The 10 Best Robot Anime Fights of 2010

[Seto_Otaku]_Macross_Frontier_~Itsuwari_no_Utahime~_[BD][1280x720_H264-Flac5.1 AAC][783B371B].mkv_snapshot_01.49.13_[2010.12.25_17.39.53]

I introduce today’s special guest writer for this special post: schneider of the Continuing World blog, here today for his advanced robot-fu (yes, his power levels are much higher than my own) to celebrate what has been quite a great year for robot anime all things considered. I’ve made a lot of fuss about robot battles being of paramount importance in the value of a robot anime, so today we’ve brought together a panel of experts to discuss the best fights of the year.

Then schneider will rank the fights to see which is the best of the year. I won’t complain since I’ve seen fewer shows than he did (rather, I dropped SRWOG:TI sooner). Well, on to the show!


Hi, schneider here. All in all, I found 2010 to be a fruitful year for mecha anime, with lots of high quality stuff. It’s all thanks to a sizable amount of robot movies pouring in. Me and ghostlightning rounded up a bunch of friends and frenemies all pushing their case for the best robot fights of this year. We’ve got some innovative battles, some pretty ones, some both!

Here is what we got:

Peshent (Scarlet Kiss/Sugata|Samekh) vs. Tauburn (Takuto|Ginga Bishonen); Zero Time, Star Driver 08

Star Driver Peshent vs Tauburn Allenby Beardsley

Sinanju vs. Nahel Argama MS Team; Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 02

gundam unicorn sinanju vs rezel

Alto Saotome rescues Ranka Lee from Mantis Vajra, Island One; Macross Frontier: The False Songstress

macross frontier the false songstres mantis vajra vs vf-25f messaiah sumeragi lee noriega

  • ¹Grace broadcasts Sheryl’s concert affecting the Vajra and raising the humans’ morale.
  • Antares-1 clears the defense screen of the Mantis Vajra for Alto (he’s not even from Frontier let alone SMS).
  • Michel Blanc provides sniper cover that gets the Mantis Vajra off Alto’s tail.
  • Ozma Lee defends the concert stage, assisted by Antares-1, then Alto.

ghostlightning’s commentary:

As much as I want Macross to be “real robot,” it isn’t even the magic singing that pushes it far down the realism continuum. It’s the fantasy of how units (involving a rookie like Alto even) end up performing such complex cooperation in very wild and volatile combat situations. There isn’t even a tactical command coordination — since even Ozma is freelancing.

This battle is like K-On!! episode 20 wherein HTT gave seamless musical performances without practicing, only more fantastical (especially if you consider the musical numbers involved). But like HTT’s final concert, it’s an audiovisual spectacle of awesomeness, only more so.

Fairlions vs. Gravilions, Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector 10

super robot wars original generation the inspector fairlions banjou haran

Kshatriya vs. Londo Bell MS Teams: Battle of Industrial 7; Mobile Suit Unicorn 01

gundam unicorn kshatriya vs rezel george de sand

ghostlightning’s commentary:

Moralizing aside, this entire sequence is superb, technically near-perfect. It is an amazing portrayal of how an immensely superior mobile suit combined with extra-normal abilities (Marida is a cyber-newtype, the surviving member of the Puru project, who therefore can use psycommu and funnels) will dominate a larger number of regular fighting units. I mention this in contrast with the excesses of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and the atrocities of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/Destiny.

What is exceptional here is the awareness of the combat direction and choreography of the physical environment and used these incredibly well to portray a dreadfully violent fight that resulted in significant civilian casualties and spectacular collateral damage.

“Celestial Being” vs. “Alejandro Corner & Army” Movie within Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

ghostlightning’s commentary:

Rygart Falls Into Cockpit, Seizes Reins of History; Broken Blade 01

broken blade delphine amuro ray

Mao Industries’ Staff Escape from the Moon; Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector 08

Sinanju (Full Frontal) vs. Gundam Unicorn (Banagher Links), Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 02

gundam unicorn sinanju vs gundam jerid messa

ghostlightning’s commentary:

STFU Jerid. Hugging in space is one of the dumbest things in Z Gundam. I’ve said a lot about this particular fight already, but what I’ll say here is that the kick in itself, more than the obvious nod to Char Aznable — establishes how this particular Gundam show is still fantasy beyond the conceits of fictional science. Along with the transformation scenes that remain part of the tradition of Star Driver, and of magical girl shows, the impractical flourish of a kick in a duel like this add fantasy to the show.

