman, the woman scorned shota con! Puru’s Derp face! It just feels like Tomino REALLY overdid the Prozac in the wake of Zeta, and this was the hillarious, feverish result.

    Not to worry though! I’ve realised how Double Zeta is non-canonical! When Judeau Slapped Bright, he violated the laws of physics, and the whole of ZZ’s events were erased from the Universal Century to prevent the fabris of reality from caving in!

    Hence why there is literally nothing that happened between Zeta and Char’s Counterattack. NOTHING! Can’t hear you, nah nah nah na nah nah!

  35. sky says:

    most of the time judau was just fighting against commic relief characters
    nothing impressive about defeating someone that throws garbage at you as their main source of attack.
    plus judau never had to deal with the loss of someone near and dear to him during the series
    his sister is magically comes back from the dead and then puru gets an instant replacement
    fucking pussy

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  37. Farsinian says:

    While I do agree that ZZ was easily the weakest link in the UC timeline, I really don’t understand the intense hatred it gets from most Gundam fans. Maybe it’s because I saw them all (aside from G and part of Wing) for the first time in one long marathon, but I actually kinda liked it, if only because it was a nice buffer between the bitter sadness of Zeta and CCA, the latter of which I actually didn’t like very much (Quess being the love interest of friggin’ everybody and Hathaway doing in one of the few enjoyable characters it introduced did NOT help) mostly because there was too large a gap between Char in Zeta and in CCA. I mean, I half think someone gave him a round of the Cyber Newtype process his personality was so radically altered. And while I will say that a good number of characters were annoying in ZZ, especially Beecha and Oleg, at the least Judau didn’t have as many emotional issues as Amuro and Kamille. Which, come to think of it, may be one of the reasons why he’s a bit stronger in the Newtype department than them. Though to be fair, Kamille’s whole Force Ghost thing at the end of Zeta was a bit more impressive than Judau’s Dozle impression.


      This is the wrong, wrong, wrong way to “buffer” between Z and CCA. You don’t malform and ruin everything good about Z for the sake of a “buffer.”

      You don’t make Kamille’s achievements against the likes of Yazan look like child’s play by letting Judau win his first mobile suit battles using the Z Gundam, and against Yazan too!

      You don’t reduce Bright Noa to a clown of a school headmaster fresh out of surviving the battle of Gryps and suffering the loss of so many he cared about including Emma and Henken.

      You don’t turn Haman Karn, the victor of the Gryps conflict into this freakshow who let her distraction with making Judau like her BE HER PERSONAL STORY (her political story is also a joke).

      You don’t turn the Universal Century narrative, one that is won and fought with armies and nations — wherein Gundams merely feature as a point of interest, reduced to a “war” fought by squads of petty factions fighting each other while a “Gundam Team” piloted by noncombatants acting like noncombatants as if fighting was just some kind of joke wins the whole thing.

      If you do these things, for the utility/value of being a “breather” between dark stories, then you are an atrocity for ruining something brilliant. I hate ZZ to the core of my being a fan. Now, do you understand?

      • Farsinian says:

        I do understand, though your reasoning on the ‘Gundam Team’ may be a bit off.

        Remember, after the events of Zeta the A.E.U.G.’s forces were almost entirely wiped out- it’s most of the reason why Axis was able to get away as it did. And then, when they did manage to replenish their armies and their armories, the series got closer in tone to its predecessors. Besides, in the final battles the Aces always went and fought against their mortal enemies (At the end of 0079, Amuro went after Char. At the end of Zeta, Kamille dueled Scirocco, Quattro fought Haman,and Emma got ranted against by Reccoa into a bloody stalemate). Zeta was the war, ZZ was simply the mop-up.

        As for Haman, I agree that it’s stupid, but keep in mind that it isn’t the first time someone’s made aggravating choices after being exposed to Newtype waves (Reccoa, if you recall, did even worse with even less justification), and besides that her empire was already crumbling around her. So, this way she could escape capture by Federation forces AND traumatize her opponent at the same time.

