The Virtuous Rivalry (300th Post!)

[Watch in HD! The manga panels are just meant to be skimmed, don’t sweat it if you can’t read most of the text]

For better or worse, here are some blogs and bloggers that I look up to and try to beat (in terms of making post that I would love to read):

Many of these people aren’t active anymore, while some post very rarely; and I don’t even know if they even read WRL anymore. In some cases I’m just competing with their archives. While unfortunate for me, it’s all good; just part of how things work. There’ll be a time for me to go to, and I may find it difficult to keep up with the Fuzakennas and 2D-Teleidoscopes that have been keeping me entertained these days.

How about you? Have you ever felt this way about other people within your own hobby? It could be about forum posts or merchandise collection. Doesn’t really matter. I just find it amazing how fired up Bakuman, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam can make me feel, and wonder if there are other people who feel the same way.

Interestingly enough, some community-minded people (Scamp and RP) put up a tournament for anime blogs. It’s all in good fun, and I think it’s encouraging for those who participate — we all appreciate the attention, recognition, and possible new readers. As it turns out, We Remember Love is seeded at 16! That seems a bit miraculous to me, but I’m certainly pleased (also speaking on behalf of mechafetish and those who contributed posts here).

To our readers old and new, please vote for us when the time comes (listed via url: To win this tournament would be tremendously gratifying.

Further Reading/Remembering Love

If this is your first time here, have a look at the categories section, and sample the work here at WRL. A lot of it is fanboying for Macross, Gundam and other robot shows, often I indulge some speculative and exploratory criticism, but sometimes I dig into the bones of some tougher material, like Guilty Pleasures in this anime hobby.

100th Post: The Super Dimensional Journey of Love Remembered

The Rivalry in Bakuman is Awesome (schneider 12/10/2009)

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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58 Responses to The Virtuous Rivalry (300th Post!)

  1. Everyone is my rival, as I am aiming to be The Greatest Anime Blogger Of All Time!

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    My only rival is myself. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past, and I’m always looking to outdo myself in the future.

    • May you always kick the living shit out of yourself.

    • I think I might be your rival, bro.

      • Not if he kicks himself in the nuts and altogether pwn the living shit out of himself first.

      • Baka-Raptor says:

        I respect your blogging, but it’s not the kind of blogging I want to beat. Remember how surprised you were at how long it took to write an Objective Analysis post? That’s how all my posts are, if not longer. Updating three times a day at your word count isn’t something I can do, nor is it something I want to do. I like to polish my posts as much as possible and maximize the impact of each sentence, even if it means I’m working longer on my posts than most of the other bloggers out there.

        I’ve been writing in my style for four years, it’s the style I like best, and that’s the only style I care about improving. Maddox is my goal, but he’s not my rival. The football blog Kissing Suzy Kolber writes in a style that inspires me, but the inherent differences between blogging sports and blogging anime keeps me from seeing them as something to beat. Of the anime bloggers that are closest to my style, Eye Sedso is still young, Taikutsu Remedy never updates, and lolikit relies too much on meta. Someday a true rival might come along, but until then, I’m perfectly content looking to my past self as the standard I wish to surpass.

        • It took me less than 2 hours to do the post – that’s longer than I thought it would take, but still not long for me at all. A lot of my posts take up to 10 hours to write. Truthfully, if I wanted to, I could take your style, do it perfectly, and do it every day.

          Hell, I think I could do that for most people’s style. That’s why I’m gong to uproot everyone. Rise above them all. Conquer them all.

  3. Robert Weizer says:

    my rival is my apathy

  4. mefloraine says:

    I kind of sort of really want to read Bakuman right now.