Gundam 00 QanT fuses with Alien Asteroid (Setsuna & Tieria), Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

ghostlightning’s commentary:

God! My! Oh!

Asuka Strikes! Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

rebuild evangelion unit 02 madoka midou

Lee vs. Rygart & Pvt. Dan; Broken Blade 02

broken blade delphine golem gamlin kizaki

ghostlightning commentary:

This is great. This is the antidote to all these reluctant killers in the fantasy of “real robot” anime. I hate it when self-righteous pacifism is glorified and enabled in depictions of combat — simply because that kind of nonsense gets people killed. Robot anime is better served by having pacifists away from the fighting.

If you’re going to fight, have your characters be able to pull the trigger and not do histrionic angsting during the firefight. Broken Blade shows us the cost of these things. Maybe other shows can take a hint.


Special Prize

The Takamachi Nanoha Award for Bridging Anime Genres:

If we can’t include Nanoha in the list, then this is the next best thing!

Fairlions vs Gravilion: If our prestigious award’s namesake is a little girl who is actually a mobile weapons platform, the Fairlions are mecha in the look and feel of magical girls. Up to this point, we’ve seen how SRW gets ridiculous with its robots, but the Fairlions bring that to new heights. And the show is just around the halfway mark!

schneider’s top 3:

Number Three

Evangelion Unit 02 vs Angel: It’s not only well-animated, it shows us Asuka’s spirited character and immediately holds her up against Shinji and Rei.

Number Two

Lee vs Rygart & Pvt. Dan: very intense deadlocked fight, masterfully choreographed. Golem robots move awkwardly, adding to the tension (a single misstep could spell defeat). Brings out the hypocrisy in Rygart’s self-righteous attitude.

Number One

Sinanju vs Nahel Argama: an ace mowing down an elite squad and a capital ship with decisive flair. Production values (animation, music) and direction are excellent.

And there you have it. It’s been a great year for mecha, all things considered, and the next year has been slated for sequels of many shows listed above (mainly Macross Frontier, Gundam Unicorn, Broken Blade). And can you say “more VOTOMS”? It’s always a good thing when we can actually put together a list like this (which would’ve been impossible last year).

ghostlightning’s commentary:

LOL I know we mentioned a top 10 but Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer suddenly became available which resulted in some nuisance entries (thanks a lot Gai, thanks a lot ♥Athrun♥). Obviously Gundam 00 doesn’t represent the kind of robot fight we like, magical fairy Tieria Erde notwithstanding.

I now have the sorry job of keeping the (former) Gundam Fight Announcer’s ego in check, and the trash talking from Madoka, Jerid, Gamlin and the rest. Obviously some of our guests are severely butthurt from schneider’s rankings. How about you?

Haven’t seen any Gundam at all? Don’t know where to start? Find your Gateway Gundam!
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61 Responses to The 10 Best Robot Anime Fights of 2010

  1. Bonesy! says:

    I really suggest this to anyone who’s still watching OG INSPECTOR: go check out Original Generation 1 and 2 for the GBA, they’re legitimately available and very awesome!

    2010’s been a good year for mech fights, imo.

  2. BenDTU says:

    First comment?

    SRWOGTI’s fights were barely watchable for me. Most consisted of ‘Main character/enemy kills mooks in one hit until random character X/Y/Z show up and use some big massive attack. They’re less fights and more super attack showcases.

    Granted, the Farlions and the Huckebein (Or ExBein or whatever the hell they decided to call it) Boxer are probably the most impressive units SRWOGTI’s thrown at us so far. Pardon my ranting, I just really, really hate SRWOGTI despite being a huge fan of the games.

    On a more positive note, Unicorn > Everything else ever made ever. You could easily fill one of these sort of lists with “Every fight in Unicorn so far” and call it a day and I don’t think too many people would be disagreeing with you.

    • schneider says:

      Your criticism is valid, though I don’t think it’s that bad as you say. Ace vs mooks are pretty much throwaway scenes, except when it’s Kyousuke. But ace vs ace fights are pretty good, the one fight I recall that had some good animation was the Weissritter skirmishing against the Wildfalken.