        In regards to Yazan though, keep in mind that he had spent at least a few days traveling through space in a cramped pod with limited oxygen- it’s entirely possible that his mind was pretty much gone even before Judau found him. And I don’t think it’s spitting on Kamille’s achievements for Judau to win against a guy who isn’t in the environment or the mobile suit that made him one of the most feared pilots in the Titans. And I think Bright was just plain exhausted mentally from seeing his crew dead or worse. There’s no denying that if Judau had been in the Gryps Conflict, he would have been beaten way more than Kamille or Amuro were.

        Honestly, from a technical standpoint, ZZ is the lowest point in the U.C. timeline. The pacing was terrible (And it didn’t even have the justification of being cut short that 0079
        and to a much greater extent F91 had). The animations were rather jumpy, and they relied too much on stock footage (though mercifully not to the extent of SeeD and its sequel). The characters didn’t go through much growth because they were rather sheltered from the real horrors of war, and where they were at the start wasn’t exactly what you would call enjoyable. But despite that, I did think that it helped to tie up some loose ends on the characters from Zeta, and the entire damn series was worth it to see Kamille start to recover from his mind rape. And I do think that a lot of the plot points were interesting enough, though they were not presented well. Possibly because Tomino simply wasn’t in the same place mentally for ZZ as he was for Zeta and CCA.

        Now then, I have to re-watch my true love in the series, Turn A.

        • Yeah Char and Amuro went after each other, but the outcome of their personal battle did nothing to influence the outcome of the OYW, and therein lies the beauty of it.

          WHY would we need a story that is a mop-up, while setting up the enemy as a grand thing “Neo Zeon?” Failure.

          The road to failure doesn’t justify why Yazan should be the failure he was in ZZ. Why not just kill him? Why subject him to this stupidity? Why deliberately shit on his legacy, and make him utter the words “I was the ace of the Titans!” ???

          ZZ knew exactly what it was doing: something shitty.

          Reccoa, is NOT Haman Karn. Reccoa can go fuck herself. Haman is different and should have been written differently.

          COME ON MAN, all this is wrong as fuck and you know it!

          • Farsinian says:

            Char and Amuro’s fight may not have, but you can’t say the same when it came to Zeta, which you have been touting (and rightly so!) as the best Gundam. And we didn’t need a mop up, but that’s the story that was given to us.

            I think part of the reason why Yazan got such issues was that, well, Tomino felt compelled to make a lighter story after Zeta’s bleak ending. And who was the one character that survived the Gryps Conflict AND was hated by viewers (even if he was pretty awesome at times) enough to justify a twisted end? Yazan. Not every ace can an end with dignity, and after all the atrocities he committed, he really didn’t deserve one. To tell the truth, I don’t think he had a single redeeming feature aside from being a good pilot.

            And while Haman IS a much better character than Reccoa, and personally my favorite villain in the UC timeline, if not Gundam as a whole, it’s pretty obvious that she got a bit of the mind-fuck treatment from Judau on Earth. And until the last few episodes, she was still pretty much her Zeta personality. While it could have been handled a lot better, and what we got WAS pretty horrible, I do think Haman and Judau could have made a very interesting couple (at the least, better than Roux being tacked on to him at the last minute) if she had stayed as magnificent as she was in Zeta throughout ZZ. Judau always did seem to be the most pragmatic of the Gundam protagonists in the UC timeline, and I think the only reason why he was so adamant on fighting her was because she shot his sister. At any rate, it would have made ZZ as a whole much more morally grey, as opposed to “Axis is the evil and we are the good!”

            Yes, ZZ is pretty bad. Yes, the pacing was terrible, and some strange choices were made
            for a lot of characters. And yes, it failed to live up to its potential. But at least it had
            potential, and some interesting plot points that, if pulled off well, could have made it at least as good as 00 pre-movie. All in all, I think that the only reason it was as bad as it was, was because it happened right after the best entry in the series, and the UC simply was not made for such a light-hearted show at that point.