    I don’t really see my blog as having a rival…there aren’t that many anime/art blogs that actually update a lot. Perhaps Calamitous Intents would count? But it’s not really the same thing…and no way could I ever beat Choux and the gang. Ah ha…ha. orz
    I kind of look up to anyone I read. o/

    Also, Scamp and RP are not the only people on that project.
    I also helped out from the beginning (well, tried to help out…was kind of useless…), and Janette and Raph are helping as well now. >.<;

  5. gaguri says:

    My nemesis is animekritik! Well, not really (haha…) but I remember having very similar number of comments, post rate and hits as his. (and I think I was referred somewhere more as serene, and his more chaotic…).

    Good luck in the tourny, though sucks to be against Bakaraptor so soon (same goes for him!). I don’t have a bad opinion of the tournament. I mean, if your fragile ego can handle oh so terrifying online humiliation of ‘losing’ to some blog, this is a great opportunity to grab few potential new readers. Although, after seeing so many ‘this blog sucks’ comments gathered so neatly under one thread for the sphere to see, it may prove difficult to have your confidence not crushed.

    Also sad to see so many dead/infrequent blogs from your above list. Some people say old blogs die and new blogs come, but I don’t see many blogs I like that’s coming compared to the amount of my favourite blogs slowly dying. O well.

    • And since both of you (and me) came out in the latter half of ’08 then these (quite artificial) rivalries do make sense.

      I think I can handle the eventual criticism. While I try to make the posts accessible to the widest possible readership, my interests aren’t that general albeit I’m a pretty open guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people who won’t vote for WRL to say that the posts are tl;dr, or [gasp] pretentious — or that I’m pretentious.

      Instead of thinking these people to be those who ‘just don’t get it,’ (which could be very well true) it might be helpful for me to look at how else can my writing be inclusive and accessible. I think sometimes people ascribe an elitist or pretentious attitude to a writer who attempts to put out intellectual or thought-provoking material not because the writer is indeed those things, but rather the writer just isn’t that good (even if he’s pretty good).

      I think it’s healthy for me to consider that possibility in myself as well.

      sad to see so many dead/infrequent blogs from your above list. Some people say old blogs die and new blogs come, but I don’t see many blogs I like that’s coming compared to the amount of my favourite blogs slowly dying.

      I agree, and I am quite saddened by this.

  6. Vendredi says:

    The neat thing about rivals is that they sort of allow you to situate yourself – like you said, “I want to (insert activity) like this guy”, or more importantly, I think, allow you to situate yourself in opposition – “I want to do something different from this guy.” You end up bouncing between the two reactions until you have some sort of happy middle that is hopefully unique.

    • Very good insight.

      I wanted to be scholarly and thoughtful like Iknight, but I wanted to ‘let my hair down’ as well, and in a big way. This is why I write about mecha anime not only with my bias very obvious, but with obvious fanboy propaganda, or, totally nerdtastic explication and exploration.

      I wanted to be very much like him and yet quite different from him. I think this is how many others view not only rivals, but their idols (as I idolize IKnight).

  7. Ryan A says:

    I’m not sure I familiarize with the competitive blogging idea personally, but perhaps I simply can’t quantify a blog in entirety… it’s all piecemeal, and by that, I am not afraid of being drawn in by one idea or sentence of an entry, regardless of length. Personally, every post in the blogosphere has “excess” and I am the kind of reader who easily disregards the fancy lingo in order to abstract the core statements, when those become striking (grand or subtle), my enjoyment is maximized….

    Given these circumstances, I cannot simply say who or where this “diamond dust” will show itself; it is not particularly predictable. Everyone is flickering in this darkness at their own pace and interval, and while the microcosmic zeniths appear and texture this sphere, it is still, quite generally, flatland.

    • Mellow says:


    • It’s not that serious, and all in the spirit of fun productivity.

      I am the kind of reader who easily disregards the fancy lingo in order to abstract the core statements, when those become striking (grand or subtle), my enjoyment is maximized….

      Then you drop a line like this,

      Given these circumstances, I cannot simply say who or where this “diamond dust” will show itself; it is not particularly predictable. Everyone is flickering in this darkness at their own pace and interval, and while the microcosmic zeniths appear and texture this sphere, it is still, quite generally, flatland.