      I don’t think there’s a better way to improve the fights really, given the show’s budget. But I’ve managed to lower my expectations after the first SRW TV anime, so I’m enjoying the show a lot.

      As for Unicorn, I would have made the first Kshatriya sortie as an honorable mention, because of the beautiful funnel work. A shame it gets one of its wing binders torn off later 😦

    • Hard to argue against Unicorn, I wrote an entire post on what Jerid talks about above, though I extended it in the post to include the participation of what was left of both the Nahel Argama MS Team and the Kshatriya…

      …but when making this post I was all up about what good old George de Sands was bullish on. More than the initial funnel ownage, the battle inside Industrial 7 had it all. While Marida was dominating the Londo Bell/ECOAS MS Teams, it wasn’t like I couldn’t feel how much trouble she was having.

      I’d definitely rank this higher than Full Frontal taking on the hapless Nahel Argama and its lone MS Team.

  3. Crusader says:

    What no mention of Brave Battle Warriors? I AM DISAPPOINT GRAMPS! Surely the campaign against Dong Zhou merits some mention right?

  4. FFFFF THE ALLENBY COMMENTARY WAS PERFECT. And so was George and Gai’s. Fucking great post, I was going to do one on the best fights of the year but didn’t get around to it. Maybe for new years lol. Spoiler: Nanoha vs. Fate was the best action sequence of 2010.

    • schneider says:

      I believe Allenby speaks for all of us when she said “Asadhgkhdgahjdhgajahdhg”

    • I suppose I’ve been doing aniblogging fanfic since 2008, but I’m having the most fun with this panel of commentators schtick. The possibilities seem endless and I feel like I can talk about anything now, and it’s a pleasure to work using it with other bloggers like schneider as well.

      I do note that we have a bias for gunfights in our choices, and in this matter UC Gundam represented by Unicorn takes the cake. You get your battles at distance and yet they inevitably engage in close quarters where the excitement of a duel is easily invoked (with swords to boot).

      The dogfights in Macross would normally be my preference but the battles in The False Songstress are so entangled with the concert spectacle that they find it hard to showcase pure combat merit. Not that those aren’t awesome, they’re just not deserving of best fight status.

      Broken Blade has some issues as Iknight notes, but otherwise I welcome the slowness of the combat, the low-tech charm of it all. In a year without Unicorn it may yet provide the most interesting battles, but Unicorn will probably stretch out 2 more years and unfairly cast its technical shadow over robot anime in that time.

      What perhaps didn’t get as much attention from us are the Evangelion battles. This too reflects our bias towards gunfights in real robot anime. Eva vs. Angel fights can and do get fast-paced and exciting (especially in Rebuild), but Angels are still kind of goofy-looking monsters as opposed to presenting the tactical encounters a more military-based show will provide.

      • schneider says:

        I did like the battle with Sahaquiel, with the massive amounts of city destruction, aided with some great music placement. I haven’t seen the TV series in more than a decade, but Rebuild made it more impressive than I had remembered it.

      • I want to like BB, just something’s missing.

        Also the snow on your blog is killing my computer.

        • Heh, ok I removed the snow.

          I think BB is far from truly compelling, but in our milieu of slim pickings, I have no problems digging deep for the gold in the show. In terms of robot action in isolation, the change of pace (and lack of beam weapons) is refreshing. That’s the foundation of my enjoyment for the show.

          We’ll see if Rygart the Muggle does something really worth writing about with the reins of history he’s seized.

          • One frustrating thing is that the plot sets up a nice Arthurian triangle, but almost certainly won’t deliver by blowing everything up in a horrible civil war (civil war, best/worst war).

          • Funny how the Arthurian triangle was the thing I was least enthused about — and I suppose because I share your own predictions for it. I find the King is much too nice … a triangle between three people with phlegmatic passions makes for weaker fare than Macross Frontier, whose triangle I found weak enough.

          • Yes, they’re definitely too phlegmatic for my taste. It’s the possibilities rather than the actual handling of it that I like (obligatory remark about Unicorn and possibilities goes here).

  5. KrimzonStriker says:

    I always thought mecha series went out of their way to make fun of pacifists face by showing just how naive their notions on the battle-field are, often with some major collateral damage, important support characters being dropped faster then Santa falling through a chimney, and emotionally angst ridden “I can’t believe I killed someone.” At the same time, the translation of that into a cause or goal (the concept of peace I mean) worth fighting for should be regarded as an entirely separate aspect altogether. Nevertheless, I’ve got to start watching the Break Blade OVA’s at some point, I’ve been a big follower of the manga for long enough, but the long waits just try my patients so I haven’t gotten into it with so few episodes still out and the manga being well ahead of the series storyline so far.