      • I disagree. Kamille was an unlikable little bastard at first. Judau actually cares about other people, and grows more mature later on as the story progresses.

        Haman doesn’t change that much. She’s still iron cold, ruthless, and manipulative. The difference is that a.) she has unresolved feelings for Char, and Judau kind of reminds her of Char (in power at least) and because b.) he reminds her of a younger version of herself. CDA reveals that she was rather idealistic and naive when she was Judau’s age (she thought the world could be changed by understanding and all that crap). In short he reminded her of what was quite possibly the one time she was truly happy.

        Overall, you’re being silly. Gundams always played big roles (amuro stopped mauve from sabotaging odessa, took down dozle zabi at solomon etc)

      • Well you my good sir are a fool. The tvtropes forums can point out that ZZ was good but also pretty crappy in some places. The Gundams were always a key feature. Haman is as deadly as ever, and the characters all evolve into real soldiers.

  38. moeplusmecha says:

    lol good writeup. Gundam Team go!!!

  39. kawayan team says:

    ZZ sucks so badly I personally think Judau sucked. The entire series was basically for young kids so newtype abilities were hyped up to make it more amazing to them. Kamille is the strongest IMO, but in battle Amuro would be the best cause of his experience.

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  42. mothonis says:

    First off Haman probably liked Judau because he has striking similarties to char in some ways,he was someone she loved at one point.What would you rather have? her character be a ice queen 24/7? Thats not realistic and remember she is still human in the end.Second, one team wining the war is not really as unjustified as you say,as someone previously noted they lost most of there fighting force in Zeta,and Judau’s team where all newtypes weren’t they? which no previous gundam show had that.As for judau being the most powerfull newtype he needed to be in order to make up for the fact he had no mechincal knowledge aside from being a junk salvage person.
    And as i recall he did endure tragedy when both puru one and two died.

    To be honest i iam not a huge fan of it, my favorite is victory but ZZ wasn’t terrible it just had its flaws like every other series (victory included).

  43. mothonis says:

    ? iam saying its not the most terriable thing they could have done.It could be worst like say…having aliens?! lol

  44. U know, I’m new to all this Gundam stuff. I remember that I tried to watch Gundam Wing as a kid but couldn’t stand the gayness in that show so I only watched like 2 episodes. Now like 10 years later I felt like trying again but from the beginning and then find out about this time line bullshit and I was like “what the fuck”. So I did my research and started with the 1979 series of the Universal Century and I liked it a lot, then I moved on to Zeta Gundam and I loved it to death, specially the Reccoa Londe (my crush) random betrayal because it was so Netorare and I like that genre of Hentai a lot but then ZZ Gundam happened… I’m 16 episodes in and here I am desperately looking around the internets for someone to convince me that soon the series will get considerably better. I really want to watch it so I can get to know the back-story of some of the characters that’ll appear in Char’s CA and Unicorn but ZZ Gundam is so shallow. ;_;

    I’m seriously thinking about dropping it because I really don’t like all this new setting with the kids and stuff, I just want all of them to die horribly for making this series a pain for me to watch. At first I didn’t like Kamille either but I really can’t see how Judau can redeem himself (specially after 16 episodes) because he is so boring and uninteresting and all the girls seem to be falling for him for no reason at all like in those lames ass comedy/harem animes that I hate so much. And I really didn’t like the development for Fa either. That girl had plenty of experience, she fought many battles yet the writers humiliated her at every chance they had every time she piloted a gundam. This kind of nonsense makes me rage so bad! Because the writer’s purpose was simply to give the spotlight to this new gay ass cast at all cost.

