I Am Confused (Katanagatari 11)

This is not to say I didn’t like the episode. It felt meaty and full in terms of moving the story forward, as well as providing the back story for Kiki and the deviant swords as well as the origin of the Kyotoryuu and the Yasuris.

I’m actually quite pleased with how this story is lulzy science fiction. The deviant swords’ eccentric appearances and functions make sense now. Yeah they really do! I’m confused about one other thing.

It’s not about Maniwani Pengin… though I’m pretty certain he should’ve died last ep along with Emonzaemon, unless letting them live is also part of Kiki’s plan (which is what confuses me). I suppose I like how Katanagatari is ruthless in how it wasn’t content slicing Maniwani Pengin up.

He gets shot up bad, and then gets blown through with a gun in his mouth.

That’s just cold.

We also have a good scene wherein our lovely couple decide on their future. I didn’t think this was odd at first, given there was a lot of time to do this – until I realize this was to give both of them, and us, something to look forward to, and this makes Emonzaemon shooting Togame down in that cliffhanger mean more.

So what aren’t clear to me are:

  1. How exactly does Kiki lose to Shichika in that fight (especially since he’s brought back an invincible attack from the future)?
  2. How hasn’t Kiki soothsaid the completion of the Kyotoryuu as a deviant blade?
  3. Is all the above, including his dying to it part of the plan?

It maybe explained in the next episode, but I will have been cut to a thousand pieces by then. If you’ve figured these things out by virtue of this episode alone, do share your take on it. I don’t feel like rewatching the episode until much, much later.

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14 Responses to I Am Confused (Katanagatari 11)

  1. BigFire says:

    1. As the prologue of this episode shows, Kiki didn’t make 12 Deviant Swords, but 13. Kyotō-ryū is his final and finest creation. Of course techniques from the future won’t defeat his greatest creation. Note that he died happy that even the best from the future is no match for his sword.

    2. The whole point of making Deviant sword is to strive for perfection. The first Kyotō-ryū didn’t get it right, and he knows that. He knows that it’ll take 7 generation and a whole lot of effort to get it right. In a way, he’s been making sure it goes according to plan.

    3. Kiki’s already dead, and has been for hundreds of years. The sword only contain his memory. Yes, that defeat is according to plan.

    • Thank you!

      1. Disputed by H. R. below:

      A little correction, Kyotou Yasuri is never adressed as the “13th” final sword because really, it is not. It’s not a “Perfected” sword, it’s a “Completed” sword and as the prequel story written this year by novels’ author reveals, there was one more “completed” sword.

      2. and 3. Makes sense to me.

  2. I’m not really gonna make any attempt to answers those questions, because when Shikizaki Kiki started talking about his ability to plunder knowledge from the future and of his family heritage and profession, it threw up too many possibilities for me to commit to one. I will say that all that cheeky grinning he did as he was being slaughtered by Shichika probably tells me that he forsaw Togame & Shichika’s future and either found it funny or pleasing because he knew those events would lead up to the completion of his lovely blade (the sick megalomaniac).

    I also think that my lovely Hitei-hime has a bit of those soothsayer powers as well. She seemed disgusted with the ending that we were about to see.

    Also, I never wanna see that picture of Maniwani Pengin again. That was such a brutal and sad death that I don’t know if I care to ever see it again.

  3. ZeroOBK says:

    My conclusions are all the same as BigFire’s.

    The fight between Shichika and Shikizaki-Houou is a farce … or perhaps better put, a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

    Shikizaki took a person who had a large amount of combat experience and number of skills, Houou, and combined that with, presumably, the most powerful sword style/technique in the future. I do not think it would be stretch to say that this person, Shikizaki-Houou, was far stronger than Sabi Hakuhei. So, Shikizaki-Houou fought to prove his own prophecy. He “saw” that he would be killed despite so many things in his favor, but he needed to “know” that he would be killed. In his death, Shikizaki proved his power of precognition … but better yet, he proved that he had created a “sword” which surpasses all else. He had achieved the “perfection” that he had sought. It might turn out that Shikizaki was the only “winner” once the series is over.

    Also, poor Pengin … he used up all his luck right away and had some very threatening techniques, but had the most pathetic death out of all the Maniwani.

    • I’m not sure I exactly follow your explanation, but it has to do with time-travel/prophecy logic, and I suppose I’m fine with that.

      I think Pengin’s death is another clever thing this show does with moé. Pengin is male, already an inversion given that he easily fulfills the type of powerful being who is also clumsy for cuteness’ sake but is almost always a loli. Then the show deals with him this way. Is it for empty shock value? Maybe, but it’s nonetheless clever.

  4. Jack says:

    BigFire makes the wise point that a sword from the future wouldn’t be as strong as Kiki’s finest weapon, which indeed makes sense.

    The episode also appears to contain some strange ironies. Like
    1) The Deviant blades aren’t magical or fantastic, they are actually crafted with scientific knowledge.
    Except, that Kiki has the magical power to see into the future, allowing him to bring this normal science back into the past. So the Deviant blades may obey the physical laws, but they were only obtained through a power that clearly defies physical laws.

    Kiki having the power to see into the future, yet losing in a fight, seems equally ironic.

    Can he only see into the far future, and not the near future? Does the memory trapped in the blade contain the same power? Does he deliberately lose? It seems impossible to say.

    • It’s not so much a sword from the future but rather a technique from the future… but this doesn’t prove anything anyway.

      The ironies you mention are endemic in time travel/future prophecy kind of narratives, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset given I really like the idea of the origins of the deviant blade concepts and production methods.

  5. H. R. says:

    A little correction, Kyotou Yasuri is never adressed as the “13th” final sword because really, it is not. It’s not a “Perfected” sword, it’s a “Completed” sword and as the prequel story written this year by novels’ author reveals, there was one more “completed” sword.

    • Ah such is the problem with adaptations — the conflicts with canon. I’ll post something later that explores this, concerning one of the most extreme examples. Thanks for sharing this information :3

  6. skyhack says:

    I think it’s all about correcting history. In light of that, all aberrant characters and their effects have to be expunged (Enough with the uncommon words…) , so Togame, Kiki, his weapons, Hitei, Emonzaemon, and the Maniwari all have to go, and finally, Kyoto-ryuu. Whether that requires Shichika’s death, or just not leaving an heir (which he would do if Togame were alive), remains to be seen. Of course, a Deux-Ex would cancel anything I’ve said, but that’s my guess. Still, Katanagatari doesn’t disappoint, it’s a well constructed story, if a bit nihilistic. (damn you, Nisio Isin, your stories are so unresolved!)

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