    • Gundam 00 Season 2 comes to mind, wherein Saji Crossroad fucks things up in a major way by revealing Kataron’s base to the A-Laws. However, Saji is away from the fighting. He isn’t a mobile suit pilot at the time.

      Gundam SEED gives Kira☆ Yamato enough H4Xx to only hit enemy units’ weapons. A far less annoying example is Renton Thurston’s (Eureka SeveN) ability to cut off enemy LFOs’ arms but otherwise leave the pilots unarmed.

      Gamlin says he deals with this all the time, because Nekki Basara is the most powerful pacifist battle meddler in anime ever. He pretty much shows up uninvited in a battle and makes everyone LISTEN TO HIS SONG

      He shoots speaker pods into enemy units so they can LISTEN TO HIS SONG.

      Anyway, the drawn-out fight in Broken Blade that resulted in Dan getting killed due to Rygart’s negligence, is to me very well done. If the material is as strong as the impression I’m getting, this kind of nonsense never has to happen again.

      • KrimzonStriker says:

        @Gundam 00: Exactly, Saji screwed up in a big way and did a major reversal after that, case in point making fun of his naive assertions prior to now. Even then, his peaceful life in season 1 was an indicative idea of the overall goal of peace however. The key in that respect is keeping the goal and how you work towards it separate.

        @Gundam Seed/Eureka Seven: Okay, I admit, Jesus!Yamato is pretty damn surreal, but that’s in like, in every aspect, not just the pacifist one. And Renton wasn’t totally adverse to killing life when he had too, like the final showdown against the Scrub Corals, real life battle-field scenarios also include ways to disarm and or take the enemy alive whenever possible as long as you avoid putting yourself or your comrades in harms way, which the above two examples managed to do eventually.

        @Macross: Ghost, we’re talking about Macross here, MARCROSS, where every social dispute and problem can be solved by a song, granted I never watched Macross 7 but as outrageous as it may seem I’m not really that surprised something like that might have happened.

        • No you’re quite inaccurate about Macross.

          Prior to the Great Space War, music in the Mayan tradition where the Protoculture landed were songs of power — one of which was a song of destruction leading to actual physical attacks. At no point during this part of the history was music used as a political or social agent.

          In the Great Space War, Minmay’s music was a catalyst for the Zentraedi to awaken their interest in culture. Not all of them shared this interest, which resulted in Bodolle Zer attempting to destroy not only the source of the contamination, but all Zentraedi exposed to the Miclone culture.

          Minmay’s concert during the last stand against the Bodolle Zer fleet served as an audiovisual shock agent, rendering previously unexposed Zentraedi less capable in combat and were killed accordingly. Bodolle Zer himself was killed in the final push.

          Leading up to 2012, not all Zentraedi were positively affected by Minmay’s singing, which in part led to Minmay’s career hiatus and attempted retirement. Kamjin led his faction of belligerents on a last attack on Macross City, resulting in their deaths.

          In Macross Plus the virtual idol Sharon Apple used music as a control agent while it acted out it’s personality donor’s love issues. Again, music is not used as a social agent.

          In Macross 7, it can be argued that Basara managed to turn some of the Protodevlin to peace, but for the most part the crucial epiphany (Gepelnitch) had to do with discovering an alternative power source as opposed to enslaving humans. Music was never really powerful there as a social agent, but rather it became powerful as an energy weapon (oh fucking yes) against the Protodevlin.

          Basara is mostly oblivious to all this. All he cared about was making others LISTEN TO HIS SONG. In Macross Dynamite 7 he made sweet music to space whales given the show is some form of galactic Moby Dick.

          In Macross Frontier it is arguable that the Zentraedi uprising in Gallia IV was quelled when Ranka performed. Otherwise, music was more of a communication system with the Vajra. Aimo is a mating song, and for a time appropriated as a war agent against the Vajra resulting in temporary shock upon exposure. Otherwise it is more like a language rather than a specific tool/agent within a language.