    Anyway, I could keep going with my rant but I think that it’s already too long and my English is not very good. BTW, you almost got me with the tittle of this entry. XD

    • Wing gets alright. It’s like the best parts of every prior gundam stitched together, though after Treize bites it it also brings in the writing of G Gundam to the mix.
      It’s also interesting that they stuck what would become the standard for annoying brat gundam heroes in, but he wasn’t by any long shot the main character. He’s the weakest pilot until he’s driven insane, at which point he’s still only like fifth best.
      Wing, the gundam, is pretty goddamn broken and invincible though, so any fight Heero gets into is more a battle of philosophy than actual combat, as you know the outcome of the actual shooting match. There was just something fun about a pilot as young as Uso, Loran, and many of the ZZ kids, who was yet as cold and callous an asshole as Yazan or Cima (to start with anyway) He was a blank slate, lacking ideals, in contrast to the other four, until the war fixed him. (actually they all were a bit that way. They were the fractured personalities of previous heroes, and it was up to the war to put them back together rather than take them apart. Well, and meeting their waifus)
      Interesting to note that everyone else that deals with a psycommu-esque suit is a female, and usually winds up having to be mercy-killed, aside from Four that just got in the way.
      Heero is the inversion of that, as the zero system is essentially that.

  45. Xard says:

    After stalling my progress through Gundam franchise for months thanks to its luxurious amounts of shit I went and watched nearly the whole series (11-47) on tuesday and wedesday followed immeaditly afterwards by CCA as I needed my reward immeaditly after such traumatic experience.

    Needless to say the series overall was a flaming turd (and at eps 40-42 it got so bad Bright left the series!!) but it wasn’t completely meritless. I generally enjoyed the episodes that took place on Earth (in particular the Blue Team and Dublin arcs, I was so happy to see Kamille again and have him on slow road of recovery) which were marred by tons of weak moments and hideous writing among the good bits but that was just the kind of hideous writing that was all over the place with Zeta too.

    The first bunch of retard episodes (up to ep 20 or so) and then the final ones again (OH SWEET IT’S CHARA SOON AGAIN, that retarded china colony) were utterly horrid but episodes in between were just comparable to weaker moments of Zeta to me in terms of badness.

    In any case the moment that best summarized the travesties of ZZ Gundam was in the very end when Judau punched Bright




    so yeah bad series that shat all over Zeta in various ways but I’ve never been biggest fan of Zeta either so I didn’t pop all that many veins after the initial raeg storm

    • As you’ve probably discerned, the hatred is contingent on my valuing Z Gundam very highly (– I have a mythic love for it), which you don’t appreciate anywhere as much. Overall, GSD is a far less competent show.

      • Xard says:

        yeah Zeta is good in my books but not amazing per se (it doesn’t really help that I generally don’t like Tomino’s formula for writing/directing tv shows) but don’t get me wrong, ZZ is in numerous ways way worse and I DID initially raeg pretty hard at pussying Bright etc.

        Judau was asshole though 1/3 or so through the show I couldn’t stand being angry at him anymore and passed onto phase of casual “liking” as that’s easier for me as viewer.

        I rather liked Puru though, sue me… orz

        (not that she well written character and LOL the girl(s) died twice to NO REACTION FROM EVERYONE HAHAHA TOMINOO but I found her fairly cute and likeable on the screen most of the time like Roux… Beecha and Mondo were the worst of the bunch by far IMO)

        GSD is without doubt on way another level of horrible and I doubt even my completionist streak will ever get me to SEED as I saw episode or two of first series in the past and dropped it promptly there and then…

        Having completed UC’s “main narrative” with CCA I’m now watching rest of old UC OVAs I haven’t seen yet and then I’ll move onto Unicorn and Turn A Gundam (finallyyyyyyyy yessss) 🙂

        • Yeah Tomino is not an easy thing to get into. My problems getting into Gundam in the first place I documented many times over.

          Turn A is a CHALLENGE, but is well worth it I think. Unicorn is really how I always wanted Gundam to be.

          • Xard says:

            With Tomino I don’t think it’s just a matter of “eccentricism” one might say about many major creators (take Ikuhara, for example). I’ve always agreed with Justin’s take on Tomino in his War in Pocket review (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/buried-treasure/2007-08-16):

            I am not a Gundam fan. At all. In fact, I think very little of Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. His storytelling style is muddled and distracted, depending almost entirely on expository dialogue. I get no sense of dramatic timing or emotional gravitas from his tales, but thanks to good timing and a formula that became successful years ago, he’s one of a small handful of anime’s naked emperors. However, not all Gundam is mediocre, or suffers under the burden its creator. And there’s at least one that stands out as a true achievement.

