We Remember Love Editorial Folio Vol. 6: Best of the Year “Recency Bias” Edition

This is a preposterous title, but I am ok with it. Just don’t make too much of it, as it merely means the posts I am most happy with that I haven’t featured yet in the folio, which kind of favors more recent ones, and ones I’ve read most recently. Also the title is rather silly given that it only accounts for 10 months of the year 2010.

I’m okay with silly. Let’s go! [As usual the images are linked to the referenced posts]

Let’s get my own post out of the way. I picked this one because while I like many of my own work, this one is related to Macross firstly, Evangelion secondly, and Gundam thirdly. A comparative work on my favorite robot franchises.


To non-mecha fans, most robot shows seem much alike. To many of us fanboys it would sometimes seem strange to compare some shows, particularly large franchises like Macross, Evangelion, and Gundam. In this post I paid attention to a particular ideal within the narratives: that of the reduction of conflict or even the elimination of war by virtue of increasing human connectivity via our minds.

In the tradition of these narratives, such ideals are often appropriated and corrupted by their respective villains.

I’ve mentioned in the comments a few folio volumes ago that the answer to the question of “why animation?” is a love for illustrations. To see illustrations move, is magical to me. It’s a shame really that my tools for appreciation drawing and animation are actually quite limited, but Anipages Daily is an excellent source of analysis and information regarding the craft and the industry.

In this post we learn how large shonen franchises also become incubators of animation and directorial talent, where talent learns and grows from and around other talent. Who worked with who on what project? We can even identify evidence of growth and development tracing a director’s projects from this apparently rich environment.

Matsumoto Leiji is at times accused of repeating his character designs in almost every project he starts (and the projects are considerable both in volume and in scope). animekritik reads this phenomenon of repetition through the critical lens of Gilles Deleuze who, suggests that difference is actually not in opposition with repetition. Repetition takes many forms, not only in design, but also in terms of structure, of formula.

Andrew attempts to answer the question, “Can there really be a powerful and model-worthy character playing a female role in shonen manga?” His thorough and thought-out answer makes me believe in Arakawa Hiromu’s FullMetal Alchemist, and it’s beautiful blond Winry Rockbell.

I haven’t read this manga, though I’ve completed viewing FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and I can attest to the analysis in this post, even if my experience is somewhat indirect.

Hands down my favorite post this year by anyone blogging anime or manga. It is personal, rich in provocative thought covering Japanese history, meta anime writing and production, and contemporary politics and thinking. jp meyer wrote this as a reaction to the thought of being a “has-been” in anime blogging, whatever that meant. In any case, I don’t think anyone who’s read this post will be likely to dismiss it, or its maker.

This is the last volume of the Editorial Folio for this year. I am exhausted writing for WRL and despite my industriousness and organization I will be scaling down my publishing schedule for this blog by at up to half in 2011. By June next year there’ll be much to collect and present, but it’ll also be good if this folio isn’t as necessary then because you’ll have subscribed to many of these sites.

[Vol. 5]

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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3 Responses to We Remember Love Editorial Folio Vol. 6: Best of the Year “Recency Bias” Edition

  1. Some discussion on twitter:

  2. animekritik says:

    Judging from this I’d say you enjoy “ambitious” posts 🙂 I hadn’t read your first one, having missed the reference to NGE, and I must say I agree with your question at the end (“agree with a question” sounds odd, but it’s right). Maybe there’s a certain clarity to the questions in NGE, and the lovely thing is somehow they don’t interfere with the plot, although I think many viewers would disagree and call the show “pretentious”, whatever that means.

    Strictly from the point of view of potential utility to the reader, my Matsumoto post you chose here is the most important one I’ve written all year. Definitely.

    Also, add Nadesico to the centipede that is my to watch list.

    • Indeed I appreciate ambition in blogpost-writing. The barriers to entry for both writer and reader are so low that I think it’s an enormous waste not to attempt difficult essays given the opportunity to be read.

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