          So, there are only a few cases wherein social disputes were solved with the assistance of music. In SDFM post Space War Minmay performed to calm down some belligerent Zentraedi (who weren’t turned by Kamjin yet), and in Frontier wherein Ranka quelled a mutiny. One can argue that Basara effectively ended the battle against the Chlore Fleet of the Zentraedi once he managed to make them LISTEN TO HIS SONG, but that only makes three cases — hardly worth the reputation the franchise has.

          If you’re looking for music as propaganda to solve social disputes (or exert social control), look into Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny and Durandal’s use of Meer Campbell (as Lacus Clyne), or perhaps Marina Ismail’s efforts in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, though that’s really pushing it.

          • KrimzonStriker says:

            Perhaps I was exaggerating to an extent, but it might also be part of my whole love-hate relationship with Macross as to the role music plays sometimes, as often is that case in many political scenarios it is tool first and foremost, and its consequence is determined by how its applied. That variation is something I’ve come to expect as a given for the most part though, and the likelihood something ridiculous would have come out of it at some point was basically why I’m not surprised might have been taken too far in that instance and why I’m often glad I chose to skip Macross 7.

            I remember both those scenarios though both Gundam series tended to leave out the near-mystical applications that Macross uses, narrowed to a more believable format of symbolism with limited impact on the main plot overall.

            Anyway, I think that’s all I have to say on the matter, as for Break Blade if the manga’s any indication then from what I’ve read you probably won’t be disappointed, though expect some questionable decision making later in the confusion of the fog of war.

  6. Lokey says:

    I personally think the Sinanju VS Unicorn is my favorite. It’s fast paced, and has beautiful animation. It reminds me of why I like UC Gundam shows so much.

    • schneider says:

      The best part of it was that tasty old-school beam rifle SFX. PEW PEW

    • I got into a heated debate with a bunch of Gundam Unicorn fans about this one. At the time I was very high on this having just written an entire post about the extended fight. The people I were talking to didn’t deny the quality of the fight, but they could not see why it should rank higher than the Kshatriya vs. Londo Bell/ECOAS MS Teams battle inside Industrial 7.

      Part of their reason was that for a long time in the Sinanju fight, the Gundam was just stationary, firing with its beam laser.

      To me however, this is awesome. Part of it is how the use of ammunition of the beam rifle created much tension and excitement. Each reloading felt like a big thing. Also, the sound of the rifle itself seems like an amplified version of the raw sound of the original beam rifle used by the RX-78-2 Gundam in the original 0079 TV series.

      Both battled featured different awesome things, but I certainly can’t blame anyone for picking one over the other.

      • I have to agree. That beam rifle was a beast. They made a point of highlighting it. I don’t remember ever seeing a mobile suit mounted beam rifle in UC that killed that easily. The shot that killed that Zeon pilot didn’t even have any physical contact with his suit.

        • This power actually puts it alongside pew pew powerhouses like the Wing Zero Custom, the Gundam 00 Raiser; and more powerful than the likes of the Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice in terms of single beam power alone. Of course, Banagher can’t spam these beams the way Heero can just point in opposite directions and engulf the battlefield in pew pew in a pirouette of death. Nor, can he just hit everyone automatically like Kira☆ Yamato would in his METEOR-powered skittles beam spam.

          See what this show just did there? It even brought on enough juice for fanboys to go into faggerhatterry power levels debates. And you know fags just lurve these kinds of debates.

          • Indeed, Gundam is really shounen in robot disguise.

            And I do love my power level hatery.

            My only worry is that this show runs into the same problem 0083 had trying to fit in between 0079 and Zeta. 0083’s suits felt obviously more powerful than Zeta’s. I hope this show’s mobile suits don’t completely eclipse Victory’s or f91’s.

          • Too late, though the V Gundam’s Wings of Light thingy seems rather powerful, then again Unicorn’s Super Saiyan mode is unprecedented in the UC and clearly none followed it. This mode is a far more balanced version (I think so anyway) than the Trans Am mode in Gundam 00 which is broken on so many levels.

            The Kshatriya’s performance against the ECOAS MS Teams, or even just the Sinanju vs. the Nahel Argama and its MS Team is to me a better portrayal of an overwhelming tech advantage than anything shown in Gundam 00 and Code Geass.