            Still, it’s not like he doesn’t manage to make good works despite his limitations and there’s one funny thing about Tomino: often his works feel better in retrospect than they do while watching them/better than they actually are. This is something I noticed during my marathon of Gundam OVAs not directed by him. Weak non-Tomino titles are just weak and forgettable, weak Tomino titles are weak but I remember them with odd fondness. Even ZZ Gundam.

            Gundam Unicorn was indeed awesome. If I had anything to criticize about it I’d say some characters and relationships are somewhat shallow and rushedly handled (I think Banagher and HOLY SHIT IT’S MINERVA ZABI needed more interaction and scenes together to justify the extent of oddly romantic pining Minerva shows in ep 4 for example, the way how Banagher’s trauma and his relationship with his dad esp. in ep 1’s ending was handled was kinda lolrushed in very early Zeta eps style :D) but the positives by far outweight the negatives. It’s genuinely pretty amazing and hands down the best Gundam with War in Pocket I’ve seen so far. It’s incredible how…weighty everything about it feels coming to it with full UC Gundam background (sans Victory, no way I’m touching that turd).

            Highest praise I can offer to Unicorn is that it singlehandedly made watching ZZ Gundam totally worth it with Puru 12. I was mindblown there and then in that scene of reveal

            As for Turn A, I have high expectations. The setting seems goofy enough to accomodate for inevitable LOLTOMINO, I absolutely love the character etc. designs I’ve seen (even stache-Gundam lol) and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing and has been on my playlist for years already. 🙂

            Anyway, Unicorn was pretty amazing indeed. If I had anything at all to criticize about it I’d attack some slightly shallo the

          • Agree for the most part except with Justin, who is whoa, trying really, really hard here. Tomino isn’t beloved for his artistic achievements in directing and narrative. He is beloved because of Gundam existing, and for killing so many people LOL

          • Xard says:

            Well I don’t know, I had this image of reverred old school creator who crafted his complex, rich tales filled with realism and human uglyness with steady hand, churning out classic after classic. In Japan he’s still very respected as director and I got very hyped for his works by original otaku generation members like Anno and Yamaga who rated his works so much above anything they ever did…

            Going by your old LOLTOMINO post I’d say you had similar image too:

            I was upset at seeing these problems and had a beef with the adulation Tomino is given since I had expected little fallibility and much excellence from his works.

            heck, if it wasn’t for this image I don’t think there’d be quite as many “wtf wasn’t this supposed to be a genius classic” and “what’s wrong with writing” and such threads on /m/ and the like when newfags first dabble in Tomino shows…

            So I don’t think Justin was overdoing it much here, I just think he had a similar fantasy image of man before he saw any of Tomino’s works like I did…

            Anyway, despite all my bitching and grunts and all this extended walkthrough UC has instilled within me a love for Gundam that’s not found on anything expect the fact it’s Gundam. I realized this when Unicorn’s historical retrospects managed to summon such deep emotions from within me, even if the works that actually depicted the conflicts discussed could really drive me mad (ZZ Gundam lol) and how much raeg I felt when that teenage girl dissed Zaku as a bore in Unicorn’s first ep.

            Going by your numerous writings on Gundam I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

          • Yeah, I should have said that those were my reasons for being fond of Tomino. And yes, Gundam is that kind of… thing.

          • Xard says:

            combining Gundam’s that kind of thingness with my completionist streak is most dangerous… because I just couldn’t leave the single part of UC history unseen before heading for Turn A after all… two eps in Victory Gundam and I’m already again wondering if I have a severe masochistic streak in my personality, gahh

            Can’t wait for the “good stuff” I’ve seen clips of before (like frying space babes with bazookas by accident with beamsaber lololololol)….