      So you’d disregard your own rather fancy paragraph? Or your do standards for ‘fancy’ have larger variance than we all give it credit for?

      • Ryan A says:

        Disregarding words and disregarding meaning are two very different concepts. As for the paragraph, fancy or otherwise, I have no attachment to the delivery, but the implication may seem fit for rephrasing if one were so inspired.

  8. Hanners says:

    All this talk of winning, but you’re going to have to get past me first… 😉

    I can only hope that I turn out to be the Nanami to your Shichika… or something. :p

    • Hello there, I don’t see a single mention of winning the tourney in the post and the comments. Projecting much? ;P

      That said, it would be an honor to stick a fork in your tournament run when the time comes. Good luck to us all ^_^

      • Hanners says:

        Lies, you did too, right in your post! 😉

        “To win this tournament would be tremendously gratifying.”

        Anyhow, joking aside it’s been a pretty fun and informative tournament so far – Interesting to get people’s opinions on various blogs and also discovering a few new ones for myself.

        • Pfft, that was no talk of confidence but rather a fond wish — like having enough money to bankroll the anime version of the Nausicaa manga (I’ve little confidence in advancing TBQH, but I’ll take my chances against you) :p

          I’ve read at least a few posts from most if not all the participants from before the tournament. I’m always looking for good reads so I suppose isn’t as informative to me but I like it as a fun exercise that can seed some new readership for all the participants.

          I wish I was able to take part in something like this when I was starting out. Kudos to the organizers for this bit of promotion for everyone.

  9. 2DT says:

    Any of us could give up at any time, for any reason. Better to just give it your best shot, one entry at a time. For what it’s worth, I’m glad you’ve managed to stick around.

    Congratulations on your 300th post!

    • Thank you. I think I’ll be around for a little while longer, though I would never think of voluntarily quitting (at least I never have).

      Oh by the way, not all 300 are mine since people have honored this blog by letting me share their content. If I count what I’ve written in other anime blogs, I suppose I’ve done 300 oh well. I would like to read a few hundred of your own posts as well in the future.

    • Oh, that reminds me: Hey GL, nice 300. Oh, me? Yeah, I’m coming up 750 NYUKKA!

  10. schneider says:

    Man, that slideshow pumps me up. Where’s Shinmaru? WE MUST SPAR… TO BRING OUT OUR TRUE POTENTIAL

  11. Emperor J says:

    Congratulations on making it to 300, and may there be 300 more after this.

    All this talk of rivalries has me somewhat depressed that I seem not to have one. If only there were some sort of agency like The Guild where I could seek out a potential rival. Until then, I guess I’ll continue off the beaten path, thousands of miles from everyone else.

    • Thank you!

      The first step is really just to pick one, preferably someone who’s better than you at something you like doing (as was Iknight for me at editorials), or is more popular than you at something you like doing (as was and still is Crusader for me doing Macross Frontier posts). You may want to pick one blogger who does Giant Killing posts really well. That’s how I approached doing Bakemonogatari and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and I suppose Hanners was the one I really read then and it looks like we’re going to meet in the second round of the Anime Blog Tournament LOL.

  12. Canne says:

    For a moment that, the tourney makes me think that everyone is my rival, that I must outdo them. But when I look at my own blog and do some re-read when I’m free, those blogs are not my rival, they are my inspiration.

    …nevertheless, I still want to win 🙂

  13. omisyth says:

    I don’t so much have rivals as people that inspire me to do better. With the aniblog tourney giving me a revitalisation, I’m looking forward to seeing how I can improve my posts so that I can gain back that same audience I had before, and more. I’m going to need ot go harder, better, faster and stronger than my previous self to do so, so I guess my rival is myself.


    • omisyth says:

      Oh snap, people that inspire you to do better are rivals LOL. Yeah, I do have a few then.

