Moments of 2010: The Deifying Moment of Awesome (The Galactic Fairy Becomes the Goddess of Battle)

Macross Frontier: The False Songstress
was my most awaited thing in all anime since even before I started We Remember Love. When I finally saw it, I exploded with fanjoy and awesome. It’s the thing that was destined to make me happy, and in many ways it did.

In terms of blogging, it allowed me to write, for the first time, posts on fresh Macross media, something I’ve obviously wanted to do, and took me more than two years to finally get to do. The second post yielded the most voluminous discussion this blog has ever seen.

However, I’ve since rewatched the film many times, as is my wont. And like Macross: Do You Remember Love? before it, I’ve lost much of the affinity for the film while my love for the series from which they emerged grows and grows. I’ve stopped preferring moments in the film over those in the TV series, except for that one thing the series didn’t do:

Sheryl contracts the SMS using her credit card to save the Macross Galaxy Fleet.

/puts on Welcome to My Fanclub’s Night

Alto was reaching out to her. He still can’t say if she’s a spy or not, but he accessed her feelings and memories through her fold crystal earring, and found a girl who felt alone despite her strength. He told her that she didn’t have to feel alone.

Ozma and Cathy pop out from the shadows, accusing both Sheryl and Grace O’Connor of being spies. Grace counters by saying that the Macross Galaxy Fleet is under a large-scale Vajra attack and the Macros Frontier Fleet command is choosing to ignore it and hide the news, in clear violation of treaties, that Frontier was trying to reach the Vajra homeworld first and monopolize its resources. Cathy validates this by accessing official communiqués.

Sheryl asks Ozma how much it would cost to hire the Strategic Military Services force. One hundred twenty million credits, for the deployment of the basic weaponry of the SMS. Optional weaponry will be charged separately.

Sheryl throws her Vega Black Credit Card like a ninja star at Ozma. If that weren’t enough, she’d pledge the revenue of her next album to cover the expenses. Ozma smiles. The Galactic Fairy becomes the Goddess of War.

Grace smiles (just as planned). Alto stakes his life on this mission, on the strength of her credit. She lets him keep the earring a bit more.

Obviously the film accomplishes more than just give me this moment, but it is iconic. Sheryl as the Goddess of War becomes one of my favorite characters in all of anime. There’s of course the battle in the end where she actually fulfills the promise of this moment, but sometimes, the moment of the promise – that point where there is nothing but possibility, is what burns brightest in my memory.

Years later, I imagine when I remember love for this film, this is the moment that’ll get me to watch again (and again).

What’s your favorite moment in Macross Frontier: The False Songstress?

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26 Responses to Moments of 2010: The Deifying Moment of Awesome (The Galactic Fairy Becomes the Goddess of Battle)

  1. bluemist says:

    Okay I’m merely halfway through the original TV series, liking it so far. Just wanna ask if Ranka had a similar moment of shine in this movie. I almost always cheer for the underdog after all.

    • Uh, not to spoil… but Ranka isn’t an underdog.

      • bluemist says:

        I had to wade through half the series to see Ranka rise in idol parity, while Sheryl is pre-established to be the top and we didn’t see her (presumably hard and similar) rise to fame. I have a soft spot for stories like this and to think she grew so much is nice to see . Also in terms of the romance, the way Ranka is made the outside party (not always beside the man) made me root for her more.

        Of course, I still haven’t finished my watch so I’ll have so see what Sheryl has in store to step up to whatever she had lost ground on.

        • BumphGb says:

          I want you to look back at this comment after you’ve seen the full series, at the halfway point everthing you thought you knew about both singers is going to get gradually turned upside down.
          I fealt the same way as you at first but after having seen the full series Sheryl is now oneof my favourite female characters of all time (anime or live action).

  2. Antares-1 says:

    Favourite moments would have to be when they combined, Ranka’s rise to stardom and Alto’s training while Ninjin loves you yeah played in the background, that was hilarious.
    Also the short Mikhail and Klan moment where pineapple salad is dodged again. 😀

  3. WhatSht says:

    My favorite moment was alto’s welcoming ceremony in to SMS, i still remember what happened.

  4. Xard says:

    yup, Sheryl sure is loaded with cash, albeit I like the scene for other reason: it’s the biggest scene in all MacrossF in terms of digging into the cynical politics and harsh realities underpinning relations between Frontier and Galaxy etc.

    It’s the one thing tv series to my loss ignored for the most part and I was happy to see the film pay much more attention to lolpolitics etc. in general (in comparison to overall screentime).

    Well, of course Sheryl was awesome here but what REALLY is Sheryl’s Crowning Moment of Awesome for me is hands down Obelisk.

    That scene man, that fucking scene.

    I’m in heaven whenever I watch it.

    • I find Obelisk funny because Sheryl was singing while in full sprint up the stairs. There are many things about Macross I can take, but things like this I have to do more than double-take.

      But what you said about the political dynamics between Frontier and Galaxy is true. There was nothing of this at all in the TV series. I felt every bit a retcon here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the Ranka love?

    I suppose Ranka is still in her rise from obscurity arc. Even so she became a big part of saving Frontier city from the Vajra.

  6. I don’t know anyone who has watched this movie that doesn’t acknowledge the ridiculous awesomeness of that moment. “Charge your war to my black card.” She deployed a f*cking task force! Just another stellar example by Japan that you should never underestimate a pop idol.

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  8. I watched it two night ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the outright changes in the storyline. But more noticeable was, IMHO, the greater amount of development on Sheryl’s part, thus I have come to like her much as Sachiko Ogasawara or Asuka Langley Soryu.

    Hmmm… about her credit card:

    *A holographic stage dress custom-built by Miyake and LAI: 5000 credits
    * Lunch at the Frontier Terra: 300 credits
    * A special rescue mission by the SMS private military contractor, with a Macross Quarter, four Messiah squadrons, and optional special offensive weaponry: 120,000,000 credits
    * Seeing even half of your Galaxy fanbase alive as they come to see refuge on Frontier: priceless.

    There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Island Premium Card from Vega. 🙂

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  13. What episode does Sheryl throw her vega black credit card? I want to use the footage for an amv and I can’t find it!

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