          • Man it took me 2 years at least to finish this shit (V).

          • Bestest part of Turn A: What the fuck was that impossible mid-throw headshot?!?
            YOU KNOW THE ONE!!! It was like a goddamn aimbot. Must’ve been 600 yards.

      • Oh then you’re gonna hate the tvtropes forums.

        It has a problem.

        ZZ has a stronger finale than Destiiny and Judau is still less of a douchebag than Kamille (seriously, that kid is a bloodthirsty little shithead; yeah Judau has problems but he’s still more mature and has more reason for being impulsive and reckless. He also grows up considerably.) Haman was still pretty dangerous (Judau gives Mineva back because he realizes Haman’s being honest when she says she’ll kill them both if he doesn’t, and when Judau attacks her with a mech that has knives for fingers she doesn’t even flinch. She’s pretty damn ruthless all things considered and the reason she likes him is partly because he reminds her of a younger more idealistic version of herself (CDA establishes that she was one of those naive kids who thinks the world can be changed through understanding; Judau reminds her of that time in her life. He also has Char’s power and drive.) All in all haman’s still pretty cool, and Judau for all his flaws had potential.

  46. LygophobicNinja says:

    U.C. 0112.0002 Side 4W Where is the asian scourge today?

  47. LygophobicNinja says:

    Hey, Char Char. Starchild boy is still in arid zone or palo verde. Get him out of there now. He’s enduring too much hell. Do it now!

  48. banagherlinks says:

    Now everytime I see a rose one word sprangs in my mind “LADY HAMMAN!!!!!!!!!!” XD- long live meshymaru

    Now I really hated paptimus for lending kamille an Impotent hero LOL

  49. banagherlinks says:

    Ugh. Putting kamille in a vegetative state. Zz maked fun of bright, yazan and *sniff* haman. I can still remember the school scene when judao’s sister and the kids are calling out to zeta gundam “zeta gundam!!!” blah. Disgusting.

  50. banagherlinks says:

    Currently on episode 37. I’m beginning to like this shit. Especially when kamille regained his abilities to move. Kinda heartwarming I think.

    1 ship, 1 team go gundam team!!!

  51. banagherlinks says:

    I must say I’m impressed on episode 36. Perhaps the most emotional in ZZ. I loved the emotions incorporated when colony fall in dublin. The more terifying psyco gundam. Puru 2’s battle with elpeo. If only all episodes of ZZ has this performance…. Perhaps it will not be not ridiculed like this……

  52. banagherlinks says:

    Oww….. Sorry about that, you see I’m not that good in giving my two cents cause I sucked on english. I did actually hated age for some obvious reasons my friend. Some of them rooted from season one and two, and I don’t find it weird. By the way, I only said that episode 36 or 37 is what i liked on ZZ so far. But my hate began to grow again when I see (meshymaru??) (can’t remember the spelling) on the next couple of episodes. Ugh… Calling me a fool it seems that you really hated this show so much, can’t blaim you. Also, I only began complaining again on Age bec. Of that video game stuff. Even if Asem is alive that doesn’t change the fact that flit encouraged his grandson to go kick some vagan ass and not by dumb luck alone. Still great writting ghostlightning-san you really made me laugh with this. ^__^

  53. banagherlinks says:

    So you say that it is not weird to like a show who glorifies kids, labelling them as the more tallented geniuses in mobile suit building, engineering and piloting while the adults suck so bad they are only used as cannon fodders? Utter useless? A show where 13 year old kids are allowed to drive their own cars, a show where good suits are meant for the kids or the main characters while the supposedly more experienced pilots gets only the mass produced ones? A show where adults suck on piloting that they can’t even defend a colony so they put all their hopes to a 13-14 year old kid in a gundam???? A show where the army suck so bad in mass producing mobile suits while the kid hero with the plans left by his mother, builds a 20 ft tall metallic monster unexplained where the f*ck did he get all the materials and fund but bests the plastic models used by the army???? Yes. I had a lot of weird complaints about age.