      • LOL yes they do. The whole idea here is how I think I’ve done better because I wanted to surpass the level of some of the people who inspire me. I may not have succeeded, but I think I’ve done better for myself than if I tried to write in a vacuum.

  14. coburn says:

    I guess you’ve slain enough of your listed rivals that this isn’t such an issue, but it’s kinda different having a bunch of rivals and having a symbolic focal point for competition. As I recall, a lot of blogging involved the idea, lasting for approx. 2 days, that blogger x was my eternal rival, that I would get things down by using their style to win. Unfortunately, at the end of the weekend, the draft would be in pretty bad shape and some new post would have drawn me into eternal rivalry with blogger y.

    What I like in Bakuman is how Eiji is the mighty savant and Team Ashirogi provide a different approach which he could never mimic. That artificial distinction between genius and calculation lets us think each is king of their approach, forever beyond the other in some ways. Maybe blogging rivalries would work that way if none of us ever talked to one another.

    • Indeed, but I admit that part of what makes this appealing to me is that I don’t really think it through. I really like everyone in my list and like being friends with them so not talking to each other would suck for me.

      That dynamic in Bakuman works because I think it’s similar to how good games are designed. No matter how complex the mechanics or tactics, I tend to find good game construction to have a meta reducible to rock v paper v scissors at any given time. The super-specialization in the narrative makes it exciting because the participants bet everything on their respective approaches.

      Oh btw, the way you ended 2008 on claiming ground is still too good. I still feel I’m a hundred years too early to attempt a post like that.

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  16. lolikitsune says:

    I wanted to express my frustration with not being one of ghostlightning’s rivals, but I wanted to cool my head first, so I went downstairs and turned on the television…

  17. Yumeka says:

    I get a lot of influence from other blogs, but I wouldn’t say I feel a sense of competition or rivalry with them. I’m not a competitive person at all and I don’t really like the pressure of such things. For blogs that I frequent, such as 2-D Teleidoscope and Fuzakenna!, their ideas often inspire me to write about certain topics but I don’t feel like I competing with them – rather, I’m just expressing my own opinion on the same topic.

    And congrats on your 300th post. Mine is gonna hit its 350th post soon 🙂

    • Wow 350! Thanks and congratulations too. I invite you to merely look at competitiveness as inspiration and not really beating the other person. After all, who’s really to judge? What’s important is you get fulfilled by what you do ^_^

  18. Shinmaru says:

    Congrats on the 300th post! (And LOL at your comment on my Planetes post. That was a pleasant surprise. :p)

    Right now I think I’m still at the “wide-eyed kid learning a thing or two” stage of blogging; I’m not snotty enough yet to kick some dirt at the feet of those I’m learning from! But it will come eventually. Oh yes.

    • Thank you!

      What do you think you’ve learned at this point? I’m quite interested to know. I do think longevity counts for something. Anything else would be subjective standards on my part.

  19. usagijen says:

    Back in the day me and my co-blogger saw THAT as our rival, want to match their popularity, the hits and comments. And then, out of sheer coincidence, they broke our Kaze no Stigma & Ookiku Furikabutte episodic blogging monopoly, zomg rival!! I think I also regarded Hinano’s blog as our “fangirling rival” haha. But ahh silly times.

    Rather than “rivals” I see other blogs as “inspirations” now, though there’s nothing wrong with that [friendly] competitive feeling to want to be just a wee bit closer to bloggers you look up to.

    Congrats on the 300th post!!

  20. drmchsr0 says:

    Yes, and everyone ignores me ;-;

    My only rival is obscurity, and I will never win T_T

    • dude, claim a rival and force them to acknowledge you. I mean srsly, do you actually think any of the people I listed acknowledge me as such?

      In any case, it doesn’t matter to me if they acknowledge the lolrivalry or not. The important thing here is how I use this as inspiration for producing new material.

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