  7. WhatSht says:

    i only watched broken blade, gundam unicorn and macross frontier movie, so, my personal favorite is lee vs rygart and pvt dan, rygart was an idiot to stop pvt dan but nevermind, im still suspecting that golem rygart pliots is a gundam in disguise

  8. Joey says:

    But ! But ! Where’s my HEROMAAAAN ?

    • schneider says:

      Honestly, I thought that Heroman’s fights were lacking in composition. There’s no problem with me wanting to like sentient robots that punch things, but it was just difficult.

      I haven’t actually finished it yet, though I don’t want to drop it. I hope.

  9. Tony says:

    But ! But ! Where’s my IRONMAAAAN ?

    • I watched 7 episodes before dropping this show, but while there wasn’t anything BAD about the fights in Iron Man, there wasn’t anything special in them either. They weren’t good or remarkable in any way to me; which is kind of a shame (especially when the Wolverine cameo is the most interesting fight — something I couldn’t really consider in a robot fight countdown).

  10. amberch says:

    very good post. keep it up.

  11. It’s obvious that a lot of mecha anime has slipped through my radar. I’d heard good things about Broken Blade, but couldn’t get around to it. I too deeply despise pacisfists interfering with battles and preaching in the middle of a war. I’d watch Broken Blade just for that scene.

    As for what’s my favorite scene, that’s obvious. Anything involving Sinanju from Gundam Unicorn ep2. I was screaming and fauning like a high school girl in a shoujo watching that fight.

    And finally, tell Jerid to STFU one more time for me. The Baund Doc is a hideous, ridiculous piece of constipated donkey sh*t that only survived due to liberal applications of plot armor. If that thing tried to do a Red Comet Kick it’d only kick itself in the skirt. He needs to go hug a space mine.

    • The Baund Doc is a hideous, ridiculous piece of constipated donkey sh*t that only survived due to liberal applications of plot armor. If that thing tried to do a Red Comet Kick it’d only kick itself in the skirt. He needs to go hug a space mine.


      Will do, bro; will do.

      Do get around to watching Broken Blade. At the very least you can enjoy it for its high production values and interestingly slow-paced robot fighting action.

    • Bonesy! says:

      obviously you never saw the baund doc I had on an SD Gundam G Generation game for shits and giggles

      sucker was INSANE, i was OHKOing shit right and left

  12. “Gundam Fighter Announcer” actually has a name you know. It’s Stalker.

  13. OverAnime says:

    I never been into “Mech” anime but I love the story of Gundam. Too bad that Gundam Unicorn has only few episodes.

    • Heh, I won’t mind the few episodes we do get as long as the quality keeps getting better or is at least maintained at this level. Episode 03 promises a big battle in the Palau mining asteroid.

      It’d be the second time this story wherein the Federation is going to initiate violence in non-combatant areas, which again complicates the moral dynamics of the show: something I’ve always appreciated about it.

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  16. foshizzel says:

    Whoa! awesome list of battles 😀

    Eva movie ones = all great! especially with Mari appearance in the 2nd movie was awesome 😛

    Gundam unicorn has great battles too need more!! can’t wait for the rest to come out 🙂

    Haven’t seen gundam 00 movie yet waiting on subs T_T

  17. WhatSht says:

    watched gundam 00 movie, finally gundams gets to fight aliens, instead of fighting humans in giant shit robots, and did qanT really fuse with that alien asteroid? didn’t QanT entered a portal-like thing and returned 53 years later?

  18. Missing Score says:

    This is obviously the best 10 Real Robot fights of 2010… You cannot omit the 100 rocket punch fight from Shin Mazinger Z or the final fight from Gurren Lagann movie, It’s a crime…

    • The final fight from Lagann-Hen is like eating this:

      It seems awesome, but it’s actually quite awful.

      Shin-Mazinger Z-Hen is 2009. Too bad I saw Mazinkaiser SKL past New Year’s.

  19. Missing Score says:

    Yes but the fight in Shin Mazinger occured in 2010 when the anime ended… That’s why I’m mentioning it. We are talking about fights, not animes right?

  20. Missing Score says:

    Lol, no it didn’t, my bad 😀

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  22. banagherlinks says:

    No alteisein nacht vs soulgain of srw the inspector?????? But it’s okay at least break blade and unicorn is on the list

  23. Great looking web site. Assume you did a lot of your very own html coding.|

  24. Blockio says:

    I have little earthly idea of what I just read

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