    About ZZ:
    1. The neo- zeons fought themselves when glemy rise up on a rebellion against haman’s leadership. The GUNDAM TEAM only assisted chara’s team together with the haman’s forces, they entered Axis and engaged on a battle against Glemy. On the final episode judao engaged on a one on one duel with haman, while haman neglected assistance from chara’s team.
    2. Glemy did questioned judao’s intentions and accused judao that he’s only forced to join that war and only fighting on behalf of his sister. But judao said that he was fighting on behalf of everyone.

  54. LygophobicNinja says:

    Some gundam nerd fell far from the wonka machine. So what happened in 1983? …and what’s the difference from a super and a cyber? o_8

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  56. TrowaRoyHeavyLeopard89 says:

    ZZ had some epic mecha designs though. Double Zeta was a badass mobile suit.
    I mean come on (Mega Cannon). ^^ But I also tried to give it a chance. Failed after episode 18.

  57. hayabusa42 says:

    Here’s some food for thought: For all the claims that The Z movies retconned ZZ out of existence, nothing to that effect was ever stated officially. Not only that, the mere presence of Marida Cruz in Unicorn constitutes an irrefutable denial of that claim. Unicorn itself PROVES that ZZ has not been retconned by anyone.

    • Frankie says:

      Not only you are right, but i also think everybody in this thread are just lazy to fully watch the shows. I personally watched all gundams that ever existed before unicorn (and hated many of it, though, but i made myself to watch it all), i watched UC gundams in order of UC dates and alternative universe gundams in order of their creation. Why? To play games without need of translation for storyline.

      I will say one thing to all people who rater skip the series to watch other ones – drop your Unicorn, SEED and 00 in recycle bin, download full series of old anime and start watching. Because as self called gundam expert i say to you – there just no better Gundam, than Gundam ZZ (only in combination with 0079 and Zeta though, i see first three series as a part of an awesome trilogy). And will never be. Why you say? You say Judau is lame character? Yes, he is lame character just like any other gundam main characters (yes, i know your “very serious” guy from Wing, who has seriousness only on his face). And i am not joking as a Zeon lover. I should put up giant piece of text here to suit your hatred needs, but you will be lazy to read it just as lazy to watch old gundams in series format.

      So i must create a short description of Gundam ZZ. It basically a quintessence of all things that was good in Gundam Zeta and 0079, that will be very relaxing to viewer after long time of watching previous Gundams, and forbidden to watch without watching previous series in a “series” format. There also so many things happens in ZZ, that apply to Chars Counter Attack and Unicorn, so you don’t dare even say, that ZZ has no important plot scenes. BUT (!) it has a very sad and terrible ending with terrible main character that you will hate anyway. And if you start watching every anime for main lead character, i have a bad news for you, ZZ is an example of an anime that you MUST watch for side and opposing characters in storyline. ZZ is also hugely based on women side of the field, without epically ruining it like Victory did, and still can be enjoyed by man of a fine age (especially i like character development of Haman, and whats bad about it is not like Haman did her things, because she recreated fallen Zion, but how Judau answered to later things that happen in anime). If you can’t enjoy ZZ, you must forget about Universal Century, because it takes a huge part in it, and watching UC by movies is just as gross like trying to read literature by a quick review (Although if you have ability to read Gundam novels – read them, i will respect you.).

      Also no one see how failed char in Counter Attack really was, that i even think he got switched long before Unicorn, because awesome and development guy from 0079 and Zeta can’t be so much Hitler-tsundere in C.A. Yes, i hate story development of C.A. more than Judau adventures, believe me.

      It is your decision, to complain about kids in anime or be educated in U.C. for your reasons.

  58. Mattman324 says:

    You know, the original reason Tomino killed everyone was either because he was crazy depressed (Victory Gundam, Space Runaway Ideon) or because he wanted to discourage sequels (Zeta, Zambot 3, Dunbine). I think he took the same approach as Garzey’s Wing here and made a show so horrifically bad that no one would want to touch the franchise again (and then he got the go ahead for CC and let that be the true “finisher” of the old saga).

    Because let’s be honest, when Tomino wanted to be funny, we got Combat Mecha Xabungle. When he wanted to be quirky, we got Overman King Gainer – both great fun, but also great works in general. This show, however, had every problem Ideon had except opposite – where Ideon was overly depressing and dark, this was glaringly light and lilting. Wheras Ideon basically had everyone go mad and accept they were dead at the end, here we had people going mad because they COULDN’T die. Wheras Ideon had some of the worst pacing in mecha… uh, well, that was similar.

  59. Ren Moraes says:

    . . . so … before valvrave , there was ZZ gundam …
    . . .

    . . .

    . . . That explains All . . .

  60. Nathaniel Washington says:

    In my opinion if ZZ is no longer part of the story I think it should be remade to fit back in the ZZ needs to be a canon gundam

  61. Sam says:

    I kind of actually like this show. I don’t know whether to consider it a guilty pleasure or not. I think sometimes Tomino gets doped up on his meds or something and turns out some weird goofy shit. A lot of ZZ Gundam is like that, and bits of Turn A Gundam too. Not to mention Gainer. Those are two more Tomino works I like, btw. Judau is okay in my personal opinion, but you’re right in implying it’s a bit insulting that so much of Zeta is just chucked out the window 4 teh lulz. That’s what I think anyway.

  62. chris says:

    Just stumbled on this site. Big UC fan.

    I think on it’s own, if you’ve never watched MSG or Z, then ZZ would’ve turned out fine. The problem is that it followed Z, which is awesome in every aspect.

    I don’t see how “silly” it was for the Gundam Team to have beaten back Neo Zeon. Iirc, the White Base was out all alone as both guinea pig, and a decoy against Zeon. Amuro was a mechanical genius, so was Kamille who also had Homo Avis experience, Judau picked up trash for a living. All of them though, had never seen combat prior to sitting in a Gundam, so I see they’re somehow leveled on that aspect. I still believe Judau is inferior as a pilot to both Amuro and Kamille – he was just goddamned lucky, and also due to his Newtype power. I do have gripes that Beecha became de facto captain of the Nahel Argama.

    I’d have loved to see how Haman and Judau could’ve worked out – Roux just doesn’t cut it.

  63. fsdf says:

    “jewdough”? what’s with the antisemitism

  64. fatgoose says:


    Holy fucking dogballs the first 20 episodes were so bad I felt like I was developing a goddamn brain Tumor. Thank you for this top 10 list. I waited until I finished Double Zeta before I read it so I could appreciate it. I love how it lives on the internet as a testament to just how mind bogglingly stupid this show was.

    And all you fans need to back the fuck off of Ghostlighting. We are allowed to hate something you like-jesus get over yourselves for fucks sake! And if JEWDOUGH offends you then for the love of god get A PAIR OF BALLS/OVARIES AND A SENSE OF FUCKING HUMOR. Fuck off back to your tumblr and blog about how triggered you are to people that actually care.


  65. Star Saber says:

    if a skull was the starting point of human evolution, why can’t Judau be the pinnacle of it?

  66. David Fullam says:

    Americans who fail to understand Double Zeta prove themselves to be typical SMDA fans with zero understanding of Anime and Tomino history. Keep talking like you are experts, one day (hopefully) you may become one if you actually take the time to watch the show and learn some facts.

  67. tomateunmate says:

    I was writing something on ZZ, trying to find a capture of that time Beecha used Roux’s cockpit as a meat shield because she told him to do his part of the chores, and I’m glad I found this much superior article.
    I might be confusing you with someone, but if not I can totally see why digibro would consider you his teacher.

  68. N says:

    lol Zeta Gundam wanking

  69. Such an underrated show, with characters much better than the badly written schizos we got in Z. Thank god the tide is turning in recent years and whiny rants like this here are fading into darkness more and more…

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